Although it can affect both girls and boys of any age, scoliosis is usually diagnosed around the time of puberty and is much more common in girls. It’s not rare, but despite this it might not be on your radar. How much do you actually know about the condition, huh?

Well first off, scoliosis isn’t a disease or something that can be caught. It’s when the spine curves into an “s”, “c” or “?” shape, rather than growing straight.

And there are a few different types of scoliosis. It can be there at birth, a curve can appear in young children at anytime between the ages of 0-10, or the growth spurt around the age of puberty can cause what’s called “adolescent idiopathic scoliosis” (AIS). The word “idiopathic” means there is no specific reason why this happens.

Other types of scoliosis can occur because of a condition like cerebral palsy, spina bifida and Scheuermann’s kyphosis.

So, what are the symptoms of scoliosis?

There are a few telltale signs of scoliosis. These include one shoulder blade sitting higher than the other, or sticking out more than the other, uneven hips, a rotating or twisted spine, clothes not fitting well, back pain and sometimes problems with breathing.

Is it common?

Yes actually, it’s waaay more common than you’d think. In fact there are plenty of celebs that have spoken out about their experience of scoliosis with the aim of throwing a spotlight on this condition and raising awareness. Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 12, Descendants and The Fault In Our Stars actress Shailene Woodley wore a back brace for two years to treat her scoliosis, and Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt uses her fame to talk openly about life with the condition, in a bid to help other girls.

The most surprising scoliosis sufferer though is the fastest man in the world – Usain Bolt. He’s certainly not let the scoliosis slow him down and has spoken out about the importance of exercising to develop a strong back and core when you have the condition. He said in an interview, “When I was younger it wasn’t really a problem. But you grow and it gets worse. My spine’s really curved bad but if I keep my core and back strong, the scoliosis doesn’t really bother me. So I don’t have to worry about it as long as I work hard.”

How is it diagnosed?

The Scoliosis Association (UK) say that along with recognising the above symptoms, your doctor might do the forward bend test if they think you have scoliosis. This is where you bend forward from the waist, keeping your legs and arms straight and the doctor takes a good look at the back and shoulder area from behind. If scoliosis is present, a clear bulge on one side of the back where the ribs are will be visible.

How is it treated?

If your doctor spots scoliosis, they’ll refer you to a scoliosis specialist for treatment. An X-ray will determine if the curve has developed for no reason or if there are other problems with the small bones that make up the spine.

The types of treatment offered can differ from teenager to teenager, depending on the severity of condition so far. A “watch and wait” approach might be taken, with close monitoring every six months to check the curve isn’t getting worse, or a brace might be used to correct the curve over time while the body is still growing. With this option a lightweight, plastic brace will be fitted to the body to be worn either full-time, or a specified amount of hours during the day.

If the condition develops quickly, surgery might be recommended to correct the curve. Surgery for AIS is called spinal fusion. The Scoliosis Association explains that, “spinal fusion uses metal implants (screws, wires, and/or hooks) that are attached to the vertebrae in your spine and then connected to a single rod or to two rods. During the operation bone graft is placed over the implants. These implants and rods are used to hold the spine in place until it can fuse itself. Over a period of about 12 months, this bone graft grows together with the existing bone in your spine and forms a solid column of bone in that area.” It sounds scary, but it’s a common operation and once recovered, you’re able to return to sport and activities as usual.

Where can I find out more about scoliosis?

The Scoliosis Association has tons of useful information on the condition. They can also offer support if you’ve just been diagnosed and put you in touch with other people in a similar situation to you.

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First things first, facial hair – aka peach fuzz, whiskers, face foliage, lip sweater… whatever you want to call it – is totally normal. Yep, even on girls. Most women won’t grow a full-on beard in their lifetime, but 40% will find hair on their face to some degree, whether that’s wispy blonde hairs on their upper lip, or coarse dark pricklers on their chin. It’s no cause for alarm, but you probably do have a few questions.

1. Why do I have facial hair?

For a start, everyone has facial hair. That barely-there fuzz on your cheeks? It’s called vellus, and it’s there to help protect your skin. During puberty though, vellus hairs can become slightly longer and thicker in some areas, such as your upper lip or your jawline, and it can become more noticeable. Another reason can be a condition called hirsutism, which is due to a hormone imbalance (more on this later!), which results in darker, thicker hair in places you wouldn’t usually expect it.

2. Why is some facial hair darker than others?

Facial hair varies massively from person to person, and a lot of it is to do with your natural colouring and heritage. Girls with darker skin usually find they have darker body hair, which means facial hair can be darker as well. As for differences between hairs on your face, a lot of that comes down to the way your vellus hair develops, or any hormonal imbalances you might experience. So you could have darker, longer hairs above your lip and fine blonde fuzz everywhere else, or completely unnoticeable hair all over your face, except for a small patch of dark fuzz on your chin.

3. How fast does it grow?

This depends on all kinds of factors, such as your diet and lifestyle, but generally hair grows about half an inch a month. But unlike the hair on your head, it usually has a finite length – in other words, it won’t keep growing forever! The length it grow to varies from person to person. Some girls might get a couple of millimetres of face fuzz, for others it could be longer.

4. How much is too much?

Everyone is unique – no two people will experience facial hair in the same way, and so a ‘normal’ amount of facial hair for someone else might seem like a lot to you, or vice versa. But if you’re worried that you’ve got very excessive facial hair it’s worth talking to a doctor, just so they can rule out any underlying health issues..

5. Why do I keep getting the odd coarse hairs in the same places?

Even if the rest of your face is entirely fuzz-free, you might get an odd thick hair that keeps sprouting in the same place even after you’ve gotten rid of it. Again, totally normal. Hair on different parts of your body has a different response to the hormone testosterone (which all women have), and hair on the chin area is more susceptible to it. This is why you might find that a random vellus hair turns into a thick beard-like hair. Ultimately, hair follicles have a mind of their own. Have you ever noticed two leg hairs growing from the same follicle on your leg? Or found a random curly patch on your head when your hair is otherwise stick straight? That’s just your hair follicles doing their thing.

6. Is everyone staring at my moustache?

Probably not. You spend a lot of time examining your face in the mirror, right? Looking for ripe-for-the-squeezing pimples and practicing your contour? So you’re going to be scrutinising your appearance way more than anyone else is. Plus they’d probably have to get really close to you to see it.

7. Should I get rid of it?

That’s entirely up to you. We live in a world where models are airbrushed to within an inch of their lives so it’s totally understandable that you might feel pressured to fight the fuzz. But it’s your body and facial hair is totally natural. Get rid of it if you want to, not because you feel like you have to.

8. How can I get rid of facial hair?

You’ve got lots of options, but the right one depends on the kind of hair you’re dealing with. If you’ve got one or two thick hairs, tweezing them is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of them. If you’ve got a bit of a moustache going on or a lot of fuzz around your jaw, put the tweezers down – it’ll be too painful and time-consuming. Instead you could consider bleaching the area. It doesn’t get rid of the hairs but it does make them much less noticeable. Just make sure you choose a bleaching product designed for facial use (other stuff will be too harsh and could damage your skin).

Alternatively, depilatory creams will remove the hair for up to three weeks, and waxing strips – while a bit painful – will get rid of hair for even longer (again, make sure you choose a product designed for your face). If it’s very thick or coarse, you might be a good candidate for laser hair removal – talk to a reputable clinic before you commit to anything.

Don’t go diving straight for the razor, though. Shaving your facial hair won’t change its thickness or colour, but it can make it look like it’s growing back coarser or darker. And the results don’t last as long as other hair-removal methods, so you’ll have to shave every couple of days to keep up. Plus, shaving the delicate skin on your face can cause irritation.

9. Could my facial hair be a sign of something more serious?

Facial hair on girls is totally normal, but occasionally it could mean there’s something else going on with your health. We mentioned hirsutism earlier. This is down to hormone imbalances and isn’t a dangerous or health-threatening condition.

Most women with facial hair simply have a very mild case of it, and are happy to manage the excess facial hair themselves. Some cases can be more significant though, and excess hair can be treated with prescription creams or oral contraceptives, which you can get from your doctor. However, hirsutism is often an indicator of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which you can read all about here. If this sounds like something that could be affecting you, talk to your doctor – there are plenty of treatments available.

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Let’s face it, our periods can make us feel pretty crappy sometimes. From bloating to sore boobs, PMS symptoms are deffo a bit of a downer.

However it’s super important not to let your flow get in the way of you living your best life. Gone are the days of Mother Nature leaving you bed-ridden for a week. Girl, you are just as powerful, period or not.

So if you want to hit the gym, go for a run or even to the pool during your monthly, you do you. There’s nothing stopping you from taking on the world, one netball match at a time…

Gah. Why do I get PMS?

Almost 85% of us experience some form of PMS during their cycle. Bleugh. And while your deffo not alone, try to remember that PMS affects everyone differently. Some people really suffer during their cycle, with bloating, tiredness, irritability, increased hunger, cramps and sore boobs, while others get off scot-free. Hey, we never said the world was fair.

These symptoms are caused by changes in our hormone levels and can start up to ten days to two weeks before your period. It might start with you feeling more tired or emotional than usual and could lead to more physical discomfort. Taking painkillers, relaxing with a hot water bottle and, most importantly, EXERCISE can help soothe this.

So how can exercise help?

Exercise releases endorphins and these magical hormones help to lift your mood. If there was ever a way to take your mind off the slightly more gruelling symptoms that come with being a woman, turns out it’s burpees. Again, the world is not fair.

Getting your heart-rate going produces these wonder hormones, but studies also show that getting a bit sweaty will help reduce that annoying bloat too.

On top of this, maintaining a healthy active lifestyle – especially on your period – will make you far less likely to suffer from cramps. It’s a no brainer really.

What if I just can’t?

Don’t sweat it. Sometimes it all gets a bit too much and you simply can’t even fathom getting dressed, let alone engaging in anything vaguely physical. It’s totally fine to medicate with tea, chocolate and a bubble bath every once in awhile. Just make sure your period isn’t getting in the way of you enjoying a healthy lifestyle. If you do think your symptoms are really severe and are getting in the way of you functioning normally, perhaps you should talk to your GP as this could indicate something more serious.

Tbh, it’s totally your call. If you fancy doing some light exercise on your period, it’s deffo a good idea. But if you simply can’t face it and would rather stay in bed binge watching Riverdale until your PMS passes, that’s OK too. Remember nobody knows your body as well as you do.

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More so than any of her siblings, Kylie Jenner has literally grown up on our screens, finding her fashion feet with every passing season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Remember when she was just a tiny 10 year old? A teenage tomboy? And now she’s a completely boss businesswoman with an off-duty wardrobe just as enviable as any of her red carpet looks.

With that in mind, and with KUWTK turning 10 today (Happy Birthday guys!), let’s take a look back at Kylie’s style evolution…

Pre-teen twinning Kylie

Who hasn’t matched or at least co-ordinated outfits with their sister at some point in their life? Attending Kiis-FM’s Wango Tango, Kylie was still pretty girlie here, as she and Kendall rocked pink and black and white all over. Note the UGG boots, which no self-respecting girl was seen without circa 2008.

Teen queen Kylie

Finding her own style in 2009, Kylie wore this cute floral prom dress and caged heels to Selena Gomez’s album launch party, and looked like all of us at our first big school dance.

Gothic glam Kylie

Can you believe Ky was only 14 when this picture was taken at the premiere of Beastly? It wasn’t long after this that she started changing up her hair colour and becoming the fashion rebel we all love.

Coachella Kylie

Kylie honed her festival style early, rocking this flower crown and lace two-piece to Coachella in 2014, while still keeping the Goth vibe alive.

Colourful Kylie

Ky’s turquoise ends at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards were the inspiration for many a hair experimentation in our own lives, while her white bodycon dress and laser-cut heels were a hint at the more grown-up side of her wardrobe, which was very much on the way at this point.

Bombshell Kylie

By the American Music Awards later that year, Kylie’s transition into full-blown bombshell was pretty much complete, her dark red silk gown reminiscent of an old Hollywood starlet. The turquoise hair remained, letting us know her more untraditional, rebellious streak was still intact. This is one Kardashian gal who definitely does not follow the mould.

Princess Kylie

We were completely obsessed with this romantic, princess-y look Kylizzle wore to a Golden Globes party in 2016. Serious Cinderella vibes or what?

Mogul Kylie

In her white Balmain trouser suit at Marie Claire’s 2016 Fresh Faces party, Kylie looked every inch the Lip Kit mogul she is, and we loved her for it. What a boss!

Muse Kylie

Attending the 2017 Met Gala with Donatella Versace, Kylie showed off her high-fashion side in this incredible creation, which the designer made specially for her. We adored the platinum bob, too.

What will Kylie wear – and do with her hair – next? We’ll have to stay tuned to KUWTK, and her Insta feed, to find out.

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Eyeshadow lovers: assemble. Halloween is your time to shine. At other times of year, 27 eyeshadows perfectly blended together then accessorised with jewels and glitter can seem a little excessive, but the 31st October is one night when ANYTHING goes.

October’s MUA eyeshadow palette has all the colours you need for a chic daytime look (this still involves at least 8 expertly blended shades of course) plus an awesome Halloween makeover, so you can unleash your inner Mario Dedivanovic. Like you needed an excuse, anyway. If you’re a little bit eyeshadow-obsessed (eyeshessed?) these things will definitely speak to your soul…

Your blending is ON POINT. If it were an art assignment (which it basically is), you’d get an A*. Snaps for you.

You know the difference between each of the eye brushes in your makeup kit. And you actually use them all, too!

Everyone gets ready at your house when there’s a big event. A party? A school photo? THE PROM? Yep, you and your stash become more popular than Santa on Christmas morning.

You can nail the classic smokey eye in your sleep. (It would actually help if some of your mates were asleep when you were doing their eyes before the party. Too much blinking.)

You’ve got different sets of palettes for different occasions. Obvs.

The carpet in your bedroom is a haze of multi-coloured powder. You’ve become a pro at hiding the stains from your parents with perfectly placed furniture.

Every colour in every palette has been used at least once.

You know the exact shades that work with different eye colours, outfits and nail polish shades because you are a powder queen.

Saturday morning is tutorial time. YouTube is full of brand new tricks and tips and it’d be a crime of passion (and fashion) not to keep up to date.

MUA Dusk Til Dawn palette is available in October’s bettybox and on the MUA website.

No, not that sort of period. We’ve covered PMS thoughts at length, and in intimate detail. We’re talking school periods – the sort that appear on your timetable between chemistry and double maths. The ones you have grand ambitions for at the start of the term, and a creeping sense of dread of by the end.

They’re the blessing of sixth form, together with your own clothes, a kettle, and the chance to legitimately lord it over your snotty inferiors; but like any BOGOFFER, they can prove ruinous.

After all, it doesn’t take 10 A*s at GCSE to realise these so-called free periods are not quite as free as they claim to be. Here then are the 19 thoughts you have when you reach a free period at school…


2. Hahaha srsly cannot believe they trust us with 50 whole minutes of free time.

3. I mean, with a fair wind and a punctual bus, I could get home and back in 50 mins. Put my slippers on, eat last night’s lasagna – hell, I could even finish off an episode of Riverdale… BUS!

4. Crap, just missed it.

5. Starbucks though. Starbucks is just down the road. Could nip in, get a Caramel frapp for me and Anika…

6. NO. Slippery slope that. Frapp it up every free, and it’s a £28 a week habit. Way too spenny. Besides, think of the sugar…

7. I’ve got it. I’m going to go the gym. 25 mins on the treadmill, quick shower and I can be back in school with 5 mins to spare. Now that’s being productive. That’s efficiency. That’s what free periods are really for.

8. Where are my trainers? Are they…

9. Yes they are. They’re at home. Next to the telly.

10. It’s fine, I’ll just do some extra reading. Miss told us to “immerse ourselves in our subject and really read around” and she’s right, you know. To the library!

11. Sooo ‘International Relations 1870-1914 by Lowe’ is missing. And ‘Locarno Diplomacy. Germany and the West 1925-9 by Jacobson’. And ‘Japan and the League of Nations.’ Has some geek taken out the whole reading list already?

12. Right. Got a sweet textbook. I’ll just get a quick Diet Coke from the vending machine (#sixthformdream), and then I’ll get stuck in.

13. This is so nice. It’s so lovely to be able to go deep into a subject I feel passionately about. This is just how I imagined sixth form would be.

14. I mean take this sentence for example: “Since coming to office in August 1923, Stresemann had devoted himself to defending the unity of the Bismarckian Reich from possible disintegration under the impact of the Ruhr invasion and Rhenish separatism…”

15. Wait. What?


17. FFS. I’m just going to chill with the fam. That’s what they do in Community, and that is precisely the aesthetic I’m aiming for. I’ll just run through my maths homework to make sure it’s legit, then hit the common room and see who else is around.

18. Oh crap. I’ve missed two pages of maths homework. I’ve missed two whole pages of questions. I’ve ten minutes left.

19. I’m dead.

[bell rings]


Actress and model Ellie Bamber is always jetting off on cool projects. From films to fashion, this 20 year old is non-stop. But somehow, despite her high-flying lifestyle, this ‘it girl’ remains totally grounded.

Not only is Ellie starring in the latest live action Disney movie (which will be gracing our screens next year fyi) but she also spends her weekends hanging out with some pretty cool A-Listers. Have we ever wanted to be anybody more? Probably not.

Here’s why she’s our girl of the moment…

She’s part of some really cool projects

Ellie recently appeared on the silver screen as part of Tom Ford’s film, Nocturnal Animals, where she plays the daughter of Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. You’ve gotta admit that’s a pretty strong parent game. Her role in this psychological thriller is super intense, and despite it being tough at times it deffo made her stronger. “You have to be very conscious of it. You’re crying and experiencing these emotions and you have to control them and bring yourself back down,” she told I.D magazine.

IN CINEMAS TODAY!! ✌🏻️🎬 @nocturnalanimals @tomford

A post shared by Ellie Bamber (@elliebamber_) on

As if acting alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood wasn’t cool enough, fashion giant Chanel is also a massive fan of Miss Bamber. Karl Lagerfeld (creative director at Chanel) aka the King of Fashion himself invites Ellie all around the world to represent the brand as an ambassador. “There were two weeks when I think I had been in eight different countries.” she told Evening Standard. While many people her age would shy away from this fast-paced life, Ellie takes it all in her stride and is eternally grateful for the opportunities she’s had. What a cutie.

She’s made her music video debut

If you’re not already sold on the fact that this girl is totally cool, she also featured in the video for Shawn Mendes’ ‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back’. The vid shows her pretending to be Shawn’s girlfriend as the pair run through the countryside. Umm jel. There is some speculation about whether these two are actually an item, but neither have confirmed. Watch this space ‘cos we totally dig them together.

A post shared by Shawn Mendes (@shawnmendes) on

She’s got some awesome celeb mates

Oh, and like the potential romance above wasn’t enough to swoon over, she just happens to be mates with Stormzy and Pharrell. Now that’s a squad.

Also it was so nice to meet you @stormzyofficial make sure your doorbell is working next time 😉👮

A post shared by Ellie Bamber (@elliebamber_) on

Cuzzzz I'm happy….😂 @pharrell @chanelofficial

A post shared by Ellie Bamber (@elliebamber_) on

She puts family first

When she’s not making films or going to celeb galas, she’s chilling at home with her bro/best mate Lucas.

Good luck in your exams bro ❤️🎓📊📚@lucasbamber

A post shared by Ellie Bamber (@elliebamber_) on

Family is super important to this babe, who still gets her very own granny to dye her roots for her rather than paying for a pricey salon. She’s always enlisted the former hairdresser to style her lush locks and Ellie is hesitant to give up this super cute tradition.

So what’s next?

Ellie keeps adding to her star-studded showreel and has just finished filming for Disney’s live-action version of The Nutcracker alongside Dame Helen Mirren and Keira Knightley which will premiere in 2018. Anything featuring that #girlboss gang is set to be amazing. Am I right?

A post shared by Ellie Bamber (@elliebamber_) on

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Winter is a-comin and while I’m sure we’d all love to wear our unicorn slippers every single day (just me?) it’s just not practical guys.

Enter: SHINY NEW WINTER BOOTS. It’s become somewhat of a ritual for me to buy a new pair of stompers every October and through the years I’ve picked out some quite suspect styles. That being said, there’s no denying boots are the staple shoe of every winter wardrobe.

One of the best things about them is that they’re so versatile, whether you chuck them on for a Saturday shopping trip, wear them to a family party or invest in a special pair for the school disco. There are *so* many to choose from on the high-street RN and they deffo don’t have to cost a fortune…

Grunge girl

These biker boots are going straight on our Christmas list. The cut-outs, the buckles, the lace-ups, the studs – they are basically our dream indie crush in a shoe. LOVE.

PrettyLittleThing Stud Detail Biker, £45

Sleek socks

Now these are definitely designed for a slightly more sophisticated outing. The pointed toe and ‘sock boot’ style makes them bang on trend. Plus black will go with any jazzy party dress of your choice.

Asos Elmo Sock Boot, £40

Berry beauts

Incase you haven’t heard, red is hot hot hot this season and strawberry boots are everywhere! From the designers to the high-street, this pair are by far our faves. The midi-heel makes them super practical for day-to-day outings and adding this pop of colour to any outfit will deffo get you noticed.

Topshop Brooke Ankle Boots, £36

Perfect patents

These boots are perfect for a rainy day, when fabric shoes just won’t do. They’ll go perfectly with jeans, skirts or dresses and are set to be the pair you reach for the most this winter.

Park Lane Chunky Chelsea Boot, £28

Sassy studs

Embracing the seventies cowgirl trend that seems to be everywhere atm, these boots are a perfect combo of comfy, classy and cool. The studs are totally badass and we’re pretty sure no one will mess with you when you’re rocking a pair of these.

Boohoo Stud Detail Heeled Ankle Boot, £35

Glitter is fitter

This final pair are all you need to get into the Christmas spirit. Although they might be a bit OTT for everyday, they’re perfect for parties. With sparkles galore, you’ll feel like a star taking these for a whirl around the dance floor.

New Look Cosmic Glitter Heeled Ankle Boot, £32.99

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First things first, there needs to be some kind of law against parents expecting you to admit they were right to their actual faces. I mean, there’s just no need is there? But we’re going to have to face it, there are some (a few, like hardly any really) times when your parents have been right about something and you kind of wish you’d listened to them. We’re not going to do anything crazy like tell them that, but, just between us, these are all the times they were totally right…

1. That boy was mean

He would take three days to text back, he said your favourite band was stupid, he ditched you at that party for the girl in the year above and he told you he ‘doesn’t believe in relationships’. He was a five star idiot who was out to pick you up whenever he felt like it and drop you whenever he didn’t but with those eyes and that hair you had decided that he was a beautiful lost soul. While you were deep in the throes of infatuation, your parents could see him for exactly what he was. Luckily, three weeks later you also realised you were way too good for him…

2. Staying up til 1am ruins the next day

Sometimes staying up until it’s technically tomorrow is the best fun ever, but on a school night when you’ve got a test on rivers the next morning it’s probably not such a good idea. You’re tired, bleary-eyed from watching six solid hours of Netflix and, yeah, the day is pretty much ruined. Ugh, why do parents have to be right?

3. You do need to eat your vegetables

Sorry but nobody loves every single vegetable out there. For every ok-ish one, there’s another that’s completely gross and you can bet that’s the one that will be on the table that night. “Eat all your veggies, they’re good for you!” your parents say as you roll your eyes and cut them up into tiny, hideable pieces. The thing is they totally are good for you. They’re full of nutrients and vitamins, they’re good for your heart, they help prevent all kinds of undesirable diseases and they can give you super glowing skin. Fiiiiiine, we’ll have seconds then.

4. It would have been way less stressful if you hadn’t left that project ‘til the last minute

When you get three weeks to work on a project, there’s no point in even starting it for another two weeks minimum right? Wrong, according to your parents. And they might have been onto something because when it’s 20 days later and you realise you have precisely 24 hours to start AND finish the entire project, you’ll be wishing you’d got it out of the way on the first weekend. It would have saved a lot of stress and a serious amount of ‘HELLLLLLLP MEEEEEE’ messages to the group chat.

5. Not all friends are forever friends

One minute you’re planning the interiors of the New York apartment you’re totally going to live in when you both move there together and the next you realise you haven’t spoken in a month. Your parents say it’s not a big deal but is it? It definitely doesn’t have to be. It’s always kind of sad when a friendship fizzles out but sometimes they last exactly as long as you need them to.

6. Being young isn’t the worst thing ever

When you’ve got teachers on your back and your summer job money has run out, being young feels like a curse, but your parents still insist on telling you how these are the best days of your life every five minutes. *Eye roll*. There’s no doubt being a teenager is definitely not a total breeze but six week holidays, zero bills to pay and seeing your mates Monday to Friday is a pretty solid trade-off.

7. It’s OK to fail

It doesn’t matter whether you flunk an exam or if it turns out that you’re not the next Jessica Ennis, failure hurts. And it hurts a whole lot more when you’ve really put the effort in. It feels like a huge kick in the gut that you’ll never come back from and, ‘it’s not the end of the world’ is the last thing you want to hear at the time. But in reality it isn’t and your parents know it. Failure can be the start of something new. It gives you the chance to step back and make a decision. Maybe it’s a wakeup call to work harder or maybe it’s your cue to try a different avenue. Either way, it’s OK to fail because there’s always something you can learn.

8. You should have worn a coat

How do they know?! The sun is shining! Do they have a sixth sense for the cold or something? Without fail, every single time they’ve told you to wear a coat and you haven’t, you’re shivering and full of regret 10 minutes later.


It’s International Day of the Girl! So to celebrate how amazing we are (betty pretty much does this every single minute of the day anyway guys, we’ve got you) we’re meeting some seriously inspirational babes.

Because when girls work together, great things happen. End of. Thanks to Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, girls with strong (and shared) belief systems are joining forces now more than ever. Together they are building safe, supportive spaces for creative production that encourage, above all else, honest conversation. Introducing gal-dem!

The multi-medium London-based troop launched in 2015 and help WoC (women of colour) build careers in the media, as well as diversify the faces, voices and experiences of the women we currently see in magazines. They talk about loads of interesting topics from race, to representation, to gender and are keen to kick off convos that aren’t really happening in the creative industries, heck, the world.

Hannah Gooding is their lifestyle editor (not to mention our new career crush) and is totally waving the flag for female inclusivity. She realised that waiting around for publications to feature women like herself just wasn’t an option any longer: “We noticed a lack of representation of ourselves in the media, and as they say, if you want something done, do it yourself. If you want to do something exceptionally, get your best girls on board to support.”

With issue 1 sold out and issue 2 available now for pre-order, we caught up with the incredible collective to talk about the power of female friendship, the importance of finding a voice and naturally, periods.

So, what actually is gal-dem?

“gal-dem is both a magazine and an online platform run collectively by women of colour for all to explore.”

Why did you decide to start gal-dem?

“We noticed a lack of representation of women like ourselves – women of colour – in the media, and as they say, if you want something done, go do it yourself! So we came together as a female collective just under two years ago, and did just that. Some of us knew each other through high-school or university, but mostly we came together through the weird and wonderful world-wide web. Online communities can be so powerful, a great way of coming together and sending out a clear message.”

What kind of stuff can we expect to find in the magazine?

“Interviews, illustrations, photography, opinion pieces, and an exclusive announcement from a childhood fave.”

What is it like to work alongside your bffs?

“It’s a massive ball of energy actually. We are always thinking of the next step. In the last year we’ve got our own radio station, club night, and now we have finally moved into a dedicated office space, so there’s so much more to come! We are actually made up of lots of contributors – it’s getting pretty tricky to count – but that’s what is so great about being a collective, it’s a community we support each other in an online and offline capacity.

“Working with your bffs is so rewarding. We can always rely on the gal-dem to listen to our rants, like all our posts on instagram, and generally gass us up every hour of the day.”

Do you think the fact you’re united in your mission is what makes you so successful?

“Yes, but the collective power of talented women comes tops. We just tapped into something that was needed and people were drawn to that.”

Why do you think periods still come with a stigma attached?

“Because men control the media and they don’t like talking about what they don’t understand. I have so many male friends that have had no idea how the menstrual cycle works, but I know how their anatomy works. It requires research, it requires time and understanding to be able to write or talk about periods – which unfortunately, isn’t always happening.”

Do you think this is the same for negative associations we sometimes see about the female body?

“Yes. If we’re too busy hating ourselves, we can’t take over the world. So stop, breathe and put your powers into practice. Oh, and don’t read magazines that tell you to be something you are not.”

Does social media help or hinder us when it comes to self-love?

“It’s a double-edged sword, definitely. Selfies can really boost self-esteem, but seeing everyone’s best side on social media can make you think that you should actually look like filters in real life.”

If you could say one thing to your 14-year-old self, what would it be?

“Stop plucking your eyebrows! And don’t feel disgusted by your own menstruation.”

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Barely a week goes by without someone casually using the word ‘depressed’ in response to it being a Monday; to being blue-ticked by a crush; to the weather; to a session of double maths. I’m no language policewoman (though if you’re confusing your with you’re, I will have to arrest you) but I do think we should perhaps pause before using a word that carries such serious weight.

There are several big differences between being down and being depressed, which are important to be aware of not just for your welfare, but for that of others. Believe me: as someone who has been there and got the whole outfit (complete with accessories) there are few things more, well, depressing, than having your disease treated like a synonym for sadness – or worse, a joke.

So, if you’re confused about the difference between feeling crappy and suffering from a mental health illness, take a minute to have a read of this list: because depression is a big word. One that shouldn’t be thrown around in WhatsApp groups because it’s raining at 8am and you’ve missed the bus…

DOWN: I’ll feel better tomorrow.

DEPRESSED: I can’t really imagine a world in which I feel better.

DOWN: I know why I feel like this. It’s Monday, and my gran’s not well at the moment.

DEPRESSED: I don’t even know why I feel like this. I shouldn’t feel like this. I am really lucky, and many people are dying of hunger and persecution. It’s ungrateful to feel so sh*t for no reason at all.

DOWN: I know why I feel like this. Ash hasn’t text me back for two hours 22 minutes.

DEPRESSED: I don’t even fancy Ash any more. I don’t fancy anyone.

DOWN: This calls for a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food, and a spoon.

DEPRESSED: I don’t feel like eating. I can’t even taste the food.

DOWN: I just feel like going to bed, tbh.

DEPRESSED: I see no reason to get out of bed, tbh.

DOWN: All I want to do is watch reruns of TOWIE.

DEPRESSED: I literally can’t concentrate on anything. Not even TOWIE.

DOWN: I can’t cope with this much homework.

DEPRESSED: I can’t cope. Full stop.

DOWN: That time of the month again.

DEPRESSED: I’ve felt like this all month.

DOWN: I’m hate being by myself. I should give Rhiannon a call.

DEPRESSED: I hate being by myself, but I can’t bear the thought of seeing other people. I don’t have anything to say to them. I’ll just bring them down.

DOWN: I can’t be arsed to go to tennis, but I’ll probably enjoy it when I get there.

DEPRESSED: I used to love tennis, and now I don’t feel like it. I don’t feel like any activity.

DOWN: Tbf, there’s nothing physically wrong with me.

DEPRESSED: I actually, physically hurt, for no obvious reason.

DOWN: I just need to get through this day.

DEPRESSED: I want to curl up on the floor right here.

DOWN: I’ll ring my mum. She loves me.

DEPRESSED: I’m of no value. Even my mum probably dislikes me.

DOWN: I can think of things that make life worth living.

DEPRESSED:  I can’t think of anything that makes life worth living.

If you think you’re depressed, you need to seek medical help. If you think someone else is depressed, you need to encourage them to seek help. If you think, after running through this list, you’re just having a bad day, eat some cheesy pasta and get an early night.

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The month of Halloween is all about pumpkin patches, autumn walks and milking every last moment of outdoor activity before it gets absolutely baltic outside.

But as soon as November hits, we’re running home and getting cosy as quick as humanly possible – hot chocolates in the park: out. Movie marathons and onesies: in.

So, watch the fireworks from your sofa, hit the Black Friday sales from your laptop and snuggle on down. That’s what November’s bettybox is all about. Here, have a little peek inside…

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