Easter may have been and gone, but we’re still craving chocolate! (That’s what happens when you eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner the entire school holidays, right?) This gooey chocolate brownie mug cake by Bakedin is not only totally delish and a nice change from the 2857883 Creme Eggs we’ve eaten during the last two weeks, but it also takes just 60 seconds to make. No waiting for the oven + no clean up = cake dreams.

Happy Easter, gang! May the sun shine, the lambs frolic and chocolate rain down upon you all.

But first: breakfast. And while sure, the really traditional Easter Sunday breakfast is half a Cadbury’s egg with maybe a Malteser bunny to wash it down, we thought maybe this year we’d be classy and wait a couple of hours before kicking off the choc binge. And let’s remember that while chocolate tends to hog the spotlight, there are other carbs to get excited about too. We’re talking buns, hun.

So what could be a better way to kick off proceedings than with a few rounds of hot cross bun French toast? Basically nothing. Those spicy, squidgy buns’ days are numbered now, so enjoy them while you can… preferably dipped in eggy custard and fried, then topped with bacon and apple compote, as in this recipe from A Duck’s Oven. Sit down and savour, with a bunny-themed soundtrack courtesy of Florence + The Machine’s Rabbit Heart LP.

And NOW you can eat chocolate. Happy egg-hunting, chicks.

Quick! Guys, Easter is in 12 days. Less than two weeks. Are you ready? Are you warmed up? Have you done your pre-Easter exercises?

By which we mean, are you eating chocolate at every possible opportunity, to get yourself ready for The Big Chocdown? WELL? If not, get on it. At no other time of year do you have the perfect ready-made excuse to go the full Bruce Bogtrotter on your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not to mention snacks. And drinks.

But you know – being a chocoholic doesn’t even have to mean eating yourself into a Dairy Milk coma (not yet, anyway. 12 days guys.) Here’s how to eat chocolate for every meal, AND get some vitamins in at the same time.

Chocs away!

1. You could have chocolate porridge

Or vegan fudge brownie oatmeal, to be specific…

2. Or Chocolate overnight oats

Which, as we all know, is just cold porridge – because you don’t need breakfast central heating when it’s BASICALLY SUMMER* outside.


3. Chocolate granola

Which is like… crunchy porridge.

4. Chocolate flapjacks

Look chocolate and oats just go really well together, is what we’re saying.

5. Chocolate babka

Babka experiment using Holly's Challah dough — can't stop eating it. 👌👌

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A ‘babka’ is twisty Jewish yeasted cake, otherwise known as another legitimate way to eat chocolate for breakfast. Get on it.

6. Chocolate sourdough

Sourdough Noir: because bread and chocolate are made for each other. New recipe today. 💤😺💡

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Because this is so much classier than just spreading Nutella on your Hovis.

7. Chocolate-spiked vegetarian chilli

Seriously – the dark chocolate gives your veggie chilli richness. Which is kind of the opposite of that time you spent all your money on Milka on the first day of the school French trip.

8. Chocolatey Mexican chicken mole

Your fave bird laced with smoky, chocolatey sauce… this Mexican stew is a whole other level of spring chicken.

9. Chocolate avocado mousse

Only when you’re even eating cocoa with your avocado do you know you’re really doing Easter right.

10. Chocolate roasted chickpeas

If Maltesers and hummus had a baby, this is how it would look… Weird but gorgeous. Get snacking.


If you’re craving something sweet but keen to eat more fruit and veg, this two-ingredient chocolate banana pudding might be for you!

All you need is three bananas and three tablespoons of cocoa powder to make an easy tasty treat at any time of day.

IT’S FINALLY SNOWING and we couldn’t be more excited. There’s something magical about snow that makes everyone immediately revert to their five-year-old self; catching snowflakes on your tongue, building snowmen with carrots for noses, belting out all the songs from Frozen as you hurtle down the nearest hill on a bin bag (oh, just us?).

So while the flakes fall outside, settle in with a hot chocolate and read about some of the other things we’ve been reading, watching and loving this week.

The Emma Watson doll looks like… Justin Bieber 

The internet collectively lost its mind this week when Disney released a Belle doll ahead of the release of the new live action Beauty and the Beast film (eeeeeek). There is one slight snag though. The Emma Watson-inspired doll looks… weirdly like Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber wearing a wig and a big yellow dress.

Biebs, sorry to break it to you, but we’re not sure canary yellow is your colour. Even our mama agrees.

Parliament votes against compulsory sex ed

Despite three quarters of young people believing that sex and relationships education (SRE) should be taught in schools, parliament has voted against the legislation. SRE aims to give students a more well-rounded education about sex and relationships. Rather than just learning all the birds and the bees lark, SRE would provide information about consent, LGBT+ relationships and the emotional side of sexual relationships too – because we all know that stuff is just as important as *what* supposedly goes *where*.

If you want to get involved in the campaign, you can check it out here. Or watch our video with our Shero Laura Bates, founder of Everyday Sexism about her involvement in the SRE campaign. 

iPhone turned 10 this week 

A whole decade ago today, we welcomed the very first iPhone into the world. It weighed 135 grams, had a glossy black finish and changed the way we communicate forever. Happy birthday, dear iPhone! We couldn’t work out what to get you – after all, what do you get the phone that has everything? So we settled on a gif of a grumpy cat at a birthday party. Nailed it.


Sasha Obama must have had some serious FOMO on Tuesday

It always sucks when your parents say you can’t go to the cinemas with your friends because you have to study. But the Obamas took it to a whole new level this week when they said Sasha couldn’t come to watch President Obama’s farewell speech because she had an exam the next day.

Yep, while her mum and sister were sitting front row, proudly beaming as her father bid farewell to millions of people, Sasha was at home with her textbooks. No matter how she does in the exam, we’re giving her an A+ for effort.


Aubrey Plaza is on Instagram & Chris Pratt is excited

Parks and Recreation star and all-round comedy queen Aubrey Plaza has finally joined Instagram, and her TV husband Chris Pratt is pretty excited. He posted this adorable throwback of the two of them from their Parks and Rec days with the caption: “Please follow my TV wife @plazadeaubrey Aubrey Plaza AKA Janet Snakehole. She is new to Instagram. 👍🏼🙏😉😊 She is going to post really weird and funny stuff.”

You heard the man – go follow! You can’t say no to Star-Lord.


Oreo Cadbury Creme eggs are a thing now

It’s still the early days of January, so obviously supermarkets are already stocking Easter eggs. All the old regulars will be there; the giant one filled with Smarties, the Lindt ones with the soft centre and, of course, the egg that needs no introduction: the Creme egg. Only this year, Cadbury is stepping it up a notch (ok, blowing all our minds) with the Oreo Creme Egg. We’ve got three months to get used to the idea… but all the delicious sugariness of a regular Creme egg mixed with Oreos? We’re egg-cited.


Laura Marling’s voice will keep you warm this winter

Laura Marling has released a new single and we are in LOVE. It’s the perfect track for sitting near the window and watching the snow fall outside while cradling a hot beverage, maybe with a fire flickering gently in the background. And a cat gently purring on our lap. Not that we’ve thought about this or anything.

A Series of Unfortunate Events 

The Netflix adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is out today, and there’s nothing unfortunate about that! After all, you’ll need some consolation when the snow melts.

Have a great weekend y’all!