Merry Christmas everyone! You’re probably on your 926th segment of Terry’s Chocolate Orange right about now, snuggling down with your family to watch your evening Crimbo film feeling pretty darn content, amiright? Well we’re about to up the happy points by about a million with our list of the little things that make you instantly smile.

1. The wagging tail of a happy dog. Or a cat. Do cats wag their tails? Maybe the swishy tail of a cat, then.

2. A bruised purple sunset. I live for pretty sunsets. They’re just beautiful, aren’t they? When the sky looks a little like a watercolour painting.

3. A bright blue sky on a freezing day. A cornflower colour, with frost nipping at your nose.

4. The smell of freshly-baked bread or cookies *mouth instantly waters*.

5. Finding money in the bottom of a bag. Even if it’s just 50p!

6. An unexpected text from a friend you’ve not heard from in a while, or from someone you like and you’re wondering whether they like you back…

7. Putting on your fave colourful lipstick.

8. Reading the first page of a new book and loving it instantly.

9. Meeting someone new and getting those butterflies. You know the ones. The nervous excitement. There’s nothing quite like it.

10. Drinking ice-cold water when you’re really thirsty. That thing your mum says when you ask for a fizzy drink and she says, ‘Drink water, it’ll quench your thirst”? She’s right. Ice-cold water on a hot day. THIRST OFFICIALLY QUENCHED.

11. Being sent a handwritten letter. Even better if the sender’s writing is lovely. My friend has the most beautiful handwriting, and I always get SO excited when Christmas or my birthday is around the corner.

12. Feeling exhausted from a long day and climbing into a fresh bed. The feeling of collapsing into a soft-cloud-mattress is indescribable.

13. A roast dinner with lashings of gravy. Preferably with a Yorkshire pudding or two to mop it up. I’ve been told numerous times that only roast beef should have a Yorkshire pudding but I don’t care. Yorkshire puddings go with EVERY kind of roast dinner.

14. Flickering candles, dotted all around a room. Candles always make things feel calmer and that bit cosier.

15. A hot bubble bath. Sooooooooo relaxing. The perfect antidote to a horrid day.

16. Fresh-cut flowers. You don’t need someone to buy you flowers. Buy some for yourself. You deserve it!

17. A sleepover with your best friends: movies, cookie dough ice cream and A LOT of laughing.

18. Takeaway pizza (or any takeaway, really). YUP. Any takeaway will do – and there’s no washing up after! #sorrynotsorry

19. Swimming in the sea. The cold, salty water on a scorching hot day. Or on a cold day if you’re one of those brave types who swims in the sea on Christmas morning.

20. Writing on the first page of a brand-new notebook – I’m obsessed with stationery so this one might just be me. But I love the feeling of the pen on a clean snow-white page.

21. Listening to your favourite song. Mine is anything, anything at all by Beyoncé. She could quite literally sing the alphabet and I’d love it.

22. A lazy Sunday morning. That sort where the smell of sizzling bacon wakes you up and the lovely deliciousness of a Sunday is stretched out ahead of you.

23. The smell of birthday cake. You know when you’ve sung happy birthday to someone and they’ve just blown out the candles? THAT SMELL. If I could bottle that smell, I would.

24. When your sides ache from laughing. When you get the giggles and tears start rolling down your face, you know that feeling is coming. The feeling where you simply cannot laugh anymore because otherwise YOU WILL BURST.

Image: Riverdale

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Sponsored by Miss Beauty London

You’ve spent hours glued to YouTube watching tutorials, followed your fave MUAs on Instagram and trawled the beauty aisles of the big Boots in town more times than you care to count. You almost have your makeup routine down.

But there’s one crucial step that beauty bloggers and professional makeup artists rave about – primer – and you haven’t quite convinced your ma and pa to part with their hard earned cash. “You can’t even see it!” they say.

Well, parents, primer is pretty much a secret weapon in the beauty world and we’ve got a good few reasons why. If you’re still not convinced then… well… we’re fabulous and can rock the no makeup look anyways *hair flick*.

It’s great for winter skin

Harsh central heating and horrible weather can turn your skin from dewy and fresh to dry, flaky and downright dull. Not unlike the sky atm, guys. Applying primer literally gets your skin ready for everything else. It’s the smooth, hydrated base you’ve been stealing your mum’s night cream for, but now you don’t have to steal your mum’s night cream. See, win for you. Win for parents.

It helps your makeup last longer

How annoying is it when you totally nail your makeup, only to check yourself 10 minutes later and find that it’s all come off? Pfft. Well, primer creates a protective barrier for your foundation, concealer and winter bronzer to sit on. It absorbs your natural skin oils first so your actual makeup doesn’t have to, meaning a fresh face for a helluva lot longer.

You can wave goodbye to ‘the shine’

That shiny forehead and t-zone combo is pretty much the bane of our selfie lives. Forget trying to find a filter that mattifies AND gives a natural glow, just apply some primer before your makeup and get snapping.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth

There are some amazing primers on the market that are well within the pocket money region, but because it’s Christmas you’ll receive a Miss Beauty London Perfect Base Face Primer in December’s bettybox! The best bit? It’s totally affordable to buy again after you’ve run out (once you start using it, you won’t be able to stop).

It’s super light on the skin

Primer gives you a flawless, airbrushed look without the need for loads of makeup – great for our youthful skin seeing as we’re prone to clogged pores and spots. Gah.

You don’t need a million brushes

Let’s be real here. While we wish we could spend infinite time switching between brushes as we apply our base, most of the time we’re running later for school. Luckily, primer actually goes on better if you apply it with your fingertips! Massaging your skin gets the blood flowing, which gives you more of a natural finish – and extra bonus time to nail your eyeliner.

It’s a time saver

For an understated ‘I woke up like this’ look, you can wear primer and nada else. Well, on your face anyway. Nan might be a bit shocked if you turn up to Christmas dinner absolutely starkers. It will smooth your skin whilst giving your complexion a bit of a glow and can even be worn as a glossy eyeshadow, too. How’s that for multi-tasking?

Miss Beauty London Perfect Base Face Primer is available in December’s bettybox and stocked exclusively in Poundworld.

Image: Kate Borrill

Moschino’s My Little Pony collection is undoubtedly one of our favourite spring/summer 2018 fashion statements. After debuting at Milan Fashion Week in September, the capsule collection instantly became available on the brand’s website, but sadly it’s a little out of our price range. Sob.

Of course, the high street is never far behind the catwalks, so thankfully we can all get in on the My Little Pony fun – we’re sure it’s what Rainbow Dash would have wanted.

Here’s what we’re shopping now…

The T-shirt

Moschino’s MLP T-shirt features ponies Cherries Jubilee, Glory and Princess Sparkle, and a rainbow. It’s very pretty, but it’s also £165, unlike TruffleShuffle’s version.

Coming in at just £19.99, their tee is also rainbow-printed, with ponies Heart Throb, Baby Quackers and Applejack in the starring roles. Shop here.

The long-sleeved dress

We could definitely see long-time Moschino fan Paris Hilton rocking this cute little cotton dress. But, at £464, it’s definitely out of our budget.

Enter Alice Vandy’s rainbow My Little Pony dress of dreams, which – at £59 – is a much more affordable purchase. Shop here.

The raglan tee

While we do love Moschino’s baseball-style T-shirt and its tropical island print, we’re not so keen on the £159 price tag… ouch.

Raglan baseball tops are one of our favourite ways to rock the MLP trend. The black sleeves give the cute print a grunge edge. Wear this baby with your favourite leather-look trousers or pop on with pyjama bottoms and be ready for bed. It’s a win-win situation and all for under £25. Shop here.

The lunchbox handbag

Moschino’s lunchbox-style My Little Pony handbag is super cute, but it’s also super spenny, at a whopping £772.

So what to do if you want a vintage-looking MLP lunch tin of your very own? Get on Amazon. There are loads to choose from, but this one is super pretty and about £750 cheaper! Shop here.

The keyring   

Now, while it would be lovely to have £122 to drop on a keyring, it’s not going to happen to us anytime soon. Soz, Moschino.

Thankfully, good old Claire’s have the CUTEST pom-pom trimmed My Little Pony keyring, which is only £5.50. How pocket money-friendly is that? Shop here.

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Image: Katie Edmunds

If you want to turn your bedroom into a magical wonderland this December then you’ve come to the right place. Not only have we found you your very only Christmas tree for a fiver, but you can jazz it up with awesome decs like golden pineapples and tree-shaped fairy lights so your mum won’t be moaning your baubles don’t fit in with ‘the theme’.

Pineapple tree decoration

Forget boring baubles and tacky tinsel: this Christmas is all about the ultra Insta-able ‘alternative’ tree decs. Okay, so it’s a little on the pricy side for a tree decoration, but who doesn’t want to add a touch of fruity fun to their branches?

£8.50, Oliver Bonas

Christmas jumper mug

Why buy Christmas mugs, when you can jazz up your regular ones with a super cute mug jumper?! It’ll keep your tea warm and your hands protected, and it’s a jumper. FOR YOUR MUG. Swoon.

£4.99, The Hut

Mini artificial tree

At three feet tall, it’s small enough to fit in your room (on your drawers, if not on the floor, if like me you’ve been lumbered with the box room)—and when it’s your own tree, that means no having to put up with your brother’s total lack of interior design style. And it’s only a fiver. Good old Wilko.

£5, Wilkinson’s

Reindeer bunting

Much as we love whiling away an afternoon watching Christmas films and making paperchains, sometimes, well, you just can’t be bothered for DIY. These wooden reindeer make for a cute alternative.

£4.65, Etsy

Christmas tree fairy lights

Turn your room into your very own cosy winter wonderland by weaving these cute mini Christmas tree-shaped lights around your bedhead or over your bookcase.

£8.99, New Look

Snowflake window stickers

Despite the ice-cold temperatures of late, let’s face it, it’s still pretty unlikely we’ll see a white Christmas—we can always hope. Failing that, though, we can pretend with these pretty window stickers. You can reuse them, too.


Glitter candles

The gift shops at National Trust properties almost makes trawling around looking at flowers and old things worthwhile, what with the chocolates, jars of curd and cosy blankets. Make nice with the parents and they might treat you to some sparkly candles to put a festive twist on your usual bath, bubbles and candles routine.

£6, National Trust

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Image: Elf

If you haven’t heard of Thylane Blondeau, that’s all about to change – fast. Dubbed “the most beautiful girl in the world” by global media when she was a child model, Thylane is now 16, and looks set to dominate the industry.

But what is it about the French babe that makes her more than just another model? Here’s everything you need to know…

Thylane is signed to IMG Models

That’s only the same agency as Gigi and Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and a whole host of Victoria’s Secret Angels, so you know Thylane’s going to be big.

ready to go to NYC tomorrow 🤗🤗🇺🇸 #NYFW

A post shared by Thylane (@thylaneblondeau) on

She’s been splitting her time between walking the runway and sitting front row

This past fashion month Thylane attended the Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger show at London Fashion Week, and Michael Kors’ New York show. The season before, she walked for Dolce & Gabbana in Milan, her second appearance for the brand. And, let’s not forget, Thylane made her runway debut walking for Jean Paul Gaultier at age four.

Thank u so much for this amazing show @tommyhilfiger @gigihadid ❤️❤️ #tommynow

A post shared by Thylane (@thylaneblondeau) on

Thylane is a brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris

And no wonder with hair and skin like hers! Imagine all the free products she must get…

She’s well-travelled  

While Thylane is based in the South of France, her career has taken her all around the world, and she’s a big fan of London and Los Angeles. She recently tweeted, “I think that AIRPLANES are my new home,” and she’s probably right.

A post shared by Thylane (@thylaneblondeau) on

Her parents are also in the public eye

Her dad, Patrick Blondeau, is a former footballer and Thylane’s mum, Véronika Loubry, is a TV host. Strong genes. Thylane told W Magazine that her parents have taught her to “always be [herself],” adding, “My mum is always with me and I’m constantly consulting her.”


A post shared by Thylane (@thylaneblondeau) on

She has a few famous friends

Thylane is tight with Daniel Day-Lewis’ musician son Gabriel-Kane, plus fellow model Barbara Palvin and even Zendaya, with whom she starred in a Dolce & Gabbana campaign.

Backstage with my best friend ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thanks @dolcegabbana @stefanogabbana #domenicodolce

A post shared by Thylane (@thylaneblondeau) on

She’s a Belieber

Nuff said. Follow Thylane on Instagram @thylaneblondeau and watch her star continue to rise.


A post shared by Thylane (@thylaneblondeau) on

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Image: Katie Edmunds

Like a dog without a tail, or Stranger Things without Barb, Christmas without an advent calendar just isn’t Christmas. Yet as tempting as the Body Shop’s body butter and lip balm-fuelled advent cal sounds, the chances of the ‘rents forking out £65 of their hard-earned moolas for your bathroom pleasure remains disappointingly slim.

The calendars listed here don’t promise beauty, or even cleanliness. They do, however, promise a means of counting down to Christmas that goes far beyond your usual Nativity number – and at less than the price of turkey, too.

Haribo heaven

Because nothing says Christmas like the sugar highs of sweets before school and the sugar lows that hit around second period. Bonus points for those who succeed in putting a fried egg on toast and passing it off as the runt of a very tiny chicken…

Haribo, £7

Pringles party

Once you pop you can’t stop – so to save your stomach and your health, Pringles have made this advent calendar a 12-day-er. Each door opens to a tub of Pringles, which could be ready salted, salt and vinegar or sour cream and chive – allowing those of a more savoury inclination to hop aboard the advent bandwagon of fun.

Pringles, £7.99

Thorntons bliss

For those who dream of a world in which milk chocolate is wiped out by the sweet creaminess of its snowy white sister, this is your moment: 24 smooth white chocolates, and a chocolate plaque which can be personalised with your name.

Thorntons, £5

Superdrug sass

Think Body Shop, but cheaper and slightly more party-ready: six mini nail polishes, six mini lipglosses, six mini eyeshadows and six mini lip & cheek tints. Sure there’ll be some bad apples in there – read beige lippy, lilac blusher or green polish – but with 24 chances you’re bound to find something that tickles your Christmas fancy.

Superdrug, £8

Millions mash-up

An advent calendar that throws up as many questions as it does advent windows. Are there a million of the millions behind each door? Or just one measly sweet? Perhaps they’ve divided a packet of millions by 24? Are these Christmassy millions? How? There’s only one way to find the answers…*

Millions, £4.99

*DISCLAIMER: betty is not responsible for any fillings you might need between now and New Year.

Accessorize edit

Given its ‘Disney castle just got glitter bombed’ appearance, we can’t guarantee the street-cred of the jewels contained in this baby – but it is, nevertheless, an Accessorize advent calendar. After all, there’s bound to be something in this palace of plastic you actually want…

Accessorize, £7

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Image: Katie Edmunds

Given her star-studded family, it’s no surprise that Noah (the youngest of the Cyrus family) is now famous in her own right. The 17 year old started out acting, much like her sister Miley Cyrus, but more recently has returned to her musical family roots and is set to release her debut album NC-17 this year. Pretty awesome right?

Not only is she a super talented singer, this gal is woke AF. She’s a massive animal lover and has worked alongside huge charities including PETA to support the welfare of all animals worldwide.

Here’s why we’re loving Noah this week…

She’s mega talented

Earlier this year, TIME named Noah as one of the most influential teens of 2017, alongside other betty babes including Chloe Kim. Her music is pretty different from her country roots and even though she’s still a teen, she has some pretty cool achievements under her belt. As well as having an album on the way, she’s been opening for Katy Perry as part of her ‘Witness’ world tour! Noah’s single Again is our jam, so we’re super excited for what’s to come from this little star.

She’s super strong

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that although there are some amazing parts of being famous, some parts can be a little sucky. As much as Instagram is life, unfortunately some people hide behind their Insta accounts and use them to spread negativity.

Noah has had her fair share of trolls and even disabled the comments on her account so her haters couldn’t get to her anymore. “I was getting really depressed from them, and hurt, and would cry for hours over things. It was killing me every time I read something slightly hurtful, and I just couldn’t take it anymore,” she told Refinery29.

W ✨

A post shared by NC (@noahcyrus) on

After a while, Noah decided not to let the negativity win and enabled her fans and friends to communicate with her via Insta comments. She didn’t want to have to sacrifice her fun and found that turning off the comments meant she felt disconnected from her fans. Instead she sought advice from her sis who’s been through it all and has now learnt to tune out the hate and focus on all the great feedback she gets. Good for you girl, the haters are the motivators.

She’s a cutie pie

Noah comes from Nashville, Tennessee, so for her, family comes first. The Cyrus family are super close and Noah considers her siblings and parents to be her bffs. Recently this cutie was playing at Madison Square Gardens in New York and brought her dad onstage to join her. Despite being a famous country music legend, Billy Ray Cyrus had never performed in this prestigious venue before so Noah asked him and sis Miley to help her out with a song. Umm adorable.

werk it gurl give it a twirl @mileycyrus

A post shared by NC (@noahcyrus) on

Noah also dedicated a performance to pal Lady Gaga who had been too ill to perform during her European tour. She wanted to wish her better and performed a cover of Million Reasons as a tribute. How cute.

She’s an animal lover

Noah recently collaborated with PETA as part of their ‘Trapped’ campaign, which aims to boycott Seaworld and stop them from being allowed to keep orcas captive in their theme parks. “I love animals so much. To think that any animal would be trapped — it makes me so sad,” said Noah in an exclusive interview with PETA. “It’s like living in your bedroom for your entire life and never being able to go outside.”

We love how proactive Noah is, she’s completely unafraid to stand up for what she believes in. The betty babes are backing you all the way, girl!

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Do you dream of having a mermaid’s pastel-hued waves? Perhaps you want your mane to shimmer like a unicorn’s? Or do you delight in the idea of dazzling others with a rainbow head of hair?

Your fancy follicle dreams can easily become a reality, with the huge range of colour products and services out there. And the best news is that it doesn’t have to be permanent, so you have the freedom to experiment.

But that’s not to say that brightly coloured hair comes without its woes. Here’s what to expect when your head is coloured like a bowl full of sorbet scoops.

Updating your ‘hair’ album is an obsession

Maisie Williams’s blue turn, Katy Perry’s purple reign, Kylie Jenner’s fresh mint tips, Nicole Richie’s lilac locks – celebs provide some serious inspiration for colouring your hair.

Instagram is full of ideas too, so you need a place to save those copious screenshots. Your hairdresser goes dizzy at the thought of trawling through them all when you next go in for a show and tell.

People like to point out the obvious

Just in case you’re not aware of your own hair colour, there’ll always be someone in a room to point it out to you as soon as you walk in it. They’re not being mean, and sometimes they might actually be being nice, but mostly they just think they’re doing their civic duty to remind you. And yes, it is highly annoying.

E.g. ‘Oh, your hair, it’s bright pink…’

Your clothes look different

Getting dressed the day after a new hair colour can be very frustrating indeed (you have been warned!). That floral print dress suddenly looks a bit…loud. And the bright pink jumper you bought blends in a bit too perfectly with the hair falling over it.

BUT clashing colours can look super cool too! So have a play around and don’t be afraid to carry on the rainbow trend with your wardrobe. Be bold!
It’s not an exact science

Who knows what shade your hair will be after the next wash? Even with permanent solutions, your dye slowly fades and subtly changes like a tired chameleon.

Yeah, it can be quite exciting, but it can be equally annoying too, especially when it’s on the perfect shade. Dry shampoo can be a great ally during this time, as it staves off having to wash it for an extra few days.

People will give you new nicknames…

…whether you like it or not. Pinkie, Frenchie, Candyfloss Head and other not very original names, depending on the shade you’ve gone for, will all become part of normal life for the first week or so. But it’s okay, rock goddess Deborah Harry called her band Blondie after acquiring it as a nickname due to her infamous bleach blonde hair. So, just own it as fiercely as she did.

Your hair is a bit of an artist’s paint palette

One shade is just not enough. You already know what colour you’re going to go next, as soon as your current one fades out. In fact, why wait? Try a few at the same time for the real rainbow effect.

Experimenting is fun, and if you end up with a shade you’re not keen on, just wait a few washes for it to disappear again. Chalks, sprays and wash in/wash outs are perfect for experimentation without too much dedication.

It unleashes your creative side

Perhaps you can be like one of those arty types in the year above who hang around the design department at school. Or become one of the yoga buffs who run meditation classes during lunch break.

You feel like your hair expresses the real you, the fun you, the open-minded you, the free-spirited you, the…oh let’s come back down to earth – the ’I can’t wait to get home and sit in front of the TV with a pizza, while seeing which Insta-filter makes my hair look the best’ you.

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Being an identical twin is pretty cool: not only do you have a ready-made BFF/roommate/ cheerleader/stylist on hand, but forget having to painstakingly mock up a fancy dress costume – you can just come as The Shining twins. (Yep, I happen to think they’re PRETTY cute)

I’m a twin (identical if you want to know the ins and out) and even now that we’re in our twenties, people still get us confused – probably because we both have long black hair down to our back. It’s not hard to see why twins have always been a source of fascination for everyone. From The Parent Trap’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to, er, Jedward – twins have always intrigued everyone.

We’re pretty used to the stares now (I gave up thinking I had something stuck in my teeth years ago) and the ‘are you twins?’ question STILL rears its head almost every day. We might have left school nine years ago but here’s what happens if you have a clone…

You have an existing USP

Forget being known as the girl with the red velvet choker/pixie fringe, you’re forever referred to as The Twins. Oh, and even when you’ve left school? You’re still known as that. Yep, really.

You’re always asked who’s the older twin

And when you tell them to guess they get it wrong. Every. Darn. Time. And as for who’s the evil twin? We both won’t admit to that (it’s definitely her though).

People WILL confuse you

Get used to chatting or waving to strangers who assume you’re the other twin – even our dad still does it. That’s okay as were used to answering both names anyway. Very handy for avoiding exes – ‘Oh wrong twin’ mwahaha.

Swapping classes is the highlight of the term

Getting out of double physics? A BREEZE. Bonus points if your teacher can’t even tell the difference. If only this applied in the adult world and I could binge watch Stranger Things all day while my twin goes to work for me instead. Boo.

Sleepovers are the BEST

Forget inviting friends over with popcorn, candy floss and 90s movies (hello Mean Girls, He’s Just Not That Into You and How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days). This is an every night affair when you’re a twin. Let’s face it, nights out can never compete.

People tell you apart by your physical differences

Sometimes they can even be downright harsh. FYI – being known as the twin with the round face while my sister was known as the one with the ‘long face’ isn’t a compliment. Sob.

Yep we do have *the feeling*

We get a vibe when something’s a bit off with the other. But sadly, we can’t read each other’s minds in exams or tests. If only *sigh*. And we DEFINITELY can’t feel each other’s physical pain so don’t try pinching me to see if she can feel it…

You have two wardrobes

Forget a personal shopper – sure we might have different tastes but my twin always has that perfect item languishing in her cupboard (even though she tries her best to hide it). Gold hoops? Mine please. Red lippie. Stashes in bag. But if she steals my favourite top? It’s World War Three…

Teasing the boys at school is super fun

Watching them stutter as your twin appears suddenly next to you has never been so fun. But if anyone tries to tease your twin? You’ll be there, fists at the ready.

You’re always given one birthday gift

You bunch of tight fists, we’re *two* different people ok?! Yep, we get it that we have the same birthday and buying two presents = a very empty purse. But can we at least have our own card?!

Say bye to your individual identity

Unsurprisingly, being a twin means it can be hard to carve out your own identity. Although we are similar in many ways, we do have our differences. At school, she hated History and I ended up taking it to uni. She loved basketball and I faked a limb-destroying illness every PE lesson. The lesson? We may look the same but that doesn’t mean we’re the exact same person.

Despite wanting to strangle my twin sometimes, you always know that no matter what you’ll always have someone to hang out with at lunch. Whether it’s going through a breakup or your BFF has ditched you to sit with another group, there’s always someone who’s got your back. Bonus points if they like double physics …


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It’s the perfect time for a seasonal switch up, and nope we’re not just talking about moving from an icy cold frappuccino to a steaming hot chocolate the next time you hit the town.

Today we’re talking beauty looks, because with that summer glow well and truly gone, now’s your chance to embrace warm golden tones, rich earthy shades and lazy, textured tresses. Sounds dreamy, eh?

If you’re in need of some inspo for a brand new look, we’ve got 12 gorgeous ideas to give your hair and makeup the perfect autumn do-over. Trust us, you’ll be feeling as pretty as a pumpkin.

1. Switch up your skincare

It’s a beauty guru golden rule that your foundation, concealer and makeup in general will never look as good as you want it to unless you’re prepping your skin properly with a proper routine.

Now that the winter is getting colder and harsher on that lovely face of yours, it’s time to exfoliate regularly and moisturise like it’s going out of fashion. Up your hydration game and you can say see ya later to those annoying, flakey moments.

Dewy tonight ✨

A post shared by Glossier (@glossier) on

2. Rose gold highlights

Next time you’re heading to the hairdresser for a new dye job, check out chocolate mauve and rose gold highlights, which walk the fine line between natural and something a little bit special.

Chocolate mauve combines rich browns with a touch of hazy lilac purple, while rose gold colours go blazing and coppery to remind you of crunchy fallen leaves and the fireside.

I felt sooo pretty with my hair up like this, I ought to do it more often. Do you like it❓✨ 💇🏼💆🏼👸🏼 Tried the @katvondbeauty ‘Crucifix’ lipstick & lipliner I got from @sephoraromania and they lasted ALL day, even though I ate. 👌🏼 • • • Also used @lancomeofficial Teint Idole 24H fdt (MY FAVORITE😻), @anastasiabeverlyhills @anastasiabeverlyhills_romania Brow Pomade in ‘Blonde and the same shade of Tinted Brow Gel + the Clear Brow Gel, powder Contour Kit ‘Havana’ @ardellbeauty lashes @maccosmetics white Khol pencil, Upward Lash mascara, ‘Peach Keen’ blush. • • • #edithmakeup #love #makeup #mua #makeupartist #makeuplover #natural #look #nomakeup #style #chocolate #lips #hair #blonde #blondehair #rosegoldhair #updo #hairstyles #lipstick #katvondbeauty #beauty #beautiful #color #potd #motd #mood #undiscovered_muas #fiercesociety

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3. Go for the glow

You might be tempted through autumn/winter to opt for a fuller coverage, more matte looking makeup look. On the other hand, you might just find that everything’s gone a bit dull and lacklustre in the winter weather. Sigh, when’s summer coming back?

You can still totally rock the glow, though. Buff a cream highlighter onto the highs of your cheekbones and a tiny bit on the apples of your cheeks, to swap the old Insta-ready metallic highlight for a more dewy, radiant sheen.

4. Orange toned lipstick

Orange is the one and only colour to focus on over autumn (duh) so it’s time to think pumpkins, candy corn and most importantly, orange lippy. It looks fierce on all skin tones, makes your teeth look super white and adds an unexpected pop of colour.

Channel your inner Lupita Nyong’o by toning down the rest of your look to focus on nothing but the a flawless orange lip.

5. Golden Eyes

First up, we’re gonna suggest taking a masterclass from the queen of all things autumn – Zoella, obvs. Check out her autumn tutorial for a gorgeously glimmering golden eye, paired with a dark vampy lip that you’ll be desperate to recreate asap.

And because it’s Zoe, it goes without saying that her burnt orange knitwear, fairy light tree and messy top knot are all absolute essentials, too.

6. Pumpkin spice makeup

Whether you’re gonna spend the next few months with a Starbucks glued to your hand, or you’d rather just stick to a plain old cup of tea tbh, we can all agree that a pumpkin spice latte has never looked so good.

Copper-toned burnt orange, cinnamon and woody brown hues all combine for the ultimate autumn eyeshadow look thanks to Soph, and things get even more delicious when there’s some copper glitter involved.

7. Warm toned, caramel balayage

Forever chasing that dream hair that you’ve seen all over Pinterest? The chances are that it probably involves warm-toned, caramel-inspired balayage – the perfect subtle shades blended from dark brown to dark blonde.

In the summer you’d probably call this look ‘sun-kissed’, but seeing as we’re heading into October and that just doesn’t fit anymore, we’re gonna go ahead and call this one ‘autumn-kissed’.

Bom dia! #inspire #beauty

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8. Freckles and flushed cheeks

When you head out into the cold winter mornings, your skin becomes instantly glowing and flushed with rosy cheeks. Seeing as that’s your most naturally perfect shade of blush, it only makes sense to recreate it with your makeup, too.

Ditch the full coverage foundation and embrace your skin’s natural appearance, to let a sprinkling of freckles and your own radiance shine through for a subtle and soft finish.

9. Darker than dark lips

Like sausages and mash or eggs and soldiers, autumn and dark lips are a recipe for stunning success. And if you’re gonna make a statement with your lipstick, then it’s definitely a case of the darker, the better.

Swipe on grey-mauves or plums for an effortlessly cool look – and always remember to blot between applications of colour to make sure that it doesn’t end up all over your teeth. Agh.

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10. Say no to neat and tidy

You’re probably gonna spend the next few months getting blown about, rained on and wondering why you ever bothered to straighten your hair, so how about we all just agree to embrace the windy weather and go for the messy look instead.

Autumn is the perfect time to whip your tresses up into a loose bun and let your hair do its thang. Think ‘I woke up like this’ vibes.

Monday blues 💙 #Monday #bandzee #hair #updo #inspo

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11. Textured braids

As we said, messy is definitely best right now, but no hairstyle works the effortless technique quite like a beautiful, tousled braid. Braids have always been in style, but the woven look definitely shines best in the autumn.

Experiment with shapes, sizes, patterns and half ponytails to find what suits you best.

Textured braids by @hairbymelissalynch / #kiinbymel

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12. Big brows

As anyone who grew up in the 80s or 90s will constantly shout at you, always leave your brows well alone and let them flourish to their full, bushy potential if poss.

Big brows are going nowhere fast, but they can have even more volume and texture when autumn arrives. Just keep them vaguely groomed and tamed with a good brow gel, and you’re good to go.

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With Bonfire Night just around the corner, it’s time to invest it some cosy accessories to keep you snug.

These babies will jazz up your winter wardrobe and make sure you’re both cosy and chic when you’re OD’ing on hot chocolate smothered with cream.

From beautiful beanies to super soft scarves, we’ve got you covered girl. Here are some of our fave high street buys to get your hands on asap.

Hot fuzz

Not only are these mittens totally adorbs, they’re also super practical. The fluffy fabric will keep your hands toasty and the finger reveal style will mean you can Snapchat your Bonfire Night antics with ease. Plus, how gorge is this bright pink?

Asos Fluffy Mittens, £10

Baker babe

A statement hat will *always* make an ordinary outfit extraordinary FYI, and the baker boy style is A/W17’s hottest staple. Our fave celebs have been rocking these all winter long and now it’s your turn.

Miss Selfridge Baker Boy Hat, £14

Red riot

Incase you didn’t get the colour memo, everyone is totally obsessed with red this season – us included. This scarf is bang on trend, but also perfect for snuggling up in when you’re outside freezing your nipples off. We might have already added this one to our baskets…

ASOS Faux Fur Bright Red Scarf, £20

Salt n pepa

These super soft gloves are guaranteed to keep you cosy on even the coldest of nights. Bonfire babes: this gorgeous grey pair will go with everything! Winner, winner, marshmallow dinner.

Stitch & Pieces Knitted Cable Gloves in Salt & Pepper Grey, £12.00

Faux fur

Okay, so these aren’t technically ‘gloves’ but these are far too cute not to include. Faux fur is a key feature in every fashionistas wardrobe, so why not add furry gloves to your collection?

My Accessories Gloves with Faux Fur Detail in Black, £9

Preppy print

This tartan scarf is such a throwback to one of our all time fave chick flicks, Clueless. The bright yellow tartan will add a preppy pop to any outfit. Because who doesn’t want to channel their inner Cher from time-to-time? Talk about 90s chic.

River Island Fringe Hem Tartan Scarf, £16

Beaut beret

From striped t-shirts to berets, French style has always been super cool. Unleash your inner Parisian princess and purchase an ultra suave beret to see you through the season. This one has got the cutest embroidery. Love.

ASOS Graffiti Beret, £12

Go oversized

Oversized scarves are basically blankets that you can wear outside the comfort of your own home. This one’s big enough for your whole gang to huddle under like penguins as you watch the fireworks.

Pieces Jera Oversized Speckled Tassel Scarf, £18

Cable cutie

This burgundy beanie is lush. Not only is clashing red with pink all the rage RN, but the cable knit is the perfect fashion match for your tousled winter waves too.

River Island Cable Knit Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie Hat, £14

Pom pom pow

The addition of fluffy pom poms on this scarf is so extra (and we’re all about throwing a bit of extra into our wardrobes). Plus, cream won’t clash with your fave knitted jumper. Just sayin’.

New Look Knit Scarf With Poms, £17.99

 It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome.

Bonfire night can be a bit of a tricky one.

‘Do I go meet my friends in a dark, cold, boggy field and wait an hour for the fireworks to finally start? Or, do I stay at home, make a feast, invite the girls round and watch the sky light up from the comfort of my living room?’

If you choose to brave the outside world – well done! It’s always good to get out there. But if you’ve decided to keep it cosy and look after the dog with a few pals, here are some tasty toffee treats to make and devour.

(And if you’re not too confident in the kitchen, ask an older sibling or a parent to show you the ropes so that you do everything super safely!)

Toffee/chocolate apples

It’s a Bonfire Night classic that’s super simple to make and basically counts as one of your five a day. Change toffee for melted cooking chocolate topped with hundreds and thousands if you’re scared of it getting stuck in your braces!


– Bag of 6-8 apples (Granny Smiths work well)
– 400g golden caster sugar
– 1tsp vinegar
– 4 tbsp golden syrup

What to do

1. Put the apples in a large bowl or saucepan and pour hot water over them to remove the waxy coating.
2. Dry with a tea towel, pull off any stalks, push a lolly stick through each apple’s core and place them on a sheet of baking paper near your oven top.
3. Tip the sugar into a pan with 100ml water on a medium heat. Cook this for five minutes until the sugar dissolves, then stir in the syrup and vinegar.
4. Test to see if the toffee’s ready by pouring a little into a bowl of cold water – it should harden instantly. If it’s still squishy, continue to boil.
5. Dip and spin each apple in the hot toffee, let the excess drip, then place back onto the parchment – you’ll have to act fast here!
6. Leave to set, then enjoy.

Sticky toffee popcorn

It’s a thing of beauty when two great ingredients like this unite. This snack is perfect for munching while watching a film or looking out at the fireworks.

Homemade Toffee & butter popcorn 🍿 #popcorn #toffeepopcorn #cooking #homsweethome #relaxing #saturdaynight

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– Sachet of popping corn
– 50g salted butter
– 100g light soft brown sugar
– 2 tbsp golden syrup
– 1 tbsp sunflower oil

What to do

1. Heat the oil in a big pan, add the corn and mix into the oil.
2. Set to a low heat, cover with the lid and have fun listening to all the corn pop.
3. Melt the butter, golden syrup and sugar in another pan until the butter melts. Increase the heat and let it bubble for 1-2 minutes.
4. Pour the mixture over the popcorn and give it a really good stir.
5. Empty the coated popcorn onto a sheet of baking paper and let it set.

Bonfire toffee

Okay, this is the ultimate traditional bonfire night treat for all the sugar fiends out there. You’ll need a sugar thermometer to measure the temperature of the toffee – ask your parents if they have one!


– 75g black treacle
– 75g golden syrup
– 150g light soft brown sugar
– 75g butter
– ¼ tsp cream of tartar (look in the baking aisle at the supermarket)

What to do

1. Line a 15cm x 20cm baking tray with non-stick baking paper.
2. Put the treacle, golden syrup, brown sugar, butter and cream of tartar into a large saucepan on a medium heat. Stir occasionally until everything has melted and the sugar has dissolved.
3. Increase the heat and bring the mixture to boil. When the mixture reaches 140C (use the thermometer), pour very carefully into the lined tray.
4. Wait about 15 – 20 minutes until the toffee is cool enough to handle and feels slightly elastic to the touch. Then you can start cutting it into equal portions with a buttered knife.
5. Store in an airtight container and use baking paper to separate layers so that they don’t stick together!

Finish the night with a cream and marshmallow-topped hot chocolate for the perfect end to a cosy night in. That should be your sugar fix sorted until Christmas.


It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome.