For anyone who doesn’t know, Galentine’s Day was originally invented by Leslie Knope – mega babe Amy Poehler’s alter ego in Parks and Recreation – and now everyone’s celebrating it. Taking place on 13th Feb, the day before Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s is all about celebrating female friendships. We’re in, and we’re getting our gift on. 

Galentine's Day

Let’s be honest, V Day presents aren’t all they’re cracked up to be – who wants to chance biting into the dark chocolate and nut one in a naff selection box anyway? Plus, soz red roses, we don’t even own a vase. So instead, here are the gifts to give your mates that’ll beat any Valentine’s gift this year, each for under £20. Happy Galentine’s!

Card-carrying BFFs


Love Ya card, $3 (£2.40), Nina Cosford

Nina Cosford’s illustrations focus on some our favourite female role models; Eleven from Stranger Things, Frida Kahlo, Jane Austen, Grace Jones. This cute little Love Ya card from the feminist artist is the best we’ve ever seen – plus your friend can turn it into a print and frame it after they’ve read your message. Two for the price of one.

Put a ring on it


4-pack rings, £3.99, H&M

Super affordable and totally cool friendship rings available in silver, gold and rose gold. Want to treat yourself? Why not, your friendship with yourself is something that should be celebrated too! We think they’d look great linked together round a necklace chain.

Flowers to keep forever


Peony iron-on patch, $10 (£8), Stay Home Club

Want to give your friend some flowers that’ll last longer than a couple days? These iron-on patches are perfect – they’re so easy to attach to your favourite pair of jeans, or any clothes you like really. We think they’d look the business on a bomber jacket.

Pencil in a date


Killin It pencil case, £10, Skinny Dip

A homework pep talk in the form of a pencil case, for when your bestie is stressing over an essay and needs reminding that they’re totally smashing it.

Keep it golden


Limited edition metal lip hair clip, £6, ASOS

For your friend who’s growing out their fringe for the summer. That awkward in between stage is going to be so worth it thanks to this lip clip.

There aren’t enough words


Besties by Leah Reena Goren, £12.08, Amazon

Besties is a book celebrating the power of female friendships, complete with some seriously cool illustrations by author Leah Reena Goren. A really sweet gift. Shakespeare who?

Cap it off


GRL PWR cap, £8, Monki

Galentine’s Day means 13th Feb, which means it’ll soon be spring. Finally. Get your girl gang prepped for sunshine with this GRL PWR cap from Monki – and yes, you need a group photo of everyone in theirs.

I love your mug


Coffee lover mug, £12, Urban Outfitters

Tricky to sip out of, yes, but so worth the t-shirt stains. You could even use it as a mini vase and gift with some daffodils – so much prettier (and cheaper, coincidentally) than boring red roses.  

Pretty as a picture


Beth Hoeckel mini print, $20 (£16), Society 6

Dinner date, schminner date, if we had the choice between going somewhere fancy for awkward small talk or living it up at home in our PJs munching our beans on toast with cheese, we know what we’d choose. Especially if we had this wicked dinner time mini print to gaze at.

Balmy about you


Emoji balm,  £2.99, Superdrug

Yes, thanks to Superdrug there are now emoji lip balms. You’ve got 8 options here, including the unicorn and heart eyes, and they’re all flavoured – the princess balm tastes like ice cream. Atta girl.

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Illustration: Katie Edmunds

Christmas isn’t Christmas without earrings. The sort of loud, garishly glittery earrings that will make your teacher’s lip curl, your nan’s nose flare and your ears the most happening places in town. But let’s face it, you don’t want to spend more than a tenner.

So because ’tis the season to be cheap and cheerful, here are some of the best/worst you’ll find on the high street this yuletide.


Less Christmas kitsch, more Christmas cool seems to be Toppers’ vibe this year, with stylish takes on the ol’ classics: holly, reindeer antlers and baubles. What’s more, they are decidedly cheaper than one might expect: just 7 to 9 doubloons per pair. Perfect for injecting some festive jolly into your uniform without drawing too much attention from the Scrooge of the staff room.



Jingle All The Way, Topshop, £7

Holly Days


Holly Days, Tophop, £7



Christmas Baubles, Topshop, £9


Okay, so they aren’t technically earrings. But where there are Brussels Sprout head boppers, there will be a dedicated betty journalist fighting for their right to exist – and your right to wear them. Easily the best use of Brussels sprouts we’ve ever seen. Including eating them.

