We’re putting it out there guys, this is our favourite half term of the year.

Feb, forget it. May, shmay. The October holidays are all about cosy lie-ins, woodland walks, crafternoons and horror movie marathons. Seriously, what could be better than a week of chomping on pumpkin pie after a chilly stroll in the crunchy orange leaves? Yep, autumn is the best.

If you’ve planned your week off already, go you, you sassy organised hero. If not, we’ve got a few ideas up our chunky knit sleeves…

Woodland walks

Okay, we know we’re in danger of sounding like your granny here but check out the National Trust for some seriously pretty nature walks. Wherever you live, there’s an outdoor adventure waiting in anticipation. Wrap up in your fave scarf and mittens combo to climb trees, take Insta snaps of pretty scenes and get a magical dose of fresh air. Take the dog while you’re at it – that’s one chore to tick off your half-term list too. You’re welcome.

Mind games

If the outdoors isn’t really your *thing* then why not give an escape room a go! It’s so darn mind-boggling but SO much fun if you love puzzles and solving mysteries. There’s a Harry Potter themed Enigma Quest (WE KNOW!) which tests your potions knowledge as well as your courage, imagination and creativity. It’s totally thrilling and the perfect day out for you and the rest of your Gryffindor team, just make a pact before you go in that you’ll work together like Harry, Hermione and Ron – especially if you want to avoid he-who-must-not-be-named. (Jks. Voldermort isn’t actually chilling in there.)

Sick sports

If you’re more aspiring gymnast than Crystal Maze champion, why not drag your besties to the closest trampoline park? There are tons all over the country, with most of them featuring a whole world of interconnecting trampolines for you to explore. Heck, some even have massive airbags to somersault on, dodgeball courts and even super squishy foam pits! It’s as amazing as it sounds, trust us.

Pumpkin patches

Obsessed with Halloween? We know, we know, it’s only one day in the month but if you love witches, wizards, toffee apples and trick or treating as much as we do, hit up a pumpkin patch! From muddy farmyards to dedicated fields of the big orange babies, you’re bound to find somewhere to pick your own. Once you’ve popped your new pet in the car, take it home for an epic crafternoon. If you CBA to carve it (we get it), here are 6 more amazing ways you can decorate it instead…

Get your skates on

The outdoor skating rinks might not be open yet but that doesn’t make swishing through an indoor floor of fresh ice any less, well, fresh. Think of October half-term skating as your warm up to the big event. Spend a day practising your best pirouettes (OK maybe just try and stand up) because the more hours you put in now, the more impressed your Christmas crush will be when you go on your cute December ice skate date.

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Do you know what lacrosse is? Do you still regard the male sex with an element of suspicion, and/or bafflement? Was your first kiss yesterday? Why then, you may be a surviving member of an all-girls’ school! Your struggle is real. Single sex schools can feel like the worst, so here’s everything you know if you went to one. (We feel you.)

Non-uniform days are no less stressful than if boys were there

Thought the lack of boys would make own clothes easier? Think again. You girls are your own (and everyone else’s) worse critics. You’ll spend weeks deciding on each element of your outfit and checking and double checking it with your fam. Wearing the same top as someone else will result in a wordless fight to death over who wore it best, to be judged on Insta later. Those who got away with wearing the most make up unnoticed will almost certainly win.

Make up is not allowed. Yes, Jade, mascara does count as make up

So does blusher. Jade, for pity’s sake, go to the bathroom and Wash. It. Off. Jade never quite got this rule – but she never stopped trying, bless her, and to this day I do not know if her eyes were really that large, or if she finally cracked and got permanent mascara.

There will be some gratuitous displays of wealth…

…and there will be girls desperate to hide how hard their parents are working to send them there, whose trainers are unbranded and whose hair is un-Brazilian blow-dried. All of you have a right to be there, and to be treated with respect…

…but girl, oh girl, there will be bitches

Both amongst your enemies, and amongst your dearest friends. They will bitch about ANYTHING, from clothes to cleverness, the way someone walks to their weight. You will try to resist them. You will, I’m sorry to say, almost fall short – because it’s insidious, this whispering and gossiping, and it will defy any attempts to avoid it. Do try, obviously – but if you fall short, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll grow out of it eventually, and so will (most) of your (true) friends.

Mealtimes are a nightmare

The majority of eating disorders sufferers are female and in the 14 to 25 range. I don’t need to tell you to do the math – if your school is anything like mine, you will know this simply from looking round your dining room at lunchtime. If a friend is suffering, betty has some advice as to how you could help.

Half the class has PMT at the same time…

Oh, the magic of menstrual syncing.

Swimming lessons will only have a 20 per cent attendance rate

See above.

TMI is your default setting

In fact, it’s weirder for you not to be able to discuss what shade of tampon you’re wearing and whether you’ve succeeded in avoiding weeing on the string part.

You only signed up to [insert extra-curricular activity undertaken with the local boys school here] because you wanted to meet the boys school

School plays, Combined Cadet Force, Duke of Edinburgh, volunteering at the old people’s home, choir, charity bag packing: you name it, and if it involved boys, you’re there.

You put make up on for the journey home

Obviously. There will be boys on the number 29.

That feeling when one of the 29 boys catches your eye

And unless it’s your brother, you’ve literally nothing to say.

Subjects are genderless

Who says physics is more or less ‘girly’ than english? No sis in your school – and that’s the legit thing about it. The concept of not being able to do something just because you’re a girl is beyond your conception.

When school is bad, it’s v unbearable…

But when it’s good it’s one of the most woke places you could be.

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Image: Hailey Hamilton

In Partnership With Girlguiding

Deflated because you think your summer adventures are over? Well, back to school doesn’t have to be blehhh – not if you plan on becoming a Guide this term (hint: you deffo should).

If you love nothing more than whipping on your waterproof trousers to hike up a mountain or shuffling into a wetsuit to take on the waves, the GGs are your spirit sisters.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of crazy-cool activities you can get your teeth into if you sign up to Girlguiding


Always wanted to star in your own superhero movie? Um, so have we. Abseiling allows you become spiderwoman for the day taking on the great outdoors as you climb, jump and slide down rocky caves and mountains like a pro. With the help of a harness obvs. This adrenaline pumping sport will make you feel invincible. Where do we sign up?

Ice climbing

Yeah, you read it right. Ice-climbing is a thing. Ideal for the braaaavest of betty babes, this activity will have you climbing across frozen waterfalls, cliffs and rock slabs covered with ice. So grab your coolest gang and make a date.


The Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen is one kick-ass gal. And she and her trusty bow and arrow have got us totally inspired to take up archery this autumn. This sport will equip you with the focus and strength of our fave film heroin. What’s not to love?

Horse riding

Move out the way Prince Charming, we’re coming through. It’s time to jump on board your noble steed and gallop of into the sunset. This is by far the funnest way to take in the great outdoors. Plus horses are soooo cute.


It’s not everyday you get to bounce about in a giant hamster ball with all your buds. Bounding down hills or bobbing along your local lake zorbing will be a barrel of laughs for you and your mates.


Surely I can’t be the only person who’s always dreamt of being a surfer girl? Effortless beach hair, sunsets, glowing skin. It’s about time we embraced some of Britain’s beaut beaches and got our board on. Cornwall is the new California, guys!

White-water rafting

So picture this: you and your gang taking on the elements. Get your heart racing as you battle some serious rapids that would make even Moana flinch. Surely this is any thrill seeking sister’s perfect Saturday.

Want to get involved? Click here to learn even more about what Girlguiding has to offer.

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

School holidays are great. You don’t have to set alarms. You can wear anything you like. You can eat lunch whenever your hunger strikes. But sometimes, every so often, they can get, um, a bit… er, dull.

I know! I know, it’s not what you’re meant to say. You’re meant to be grateful and thankful and brimming with holiday-induced joy. But, well, sometimes you can end up sitting on the floor of your bedroom, completely out of episodes of Stranger Things to re-watch and with no idea what to do next.

Well, fear not! We have come up with some ideas for how to keep the boredom at bay.

1. Make face masks

Mrs Doubtfire

I’m not entirely sure what it is that I find so soothing about face masks, but pretty much as soon as I apply that first slather, I feel myself relax. You can do it on your own, pop some cucumber on your eyes and listen to soothing music or you can get together with a bunch of friends and experiment with different types. I particularly love this banana face mask. Plus, if any of it ends up in your mouth, it’s totally delicious.

2. Got some leftover bananas?

If you have any bananas left over after making your face mask, it’s NBD because you can make banana popsicles!

3. Learn the Parent Trap Handshake 

One rainy afternoon, my best friend Georgia and I decided we would learn the handshake from Parent Trap. Because I have very little coordination, it took a ridiculous amount of time, but it was totally worth it when we showed our routine off to all our friends at school the next week.


4. Or if you’re more musically inclined…

You could learn “Cups” from Pitch Perfect, which will have the same effect.

5. Learn to face paint

Look, I’m not entirely sure when this life skill will come in useful but I promise you that if you learn how to paint your face so you look like Scar from the Lion King, a situation will arise. Halloween? Why not. A circus themed party? Sure. Next mufti day? I’m game if you are.

6. Marie Kondo your room

I wish I knew the words to describe the look I got in the betty offices when I said I didn’t know who Marie Kondo was. According to her Wikipedia, she’s a Japanese organising consultant and author. My friend Lauren told me that after she read Marie’s first book, ‘The Life-Changing Art of Tidying,’ she actually re-organised her wardrobe and it did, in fact, change her life. As someone who spends about five minutes every morning trying to locate the top I have in mind, I have to admit, I’m tempted.

7. Head to your local library

Holidays are always a great time to get on top of your reading list. If you’re feeling a little uninspired, why not check out Zoella’s new book club reads or some of our betty book reviews?

8. Or… get crafty with books

If you’re not that into reading or have got a lot of old books lying about, you could try some of these DIY projects that re-purpose old books into beautiful new accessories.


9. Stage a tribute to Bey

What better way is there to spend your hols than learning all the words to Bey’s, ‘Hold Up’? Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, why not try and get the whole Lemonade album down? Put on your yellow-est dress and get crackin’.

Boredom, BE GONE. Bey-dom awaits!

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Image: The Diary Of A Teenage Girl