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In case you haven’t already noticed guys, cleansing is our new favourite thing – especially now puberty is kicking in. Why? Because spots, dry blotches and greasy skin got the invite to our face party, which means taking care of our complexion now takes tiiiiiime. Time we don’t have when we need to watch season 2 of Stranger Things and Riverdale, so we’re loving any shortcuts we can find. Amiright?

Enter: skin cleansing brushes. These super sleek electronic devices give your skin an incredible cleanse in one quick whizz (you can even use them in the shower as they’re totally waterproof). The only downside is that they cost the equivalent of about two years pocket money, but here at betty we’ve got an early Crimbo present for you because you can enter our competition to win one instead!

Just follow @bettycollective on Instagram, like this post and tag three of your besties for a chance to get your hands on one of five Magnitone First Step Compact Daily Cleansing Brushes – oh, and a bettybox too because we’re nice like that.

Here’s why you should defo enter…

It’s skin brushing 2.0

You’ve probably heard about dry skin brushing. Your mum or sis might do it to their legs with a regular bristled brush, but it’s long and boring tbh. The skin cleansing brushes we’re crushing on are suitable for young skin and don’t take nearly as long. They also look way prettier on your bathroom shelf!

They’re totally efficient

Who wants a whole extra step in their cleansing routine? Not us. Ain’t nobody got time for that, not when we’re working on becoming the next Zendaya. Skin brushes aren’t some fancy shmancy extra ten steps you need to do; just use the brush instead of your hands to wash your face. Simple.

It feels so spa-worthy

These little babies give a really deep cleanse without any extra elbow grease (see previous point). The peeps at Magnitone have said that skin brushes are six times more effective than cleaning with your hands. Plus, they’ve been proven to unclog pores, tone and beautifully condition your skin. Winner.

You’ll get a natural glow

Skin brushes give your face a gentle massage which helps to increase blood circulation. More blood flow and oxygen means a smoother, more glowy Hadid-sister-like complexion. And if you’re into a fake glow (sorry Mum for all the white towels we’ve massacred), skin brushes will get rid of any dead skin first to create a nice smooth base.

Dual purpose

We like things that have more than one purpose – two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, lipstain blushers, sporks… Use your skin brush to thoroughly remove your makeup by switching up the water and face wash for makeup remover. Easy peasy.

To be in with a chance of winning a Magnitone First Step Compact Daily Cleansing Brush, visit @bettycollective from 12th November. Terms and conditions apply. FYI, if you’re after a cleanser that’s even gentler, Magnitone’s Wipe Out Microfibre Cleansing Cloth is available in this month’s bettybox.

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Hey, it’s better to give it a break anyway… probably

1. Oh god it is too early for any human to be awake. Why did Yesterday Me think Today Me would want to get up at this time and wash her hair? Was she deluded?

2. Let’s assess the damage. Maybe this is the point where it supposedly starts conditioning itself? Maybe it’ll look magically fresh and elegantly dishevelled and I can go back to sleep!

3. Please let it look magically fresh and elegantly dishevelled.

4. Oh.

5. How can pillows cause so much chaos when they are so soft and lovely? Did I accidentally sleep in a hedge without realising?

6. No. No, I’d have scratches from the… twigs.

7. It’s fiiine, it’s just a little bit rumpled. Those kinks will probably drop right out.

8. Who am I kidding, my roots look like a mountain range. I could have tiny groups of people doing their Duke of Edinburgh Award on my head.

9. But there is one simple, easy solution! WET IT DOWN.

10. WET

11. IT

12. DOWN.

13. There we go, all wetted. I look great. I look slick. I look like Chrissy Teigen crossed with Lucius Malfoy. Although of course I can’t go back to bed now because my head is wet and the pillow will make it worse, so nice one genius.

14. It’s fine, I’ll wait for it to dry while making a nutritious breakfast and catching up on current affairs.

15. JK, I’m going to scroll through Instagram with one eye open for the exact length of time it would have taken to wash my hair anyway.