Sprouting Up


Brussel Sprouts, Accessorize, £4

New Look

We all want some of these figgy pudding earrings from New Look – and at £2.99 a pud, we all can. Except if you are of the view, shared by many, that Christmas pudding is a lumpen crime against the name of pudding, listen up: hear those sleigh bells jingling? Ring-ting-tingling? That’s because there are reindeer earrings, complete with a bell, at the exact same price, for you.

Pudding, anyone? 


Christmas Pudding, New Look, £2.99

Pom-poms and sleigh bells and glitter, oh my!  


Silver Reindeers, New Look, £2.99


It will come as a surprise to no one that Claire’s is the home of all things Christmas novelty, from Chrimbo lights earrings to Santa Claus’ face and big red behind, with a whole range of stud selection packs (snowmen, snowflakes, mittens, stockings) in between. This place is where Christmas kitsch is both born and goes to die – and we love it from the bottom of our glitter covered, sequin filled plastic hearts.

Snow much cuteness


Holiday Snowman, Claire’s, £5.50

Santa ball-balls 

Santa Balls, Claire’s, £4.50

Tree Drops 


Spiral Tree Drops, Claire’s, £4.50

Light ’em up 


Christmas Lights, Claire’s, £5

Back to Front


Mix ‘n’ Match, Claire’s, £3.50


Well, whodathunk it? Sensible old Marks and Sparks has Christmas earrings! Classy ones, it’s true, next to the likes of Claire’s and New Look, but Christmas earrings nonetheless – and for only a fiver. You might even persuade your mum to wear them (after a sherry or two.)

Don’t get in a flap 


Penguin Earrings, Marks and Spencer, £5


It’s a stretch to call these ‘Christmas’ earrings – they’re autumnal, if we’re being particular – but we’ll allow them because they are a) quite beautiful and b) remarkably cheap. One for lunch with Granny perhaps: save the sleigh bells for the girls.

They’re golden


Leaf earrings, H&M, £6.99

Dorothy Perkins

Good old Dotty P’s. Christmas has barely begun and they’ve already put their glittery christmas bauble earrings on offer. We’re big fans of the gold, but at £3 a pair you could go totally wild and get red and green too. 

Deck the lobes


Tinsel Earrings, Dorothy Perkins, £3.20

Go on, put your best ear forward. There’s a time for simple studs, and that is January.


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This week, betty headed to The Clothes Show with our shiny new betty bus. Our mission: to meet some of you lovely readers, spread the word about bettybox and, and generally yell ‘PERIOOOODS!’ at anyone who would listen. It was an awesome five days filled with selfies, shopping, celeb spotting, biscuits and SO. MUCH. GLITTER.

Here’s everything we saw, loved and lusted after at The Clothes Show 2016.

1. Our new pals

DJ and presenter Annaliese Dayes took over our Instagram feed on Saturday, and on Sunday we handed over the reins to Olympic gymnasts Becky and Ellie Downie – all megababes, naturally.

Becky and Ellie Downie

2. Snikt and Bamf

One of our fave stands at The Clothes Show was Snikt and Bamf, a jewellery brand “for geeks, made by geeks”. Designer Jessica takes inspiration from comic books, films, books and all kinds of beloved nerdery, but brings them alive in a seriously stylish, subtle way. Amy bought this necklace inspired by the kiss scene in The Little Mermaid, which she loved so much she literally started weeping.


3. Marina Joyce! It’s Marina Joyce!

YouTuber Marina Joyce stopped by the bus to say hello and check out our selfie mirror, while we admired her incredible glitter eyeshadow and tried not to fangirl too much.

Lauren and Amy with Marina Joyce on the betty bus

4. Bradley and Ottavio

Bradley and Ottavio were impossible to miss in their AH-mazing playing card outfits. We chatted to them about clothes, The X Factor, their next career move (it’s a secret), and they even squealed when we showed them the article we wrote way back in September about their emotional chicken fight.


5. Love Crochet

The wonderfully kind and endlessly patient people at Love Crochet taught Lily to crochet an adorable flower (despite a few profanities and a couple of dropped stitches).


6. Love Knitting

Handily located right next door to Love Crochet and just as pom-pom obsessed as us, Love Knitting let us try on their adorable Pom Pom Crowns.


6. Feline’ fash

It was hard to not get distracted by the amazing catwalk, with loads of up-and-coming models and designers showing off their skills every time we strolled (ok, strutted) past.


7. The vintage treasures

Alongside all the new designers were some pieces of fashion history, courtesy of some amazing vintage traders. Our very favourite stall was Trunk Junkies Vintage, where Lauren and Amy found the purple suede cropped jacket of dreams and haggled £15 off the price. Shoulder pads = instant confidence, guys.  

Lauren modelling a vintage jacket

8. Patches, patches everywhere

As trends go, this one has our name on it (literally, badum-tsh): personalisation. Monograms, badges, patches and initials were everywhere we looked. These patches from Accessorize were particular faves, not least because they were only £1 each. We’ll never turn up dressed the same as anyone else ever again! After this week, we mean.

Lily holding Accessorize patches

9. Unicorn poo and cactus tees

Among all the sequin minidresses and heels, we found a kindred spirit. Or lots of kindred spirits, hanging at the David & Goliath stall. Their grumpy cactus t-shirts and unicorn sweatshirts might just be the official uniform of Weepy Girls’ Corner.

David and Goliath t-shirts

10. The betty bus

Ok so we may be biased, but the betty bus was certifiably the coolest stand at the entire Clothes Show. And we weren’t the only ones who thought so. It had the selfie mirror…


Bex and Anya in the selfie mirror

And a Snapchat filter?! NBD.


Oh, and did we mention that there was a braid bar? There was a braid bar.


Thanks so much to The Clothes Show for such an incredible few days… and we’ll see you next year in Liverpool!


In the meantime, watch this space for more adventures from the betty bus. And us, because it can’t drive itself. It’s cool, but not that cool.

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December is finally here! And while that means ’tis the season to be jolly, ’tis also the season to be shopping. Two words: Secret Santa.

We all know that Secret Santa can be like a flashmob – one minute, everything seems completely under control, and the next you’re running up and down the high street trying to find gifts that say ‘I value your friendship and who you are as a person’ for £5 or less.

Luckily, the betty elves are here to help! Here’s our round-up of awesome Secret Santa gifts for under a fiver. Sorted.


Sassy soap

A little feminist message for next time you’re lathering up.


Cat boss soap, Ohh Deer, £4.50

Midas mani

This nail polish dries super fast, comes in loads of beautiful colours and is so cheap that you’ll still have some change left over. We think this gold is tres festive, now all that’s missing is some frankincense and myrrh.



Celebration Gold Sand, Maybelline, £2.99

Panda Eyes

Never has looking like a panda been so freakin’ adorable. This calming Korean sheet mask might be just the ticket in the lead up to the holiday season.


Pretty Animalz, Masquebar, £4


If your Secret Santa is a fan of gingerbread, look no further. This hand cream from Zoella’s Christmas range smells incredible and makes your hands silky soft.


Hungry Hands, Zoella Beauty, £5


Who needs friendship bracelets when you can pick up these stunning temporary tattoos for next to nothing?


Kiss Hug, Pepperink, £2.31


You never when there might be some mistletoe hanging about, so best to be prepared.


Kissmas, Tanya Burr Cosmetics, £5


The holy grail of Secret Santa presents for a Christmas-loving nail artist. You can hang the angel on the tree and apply a coat between mouthfuls of turkey.


Nail Polish Angel, Mavala, £4.95


Having a whale of a time 

Maybe we should take all of our advice from Narwhals, the unicorns of the sea.


Narwhal Pin Badge, Minifelts, £2.50

Tied up in knots

This ring is the holy trifecta: pretty, elegant and cheap.


Knotted ring, Urban Outfitters, £5

Spot of cheer

This jazzy neckerchief can keep your throat toasty while you’re singing carols. Or you can fashion it into a head scarf. #Versatile.


Leopard Print Neckerchief, New Look, £3.99

Fluff it up

You can pop it on your school bag or use it as a keychain. It’s soft and fluffy and we’ll bet you a fiver that you’ll end up stroking it like it’s a pet.


Fluffy key chain, Monki, £5

To the moon and back

Why buy one pair of earrings when you can buy NINE?! That way, you don’t have to panic too much when you inevitably lose one within the first day of wearing them.


Gold and Silver studs, New Look, £3.99

A little bit random 

Stamp it out

If your Secret Santa is a little bit crafty, these are the perfect gift. Stamps can make even the blandest of chemistry notes suddenly look fun.


Wood Stamps, Tiger, £4

Cushion wisdom

Sure, it’s not the most traditional format for an inspirational quote, but you can pop it on your bed, so every morning you have a little reminder. What better way to start the new year?


