If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be responsible for celebrities’ red carpet looks, their day-to-day wardrobes or stage costumes, look no further than these seven ladies. Stylists to stars including Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner, they know a thing or two about fashion, and are pretty much at the top of their game right now.

Find out what we love about these celebrity stylists below, then get following them on Instagram for a behind the scenes look at how their clients’ wardrobes come together.

1. Maeve Reilly (@stylememaeve)

Maeve is one of our favourite stylists of the moment, with clients including megababe Hailey Baldwin, and musicians Tinashe, Halsey and Bebe Rexha. Hailing from New York, Maeve effortlessly mixes cool streetwear brands like Off-White and Unravel with more traditional designers, including Gucci and Balmain.

So I guess it's fashion week? Wassup NY

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She actually got her start in menswear, styling the likes of Russell Brand, Jamie Foxx and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, but of late Maeve has been firmly focused on her red carpet queens.

2. Karla Welch (@karlawelchstylist)

Prepare to feel super jelly of Karla, who styles none other than Mr Justin Bieber, so probably gets to see him shirtless more than the average person. Justin even starred in the recent campaign for Karla’s T-shirt line, alongside models Kaia Gerber and Joan Smalls, so we’d say they’re pretty close.

Love is Love #pride PS Tee shirt is by @prabalgurung and ALL proceeds to go LGBTQ organizations!

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Biebs aside, Karla’s clients include Karlie Kloss and Lorde, both of whom have been looking like pure fire lately with the stylist’s help.

3. Jill Jacobs (@missjilljacobs)

Jill has some of the coolest clients in the world right now, splitting her time between Kylie Jenner, Golden Barbie (aka Jasmine Sanders) and Desi Perkins. She was responsible for both of Kylie’s Christina Aguilera costumes that you saw plastered all over the ’gram, as well as the looks in the amazing Barbie editorial she did for Flaunt magazine, plus Kylie’s 20th birthday shoot by photographer Sasha Samsonova.

today 2.0 #bts

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Previously an assistant to fellow celeb stylist Monica Rose, who famously used to dress all the Kardashian sisters until a rumoured fall-out earlier in 2017, Jill has really come into her own over the past year and we’re sure there are plenty more famous clients in her future.

4. Marni Senofonte (@marnixmarni)

Prepare to bow down, because Marni is the woman behind Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour and Lemonade looks, not to mention Kendall Jenner’s recent style elevation.

AspenBound….. IKnowIts74DegreesAndSunny …. BUT …… WinterIsComing ….

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Her most fun collab, though? Creating a new, denim-heavy wardrobe for everyone’s favourite tiny fashion icon, Barbie!

5. Kate Young (@kateyoung)

Kate has styled plenty of Hollywood greats, from Michelle Williams to Natalie Portman, but perhaps her most notable client of recent years is Selena Gomez.

#inspiredbyher #pantsuit #bestselfieeffort

A post shared by Kate Young (@kateyoung) on

Taking her from teen star to fully-fledged fashion icon, Kate is the reason we get to see SelGo rocking Rodarte, Valentino and Louis Vuitton on the regular. For that, we salute her.

#selenagomez in #rodarte for #bof @hungvanngo @officialdanilohair @tombachik 🖤

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6. Mimi Cuttrell (@mimicuttrell)

The woman behind Gigi Hadid’s Barbie pink suit you were obsessed with? That was Mimi Cuttrell, who styles the supermodel on the regular, for both red carpet appearances and her off-duty looks.

three hour lay overs are a tad better w vino 🍷#gracias 🙄 #overit

A post shared by Mimi Cuttrell (@mimicuttrell) on

Mimi also works with models of the moment Kaia Gerber and Nadine Leopold, keeping their outfits young, fresh, fun and oh-so-covetable.

7. Odessa Lu Nikolic (@odessalu)

Odessa is one of the newer stylists on the block, but that doesn’t make her any less fabulous, with Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray Hamlin both currently on roster.

Desert Digs.

A post shared by Odessa Lu Nikolić (@odessalu) on

Expect plenty more streetwear-inspired looks to come from Odessa as Delilah and Amelia’s modelling careers go from strength to strength.

HBD to this stone cold fox @delilahbelle | #styledbyodessa

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Confidence. Everyone wants a little more, but there’s no magic way to acquire it. Most of us lack it, at one time or other. Sometimes it feels like everyone around us is oozing it, while we got forgotten at the end of the confidence queue.

But believe it or not, even celebs struggle with their self-esteem. From making ourselves heard to loving the skin we’re in, here are some of our favourite quotes to give us a little boost…

“Don’t be afraid to correct someone if they’re wrong. I think girls tend to be more polite. You don’t have to be mean about it, but you shouldn’t be afraid to correct someone if they’re wrong.”

When it comes to speaking up, Ellie Kemper wants us all to be a bit more Kimmy Schmidt.

“I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.”

Meanwhile Coco Chanel never lost any sleep over the haters.

“Don’t be afraid to have your own opinion. Don’t take no for an answer. Fight. Because people try to bring you down, and people try to get in the way of your dreams. But if you set your mind to something, you can accomplish that – and then some.”

Can you come round and recite this to us every morning please, Sarah Hyland?

“Never dull your shine for somebody else.”

Tyra Banks is rooting for us all.

“I think self-doubt is healthy. It pushes you, and humbles you… Sometimes I meet people who are too confident. I’m like, “I don’t even like being around you. You’re boring. Get a neurosis, and then we’ll talk.”

Anna Kendrick there, with a reminder that sometimes a little insecurity is better than a big ol’ head.

“I’m not going to apologise for who I am and I’m actually going to love the skin that I’m in.”

When it comes to self-love, Amy Schumer is sorrynotsorry.

“There’s always something you’re allowed to be thankful for, and if you remember that then the bad things become a lot smaller. I would say that that is probably the best way to feel confident about yourself – be grateful and happy for your lot.”

Fearne Cotton is so good at being happy, she literally wrote the book on it.

“When the demon starts to slither my way and say bad sh*t about me I turn around and say, ‘Hey. Cool it. Amy is my friend. Don’t talk about her like that.’ Sticking up for ourselves in the same way we would one of our friends is a hard but satisfying thing to do. Sometimes it works.”

Sometimes it’s hard to know where Amy Poehler ends and Leslie Knope begins. But either way, they’re awesome.

“Love who you are, embrace who you are. Love yourself. When you love yourself, people can kind of pick up on that: they can see confidence, they can see self-esteem, and naturally, people gravitate towards you.”

They don’t call Lilly Singh ‘Superwoman’ for nothing, right.

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.”

But Oprah, do you mean Khaleesi or Elizabeth II?

“Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.”

From queens to the badass Princess of Alderaan, who better to teach us about confidence than the late, great Carrie Fisher?

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In Partnership With Girlguiding

So you didn’t get V festival tickets, your mum wouldn’t let you trek to the Isle Of Wight for Bestival, and Glastonbury was a big fat no. (Tbf you can barely pack for a sleepover at your bestie’s without forgetting your phone charger and a spare pair of knickers.) But even if your parents are as strict as Harry Potter’s house mistress Professor McGonagall, there is one festival we’re almost sure they’d let you go to.

Well, what is this magical festival?

Give a big fat Gryffindor wave to Girlguiding’s annual event, Wellies and Wristbands! The only catch? You’ve got to be a member of Girlguiding to get a ticket – and you’re going to want to sign up if you’re not a Girl Guide already as this camping extravaganza has serious cool factor. Not only is there tons of live music so you can pretend you’re dancing at V festival anyways, but there’s a pamper zone to get your beauty fix, hot tubs to chill with your mates in, cinema screenings, an amazing inflatable obstacle course, abseiling and even zip-lining! So, a) you won’t have to worry about getting bored and b) your mum and dad will get serious value for money without having to worry about mosh pits.

Amazing! Tell me more…

The weekend of fun takes place at two locos; Foxlease in the New Forest and Waddow Hall in Lancashire, so it shouldn’t even be a total mission if you beg your ‘rents to drive you there regardless of where you live. You’ll hit the festival with your Girlguiding group and will be looked after by your Girlguiding leader, so you’re covered when it comes to getting that all-important helping hand in putting up your tent. Phew. Plus, it lasts from Friday night ’til Monday lunchtime which means maximum gal-pal time with your mates, not to mention the whole new group of friends you’ll make over the weekend.

How much will it cost?

The festival ticket costs £105 for the whole weekend. That includes all your food, campsite fees, activities, music, transport from a local train station and your wristbands. All you need to bring is your own wellies! If your ma and pa think it’s pricey, just tell them that a day at Go Ape, a ticket to a gig, the cinema, a manicure, and a shiny new hot tub cost a helluva lot more…

Happy camping!

For more information, please visit the Wellies and Wristbands homepage.

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Being sporty is hard, man. Unless you’re one of those girls whose ponytail does the perfect swish while running a 5k without breaking a single bead of sweat. Stomach cramps, sweaty fringes, big boobs and chafing thighs do not work in our favour. But even the world’s biggest female champions face the same hardships.

If you ever feel blue about having to go to PE while you’re on your period, or you constantly battle with a bloated tum while working out – take a look at these awesome sporty girls and prepare to be inspired.

1. Fu Yuanhui’s period-power statement

Fu Yuanhui might just be the coolest girl in sports RN. The 21-year-old Chinese swimmer was interviewed on live television after coming fourth in the 4x100m relay at Rio 2016.

Fu told the interviewer: ‘I don’t think I performed very well today. I feel I let my teammates down…It’s because my period came yesterday, so I felt particularly tired – but this isn’t an excuse, I still didn’t swim well enough.’

She instantly became the star of Rio, breaking the taboo of openly talking about menstrual cycles to an international audience. Because – shocker! – top athletes have periods too.

And why on earth shouldn’t Fu vocalise her experience? One can only imagine the tears of pain and frustration a boy would cry if he had to race with menstrual cramps.

Oh, and Fu went on to win a bronze medal in Rio *high five*

2. Paula Radcliffe’s roadside poo

Ever found yourself half way through a cross-country run at school and felt a sudden urge to use the loo? We’ve all been there – the panic, discomfort and embarrassment are all too real. But the chances are that you probably make it to the ground-floor bathroom just in time to do your business.

But not three-time London Marathon champion Paula Radcliffe MBE. The English long-distance running hero is testament to the saying ‘when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go’.

With just five miles left to run in the London Marathon, Paula had stomach cramps and knew there was only one way to relieve them. She crouched down at the side of the road and did what she had to do. Paula ran on to win the marathon then endure some very awkward interviews.

We salute her for feeling the fear and doing it anyway, all in the name of ensuring a triple-champion title.

3. Serena Williams’s bare-naked bump

Must read article. Link in bio

A post shared by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on

Serena Williams has been ranked ‘world’s number one tennis player’ eight times by the Women’s Tennis Association. EIGHT TIMES – and there’s me struggling to finish a lap limping around my local park on a Saturday morning.

She’s also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and heads up the Serena Williams Fund, which creates equality through education and assists victims of violence.

So Serena Williams is basically Wonder Woman but with a racket instead of a lasso and shield, OK?

And here she is heavily pregnant, butt-naked on the front cover of Vanity Fair earlier this year, absolutely slaying it. This shot screams ‘LOOK HOW AWESOME ME AND MY BUMP ARE’. The whole shoot is beautiful and celebrates her fearlessness as a sports star, tenderness as a mum-to-be and pride in being a woman.

4. Sarah Attar runs for Saudi Arabia

Sarah Attar was one of the first two women to represent Saudi Arabia in the 2012 Olympics. Up until then, the Saudi Arabia Olympics Committee did not let women take part and represent their state in the world’s most famous sports competition.

Sarah was only 16 at the time and wasn’t asked to take part until the International Olympics Committee insisted on female participation at short notice.

Despite coming last in her heat (it’s not like she had a proper chance to train!), she went on to run the marathon in the Rio 2016 Olympics. Sarah made a huge step for female sports in Saudi Arabia and her story makes us feel a teeny bit guilty about using a tummy ache as an excuse not to go for a jog.

She also has a really arty travelling Instagram, which is worth checking out.

5. Jessica Ennis-Hill’s post-pregnancy comeback

Jessica Ennis-Hill is the British three-time world champion heptathlon hero who took gold in the London Olympics 2012 and became a national treasure.

Just to clarify what a heptathlon involves, it is a series of seven events that take place over two or three days. These events include high jump, javelin and various short running distances. Basically, you have to be a pretty well-rounded, incredible athlete to do it.

After London, Jess took some time out for the birth of her baby, Reggie. She returned to the Rio Olympics 2016 with a lot of expectations to defend her gold status, but walked away with silver.

Pregnancy does a lot of crazy but wonderful things to a woman’s body, and anyone who even attempts a heptathlon just over a year after giving birth and juggling motherhood with training, is a gold winner in our eyes. The whole nation probably agrees with that.

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The Teen Choice Awards are almost upon us again! It’s the annual ceremony that sees celebs awarded with surfboards and some of your favourite stars perform, with this year’s show taking place in Los Angeles on 13 August.

Among the 2017 performers are Louis Tomlinson, Zara Larsson and Clean Bandit, while Lucy Hale, Victoria Justice and the Riverdale gang are all lined up to appear. We’re sure they’ll all fix up and look sharp – but what did people wear to the Teen Choice Awards in years gone by?

Well, funny you should ask, because we’ve raided the archives to find out EXACTLY what everyone rocked to the retro TCAs in the 90s and early 00s. Check out the fabulous looks below and keep your fingers crossed that this year’s attendees make half as much effort.

Destiny’s Child

You can always rely Queen B to work a killer outfit at any ‘do she hits up – and my, she worked it at the TCAs in 2001. Worked it with her best girls, Kelly and Michelle, who collectively nailed that sizzling hot salsa look that was SO BIG in the 90s. We’re serious.


Peak ’90s pop god vibes from Usher here – just check out those super-baggy stonewash jeans and, erm, bowling shoes? We’re loving the hot red racing jacket (and the fact that he brought his smoke machine along).

Gwen Stefani

Turns out Gwen got the stonewash memo, too, and we’re seriously into her star-print bikini top. As for the teeny-tiny cardigan? We’ll leave that in 2001.

Paris Hilton

Party girl Paris poses up a storm in her fave accessory: massive sunglasses encrusted with diamonds. It is sunny, tbf.


Clearly there isn’t an award for Best Dressed Band. Sorry boys, but that bandana and glasses combo. The goaties. Justin’s necklace…

Aaron and Nick Carter

Guys, you’re at the Teen Choice Awards, not a Pirates Of The Caribbean audition. Don’t worry, just go and chill with N*Sync. You’ll feel better.

Jessica Alba

Did this girl NEVER have an awkward teenage phase?! Not fair.

Reese Witherspoon

Sure, she’s wearing her office trousers but a floral hair clip jazzes things up, right guys?

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Slay, Buffy, slay.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota is too cute for words.

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You’ve probably heard about Kesha’s legal battle with her former producer, Dr Luke; she alleged that he sexually assaulted her, but because of her recording contract she was unable to release any new music without his involvement. Then her case was dismissed. Sad, sad stuff.

For years we were denied any new Kesha music, having to settle for playing her old material on a Spotify loop, all the while wondering if she’d even WANT us to be listening to it.

But, dear Animals, Kesha is BACK. Her (amazing) new single Praying dropped on 6 July and, since then, we’ve had two more tracks from the glitteriest lady in pop. Here’s everything you need to know about Kesha’s comeback so far…

Praying is her first single in nearly four years

And my goodness was it worth the wait. “This song is about me finding peace in the fact that I can’t control everything — because trying to control everyone was killing me,” Kesha wrote in her Lenny Letter. “It’s about learning to let go and realise that the universe is in control of my fate, not me.”

It was written by Ryan Lewis

Shouts to @bottomlineguitars with the BEAUTIFUL custom 7 string! Winning!

A post shared by Ryan Lewis (@ryanlewis) on

The Grammy-winning Macklemore star said he was “honoured” to be part of Kesha’s return to form.

Kesha’s new album, Rainbow, is on the way

A post shared by Kesha (@iiswhoiis) on

In fact, it drops on 11 August, and includes two collaborations with Eagles Of Death Metal plus one with Dolly Parton.

“The reason I wanted to name this record Rainbow is because I kind of associate healing with kind of going back to my child-like mind, before I got all twisted and turned and beaten and heartbroken and all those things,” Kesha explained in a recent interview.

“Everything was magical and I didn’t understand it and the world was so big and beautiful and I trusted everyone and everything and it was just so perfect and wonderful.”

Praying isn’t the only therapeutic song on the album

Of Learn To Let Go, Kesha said, “This song is about washing away what doesn’t work for you… Vulnerability has never felt so freeing and cathartic.”

Woman, meanwhile, is “an anthem for anyone else who wants to yell about being self-sufficient and strong.” Kesha did, however, take the time to remind us that her inner wild child is still there.

“It’s important for me that people know that there are a lot of emotions on my new album Rainbow – but the wild fun energy that first inspired me to perform has not, and will never, go away,” she wrote on Instagram.

She has plenty of support from her fellow celebs

Just take a look at some of the tweets championing Kesha over the past few weeks:

Long may the glitter queen reign.

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There isn’t much we don’t know about the Kardashian/Jenner family these days: they’ve given birth, gotten married and divorced on TV, battled mental illness, worked, played, laughed and cried, all in front of an audience of millions.

But, there are certain members of the squad who – until now – have managed to keep their private lives away from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Yep, Kendall and Kylie Jenner have always stuck to the work and family side of the show, never really letting us into their daily routines and (more importantly) juicy gossip.

However, while Kendall remains the most reserved of the sisters, Kylie is finally ready to let us into her world in new show Life Of Kylie. Premiering on E! in the UK on 13 August, Kylie looks set to show who she really is, away from her famous fam.

But how much will we really see beyond what Kylizzle already shares on Snapchat? How personal will she get? Here are all the questions we have about Life Of Kylie…

Which of her friends will be on the show?


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

From the trailer we know that Kylie’s long-time BFF, model Jordyn Woods, will definitely appear. But what about the rest of the gang? Will Anastasia Karanikolaou (aka @stassiebaby), Jaden Smith, Harry Hudson or any of Ky’s other besties pop up? We’re hoping for a slumber party scene tbh.

And, while we’re at it, what about family?

my heart

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Momager Kris Jenner is surely a shoo-in, but will any of the Kardashian girls be spotted hanging around Kylie’s not-so-humble abode? Or will we see her visiting dad, Caitlyn Jenner, out in Malibu? Time will tell.

Is Tyga going to appear at all?

Jungle Bae

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Sure, they’ve broken up, but if filming began before the end of Kylie and T’s relationship then we might just find out where it all went wrong. She hasn’t deleted all traces of him from her Instagram, so we’re assuming it was on (relatively) good terms?

Will Kylie shed any light on the whole Blac Chyna story?

ATL Vibes

A post shared by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on

Even before Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s recent social media drama, there was beef between her and Kylie, because – let’s not forget – Chyna had a baby with Tyga before he started dating Kylie. Then, err, she went on to have her second child with Kylie’s brother. Messy stuff. Whether or not it’ll be addressed in the show remains to be seen.

Are we going to see her new boyfriend?


A post shared by flame (@travisscott) on

She’s been flying around the world on tour with Travis Scott and they even have matching butterfly tattoos, so will we be seeing the rapper on Life Of Kylie? Here’s hoping!

Will we get to meet her team?

adventures w the fam ✨ happy early bday @victoriavillarroel

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie’s assistant Victoria is already pretty prolific on Instagram, but will her appearances on Life Of Kylie be as frequent as Kim’s assistant Stephanie’s on KUWTK? We like to think so.

Will it basically be an extension of one of her Snapchat stories?


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Some Lip Kit swatches, Kylie lip-syncing in the car, her cooking with Jordyn… Tbf we’d definitely watch a full series of that.

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Image: Getty/Katie Edmunds

One of the best things about having an older sister is listening to her life advice, right? Bras, boys, big life decisions like whether or not you should try unicorn hair or Topshop’s see-through jeans. Well, betty has a VIP pass to a group of girls that are sharing their words of wisdom, too. Because there’s always room for more embarrassing stories we can learn from. Awkward sex chats, fashion mistakes, first kisses… ex Made In Chelsea star and My Flash Trash founder Amber reveals *everything* about growing up. And you’ve got a front row seat.

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Summer is a bit like Marmite – you get people who love it and people who hate it, and if you fall into the latter category everyone else thinks there’s something wrong with you. Sure, the promise of long days and warm sunshine sound good in theory, but if you’re not keen on summer (and you’re not alone) then you know the real truth.

1. You’re sweaty. All the time.

Your forehead gets so shiny it basically becomes a mirror and your hair ends up hanging greasily around your face because, just like you, it’s wilting in the heat. And when you try to embrace summer fashion… BAM. Sweat patches. Ugh.

2. Bugs are trying to eat you.

The simple act of hanging out in the park with your friends becomes a survival exercise thanks to all the bees and wasps that want a piece of you.

View post on imgur.com

3. Sleep? Good luck with that.

Sleeping without a blanket on top of you feels weird, and fans are useless and noisy. And when you do finally fall into a sweaty slumber the sun’s coming up, ready to turn your bedroom into an oven again.

4. Your family is constantly in your face.

No matter how much you love your family, having them in your business 24/7 is stressful and tedious, especially when your mum won’t let you lie in ‘because it’s such a beautiful day outside’, or you’re expected to entertain your siblings. And family holidays? They’re great until you’re trapped in a car together for hours on end.

5. The weather is always wrong somehow.

You’ll spend days flopping around in the heat with nothing to do, but as soon as you plan something it’ll start chucking it down, so you daren’t go anywhere without sun cream and an umbrella, and possibly a spare pair of shoes (because flip flops in the rain are not the one) – and who can be bothered with all of that?

MRW I get caught in the rain and remember that California is dying because they don’t have any.

6. You are literally burning.

Sunscreen is important, and really, you should wear it every day regardless of the season, at least on your face. But it takes on a whole new level during summer, when the sun is literally trying to cook you. No matter how high the SPF and how frequently you slap it on, you always end up with a red nose and pink bits on your back that you can’t quite reach.

7. Pollen. Everywhere.

Summer’s great if you love sneezing and looking like you’re always crying. Which you probably are on the inside, because hayfever is the worst.

8. Summer fashion ain’t for everyone.

Summer clothes can be really fun and cute, and a breezy sundress is a godsend when the temperature rockets, but exposing pale legs or manoeuvring big boobs into a vest top can be hella stressful. And no-one’s really about the crop-top trend. Roll on jumper weather.

9. It gets boring.

You start the summer holidays excited at the prospect of six long carefree weeks to do whatever you want and you’ve probably got a few fun plans lined up. But three weeks in you’ve done pretty much everything at least twice and all you can muster is another Netflix marathon.

10. There’s so much PRESSURE.

Instagram and Facebook are full of stories and photos of people doing cool stuff, and every day is a day closer to the end of the holidays, so you get major FOMO and panic that you’re not having enough fun. But you can’t be bothered to do anything, so you just keep scrolling through Facebook, which just makes it worse. Ugh, summer!

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Image: Twilight

Who’s started counting down the days until series two of Riverdale? Now that we know it’s arriving on US TV on Wednesday 11 October – and presumably on Netflix two days later, in its usual Friday slot – we’re struggling to focus on anything else. You see, we’ve been suffering major withdrawal symptoms over a certain Jughead Jones, aka Mr Cole Sprouse.

Is it his epic observations on the rest of Riverdale? The fact that he’s from the wrong side of the tracks? Or just because he’s so blooming cute? Who knows, but we’ve definitely got a crush on Jug and the boy behind him.

Southside Serpents and that brooding voiceover aside, there are plenty more reasons to love the actor formerly known as ‘Ben from Friends’. Here are seven of them…

He’s not just an actor, but a super talented photographer, too

A post shared by Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse) on

Cole recently shot Kendall Jenner for the Sunday Times Style magazine and has also snapped an adidas running campaign, as well as editorials for Teen Vogue. Not just a pretty face (but he does look great in front of the camera, too…)

He has a hilarious second Instagram

Who would have thought, the mother with child, would have prioritized taking our picture over steadying her baby's carriage on a moving train? I did. I would have thought. Firstly, her child is too young for The Street Life of Shaq and Kobe, so we all know she was taking that picture for herself. Unless of course she was making a long term investment, banking on the baby enjoying the show when #it grows up. #ItsCalledInvesting. Trying to be sneaky, she made the number 1 rookie mistake, #Flash. My poor, helpless, innocent, virgin brother was caught in the middle of our duel. You can see the fear in his eyes and the determination in mine, both being trumped by the look of shame in hers. #cameraduels #BabyOnBoard #FamilyDrama #TheStreetLifeOfShaqAndKobe

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If you’re not following @camera_duels, get on it now, because the captions alone are among the most brilliant we’ve seen. According to its bio, “This Instagram is dedicated to the people out there who secretly take photos of me, and how I take photos of them first. May the fastest camera win.” Cue a feed full of randoms trying to take sneaky snaps of Cole, accompanied by captions of who won the duel, and what the fans said in their defence. Genius.

He RT’d this girl who said her aunt looked like him and it went viral…

…which is kind of a reflection of Cole’s Twitter in itself. Full of self-deprecating humour and sarcastic life advice (“yawn in the club to see who’s checkin you out”), if you’re not following already, you know what to do.

He wrote this love letter to his mum as a kid

Then shared it with us all on Twitter. He really did have some Jughead tendencies back then, by the looks of things.

He admitted to a childhood crush on Jennifer Aniston

Speaking to the New York Post earlier this year, Cole – who played Ross’ son Ben in Friends when he was “7 or 8” – said: “I had a really, really hard time working with Aniston because I was so in love with her. I was infatuated. I was speechless — I’d get all bubbly and forget my lines and completely blank … It was so difficult.” We’d have been the same, tbf.

He’s never not cute


This GIF

Excuse us while we lie down for a minute…

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Model siblings are nothing new. We’ve got the Hadids: Gigi, Bella and Anwar. The Delevingnes: Cara and Poppy. The Hills: Taylor, Mackinley and Chase (plus their photographer sister, Logan Rae). But, now, there are two new photogenic sisters on the block: Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray Hamlin.

Delilah was showing me her calf muscles…impressive

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Daughters of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna and her actor husband Harry Hamlin, the comparisons between Delilah and Amelia, and Gigi and Bella, are inevitable. The Hadid girls’ mum, Yolanda, was also a Real Housewife and handily Delilah and Amelia have the same one blonde, one brunette thing going on as their elder counterparts.

But, Hadid connections aside, why should you get invested in @delilahbelle and @ameliagray? Well, funny you should ask…

They’re both signed to IMG Models

fyi we jumped in the pool today 😝

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Joining the ranks of Victoria’s Secret Angels Candice Swanepoel and Jasmine Tookes, plus modelling legends like Kate Moss and Gisele, Delilah and Amelia were both recently snapped up by IMG. That means big modelling jobs, which in turn means epic behind the scenes snaps on both their ’grams, so stay tuned.

Their style is sick

we're motherf'ing star boys

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The Hamlin girls employ stylist Odessa Lu Nikolić and it shows. From red carpets to Coachella, Delilah and Amelia are never not looking amazing, so their Instagrams are a seriously great source of fashion inspo.

Their vacay photos will give you serious wanderlust

Yo where's my baguette 🥖??

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Birthdays in Paris, beach weeks in Cabo; Delilah and Amelia know how to live. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself on Skyscanner immediately after peeping their feeds.

Their friends are all cooler than cool

Quiet on set

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Expect an insane line-up of celebrity offspring in the Hamlins’ pics, including Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, plus Sophia and Scarlet Stallone (yep, their dad is Sylvester). You’ll end up following them all – and that’s no bad thing.

They really are BFFs

There’s no sibling rivalry here, as Delilah and Amelia do pretty much everything together, with Amelia calling her big sis “my best friend in the whole freaking world”.

We can’t wait to see them conquer it.

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Summer is the greatest time of year, but there’s something about the rising temperatures and shedding of layers that can make even the most confident of ladies feel a bit, well, wobbly about their bodies.

If you thought celebs were immune to these feelings, you thought wrong, as nine celeb ladies talk body confidence – how to get it, keep it and what to do when you’re not quite there yet.

“I feel very empowered and confident and comfortable with where I am. And I think it took me a long while to get there because, you know, the past year was so interesting because I’ve never been body-shamed before. I did gain weight, but I don’t care. It wasn’t about how I gained weight, it was about how I embraced it. And that’s just kind of my approach.”

Selena Gomez shuts down her body-shamers and gives everyone a lesson in the art of not caring. Take note.

“This confidence is not something that happens overnight. I have been working on it for a long time. I look in the mirror and do affirmations: ‘You are bold. You are brilliant. You are beautiful.’ If my lower pooch is really popping out that day, I look at it and say, ‘Pooch, you are cute!’”

Model Ashley Graham knows that building your body confidence can take time and that’s OK.

“Sometimes when I’m having bad body image issue days, I remind myself that I’d rather live in freedom from my eating disorder than worry about what people think about my body… I am more than a number and a jean size.”

Demi Lovato faces her eating disorder head-on.

“I represent a body image that wasn’t accepted in high-fashion before… Yes, I have abs, I have a butt, I have thighs, but I’m not asking for special treatment. I’m fitting into my sample sizes. Your mean comments don’t make me want to change my body.”

Gigi Hadid’s open letter to her Instagram trolls is an inspiration to us all.

“We do not value ourselves enough. Especially young people, [who] don’t really appreciate, how brilliant our bodies are. I’ve always been very, very specific, and very choosy – very choosy ­– about what I do with my body, and who I want to share that with.”

Beyoncé knows her worth and isn’t afraid to let everyone else know, too.

“If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet,’ I’m like, ‘You can go f**k yourself.’ “

Jennifer Lawrence won’t be told how to look or eat by anyone, and for that we salute her.

“I know because I’m honest about my insecurities that people think I’m 100% positive about my body all the time, but I’m not. I get really uncomfortable, too. But I just remind myself that this is the body I was given. This is who I am.”

Ariel Winter practises the art of self-acceptance.

“I was actually just taking a picture of the bruises and then I saw the stretchmarks in there. I have those apps, the Facetune and Photoshopping ones, and I just didn’t feel like doing it anymore — and I’m never doing it again, because I think we forgot what normal people look like now.”

Chrissy Teigen explains her stretchmark selfie and why she won’t be editing them out of her Insta pics from now on.

“Stop trying to make people feel badly about their bodies. It’s okay to be different… to be curvy or to be thin… How about we respect people’s body boundaries and encourage each other to feel like a babe no matter how they are? That would be nice.”

Ariana Grande has nothing but love for ALL body shapes.

Amen, sisters!

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