16. Ok it still looks wet. Is it still wet… or just greasy? Please let it be wet.

17. Nup. Grease.

18. Brilliant. Brilliant. And now I don’t have time to wash it anyway, so I guess this is the hair we’re going with today. Brilliant.

19. Thank god for dry shampoo though. How did anyone cope in the days when shampoo only came wet?

20. Hats. That was what hats were for.

21. Right, just a modest spritz and my head will be fresh as a daisy again. Just a leeeetle bit.

22. And a leeetle bit more…

23. …and a leetle bit mo- oh right, too much and now I look like the ghost of Christmas past. I am Moaning Myrtle. I am Mary Berry’s Victoria sponge cake.

24. Although a Victoria sponge cake probably involves less grease, tbh.

25. Brush it through! It’s fiiiiine, just massage it in with your fingers like they tell you to on the can, then brush it out. Keep brushing. And a bit more.

26. And a bit more.

27. Maybe if I wet it down again?

28. NO.

29. Right, roots looking better. Still a bit dusty. But that’s ok, that’s just… vintage-inspired. ‘Heritage’, they’d probably call it in Vogue. I have heritage hair. I am very on-trend. I will be like one of those aristocratic models who is too cool and posh and bohemian to be clean.

30. It’s better for your hair not to wash it anyway! Everyone knows that. Unless that’s one of those lies people tell themselves, like ‘actually fruit is worse for you than a burger’. 

31. Now I must tackle the weird twisty bits and flat bits. I could do this the sensible and careful way, by using a suitable protector spray and easing them out with my hairdryer on a moderate heat. Or I could do them the lazy way, by battering them with my hair straighteners until they behave.

32. My poor hair. I am terrible to my hair. I wouldn’t blame it if one day it just got up and left me.

33. *whisper* Please don’t leave me, hair.

34. Is that… toast? Is someone making me toast?

35. Nope, that is my hair burning. That’s the delicious waft of baked human proteins, that is. Blech.

36. Should I just sack it all off and put it up? A messy bun, that’ll solve everything! Praise be to the messy bun! I should have done this right from the beginning.

37. Well, it’s definitely messy. I have ticked that box. But it’s not exactly messy the way that messy buns are on Pinterest, is it? It’s less like lovely voluminous #croissanthair and more like a kind of… partially digested teacake.

39. May as well whack a bit of serum on, see if that’ll help. And some salt spray. And a tiny bit more dry shampoo.


41. Hats. This is what hats are for.

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Image: Katie Edmunds

Remember how great making perfume in the garden was when you were little? No, me neither. On my one attempt, I accidentally poured away the water and was left with a bunch of soggy petals. #Fail.

Fortunately, we don’t have to make our own anymore as there are plenty of companies out there doing the work for us. But with all these new fragrances hitting the shelves, there’s almost too much choice.

I mean, how are we supposed to figure out which scent we want? What works with our skin? And how much cash do we need to splash to get a good one that legit smells nice?

Here’s everything you NTK about perfume…

What’s toilette got to do with it?

This won’t count towards your history revision (sorry about that) but perfume production was essentially a fancier version of what we used to attempt in the garden. That was until 1921, when Chanel changed everything by releasing No.5. You know, that spenny scent that your older sister’s polished friend Poppy wears.

Another little fact to add to your gen-knowledge is that scents are actually sold in different strengths, described in super chic French ways because the French are basically the goddesses of perfume.

Eau de cologne is the weakest, followed by eau de toilette, eau de parfum and then the strongest, perfume. The weaker versions don’t last as long but are much cheaper.

The price also changes depending on the quality of ingredients, the target market and how much the company spends on marketing (this is always a lot – Lily-Rose Depp needs paying dontcha know). This means you can spend anything from £10 to £100 or more. Cheaper doesn’t mean rubbish, you just might have to spritz it more often.

Where do I apply perfume?

Most scents come as a spray, although some top end perfumiers are trying out gels and paintbrushes. Roller balls are becoming more popular too, and these are great if you want to top up while you’re out and about.

The usual places to apply perfume are the wrist and the throat because the warmth from your blood around your pulse points will react with it and release the scent all day. (Tell that to your science teacher).

You can also try behind the ears, inside the elbows and behind the knees as well as in your hair – some companies have latched onto this trend and are even making special hair perfume. Don’t bother unless you have a lottery win to spend.

That said, maybe hold back on dousing yourself in *all* these places! An overpowering smell can result in a headache. In fact, it is possible to be allergic to perfume or particular ingredients that aren’t necessarily listed on the packaging, so be careful babes.

How do I choose a perfume?

Grab your girls and hit the department stores to get sniffing! You can spritz hundreds of scents on little cardboard squares to decide which ones you like the most, then narrow them down (or buy more than one if you’re still got pocket money left).

There are tons of different ‘notes’ you might like: sweet, floral, musky, earthy, citrus, woody. The list is longer than the amount of times your sister has stolen your clothes. And that’s A LOT.

A couple of golden rules? Don’t try to smell too many at the same time as you’ll overwhelm your nose. When you think you’ve found The One, try it on your skin before you buy it. Perfume reacts differently on different people, so what’s great on your bff might not be right for you.

And how do I not waste all my money?

You know when you pop into Zara to eye up the winter boots? Check out the perfume section. Oh, and when your mum is in Next looking at the autumn sale *eye roll* check out theirs too. And H&M. And New Look’s. Most high-street brands have their very own scents and tbf, they’re usually gorgeous and smell similar to celebrity and designer options out there.

The months leading up to Christmas are a great time to look for a new fragrance, too. Lots of stores stock great value gift sets and you usually get a scented body lotion along with the perfume. #Winning.

Also, FYI, if you’re buying perfume online make sure you shop from a well-known store. The perfume industry is plagued by fakes that not only aren’t the real deal but can contain dangerous ingredients such as antifreeze and urine. Yes, urine. Enough said.

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The nights are getting darker and the temperature is getting colder. Brrrr! If we needed an excuse to bail on after-school club, this is it. There’s nothing nicer than running home after the final bell and jumping into bed. All the notable events this month can be enjoyed next to your radiator, too: Bonfire Night, Black Friday, watching the Christmas light switch-ons online… November’s bettybox is all about getting your cosy on with a warming tea, a gooey brownie and the softest socks ever so snuggle down and enjoy!


Baked In Chocolate Brownie Mug Mix

Your Tea Sleep Tea

Magn!tone Microfibre Cleansing Cloth

Bandzee Hair Ties

Bryt Socks

Freeman Barefoot Scrub or Cream

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome.

Oh Sephora. It’s basically the whole reason you go on holiday, right? The minute you land in New York, Paris, Barcelona or any other city that’s lucky enough to house the make-up mecca, you’re on Google Maps and shimmying your way there to stock up on all your favourite international beauty brands.

While we’re completely obsessed with the likes of Becca Cosmetics and Tarte, Sephora’s own-brand products are actually pretty amazing tbh, not to mention great value. But, with over 500 products in Sephora Collection, where should you begin?

Here are a few of our faves that are well worth stocking up on, either on your next trip abroad (if you’re lucky enough to be going away in October half term), or if you decide to fork out for that international shipping.

Charcoal Nose Strip

At just $3 a pop, the Sephora Collection Charcoal Nose Strips are our absolute faves; we’ve been known to buy them 10 at a time. Peel off the plastic backing, pop on your nose for 15 minutes, then remove and marvel at all the white stuff it just pulled out of your pores. That super-clean feeling after use is second to none.

Also pictured: Sephora Collection Orchid Eye Mask, Avocado Face Mask and Almond Foot Mask.

Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes

Who doesn’t love a good face wipe? These ones retail for $7.50 and contain coconut water extract, which we all know is great for your skin, so they smell great. They remove all traces of makeup without any harshness and don’t dry out your face. WINNING.

Golden Hour Luminizing Powder

Available in four different shades, at $16 each, this highlighting powder gives serious bang for your buck. Make it as light or as bright as you like, thanks to the buildable, blendable consistency, and use it wherever you want to GLOW. It also makes a great eyeshadow, especially the Twilight shade.