Cushion Cover, H&M, £3.99


I’m dreamin’ of a white Christmas. You won’t mind too much if it’s doesn’t snow this year if you have a white chocolate spoon on hand.



White Chocolate Spoon, Cocoba, £2.75

Let it grow

We still have no idea how these things work, but that doesn’t make them any less magical. And who doesn’t want a Christmas miracle?


Crystal eksperiment, Tiger, £2

 Now that’s taken care of, you can put your feet up and get a crack on watching Love Actually. You’re welcome.

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Feeling blue? It might help to wear your heart on your sleeve. Or your top. Or your hat.

As well as being the speediest, trendiest way to perk up your jacket/scarf/jumper/bag, there are loads of cute pin badges out there right now that seem to speak right to our soul. From weepy elephants and sad ghosts for the days you just want to wallow, to fiesty fighting talk for when you need boosting back up again, we’ve found 10 of our very favourites…


The importance of wearing Ernest

Sad elephant pin badge

Ernest the elephant packed his trunk, and ran away to the bathroom for a good ol’ cry.

Ernest the sad elephant pin, £6, Etsy/KatieAbeyDesign


Dancing on your own

Sad songs lapel pin

Because we all love a weepy ballad on a Sunday night, right?

Sad songs pin, $6, Stay Home Club


Wednesday we’re in love

Wednesday Addams pin

Let your goth flag fly with Wednesday, every day of the week.

Wednesday Addams pin, £6, Punky Pins


What Would Cher Do?

Ugh as if

Sometimes it’s better to Cher than it is to care.

Clueless As If brooch, £4, Oh Gosh Cindy


Top banana!

dead banana pin

Be gentle – some of us bruise easily.

Dead banana pin, £6, Etsy/doodlesbyben


A cute Akita

Look at his little face! Now tell me you don’t feel a little bit better.

Akita brooch, £9, Fy

Boo hoo

Sad ghost pin

Wear this to all your usual haunts.

Sad ghost enamel pin, £6, The Sad Ghost Club

Pin, punch

Boom pin

Ready to shake it off and rise back up? There’s a pin for that.

Boom pin, £10, Fy

Uh, uh, uh, uh, stayin’

alive pin

Yeah you are!

Alive pin, £7, Fy


Simply riveting

Rosie the Riveter pin

Our favourite 1940s feminist icon gets a purrfect makeover.

Feminist cat pin, £6, Punky Pins

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It seems that at least 50% of the world’s population is born in the months of September and October. The entire two months pass by in a haze of birthday cake and stress over trying to locate the perfect gift. A book? A witty mug? An overpriced, yet adorable, tiny cactus?

Well, breathe easy, because we’ve found the ideal birthday gift!

Introducing our latest love interest: Littlesmith.

Littlesmith is a jewellery company that specialises in necklaces. And not just your run-of-the-mill, stock standard necklaces but personalised necklaces. Because what says ‘I’m an awesome friend who values your friendship’ more than than a personalised necklace?

A personalised necklace that has been hand freakin’ stamped, that’s what.

You could get their name, a feminist slogan or (very short) haiku – it’s totally up to you!

The team at Littlesmith were nice enough to send us one at betty and after a lot of squabbling, we’ve decided to share it.

(Today’s my day and I’m smiling like a lunatic at the computer right now).

You can pick one up for a friend (or yourself), on their website or head to their pop-up in Topshop on Oxford Circus. For a necklace like ours, it will set you back £19. And if that’s still more than you can stretch to, we think it’s definitely spesh enough to go halvsies.


Standard bar necklace, Littlesmith, £19

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September means one thing – back to school. We’re a few weeks into term now and the joy of seeing who grew six inches over summer and finding out who went where on holiday is over. It’s time for the actual “work” part of school to start. Boo.

We’ve got some tips to help you keep yourself organised so that you don’t end up frantically writing an essay on Hamlet at 2am or end up using your dog, brother, parents, grandma, and Barack Obama as an excuse for why your maths homework isn’t done.

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Back to school means stationery, which means Paperchase!

bettygirls Lauren and Lily went and looked at all the things they liked in Paperchase 2016, before choosing their back-to-school picks.

Lily chose a binder from the gold spot kraft range, some washi tape covered in tiny stars, and two pens.

Lauren chose a multi-list book, some stamps, and some giant paperclips.

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Slipping on your school uniform can feel like the final nail in the coffin of you summer holidays. No more lazy summer afternoons in the garden, no more waking up at 10am and staying in your pyjamas all morning, no more spontaneous trips to the seaside. Even if you never actually did a spontaneous trip to the seaside – too late, now you can’t.

But while your uniform is unavoidable, there are ways to brighten up your school wardrobe (and escape the wrath of teachers too). From fun brooches to sparkly phone cases, we’ve scoured the internet to find 9 things that will keep that summer feelin’ alive a little bit longer.

Space cadet

Space Patches

You could pop these on your blazer or on your bag or on your jumper (they would look truly awesome on your jumper, until you get told to take them off). Perfect for anyone who has their head in the clouds.

Space Brooches, The Hambledon, £7.50

Undercover hair ties

Green Badzees

The brilliance of Bandzee is that they’re hair bands that are pretty enough to be worn as bracelets. So if you come across any eagle eyed teachers, you can just pop your hair in a ponytail. Crisis averted.

School Green, Bandzee, £5.95

Booby trap

Booby Pins

Yeah, yeah, they’re boobs. And it might be a little hard to get away with these at school. But why not give one to your bestie and keep the other for yourself? To onlookers, they’ll just look like a cute round pin but you two will know their true meaning. #BosomBuddies.

Boob Pins, CoucouSuzette, £11.42


Excellent Headscarf

This can be worn as a bandana, a headscarf or an actual scarf. The possibilities are endless.

Black Chain Animal Print Bandana, New Look, £7.99

Cover up

Coke Phone Case
You might not be allowed your phone out in class, but with this cover your teacher won’t even be able to tell. Well, they will. But look how pretty! Ahhh.
Anyone suddenly thirsty? See, distraction works wonders.

Coke iPhone Case, Skinny Dip, £16

Spot the difference

Spotty Socks

They’re navy, kinda. And everyone knows that navy is king of the sensible, totally school-appropriate colours. Right?

Dalea Dot Socks Classic Navy, The Hambledon, £7

Bird watch

Flamingo Key Ring

If you’re at an extra-strict school with drab regulation school bags, this little guy might be able to brighten up your day. And minimise the chance of walking off with some other kid’s lunch.

Flamingo Luggage Tag, Skinny Dip, £6

Put a ring on it


Or maybe this glam tassel is more your style? Soothing to stroke in long assemblies, like a small pet.

Embellished Tassel Key Ring, & Other Stories, £7

Pup these in
Dog earrings

Adorable but discreet, you can probably even get away with these studs at school. Breaking uniform rules? Not a sausage.

Sid Sausage Dog Studs, Oliver Bonas, £9.50

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Choosing a school bag is a bit like choosing a chemistry partner (or a chemistry partner, if you know what we mean).

You want them to be reliable and strong, but also look good on your shoulder and cute in photographs.

They need to give you all the space you need, but also open up whenever you need that too.

You need to be able to trust them to hold on to your most valuable things, and not kick up a fuss if they have to sit on the floor for a bit.

So here’s a roundup of the bags we’re crushing on. Cue heart eyes.

The Party Animal

ASOS bag

The life of the party. It’s a bag that will turn heads in the street and make all your friends swoon.

ASOS structured metallic shopper bag, ASOS, £22


The Safe Bet

H_M with ties

Timeless and reliable. This is the bag you marry/do a perfect A* chemistry project with.

Shopper with ties, H&M, £14.99


The Sweet One

New Look backpack

Adorable and comfy. If it had thumbs, it would always text to make sure you got home ok.

Pink leather-look backpack, New Look, £19.99

The Traveller




This bag is colourful and exciting and it’s in for the long haul. This bag will stay with you wherever you want to go.

Printed nylon backpack, Hollister, £29 


The Deep One

Boohoo bag

This bag has depth. Sure, sometimes things will get lost at the bottom, but on the plus side it’s willing to take on all of your emotional baggage.

Contrast panel snake effect shopper bag, Boohoo, £6

The Chiller

H_M Shopper

This bag is super relaxed, it’s happy to do whatever you want. It’ll happily eat cereal for dinner and wear pyjamas all day. Though if you crave an organised treasure trove of compartments, this probably isn’t for you.

Shopper, H&M, £14.99


The Fling

Paperchase bag

This is the bag that probably won’t last forever, but is so fun you don’t really care.

Cosmetics shopper bag, Paperchase, £6.50

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Image: Katie Edmunds

There is a rule, written somewhere in the Unfair Laws of the Universe, that says two of the first three weeks of September have to be unbearably hot. This is frustrating for a variety reasons.

