Haven’t got your August bettybox through the post yet? This month’s delivery will get you through the LEGIT BEST month of the year: the month when school is out and summer is here! So, whether you’re chilling with your mates in the sun, hitting the local lido or jetting off on holiday with your famalam, use your bettybox essentials to make you feel like a mermaid goddess, inside and out.


Rhythm 108 Lemon and Ginger Biscuits

The London Tea Company Purple Tea

Spa To You Konjac Sponge

Saturated Colour, Colour Switch

Urban Veda Daily Purifying Facial Wash

My Flawless Blusher Brush

Stylondon Henna Tattoos

If you’ve already collapsed into a post-sugar, post-ice cream, post-sun heap on the floor (gotta start summer as you mean to go on, right?), drag yourself across the carpet to the letterbox: August’s bettybox is nearly here! It’s not only filled with much needed pads and tampons, but also quirky beauty bits to kit you out for evenings out with your parents, friends, or even the cutie you’ve had your eye on all year…

Saturated Colour Colour Switch

Harry Potter and co have nothing on this magic wand. Slick on over your lippy, give it a little rub genie style and, voila, new colour! Saturated Colour Colour Switch is a magic trick we want to do on every single lipstick we own. Depending on how much of the white colour you put on, you can have double, triple, quadruple the shades you already own, so you’re ready to match to any outfit. There’s even a little how-to in your collective that REALLY wows…

Stylondon Henna Tattoos

We love the look of henna tattoos, but let’s be honest; we’d never have enough of a steady hand, the imagination, or patience to create the beautiful designs on our own. Stylondon have literally solved it: their henna tattoos are super quick and easy to apply, just peel off the backing, pop on your skin and soak with a damp towel. They’re non toxic, so shouldn’t irritate your skin.

Urban Veda Daily Purifying Facial Wash

Red skin is not the look we ever go for and, although we don’t want to think about maths while we’re on holibobs, neem + eucalyptus + witch hazel = no red skin! This is the equation Urban Veda have used to create their purifying face wash. It cleanses gently, but deeply, and mattifies oily skin. You won’t need to filter your Instagram pics within an inch of their life to get rid of shiny foreheads now and you’ll get more pic-taking time!

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Image: Kate Borrill