Hooray! Spring is around the corner. Ok, it isn’t exactly around the corner, but it’s somewhere on the horizon. Behind Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day and a lot of other days that don’t have specific names. But don’t worry – it’s definitely there, inching towards us, coming to thaw us all out. Remember what it’s like to go outside and be able to feel your fingers? Spring does.

Meanwhile the shops have already started to put out their pastels, florals and floaty bits and we’ve decided we’re bored of waiting for spring to make the first move… so instead, we’re going to meet it in the middle.

Here are our seven fave buys for spring – and with a little bit of creativity, you can totally get away with wearing them now.

The chic one 

Yes, it’s pink and yes, it’s made of tulle, but pop a black high necked polo, like this one from H&M underneath it, pair it with some chunky boots and voila!


Pink Tulle Dress, Pull & Bear, £19.99

The linen one 

Most people think of linen as a summer fabric. Those people are – respectfully – wrong. Linen is soft and lovely and surprisingly warm. Slip on one of Uniqlo’s HEATTECH thermal tops underneath and some black fleece tights (Primark do some great ones) and you’re good to go.


Linen Dress, H&M Plus Size, £49.99

The silky one

This silky number from Pull and Bear will look just as good with tights as it will with bare legs come April. Ok, June.



Floral slip dress, Pull & Bear, £25.99

The suede one 

You can pair this skirt with long sleeves in the winter and strappy tops in the spring. Sorted.


Faux suede mini skirt, Missguided, £20

The pastel one 

If you’re craving sugary shades, consider your pastel box ticked. Throw on this long sleeved polo from H&M, some nude tights and some brown boots with this beautiful Topshop dress and BAM! Pastels made winter-friendly.


Wrap dress, Topshop, £36

The sparkly one 

Want to bring a bit of light to these dark January days? This top from Brandy Melville might be just what you’re after. You can wear a long sleeve back polo underneath it in the winter and a vest in the summer.


Glitter top, Brandy Melville, £14

The yellow one 

If you want to blend in among the daffodils, New Look has your back with this yellow slip dress. Plus, you can throw a chunky knit over the top, like this one from GAP, and wear it as skirt until the weather warms up.


Slip Dress, New Look, £12.99 

Now all we need is for the temperature to spring into the double digits.

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Oh hey there, autumn ol’ pal! Where did you sneak up from?

Considering it happens every single year, cold weather shouldn’t really be a surprise. But there we are, happily getting the last bit of wear out of our floaty things and strappy things and sandals, when WHAM! Arctic conditions. Goosebumps. Pointy nips. The full Mr Frosty. You need woolly layers, and fast. Soon you will be half human, half sheep.

But hey, it’s not all bleak! In fact, cold weather brings with it plenty of perks, and not just the ones in your bra – so warm your cockles* and take inspiration from some of these cosy buys. Here are all the style reasons to be glad it’s cold now…


1. Giant scarves!

Colour block scarf

Colour block scarf, River Island, £20

tartan scarf

Tartan scarf, H&M, £7.99


Herringbone scarf

New Look Herringbone scarf, ASOS, £14.99

2. Ankle boots!

Black glitter ankle boots, Tu, £25

Brogue boots

Brogue boots, H&M, £29.99

copper ankle boots

Kobra boots, Topshop, £39

3. Cosy jumpers!

oversized jumper

Annie Jumper, Boo Hoo, £15


Navy coatigan (yes, coatigan), £22, Tu at Sainsbury’s


Burgundy ribbed jumper, £14.99, New Look

shearling jumper

Oversized jumper with shearling and tassels, ASOS, £28

4. Furry things!

Fur collar

Faux fur collar, New Look, £3

Faux fur gilet

Curly faux fur gilet, ASOS, £18

faux fur keyring

Faux fur keyring, Primark, £2

5. Fleecy things!

Grey jacket

Faux shearling jacket, Mango, £49.99

fleece leggings

Aviator jacket

Fleece-lined leggings (YES), New Look, £9.99

shearling boots

Tan faux shearling ankle boots, New Look, £24.99

6. Velvet things!

velvet swing dress

Velvet swing dress, ASOS, £20

Velvet top

Velvet top, Zara, £15.99

velvet shorts

Velvet high-waisted shorts, Topshop, £40

velvet dress

Lilac velvet swing dress, ASOS, £27

*Nah, nobody knows where your cockles are.

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Look, flowers are lovely. We all love flowers. Like blue denim, black boots or stripy tops, florals are one of those eternal fashion staples that never really go anywhere – they just get reinvented, subtly, every season.

