It seems that at least 50% of the world’s population is born in the months of September and October. The entire two months pass by in a haze of birthday cake and stress over trying to locate the perfect gift. A book? A witty mug? An overpriced, yet adorable, tiny cactus?

Well, breathe easy, because we’ve found the ideal birthday gift!

Introducing our latest love interest: Littlesmith.

Littlesmith is a jewellery company that specialises in necklaces. And not just your run-of-the-mill, stock standard necklaces but personalised necklaces. Because what says ‘I’m an awesome friend who values your friendship’ more than than a personalised necklace?

A personalised necklace that has been hand freakin’ stamped, that’s what.

You could get their name, a feminist slogan or (very short) haiku – it’s totally up to you!

The team at Littlesmith were nice enough to send us one at betty and after a lot of squabbling, we’ve decided to share it.

(Today’s my day and I’m smiling like a lunatic at the computer right now).

You can pick one up for a friend (or yourself), on their website or head to their pop-up in Topshop on Oxford Circus. For a necklace like ours, it will set you back £19. And if that’s still more than you can stretch to, we think it’s definitely spesh enough to go halvsies.


Standard bar necklace, Littlesmith, £19

We love strawberries covered in chocolate. We can eat entire bags of pretzels covered in chocolate. Hell, we’re even partial to sultanas covered in chocolate if they’re all that’s available.

And now, it seems we’re obsessed with blush covered in chocolate.

Yes, these Wonka-tastic compacts are KIKO’s new Blush Cocoa Shock collection. The collection includes four two-tone blushes which you can use separately or together, so you can play around with the colours until you find just the right blend for your skintone.

Choose between the aptly-named ‘Sweet Coral & Apricot’, ‘Silky Rose & Mauve’, ‘Adorable Pink & Peach’, ‘Preppy Pink & Tan’.

And, because the people at KIKO seem to be trying to kill us all with loveliness, the blushes are even scented with vanilla – so you’ll not only look peachy, you’ll smell like pudding.

KIKO, stop it being so darn adorable — you’re making us blush!

£10.90, available in KIKO stores or online here.

Image: KIKO

It’s autumn! Technically!

Fine, it’s still mysteriously boiling and we’re all still necking Calippos, sleeping with the window open and dragging the same three crumpled summer dresses out from the bottom of the laundry basket.

But: crunchy leaves, scarves and custard are just around the corner. So let’s warm up to the new season with some cold weather swag that you can totally start wearing now.

Patch it up

Monki iron-on patches

The fastest, easiest way to fall back in love with the jeans/jacket/bag you’ve been wearing all year is to add patches. Monki has the kitschiest, cutest selections around, and all you have to do is a little casual ironing. Or parent-bribery.

Iron-on patches, Monki, £5

Teenage hero turtleneck

Floral sleeveless dress

Could this be the perfect summer-to-autumn dress? Yes, yes it could. Work it with bare legs and trainers now, with tights, boots and an oversized knit once things get chilly.

Sleeveless dress, H&M, £9.99

Forest queen

Gold leaf headband

You probably lost your flower crown in a mud puddle sometime back in July, so upgrade to this elegant piece of hair foliage instead. It’ll keep those festival vibes going long into pumpkin spice season.

Gold leaf headband, ASOS, £8

Give it the slip

Sateen cami top

Favourite of Suki Waterhouse, this silky cami is the colour of autumn leaves BUT breezy enough to keep you cool until the weather gets its arse in gear – and when it does, you can wear it over a poloneck for maximum 90s revival points. Rad.

Sateen cami, New Look, £9.99

That’s a wrap

Paisely scarf on model

It’s autumn and therefore law that we must all have a GIANT SCARF. But unlike your usual woolly numbers, this GIANT SCARF will helpfully double up as a picnic blanket or beach sarong until you actually need to wrap up from the cold. Plus, look at it.

Paisley print scarf, ASOS, £15

Twinkle toes

Gold Mary Jane shoes

Metallic shoes are going nowhere fast – but you will be in these beauties, running into rooms to shout “EVERYBODY LOOK AT MY SHOES”. Wear with rolled-up jeans now, tights next month and ridiculous party dress at Christmas.

See Mum, they’re an ‘investment’.

Gold Mary Jane shoes, River Island, £30

There are precisely three good things about the whole ‘back to school’ situation.

1. Getting to see your friends every day again.

2. Buying new stationery.

3. Showing off your lush new stationery.

So take your pencil case haul to the next level with these lust-worthy highlighters. And beware of the day you accidentally use the green one as lipstick.

Lippy lipstick market pens, £7, Paperchase