The spring weather is a fickle beast. One minute it’s all sunshine and smiles, the next minute it’s thrown a level-three tantrum and decided to freeze all the trusting folks who left the house with bare shoulders to death.

This is where the denim jacket comes in. It’s not a coat, so you don’t have that February feeling. But you can also wear it over a jumper if you need to do some good ol’ fashioned layering – and if you go for a jazzed-up embellished one, it looks like a style statement rather than just the jacket your mum made you bring ‘in case’.

This patched denim jacket from Pull & Bear fits the bill perfectly, plus, it’s so freaking cool. Meanwhile, you’ll be warm.

Denim jacket, £59.99, Pull & Bear


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Eeeeeee! You’re off on your hols! Now you’ve just got to pop a few things in a case and you’re good to go. Easy right? Um…

1. The essential research

Yes there may only be two hours left before you head to the airport. And yes… TECHNICALLY the best use of your time would probs be to locate your passport. But when you analyse the situation properly, it’s pretty obvious that a few well-chosen YouTube videos are defo the best call right now. I mean, Anna from TheAnnaEdit even gives you a packing list to print off. That’s only going to save time in the long run. And yes there’s a high probability you’ll waste 20 minutes paused on a shot of the Chloe backpack Zoella uses as her hand luggage. But that all counts as holiday packing inspiration… right?

2. The sensible start

Having watched a few minutes (OK, an hour) of videos, you’ve landed on the perfect approach for a stylish, grown-up holidayer like yourself. The capsule wardrobe. Just a few key, super-chic pieces that you’ll effortlessly combine into endless instagram-worthy outfits. All while feeling oh-so-smug that you can close your case without having to sit on it. Just a few essential base items to find, then. Crisp white shirt. Black maxi-dress. Breton striped tee. You’re sure you have something like that somewhere…

3. The first clothes explosion

OK you’ve rooted to the very depths of your wardrobe and sorry but who actually OWNS this stuff?!! I mean, a crisp white shirt? Really? When you’re going to be smothered in sun cream most of the time anyway? Totally ridiculous. And now you’re no further along and your wardrobe has become a floordrobe. Ugh.

4. The pack-by-numbers approach

What if you just count how many days you’re going to be away for and then work out how many of each item you’ll need? OK pants. Two weeks away equals 14 pants. Plus 7 extra pants for evenings out, maybe 4 extra pants for period disasters, minus 6 – no, 10 – no, 8 pants for when you’re wearing a bikini, plus… THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! And let’s not even get started on how British people are conditioned to pack for every possible weather eventuality. So now your suitcase is full of 34 pairs of pants and approximately 450 tops of varying thickness, while the things you actually wanted to take – like that ah-may-zing Bardot playsuit – are still festering in your floordrobe.

5. The outfit repack 

OK, everything out. That means you, too, seventh identical vest top. Only your favourite pieces are going in this time. Screw practicality. This is about JOY. In fact, on second thoughts, why not go full-on fashionista and style up each piece into an outfit, complete with accessories and shoes? Great idea. But there’s only 40 minutes until you have to be in the car. So you’re going to have to be an efficient fashionista. An efficienista!

6. The Snapchat fashion show

Packing efficiently is fun and all (OK it’s really, really not) but how are you supposed to decide what makes the cut without a little reminder of what everything looks like on? And you probs need a second opinion, too right? Time for a Snapchat fashion show. For your besties’ eyes only. Extra friend points for convincing you to pack the things you’ve always been too scared to wear.

7. The snack break

Because making good packing/fashion/life decisions requires healthy levels of Nutella in your bloodstream.

8. The realisation

Perfect. All your favourite items are styled up and packed. You’ve even managed to squeeze in some pants, too. Just need to wrestle with that zip, get this bad boy closed and we’re all – GAH! Clothes are not the only thing you need on holiday! What about books, chargers, hair stylers… MAKEUP for god’s sake?! Which means you’ve only got 30 minutes to decide which of your Rimmel lipsticks make up the perfect holiday arsenal. And yep, turns out that it’s all of them. All 14 of them. And you need all three of your nude eyeshadow palettes, too.

9. The negotiation

In which you offer your little brother the airplane window seat, full control of the hire car’s Bluetooth sound system, and first pick of the bedrooms at the villa, in return for stuffing three cosmetic bags into his suitcase.