But flowers are not the only print, and once you look beyond the bouquet of flora on the high street you will find there are tonnes of awesome patterns and motifs to drape yourself in this autumn.

There’s a whole sea full of mermaids. A galaxy of stars and planets. Doodles? Oodles! Avocados? Roll up, roll up.

Ladies, we’ve found the real prints charming…

Rolling stones


Holy guacamole, look at this dress. The best thing is, you could drop your breakfast down the front and nobody would even notice.

Avocado t-shirt dress, £12.99, Zara


Picasso much

Simply Be dress

Why would anyone buy an LBD when you could have a LBPYBGWD? This 60s-esque dress from Simply Be is giving us all kinds of good vibes.

Sleeveless dress, £25, Simply Be


Doodle bug

Doodle print shirt

We never realised we wanted to look like the human version of the back of a Geography textbook – until now.

Drawing print top, £17.99, Bershka


Put a ring on it

Monki print dress

From a distance, it’s just a cool graphic print – but look closer and BEHOLD, this dress is covered in tiny ladies in rubber rings! They’re having a great time! And so will you, wearing it.

Sleeveless print dress, £25, Monki


Galaxy quest

Space print t-shirt dress

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… someone designed this ridiculously gorgeous t-shirt. One day you will go to space, but this help will keep the dream alive in the meantime.

Space print t-shirt dress, £12.99, Zara


Zig-a-zig ah

geo print top

Oh hello, pop (art) star. If cutesy motifs aren’t your thing, this 60s-inspired chevron tile print will look all kinds of amazing with black tights and ankle boots.

Geo print top, £14.99, New Look


Top and tails

Mermaid print shirt

Because tottering round the town centre in a tail on the weekend isn’t entirely practical, live your Ariel fantasies through Zara’s beautiful mermaid-print shirt instead.

Mermaid print shirt, £19.99, Zara


Spike it up

Cactus dress

Just when you thought we’d reached peak cactus, those spiky succulents started popping up on clothes, too. This pretty frock will last you AGES and work for every occasion with minimal fuss and maximum impact. Just like a cactus, really.

Yumi cactus print dress, £30, Tesco

Twinkle twinkle

Star print shirt

What could be cosier than a pyjama-style top, except a pyjama-style top covered in dreamy stars? Also great for those ‘what are you talking about Mum, I AM dressed!’ moments.

Star print shirt, £22, Nobody’s Child


Pup in boots

pink dog print socks

Because flowers die after a few days, but puppy love is forever.

Smiley dog print socks, £3, River Island

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It’s autumn! Technically!

Fine, it’s still mysteriously boiling and we’re all still necking Calippos, sleeping with the window open and dragging the same three crumpled summer dresses out from the bottom of the laundry basket.

But: crunchy leaves, scarves and custard are just around the corner. So let’s warm up to the new season with some cold weather swag that you can totally start wearing now.

Patch it up

Monki iron-on patches

The fastest, easiest way to fall back in love with the jeans/jacket/bag you’ve been wearing all year is to add patches. Monki has the kitschiest, cutest selections around, and all you have to do is a little casual ironing. Or parent-bribery.

Iron-on patches, Monki, £5

Teenage hero turtleneck

Floral sleeveless dress

Could this be the perfect summer-to-autumn dress? Yes, yes it could. Work it with bare legs and trainers now, with tights, boots and an oversized knit once things get chilly.

Sleeveless dress, H&M, £9.99

Forest queen

Gold leaf headband

You probably lost your flower crown in a mud puddle sometime back in July, so upgrade to this elegant piece of hair foliage instead. It’ll keep those festival vibes going long into pumpkin spice season.

Gold leaf headband, ASOS, £8

Give it the slip

Sateen cami top

Favourite of Suki Waterhouse, this silky cami is the colour of autumn leaves BUT breezy enough to keep you cool until the weather gets its arse in gear – and when it does, you can wear it over a poloneck for maximum 90s revival points. Rad.

Sateen cami, New Look, £9.99

That’s a wrap

Paisely scarf on model

It’s autumn and therefore law that we must all have a GIANT SCARF. But unlike your usual woolly numbers, this GIANT SCARF will helpfully double up as a picnic blanket or beach sarong until you actually need to wrap up from the cold. Plus, look at it.

Paisley print scarf, ASOS, £15

Twinkle toes

Gold Mary Jane shoes

Metallic shoes are going nowhere fast – but you will be in these beauties, running into rooms to shout “EVERYBODY LOOK AT MY SHOES”. Wear with rolled-up jeans now, tights next month and ridiculous party dress at Christmas.

See Mum, they’re an ‘investment’.

Gold Mary Jane shoes, River Island, £30

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome.