We love strawberries covered in chocolate. We can eat entire bags of pretzels covered in chocolate. Hell, we’re even partial to sultanas covered in chocolate if they’re all that’s available.

And now, it seems we’re obsessed with blush covered in chocolate.

Yes, these Wonka-tastic compacts are KIKO’s new Blush Cocoa Shock collection. The collection includes four two-tone blushes which you can use separately or together, so you can play around with the colours until you find just the right blend for your skintone.

Choose between the aptly-named ‘Sweet Coral & Apricot’, ‘Silky Rose & Mauve’, ‘Adorable Pink & Peach’, ‘Preppy Pink & Tan’.

And, because the people at KIKO seem to be trying to kill us all with loveliness, the blushes are even scented with vanilla – so you’ll not only look peachy, you’ll smell like pudding.

KIKO, stop it being so darn adorable — you’re making us blush!

£10.90, available in KIKO stores or online here.

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Image: KIKO