10. The panic shove

Books and GHDs safely stowed in your hand luggage, you’ve now got 20 minutes for final suitcase checks. And suddenly you can’t remember for the life of you what you packed. Did that fringed jacket make it in in the end? Did you pack any sunnies? Crap did you even pack PJs? There’s only one solution at this stage. Just grab whatever’s left on your bed and SHOVE. IT. IN.

11. The fight with the scales

This delightful cycle involves obsessively weighing and reweighing your case, slowly replacing totally unnecessary items like toothpaste and deodorant with essential items of the same weight (like a fifth bikini) until your case weighs exactly the 20kg allowed by the airline.

12. The passport panic

Goddamn it Zoella! Why did you have to flaunt that beauteous green leather masterpiece on the internet? And why did I strop at dad last year about how I’m a grown woman perfectly capable of keeping my passport in my own room? Why did he BELIEVE me? WHEREISITWHEREISITWHEREISIIIIITTT???!

10 minutes and one room that looks like it’s been burgled later, you find your passport in the outside pocket of your suitcase. Of course. Where else would a grown woman keep it?

13. The airport outfit

Awesome. Suitcase locked with three minutes to spare. You are a packing master. But wait, what’s that ASOS bag peeking out from the carnage? Nooooooo. Four holiday ESSENTIALS that simply can’t be left behind. And now your mum’s calling you to get in the car. Arrghhhh! OK screw it. Your airport outfit has just got an upgrade. And you’re going to rock it. After all, what says ‘I’m going on holiday!’ more clearly than embroidered denim dungarees teamed with neon pom pom sandals, a leopard print beach kaftan, and a huge sunhat? Nothing, that’s what.

Happy holidays!


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Image: Hailey Hamilton

February is the month of love. Sure, you could be celebrating an actual romantic Valentine, or you and your mates could be each other’s Galentines. But what about celebrating the person who has your back 24/7? The person who gets you dressed and feeds you delicious unicorn bagels?

That’s right, we’re talking about YOU, you wonderful human. Why not practice a bit of self-love this month with these awesome slogan t-shirts?

A is for Awesome

Why yes, yes, you are. And you know what will go perfectly with your awesomeness? This sweatshirt.


Long-sleeved jersey top, H&M, £12.99

B is for Babe

You’re an unstoppable force! We know that you’ve totally got this, babe.


Slogan tee, H&M, £8.99

D is for date

Dinner and a movie? Sounds perfect – and this way you don’t even have to share your popcorn.


I’d rather date myself, ASOS, £18

G is for Girl

You wanna wear an inspirational t-shirt with a bit of a 70s vibe? We say, ‘You go girl’.


Ringer Tee, Monki, £10

P is for Power

You’re not just brilliant and clever and hilarious. You’re also hella powerful. Watch your vibes don’t interfere with the wi-fi.


Message print, Pull & Bear, £12.99

S is for slayin’

Pride doesn’t always need to shout about it. This shirt is discreet, with a typeface you kinda have to squint to see… because you’re just slayin’ away, like NBD.


Slayin’, Monki, £8

T is for Texting

You don’t need anyone to text you a Happy Valentine’s Day. You’re an independent woman who has fabulous taste in tees.


Rose envelope t-shirt, Pull & Bear, £12.99

Now all you need is to make yourself a handmade card and you’re good to go. Go on, be your own Cupid.

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Hooray! Spring is around the corner. Ok, it isn’t exactly around the corner, but it’s somewhere on the horizon. Behind Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day and a lot of other days that don’t have specific names. But don’t worry – it’s definitely there, inching towards us, coming to thaw us all out. Remember what it’s like to go outside and be able to feel your fingers? Spring does.

Meanwhile the shops have already started to put out their pastels, florals and floaty bits and we’ve decided we’re bored of waiting for spring to make the first move… so instead, we’re going to meet it in the middle.

Here are our seven fave buys for spring – and with a little bit of creativity, you can totally get away with wearing them now.

The chic one 

Yes, it’s pink and yes, it’s made of tulle, but pop a black high necked polo, like this one from H&M underneath it, pair it with some chunky boots and voila!


Pink Tulle Dress, Pull & Bear, £19.99

The linen one 

Most people think of linen as a summer fabric. Those people are – respectfully – wrong. Linen is soft and lovely and surprisingly warm. Slip on one of Uniqlo’s HEATTECH thermal tops underneath and some black fleece tights (Primark do some great ones) and you’re good to go.


Linen Dress, H&M Plus Size, £49.99

The silky one

This silky number from Pull and Bear will look just as good with tights as it will with bare legs come April. Ok, June.



Floral slip dress, Pull & Bear, £25.99

The suede one 

You can pair this skirt with long sleeves in the winter and strappy tops in the spring. Sorted.


Faux suede mini skirt, Missguided, £20

The pastel one 

If you’re craving sugary shades, consider your pastel box ticked. Throw on this long sleeved polo from H&M, some nude tights and some brown boots with this beautiful Topshop dress and BAM! Pastels made winter-friendly.


Wrap dress, Topshop, £36

The sparkly one 

Want to bring a bit of light to these dark January days? This top from Brandy Melville might be just what you’re after. You can wear a long sleeve back polo underneath it in the winter and a vest in the summer.


Glitter top, Brandy Melville, £14

The yellow one 

If you want to blend in among the daffodils, New Look has your back with this yellow slip dress. Plus, you can throw a chunky knit over the top, like this one from GAP, and wear it as skirt until the weather warms up.


Slip Dress, New Look, £12.99 

Now all we need is for the temperature to spring into the double digits.

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You know that top you’ve had since like, 2014? The one you’re just a little bored of now, but can’t quite bring yourself to chuck? And you know that skirt you bought in a rare bout of Taylor Swift love and have been studiously avoiding since? Go and get them. Dig them out from the murky depths of your wardrobe, grab that old jumper while you’re at it, and hold them up to the light.

These, dear reader, are your old new wardrobe: ready to be refreshed, revamped and recycled into a series of totally on-trend outfits. All you need is a little imagination, a trip to Accessorize, and some help from your free personal stylists…

Step one: Get your mum involved

Granted, the girls are more fun – but none of them have the honesty, good sense and bank account of your mum (or dad, gran, auntie, big sister…) She’ll purge your wardrobe of no-hopers and dig out old classics before you’ve even had time to set up a WhatsApp group. Should a potential new outfit be missing an essential item – a belt, maybe, or brown brogues – she might even finance them, or at the least find some of hers you can ‘borrow’. By which we mean, cherish forever. Between her clothes and yours, you’re bound to find some new combinations: after all, a wardrobe shared is a wardrobe greatly enhanced. Just take it from dresslikeamum.

Step two: Get the girls over

Or the guys – my brother’s fashion help is invaluable. Show them your wardrobe, and ask THEM what they’d pair with your potential rejects. Different people have different ideas of what goes with what: one might wear that old jumper with that long pleated skirt you’ve been waiting to wear, but could never quite find the moment. Another will grab a big chunky necklace, sling the top beneath it and add denim shorts for good measure, a la Suki Waterhouse at Glastonbury.

This has triple benefits: the first being that you’ll find new outfits, the second that you’ll have a lot of fun in doing so (cue Spotify playlist, snacks) and the third that any clothes you do end up getting rid of might end up in the grateful hands of your friends. Aren’t you the nicest?


Step three: Head to Accessorize/Claire’s/H&M/other treasure trove

Write a list before you go, so you don’t get dazzled by the shiny things. We all know that a new necklace can transform an old top, and likewise a belt on an old dress – but have you considered a wide-brimmed hat, big fierce earrings (excellent for uplifting black or grey numbers) or – stay with me here – new socks? Because visible socks, ankle or knee length, wool or cotton, are very much a thing. I learnt this from my best friend, whose ability to flaunt her sock-clad ankles is truly enviable.

I’ve not quite graduated to socks with Converse yet – her signature look – but embracing socks of all shades and sizes has certainly given my old boots and Mary Janes a new lease of life.


Step four: Just add lipstick…

So often, style ennui – that’s the ‘same old, same old’ feeling you get on trawling through your wardrobe each morning – stems from a lack of confidence. When the buzz of the new has worn off, and the comforting sense of a classic hasn’t emerged yet – it’s easy to assume this or that purchase was a mistake. Little wonder, then, that it doesn’t look right when you wear it.

Everything about the way you present yourself – your anxious face, your hunched posture – says to onlookers: “I’m not sure I can pull this off. Do I look okay?” In this case, what you need is not a new top or even a new accessory, but a fast acting, bulletproof boost of confidence; a way of feeling FAB whether you’re in Burberry or a bin bag. In other words (the words of Coco Chanel, no less) “if you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” Instagrammer Dressingoutsidethebox has her lipstick game down. 


STEP FIVE: …if you’re ‘not a lipstick gal’, HAIR

Here’s one for those ladies who have narrowed their hairstyle choice of a morning down to two options: 1, up in a messy bun and 2, down. If you’re me, and only wear it down on special occasions, you’ve essentially resigned yourself to wearing the same hairstyle for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. But as I leaned recently, switching it up (or down or around or in a knot) can work wonders for your confidence and, because you’re more confident, your wardrobe.

All you need do is invest some time (rather than money) in a bit of experimentation, some help from Zoella’s All Things Hair tutorial videos, Instagrammers like Sarah Angius and ideally from your more tress-savvy friends. Master a new braid and watch how your outfit looks exciting again.

Step six: The clash

Hair styled? Lipstick on? Accessories jingling? Then you’re ready for the biggest challenge: clashing things. Spots with stripes? Sure. Jade with lime? Why not. Denim, denim and denim? Hell, yeah. Breaking the rules, even just a wee bit, can create fashion-forward relationships between items in your wardrobe which may have never met. If you need reassurance, just follow Jessie Cave.

At least I dressed like an adult today.

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Go on – don’t shop, shake things up! New year, same clothes, same old (revamped) you.


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Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat… it’s time to put on a tacky jumper and a bobble hat.

Ok, so the bobble hat may be overkill, but at betty we believe there’s no such thing as having too many Christmas jumpers (Lauren has four). Everyone knows there’s a sliding scale of Christmas jumpery, ranging from the hilariously fugly to grandmother-approved to absolutely beautiful; and our round-up has them all. Scroll and sigh, guys.

Feline the Christmas spirit

If Taylor Swift was a Christmas jumper, she would look exactly like this.


Cat Jumper, Topshop, £36

Have a very beary Christmas

Classy, right? But if you look really closely at the polar bears, you can see they’re wearing scarves. This is the sort of joyful detail that takes a good Christmas jumper and turns it into a great one.


Polar Bears, Primark, £14

A date with Destiny 

This jumper combines two of the purest joys on the planet: Destiny’s Child and puns. In it, Christmas is sure to be booty-licious – by which we mean the piles of booty under the tree.


Sleigh my name, BooHoo, £15

On the nose

If there was ever a day to embrace the sequin trend that is currently bedazzling the high street, surely this is it.


Reindeer, New Look, £14.99

Carrot top

This is the ideal jumper for cuddling up next to the fire with a hot water bottle in one hand and a hot choc in the other. Maximum cosiness: unlocked.


Snowman Jumper, Primark, £12

Snow Worries

Guys. There’s a sloth. Wearing ear warmers. We have hit peak Christmas jumper.


Sloth Jumper, H&M, £14.99

When Beliebers become believers

2015 was the year we all became Beliebers. Maybe 2016 should be the year we all become believers again…? Ok, it was a long shot.


Believers, Monki, £20

Oh, deery me

If you can get over the fact that the reindeers on the sleeves look like they have six legs, then this is the perfect jumper for you.


Reindeers, Primark, £14

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Tis the season to be snuggly, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, so we’ve rounded up our favourite knitwear and jumper icons from TV and film. In fact, we are so obsessed with these wonderful woollens that we’ve even been shopping to find out how you can get the look IRL. Prepare for cosiness.

Cameron Diaz as Amanda Woods in The Holiday 


Ignoring the fact that it hasn’t snowed as much in Surrey for the last 10 years combined as it does in this film, Cameron Diaz’s Christmas hibernation wardrobe is on point. She is hygge incarnate. Plus a classic cream cable-knit jumper is going to be your winter friend for long after the Quality Street are finished. 

Cable Knit Sweater, Pull & Bear, £19.99


Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s 


Sure, Audrey Hepburn’s floor length black dress and pearls combo gets all the attention, but all of her outfits in Breakfast at Tiffany’s are AH-mazing. We love this funnel neck jumper from Toppers, perfect for channelling Holly’s homebody phase.