LashCraft Big Volume Mascara

Who doesn’t love a good flutter? Sephora’s LashCraft Big Volume Mascara gives you just that, with a curved brush to make sure you coat every lash, and a super rich consistency to make sure it stays put all day. All that in a pretty pink and black package for $14? Sign. Us. Up.

Lip Balm & Scrub

These $6 lip balms and scrubs are so good you’ll want one in every flavour. Use the Honey Lip Scrub to prep and smooth your pout, then add one of the five balms to soften and shine. It’s well worth carrying one in every handbag. Just try not to eat them. The smell so good.

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Rihanna’s long-awaited Fenty Beauty has finally launched and BOY were we eager to test out the goods. Offering fans 40 shades of foundation in a bid to include a match for every skin tone, we knew Fenty Beauty was all about inclusivity, but we hadn’t quite anticipated just how amazing the line would be.

Exclusively available at Harvey Nichols in the UK, plus online from the official Fenty Beauty website, we tried out the collection to find out which products might be worth ditching your Kylie Lip Kit habit for. Here are our faves:

Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick

We are OBSESSED with these cute highlight/blush/bronzing sticks, particularly the lilac Unicorn and Confetti shades, which are so Instagramable it hurts. Available in 10 colours, they’re just as soft, smooth and blendable on the skin as NARS’ cult highlighting stick The Multiple. High praise indeed for Queen Ri. You want them all, don’t you?

Shop Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick, £21 

Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

The aforementioned foundation of dreams. It’s super smooth, so glides on easily, but doesn’t feel oily or like it’s clogging your pores. Offering buildable medium to full coverage, RiRi’s Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation will disguise any redness and even out your skin tone, but still allow natural features like freckles to shine through if you want them to.

At £26, it’s a bit more expensive than your Boots buys like Rimmel London or Maybelline, but completely in line with MAC and Benefit’s price points – and a little goes a long way.

Shop Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, £26 

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter

You can’t fail to be transfixed by the Trophy Wife shade of Killawatt in all its golden glory. Super pigmented, once this is on, it isn’t going anywhere. If you fancy something a little more subtle, there are five other shades, and Metal Moon gives a gorgeous pearly glow to eyes, cheeks, your cupid’s bow… basically anywhere you want to draw attention to.

Shop Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, £26 

Invisimatte Blotting Powder & Portable Touch Up Brush

The design of this powder compact is kind of genius; it’s magnetic, as is the Portable Touch Up Brush, so if you decide to buy both they’ll fit together perfectly. Absorbent without feeling chalky, Invisimatte will keep you shine and pore-free, even on the muggiest of days.

Shop Invisimatte Blotting Powder, £24, and Portable Touch Up Brush, £19

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We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but summer is over guys. So long sunshine (there was some sunshine, wasn’t there?), farewell freedom, goodbye girly sleepovers, park picnics and lots of hanging out with friends outside!

But don’t despair. To celebrate the back-to-school season, we’ve collected together some of our favourite simple and fuss-free beauty hacks and tutorials for returning to the classroom and into autumn.

Pssst… Remember if you’re not meant to be wearing makeup at school you should just pick one or two staple products rather than following a full tutorial. We like tinted lip balm paired with BB cream, or a clear mascara and lip gloss.

For a super minimal makeup look: Kaushal’s ‘no makeup’ makeup tutorial

When you’re trying to better understand what makeup looks suit you, it can be really tempting to go overboard with the liner, the contouring and the glitter.

But most beauty experts agree that perfecting a ‘no makeup’ makeup look is the best place to start. That’s because it can be your go-to look when you’re pushed for time, don’t have much energy or if you go to a school that doesn’t allow much makeup in the classroom.

There are so many ‘no makeup’ looks to choose from online, but this one from YouTuber Kaushal of Kaushal Beauty is a good starting tutorial because it looks natural and uses minimal products.

The basics are: SPF, concealer, a brow product, mascara, blusher, bronzer and lip gloss, but she explains in the video that you should switch out any products she uses that you don’t have (or can’t afford) for ones that you do.

We also recommend skipping any steps that don’t suit you and focusing on the products that make you feel good, especially if there’s a strict NO MAKEUP rule at your school – opt for none or just one instead.

Beauty hack #1

Don’t wait until your hair is really oily and you have no time before school to apply dry shampoo. Instead, spray it on the night BEFORE. That’s right, rolling around in bed will help work the powder in and you’ll wake up with voluminous hair that looks cleaner and fresher.

For a simple and polished bronzed look: Tanya Burr’s everyday makeup tutorial

Tanya is one of our favourite beauty YouTubers because her videos are easy-to-follow, she’s really friendly and she often makes tutorials featuring affordable products, like this one with plenty of Rimmel, Maybelline and Collection 2000 makeup.

She creates a minimal back-to-school look with foundation, brow product, neutral eyeshadow colours and a bit of eyeliner and mascara. You can pick ‘n’ mix which of Tanya’s steps you take on board for your new school look, we’d recommend skipping the eyeliner and bronzer if you don’t have much time or prefer the minimal look.

Beauty hack #2

If you want longer, fuller lashes take a little cotton bud and put some baby powder on it. Then apply a coating of mascara, but before you apply another, put some of that baby powder on your lashes. It’ll cause build up and create the illusion of false lashes. Flutter away!

For a rusty and seasonal September makeover: Zoella’s autumnal makeup tutorial

This video may be a few years old, but it doesn’t make it any less autumnal and beautiful. YouTube favourite Zoella talks us through her favourite rusty look to match the falling leaves with brown shadows, full matte coverage and lashings of mascara. So if you’re allowed to go wild with your makeup at school or college, then consider matching it to the upcoming season.

Beauty hack #3

If you use eyelash curlers, pop the curler in your bra for a few minutes to warm it up – your lashes will stay curlier for longer. In fact, put anything you need warming up in your bra! Like an eyeliner pencil or a mascara that feels a bit old and dry.

The products you need in your school bag survival kit:

Tinted Lip Balm

Tinted lip balms are the perfect, non-committal way to play with colour while also conditioning your lips and keeping your look school-friendly. We love the Burt’s Bees range from Superdrug with balms that are infused with moisturising shea butter and botanical waxes. Try the deep pink Hibiscus shade, or the sugary sweet Pink Blossom. (Both are available from Superdrug for £5.99.)


Whether you’re about to head into P.E. or a particularly difficult maths test, you’ll want to get your hair out of the way and focus on what’s important. Pick hairbands that don’t have metal bits on them, which tend to damage your hair and cause breakage.

There are plenty of simple types you can pick up any supermarket, but we love Invisibobbles. These invisible bobbles look like kind of like telephone wires, but their great designs means they don’t leave an annoying line in your hair when you take your ponytail down. (Available from Boots for £4.95.)

Dry Shampoo

To say dry shampoo is life-changing isn’t even an exaggeration for lots of us. Gone are the days of having to wash our hair every other day, now a quick spray of dry shampoo can keep your hair looking (and not to mention smelling) fresh even two, three or maybe even four days after it’s been washed. Grab a small, travel-sized version of Batiste dry shampoo and throw it in your school bag. (Available from Boots for £2.99.)

BB Cream

BB cream stands for ‘beauty balm’ or ‘blemish balm’. There are lots of different types, but it’s essentially a tinted moisturiser with lots of skin benefits. Some are for moisturising, others are for mattifying, but the best thing about them is they often provide light coverage – perfect for school and those who don’t like the cakey feel of makeup. You need to find the BB cream that’s right for you, but we love the Rimmel Match Perfection BB Cream. (Available from Boots for £6.99.)

Clear Nail Polish

If you’re not meant to be wearing makeup to school, nail polish is a dead giveaway – especially the neon, sparkling kind! So to protect your nails at school and keep them looking shiny, you need to find a good, clear polish. Luckily Rimmel has the Nail Nurse polish, which is a really popular clear nail polish created to strengthen your nails (Available from Boots for £4.49.)

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There’s something about raiding the beauty aisle in other countries that’s so much more fun than chucking another lipstick in your basket in Boots, right?

Maybe it’s the undiscovered territory, the fact that your friends back home won’t be able to copy your cool holographic nail colour, or the feeling of being away from home and therefore more comfortable experimenting with a new look.

Whatever it is, the US of A is one of our favourite places to shop for beauty products (hello, Sephora), and these are the brands that should be firmly on your radar for your next trip.

Oh, and, bonus: almost all of them now ship to the UK should you be staying on this side of the pond for the foreseeable.

Milk Makeup

One big, happy blur family ✌🏽

A post shared by Milk Makeup (@milkmakeup) on

Developed at Milk Studios in New York City, Milk Makeup only landed on the beauty scene in early 2016, but is already making major waves thanks to its Tumblr-worthy packaging and vegan-friendly products that actually work. It doesn’t have a UK stockist yet, but stay tuned…

Hero product: Their Blur Stick is pretty much a real-life Snapchat filter and we love it.

Lime Crime

Putting the fun back into beauty, Lime Crime’s colourful ‘makeup for unicorns’ has reached cult status, and is now shoppable in the UK via ASOS.

Hero product: Their Diamond Crushers are iridescent lip colours that any wannabe mermaids will be obsessed with.


Do you choose the balm, or does the balm choose you? ⚡️ Customize your Phase 1 Set on Glossier.com

A post shared by Glossier (@glossier) on

It launched in the US in 2014, but now Glossier has made its way across the pond, complete with its ‘skin first, make up second’ philosophy. If you love a fresh, dewy glow, rather than looking super made-up, this is the brand for you.

Hero product: Perfecting Skin Tint is the ideal alternative to a thick foundation, smoothing out your skin tone without clogging your pores.

Winky Lux

Not only is this brand’s name super cute, but so are its products, which (yay!) ship internationally. The cruelty-free label is based in Manhattan and lucky New Yorkers can even get same-day delivery. Living. The. Beauty. Dream.

Hero product: Flower Balm is the most Instagram-worthy lip tint you’ll ever use.

Becca Cosmetics

Their Rose Gold Highlighter has become something of an icon and Chrissy Teigen is such a fan of Becca that she collaborated with the brand on her own limited edition palette.

Hero product: The Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette, of course! Containing the aforementioned Rose Gold highlighter, another in Beach Nectar, a Sunlit Bronzer in Malibu Soleil and Luminous Blush in Hibiscus Bloom, it’s got everything you need to keep that summer glow going all year round.

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Remember that terrifying jack-in-the-box your brother used to scare you with at Halloween? Or that creepy ballerina box that played a sinister tune when you opened it up? Scary stuff always seems to come out of boxes, doesn’t it? Well, October’s bettybox may be bewitching, but we promise you, it’s full of good stuff. Nice stuff. Stuff you actually want (spiders not included, FYI).

MUA Eyeshadow Palette

Halloween isn’t just a one night thing, y’know. It’s a whole saga of prep, whether you’ve got a film marathon planned, or Susie down the road is throwing a fancy dress party. Go natural during the day, while you’re living the life of a regular human, then vamp it up once nighttime falls with the Dusk til Dawn MUA palette. From ghoulish green to spooky purple, this palette features the perfect mix of colours to let your imagination, and your eyeshadow brush, run wild. We’ve got a special MUA halloween tutorial coming to you in October’s betty collective, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Candy Kittens

We’re all about the treats, less about the tricks this month. Black cats have nothing on Candy Kittens’ colourful delights. Even those of us betty girls who aren’t cat people (#dogs4life) find ourselves reaching back in the bag for another one. Candy Kittens have launched POP bags, which do just that – pop the bag and pop them in your mouth – and we’ve got a pack in each bettybox for you to enjoy this October. A handy size, you can snack as you trick or treat. It’s tiring work, walking around collecting candy.

NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

After the night itself is up, you’re going to need to properly cleanse your skin and get the paint out of your pores. Leave it there, and you might get a bit spotty. No one wants a face full of boils like the Wicked Witch of the West now, do they? Kylie J and Kim K’s make-up artist absolutely raves about these cleansing pads from NIP+FAB – so obviously we’re completely obsessed too.

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Sponsored by T-Zone

Charcoal – the black rocky stuff your dad throws on the BBQ – is having a moment in the beauty world RN. Now, we’re not saying lie down and rub your face in the burnt-out embers after your last summer barbie (erm, ouch much), but y’know, just think about getting some into your bathroom regime. Because when better to reinvent your routine than at the start of the school year?

Teeth whitener

Want your teeth to sparkle like Cole Sprouse’s eyes? Guess what? Yep, it does that too. Use some toothpaste with added charcoal or convince the ‘rents to buy you a toothbrush with charcoal-infused bristles. It works kinda like oil pulling in the sense that all the dirt will be attracted to the charcoal, leaving you with a shimmering smile.

Zit attack

The charcoal in beauty products is called ‘activated charcoal’ which means oxygen has been added to it. The added oxygen (symbol O and atomic number 8 – see we have been doing our revision, Mum) means it removes chemicals and toxins more easily, so when it lands on your skin it attracts those nasties like metal on a magnet. That’s why we’ve popped a charcoal and bamboo nose pore strip from T-Zone in this month’s bettybox! It teases out dirt and oil from your pores so you’ll be left with clear skin for that obligatory ‘new school year’ photo. And don’t worry, they peel off easy-peasy. Much like PVA glue #bestgameever.

Bloat buster

If you’re feeling a bit icky, a nice charcoal lemonade will settle your stomach. It looks pretty weird (like a sort of ink) but it tastes *just* like lemonade. The charcoal absorbs the gases and toxins that cause tummy ache during our period and at all the other tummy-ache-times of the month. Bye bye bloat!

Hair saviour

A charcoal-based shampoo, conditioner, or hair mask will remove any excess oil and you’ll be left with a show-stopping mane, even when you have to put your hair up for P.E. It’ll eliminate awkward flakes from product build-up too so that stupid boy in year 9 yelling “dandruff” can get lost.

Two T-Zone Charcoal and Bamboo Nose Pore Strips are available in September’s bettybox and you can purchase in store or online from Superdrug.

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We all know social media has its good and bad points.

While it might be fun to follow your favourite supermodel or celebrity on Instagram, we need to remember to not let what we see negatively influence us. Not everyone has access to personal trainers, a glam squad or – let’s face it – a ridiculous gene pool, in the same way that not everyone has access to a private jet.

So when you’re a regular person (oh hi), a little self-preservation is key.

And with body confidence issues affecting girls as young as five – yep, FIVE – body image should be front and centre of that.

This is where our favourite body positive Instagram illustrators come in. They’ve put pen(cil) to paper to create some beautiful, diverse and inclusive artworks to remind you to love the skin you’re in.

If you’re gonna scroll, scroll smart.


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Illustrations of “the bits we’re told to hide”. Whether the taboo is tampon string, body hair or amputation, no taboo is left untackled. Oh and we really love the way she syncs the background of each illustration with cute pastel shades.


I can't hear you or your unkind words. My head is full of fluff.

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A window into the mind of the self-love guru – she is the founder of #SelfLoveClub after all – via beautifully-relatable line drawings, frankness around mental health and tattoo inspo just don’t tell your parents).


Oldie but a goodie. (@jessyscarpone) #justgirlproject * Want to purchase this print? Our online store is on its way! ❤️

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Inspirational quotes about body confidence alongside gorgeous illustrations of women of all shapes, sizes and skin colours.


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Brightly coloured, psychedelic, doll-like figures with oh-so sweary captions. We can’t get enough.


Precious Blooms now in the shop!! FYI the 5×7 is landscape and the 8.5×11 is portrait. Shop link in bio! 💐

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A mix of food pics, the odd cat and beautiful illustrations. Think florals, body inclusivity, serene expressions.


Cute pattern. #illustration

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Soft curves, mesmerizing videos of her work in action and illustrations of men too (so don’t be surprised by the odd penis).


This illustration is dedicated to all of you who have Keratosis Pilaris. For those who do not know: this is a condition that develops when the skin produces too much of a protein called keratin, which can block the hair follicles and cause the appearance of bumps. Red and white lumps usually appear on the arms, thighs, cheeks and buttocks. Although very common, this condition often causes insecurity in many people – I myself have some mild keratosis on my butt and it bothers me. Today I know that this condition is just a detail among all the characteristics that make me who I am and the same applies to all of you. Love your whole body, including the red lumps of your skin – they exist because you are human and you are alive./ 🇧🇷 Essa ilustração é dedicada a todos vocês que tem Queratose Pilar. Para quem não sabe: essa é uma condição que se desenvolve quando a pele produz muito de uma proteína chamada queratina, o que pode bloquear os folículos capilares e provocar o aparecimento de inchaços. Os caroços vermelhos e brancos geralmente aparecem nos braços, nas coxas, nas bochechas e nas nádegas. Apesar de ser muito comum, essa condição costuma causar insegurança em muitas pessoas – eu mesma tenho um pouco de queratose leve no bumbum e me incomodava com isso. Hoje eu sei que essa condição é só um detalhe entre todas as características que me fazem ser quem sou e o mesmo se aplica para todas vocês. Ame seu corpo por inteiro, incluindo as bolinhas vermelhas da sua pele – elas existem porque você é humana e está viva💛🌼🌷🌺 #keratosispilaris #selfesteem #bodypositivity #bodypositive #bopowarrior #bopo #loveyourbody #loveyourself #selfesteem #selflove #queratosepilar #diversity

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Watercolour drawings offering acceptance of everything from body hair and stretch marks to medical skin conditions. Her message is clear: stop shaming women from showing their bodies.

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Image: Katie Edmunds

If you have moles you’ve probably heard that changes to them can mean that there’s an underlying issue, but what exactly are you looking for when you check them yourself, and when do you need to seek professional help?

We asked Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson, for her advice so you can be armed with the best info on how to keep your moles – and skin – safe.

Should I get my moles checked if they’ve always been there and haven’t changed shape or colour?

“It’s still worth checking them regularly just in case. The better you know your moles, the more likely you are to notice if there’s a change in the future.”

How often do I need to get my moles checked?

“Most dermatologists recommend you self-exam your skin on a monthly basis. The purpose of this is to detect unusual growths or changes early. The ideal time is probably after a bath or shower and should be carried out in a well-lit room with the aid of a full-length mirror.

“It is important to look closely at the entire body, including the scalp, buttocks and genitalia, palms and soles including the spaces between the fingers and toes. It may be helpful to seek assistance from a trusted individual to examine the hard-to-see areas.”

What could changes to my moles mean?

“Changes to a mole could mean skin cancer, so it’s always best to get it checked, rather than ignore it.”

What changes to my moles should I be looking out for?

“The acronym ABCDE can be extremely helpful in evaluating moles. If a mole shows any of these features, you should go and see your doctor:

Asymmetry: one half of the mole is different to the other

Border: irregular, scalloped or poorly defined edge

Colour: uneven colour or variable colours within a mole

Diameter: the mole is bigger than 6mm in size

Evolving: the mole is changing in its size, shape or colour

“Other signs to look out for include any new moles, a mole that looks significantly different to the others (known as the ‘ugly duckling’ sign), or any skin lesion that bleeds or fails to heal.

“The most important thing is to seek medical advice early. Any concerns should prompt a visit to a dermatologist, who will perform a full skin examination, and may go on to either remove a mole or take a sample or biopsy of any unusual growths or patches on the skin.”

Should I be using extra special sunscreen if I have moles?

“If you have very fair skin I would always recommend you use at least SPF30 or higher alongside other precautions, such as protective clothing and seeking shade between 11am-3pm, when the sun is strongest.

“Don’t forget to apply plenty of sunscreen at least 15 to 30 minutes before going outside. You’ll need to reapply at least every two hours or after swimming/sweating. Make sure you cover every area, as eyelids, feet, backs of legs, ears and lips can sometimes be forgotten!”

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Image: Katie Edmunds