Firstly, school has gone back. Which means that summer holidays are over and there is no way to harness the heat into a day trip to the beach or another peanut butter Magnum opportunity. On its own this might just be bearable (at least there’s everyone’s back-to-school hair experiments to distract you), but then they insist that you have to do PE.

Now of course, exercise itself isn’t the problem. In fact, it’s pretty damn excellent; it helps boost your mood, reduces stress, does wonders for your skin and helps you live to 112.

No, the problem is that they make you run around a field when it’s a million degrees outside. Or they make you do sit-ups and pull-ups and push-ups when literally nothing about your body wants to be ‘up’. In fact, in wants to be down. As in, lying down. Preferably on a beach, or on the floor of a deeply air-conditioned room listening to a soundtrack of a beach.

But teachers can be cruel, as can September. So allow us to present: your post-PE survival guide (summer edition), to make those endless, sweaty games of netball a little more bearable.

You go, you future Olympian, you.

1. Water bottle

Sure this one seems obvious, but when half of your class are lining up for the water fountain with red faces and dry mouths, you’ll be the smug one sitting in the shade, drinking deeply from your water bottle without a care in the world. Aside from your heart rate.

Happy Jackson’s H2Awesome Water Bottle, £7.96

Copy of Waterbottle

2. Braids – Dutch, French, Pigtail, whatever you fancy 

Pre-PE, pop your hair in braids. If you think people who can braid their own hair are sorcerers (you’re not alone in this), see if you can find someone who can braid them for you and save your arms the pain (after all we’re in the business of making PE less, not more traumatic). This way, when you take your hair out after PE you’ll have skipped the dreaded kink and given yourself beachy waves.

Also, look how weirdly happy this girl about the braid in her hair! Oh wait, that’s me. I’m the weirdly happy girl in the photo. Carry on.

(£0, obv)

Copy of Braids

3. Wipes

Let’s be honest, people should carry wipes around in the same way they carry around tissues. They are useful in pretty much all situations. Spilled some sauce on your top? A wipe can fix that. Need to blow your nose? A wipe can handle that situation whilst also cleansing your skin. Had double PE and your body is now ¾ sweat and ¼ skin? A wipe has your back. And your front.

These ones from Wilkos have the benefit of being both gloriously cheap and great for sensitive skin. Plus, cleaning your face after exercising can help keep spots at bay #winning.

Skin therapy Fragrance Free Wipes for Sensitive Skin, 50p   

Copy of Facewipes
4. BB cream

BB cream is like the superhero of the make up bag. On the outside it looks like a regular moisturiser, but in reality, it’s full of secret powers. This one from La Roche-Posay has SPF 20, so it will protect you from the sun. It’s tinted, so if you’re all red and blotchy after PE, it will give your skin a nice, even tone. Plus, it’s made for oily skin, so it can help mop up that post-hockey shine.

Pop a thin layer on after wiping down with your wipes. It might not be as cool as invisibility or flight, but hey, we’ll take whatever super power we can get.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur Mousse, £14

Copy of BB cream


5. Dry Shampoo  

Braids can do many things – like make you look like Princess Leia or a member of the Von Trapp family – but they draw the line at keeping your hair grease-free. Enter our BFF (barnet fixer forever) when your hair is less ‘beachy waves’ and more ‘it looks like I’ve been swimming in a frying pan.’ Batiste have a range of scents (our fave is blush) and they even come in travel sizes, so you don’t have to sacrifice your geography homework for bag space. Shame.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush Floral and Flirty, £2.99

Copy of Dry shampoo

6. Socks

We know it sounds like something your mum would say, but a spare pair of socks really go a long way in bringing down the pong factor. Sure, some schools have regulation socks that are all boring and navy or whatever but this pair is awesome and we wanted you to see them.

But seriously, pack a spare pair of socks that you can change into after PE – your feet and your classmates will thank you. Manufacturers of athlete’s foot treatments will not.

ASOS Pug On Heel Ankle Socks, £3 

Copy of pug socks

7. Body Spray

Watermelon Body freakin’ Oil Spray. Do I really need to say more? No, seriously, do I? This is a moisturizing body spray that smells like watermelon. Spritz some of this around you (neck, wrists, hair) to leave you smelling fresh even after you’ve played an hour of field hockey.

Original Source Skin Quench Watermelon Body Oil Spray, £6.99 

Copy of Body Spray


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