Cocoon Jumper, Topshop, £36


Emma Watson as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter


Our girl Herm gives strong jumper game in pretty much all the HP films (you can’t defeat the Dark Lord if your kidneys are cold), but this stripy Gap number from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was especially memorable. Nine years on the original is obviously sold out, but this star-studded version is so perfect it’s almost like we magicked it. Accio jumper!

Star-sleeve striped sweater, £29.95, Gap


Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker in Bonnie and Clyde


Look, we may not have actually seen this film… we’re pretty sure it’s something to do with guns and crime and was based on a true story and Beyonce once sang about it, beyond that we’re a little hazy. But what we do know for sure is that Faye Dunaway’s Bonnie rocked an adorable cropped ribbed jumper, an awesome neckerchief and a banging beret like nobody else. This copycat number from Missguided will see you right through to spring.

Grey ribber jumper, Missguided, £18


Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz in Clueless 


Cher’s wardrobe is the stuff of dreams, literally. The matching tartan, the knee-high socks, the velvet dresses. But we don’t know anyone who can rock a sweater vest like Cher (except, of course, Chandler).

Vest, Vintage Revival, £23.99


Velma in Scooby Doo


She solves crimes and she looks dope doin’ it. Unlike real-life characters who have to change clothes because of, well, sweat and spilling yoghurt on themselves, Velma is eternally wearing her orange polo neck. And if she had to choose one thing to wear for the rest of her animated life, frankly we can see why she went with this.

Poloneck, Warehouse, £45


Colin Firth as Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’ Diary 


Oh Mr. Darcy, does anyone work a Christmas jumper quite as well as you? Forever 21 are selling a sequinned take on the iconic reindeer jumper that captured all of our hearts, and you don’t have to wait until the turkey curry buffet to wear it.

Reindeer jumper, Forever 21, £20

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This month, we are Unpicking Perfection all over the place. We’ve taken on social media, mental health and now, we’re taking on clothes.

Asymmetrical hemlines, raw edges, diagonal ruffles… here’s a round up of clothes that are happy to be a little bit different.

Daring diagonals

Stripes are nice and all but they’re a bit been there, done that.


Diagonal Frill, Berksha, £17.95

Proud patches

Sometimes, you’ve gotta put all the pieces you have together and make do with what you’ve got. These Gap dungarees prove that patchwork is a million percent cuter than regular denim.


Patchwork Dungarees, GAP, £64.95

Curvy cable knit

This jumper looks a bit like it was knitted by a granny with a very short attention span – which is part of the reason we love it.


Contrasting knit sweater, Mango, £19.99

Spectacular silver

It’s silver. Everything in silver is spectacular. Even if, in the case of this skirt, it looks a bit like when you misjudge how much tin foil you need and have to cobble bits together round a chicken.


Silver skirt, Misguided, £18

Statement fringe

Hems are a total waste of time. Go footloose and fancy free with these fringe jeans from Topshop.


Fringe Jeans, Topshop, £45

Vivacious velvet

It’s soft to touch, has a pretty ruffle and it’ll stay tucked in. This bodysuit is the life of the party.


Velvet Bodysuit, Berksha, £19.99

Elegant earrings

Want monogrammed earrings and also a bit of sparkle? Who says you have to choose?!


Stud earrings, ASOS, £12

Splendid sequins

I mean, these speak for themselves. Who would want regular jeans when you could have some with sequins up one leg?


Sequin jeans, Pull & Bear, £39.99

Nobody, that’s who. Perfectly imperfect fashion, we salute you.

Winter is here! Ok, fine, it’s technically still autumn. But the Christmas lights are up and all the supermarkets are selling mince pies now, so whichever way you slice it, dressing gown season is upon us.

To all the sceptics out there, we promise, this is something to get excited about. Dressing gowns are the answer to the age old question of how to get from the shower into your clothes without risking pneumonia. They’re the answer to the question: ‘what gown would you most like to wear to a ball?’ And also, ‘if there was one item of clothing you had to save from a fire, what would it be?’ *

Of course, all good things have their price, and some dressing gowns can be a little spendy so you might want to pop them on your Christmas list.

Take a look at our favourite gowns to lounge around in.

The casual heroine 

This looks like the type of dressing gown that Cameron Diaz would wear in a romantic comedy where she falls in love with Hugh Grant while they’re on a safari in Tanzania (if any film producers are reading this, tweet me – I have a lot of ideas for this film).


Checked Dressing Gown, Chelsea Peers, £35

Safari season

Speaking of safaris, this dressing down will make you feel like you’re on one! Well, a sort of weird fantasy winter safari that involves moose and penguins – but you get what we mean.


Hooded Animal Robe, Next, £26

Dress it up, dress it down

This dressing gown is ideal. It’s comfy enough to wear while sitting on the sofa watching The Fault in Our Stars, while suave and stylish enough to be able to wear out to the shops to pick up more popcorn (and tissues).


Waterfall wrap, Asda, £14

Curtain appeal

Yes, this might look like the pattern your Nan is considering for her new curtains, but honestly – what says ‘cosy’ more than nans and florals? Nothing.


Printed Robe, Next, £26


At first glance, this just looks like a grey dressing gown. There’s nothing wrong with grey, it’s the colour of elephants, Megan Fox’s eyes, the British sky… but have a closer look and you’ll see a whole Milky Way in this dressing gown.


Grey Borg, New Look, £24.99

Robin Hood

If you fancy being one of Santa’s extended family, this is the robe for you. Plus it’s got a hood, for maximum cuddle factor.


Robin, M&S, £35

One last spot

Ok, this robe is on the pricey side – but that doesn’t stop us being dotty about it (see what we did there?). It’ll see you through many a winter.


Duck Egg, Monsoon, £39

Let the cosiness begin!

*For reals though, be careful with dressing gowns near fire, especially  the stove. They’re super flammable and Lily managed to singe hers while making pasta within the first week of owning it.

My best ever Halloween costume was the time I dressed up as Margaret Thatcher – complete with cardboard and kitchen foil iron (she was The Iron Lady, after all). It was easy to assemble (a blue vintage dress, a cheap wig and the aforementioned iron), original and 100% not sexy: everything I look for in a Halloween outfit. Because the thing is, there’s nothing more boring than being the girl at the party dressed as a sexy witch. Or even worse, a sexy cat. *Shudder*

So, if you’d like to follow my lead and find yourself a last-minute, cheap as chips, easy-peasy and totally un-sexy Halloween outfit that no one else will have thought of (unless, you know, they’ve also read this), here are some suggestions…

1% phone battery

Is there any greater modern woe than finding yourself miles from a charger with only 1% battery? Of course there isn’t. Which is why 1% battery is the perfect Halloween look. Wear: head to toe black (could it BE any easier?), then simply top off with a 1% battery sign (which you can either print off or hand draw). I’d wear mine as a massive headdress (think flower headdress, but techie), but you could also stick it on your top. Easy peasy.


If you really have to go out dressed as an animal, may I suggest you go as one which has been run over? Because, well, this is Halloween after all. Smaller animals such as squirrels and hedgehogs work best for this. Simply wear the standard animal costume (fluffy tail, ears etc) and then accessorise with black tire marks and fake blood. Lots of fake blood.

Internet troll

Sadly lots of us will have encountered an internet troll at some point (boo), and while IRL you absolutely shouldn’t engage with them (it’s all about the block and reporting, peeps), as far as I know, there aren’t any rules against dressing up like one for Halloween.

Costume-wise, dress up like one of those Troll toys from the 90s (V topical, as the Troll movie starring Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake has just hit the screens), and jazz it up by pinning on some suitably spiteful comments. Oh, and obviously make sure to be extra loud and obnoxious all night.

Your ex

I don’t know what they looked like, what they wore or even how it ended, but I know they totally deserve to be lambasted in the form of your 2016 Halloween outfit. Probably. Or if not, feel free to go as one of mine (tweet me for details)!

Period on white trousers/ skirt/ dress

Too far? I think not! As anyone who has ever experienced this doom will attest – it is the absolute worst. All you’ll need is some white clothing (which a quick trip to Primark or your local charity shop should sort) and some red food dye or fake blood. Best of all, it’ll freak out all the menfolk. Boom. 


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I find most women’s clothes uncomfortable. Skinny jeans leave me with angry red marks where the seams have practically grafted to my body. High waisted shorts give me tummy ache. My favourite clogs inevitably give me enormous blisters.

But it’s bras that are my real nemesis.

I have had bras that my nipple constantly escaped from like an overly enthusiastic jack-in-the-box. Bras that have given me blisters. Bras that have cut into my skin until I bled. Bras that felt more like torture devices from the 1800s than support vehicles for my chest.

Which is why the new breed of underwire-free bralettes are a dream. They’re comfy and soft and oh-so-pretty, and make a great compromise between going braless and strapping yourself into a serious Bra with a capital B.

I have enormous boobs, so for those of you out there who are thinking they are too ample of bosom to wear bralettes, I am living proof that there is no such thing. Sure, they don’t always give me enough support while I’m out and about, but the moment I get home the first thing I do is substitute my sturdy bra for a bralette as soft as the hair behind a unicorn’s ear.

Whether you want to wear them all day or just around the house, here our top picks for bralettes at the moment.

Bloomin’ brilliant

Spring is a long time away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still wear florals, right?

bralette H&M

Mesh triangle bra, H&M, £12.99

Flower power

Not only is this bralette beautiful at the front, look at the back! It’s stunning from every angle.

VS bralette

Floral racerback, Victoria’s Secret, £20.86

Bringin’ racer back

This bralette has the option to make it a racer back, so if you’ve got a *fuller* chest, this one might offer you some more support.

next blue ehigh res

Navy Daisy, Next, £15


This is the bralette that dreams are made of. It’s like an artwork without underwire, the dream.


Christina Floral, Topshop, £22

Dotty for bralettes

Polka dots are always adorable. This bralette is no exception.


Mesh bra, Monki, £15


If you’re wanting a hint of lace without being a full-on lace assault, this bralette is the one for you.

next high res

Daisy, Next, £12

Soft, like velvet 

This one legitimately does feel like the hair behind a unicorn’s ear. It’s that soft.


Navy, New Look, £9.99

See? Just like your headphones and your internet connection, maybe all the best things are wireless.

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Look, flowers are lovely. We all love flowers. Like blue denim, black boots or stripy tops, florals are one of those eternal fashion staples that never really go anywhere – they just get reinvented, subtly, every season.

But flowers are not the only print, and once you look beyond the bouquet of flora on the high street you will find there are tonnes of awesome patterns and motifs to drape yourself in this autumn.

There’s a whole sea full of mermaids. A galaxy of stars and planets. Doodles? Oodles! Avocados? Roll up, roll up.

Ladies, we’ve found the real prints charming…

Rolling stones


Holy guacamole, look at this dress. The best thing is, you could drop your breakfast down the front and nobody would even notice.

Avocado t-shirt dress, £12.99, Zara


Picasso much

Simply Be dress

Why would anyone buy an LBD when you could have a LBPYBGWD? This 60s-esque dress from Simply Be is giving us all kinds of good vibes.

Sleeveless dress, £25, Simply Be


Doodle bug

Doodle print shirt

We never realised we wanted to look like the human version of the back of a Geography textbook – until now.

Drawing print top, £17.99, Bershka


Put a ring on it

Monki print dress

From a distance, it’s just a cool graphic print – but look closer and BEHOLD, this dress is covered in tiny ladies in rubber rings! They’re having a great time! And so will you, wearing it.

Sleeveless print dress, £25, Monki


Galaxy quest

Space print t-shirt dress

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… someone designed this ridiculously gorgeous t-shirt. One day you will go to space, but this help will keep the dream alive in the meantime.

Space print t-shirt dress, £12.99, Zara


Zig-a-zig ah

geo print top

Oh hello, pop (art) star. If cutesy motifs aren’t your thing, this 60s-inspired chevron tile print will look all kinds of amazing with black tights and ankle boots.

Geo print top, £14.99, New Look


Top and tails

Mermaid print shirt

Because tottering round the town centre in a tail on the weekend isn’t entirely practical, live your Ariel fantasies through Zara’s beautiful mermaid-print shirt instead.

Mermaid print shirt, £19.99, Zara


Spike it up

Cactus dress

Just when you thought we’d reached peak cactus, those spiky succulents started popping up on clothes, too. This pretty frock will last you AGES and work for every occasion with minimal fuss and maximum impact. Just like a cactus, really.

Yumi cactus print dress, £30, Tesco

Twinkle twinkle

Star print shirt

What could be cosier than a pyjama-style top, except a pyjama-style top covered in dreamy stars? Also great for those ‘what are you talking about Mum, I AM dressed!’ moments.

Star print shirt, £22, Nobody’s Child


Pup in boots

pink dog print socks

Because flowers die after a few days, but puppy love is forever.

Smiley dog print socks, £3, River Island

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome.