Most of the world’s hot fashion names are well into their adult years with huge empires behind them, but thanks to our bff (the internet), there’s a new generation of independent designers in town – and we’ve got instant access.

Rewind 20, heck even 10 years, and young artists would struggle to get recognition over the big dogs, but thanks to social media the talent of today is getting some well deserved cred. See Mum, the internet’s not all bad.

So if you’re into supporting your fellow peers by following them on Insta or saving up to buy a piece from their new collection, meet the up-and-coming kids we’ve got our eye on…

Chet and Betts DeHart, 19, USA – Lucid FC

Twins Chet and Betts started their brand Lucid FC after they were inspired by their fashionista mum and her amazing 80s outfits. The streetwear brand now sells all over the world and has some seriously dedicated fans. Think Cher from Clueless as the boys mix preppy tartan skirts with chilled street-style hoodies. Big fans.

@lucidfc @freshiamatl pop-up fin! thanks to all who came.

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Christabel MacGreevy, 26, UK – Itchy Scratchy Patchy

Christabel is one talented sista. She created the brand Itchy Scratchy Patchy with her bff Edie Campbell and their collection of embroidered denim, t-shirts and berets are super cool. They also sell a range of patches so you can customise your clothes yourself. We’re totally into a bit of DIY and think this brand is to-die-for. Celeb fans include Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora. We can’t argue with that.

MORNING! RG @ritaora 🍕🍕🍕

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Melissa ‘Missy’ Jade Aiello, 16, USA – Tees by Missy X

If being 16 and a designer isn’t cool enough, having Wiz Khalifa and other celebs rock your tees is downright awesome. Missy’s Unique line-drawings are deffo what got her noticed on the fashion scene. Although she started creating her brand Missy X aged just 9, it was a quick sketch of Chanel legend Karl Lagerfeld that sparked everyone’s interest and rocketed her to fame.

Tyler Lambert, 19, USA – Lambert

Tyler’s designs have caught the eye of some of the world’s biggest celebs: enter Kylie Jenner. His edgy streetwear is what makes Lambert so on trend right now – we’re loving the ripped denim and camo combos. His style seems to match his equally quirky personality too. Check out his Instagram for some serious lols!

diet starts tomorrow thank you

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Vejas Kruszewski, 19, Canada – Vejas

Not only was he the youngest designer ever to be nominated for a LVMH prize (a super cool fashion award, btw) he actually won it! Vejas’ brand got recognised because it centres around making the ordinary extraordinary. He takes everyday wardrobe staples and adds a twist to create pieces that are high fashion. Sounds pretty cool, right? It is.

Vejas S17 @dustinmuchuvitz

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Molly Goddard, 26, UK – Molly Goddard

Born and bred in London, fashionista Molly is definitely set for stardom. Her collection has been worn by celebs like urban style queen Rihanna, how frickin’ cool is that? She loves creating over-the-top dramatic designs and while we won’t be wearing her outfits for a trip to the shops, we totally admire the funky and dreamy garments she creates.

@badgalriri 💙💙💙💙

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It’s amazing to think that only a few short years ago, you never cared about pants. You probs wore whatever your mum bought you in big cotton multipacks from M&S. But now – now, your eyes have been opened to the world of pants potential, the vast universe of knickerportunities out there for the choosing, and every wander through a department store lingerie department is a journey of self-exploration. Or at least, bum exploration.

Here are 19 thoughts you have when you’re picking out some new undies.

1. Ohhhhh Brazilian pants, those could be nice! Like my arse is forever dancing to samba music.

2. Do you think Brazilians call it a Brazilian cut or is that just their normal shape of underwear?

3. Oh my god, do they call knickers with a full bottom ‘British’?

4. Also, am I the only one that just gets a constant wedgie when I wear them? I have to reach into my bum crack legit every 10 minutes to extract them. It’s almost exercise.

5. And you have to be subtle about it, you can’t just go in and have a rummage around in broad daylight. No, no, you have to stand all awkwardly with your back to the wall and get in and out with military precision.

6. Kinda like when you pick the bottom of your nose super discreetly and then just flick it. I wonder where all that snot goes.

7. Gross. Still, probs won’t go for the Brazilian ones then.

8. Maybe I’ll get some novelty knickers? You know, ones with Superman on the front or something. They look super comfy and I’ll only wear them in an ironic way.

9. Actually, is it ironic? Or will I just look like I haven’t quite come to terms with going through puberty yet?

10. Maybe I’ll just leave the novelty knickers too.

11. Thongs? Oh please, it’s like dental floss for your arse crack and they cost the same price as regular underwear then they only use, like, a QUARTER of the fabric. NEXT.

12. Ohhh, these silk ones are pretty!

13. WHAT! £20 for a pair of knickers. Was this lace spun by golden worms that lived in castle somewhere in the South of France where each worm had their own room and they refused to eat anything other than leaves from the finest oak trees in all the land?!

14. This is absurd. People are absurd.

15. I’m just going to buy my regular knickers aren’t I? They’re the perfect mix of pretty and comfy, with a little bit of lace around the edge.

16. Oh ffs, they don’t even have those.

17. Right, that settles it. I’m getting the Superman pants. I am super.

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Autumn has officially dawned on the UK and despite the drizzle, there is *one* good thing that comes from the grey skies – a perfect excuse to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. It’s called retail therapy for a reason guys, and where else should you turn to but our firm fashion fave asos to add some much needed colour to your life. Here are our top autumn buys online, guaranteed to brighten even the gloomiest of Sunday mornings…

Perfect puffer

A winter jacket is a wardrobe staple and this orange puffer has got us feeling all the autumnal feels. Both practical and bang on trend, bag yourself this beauty quick. We’re pretty convinced it will fly off the shelves.

Pull&Bear Padded Jacket, £32.99

Jazzy jumper

Yellow has been everywhere this year and we for one are loving adding an acid yellow pop to our outfits. Not only reserved for the summer months, this gorgeous jumper will provide that instant sunshine you’ll be craving all winter long.

ASOS Jumper in Cable With Volume Sleeves £28

Timeless top

Stripes are a classic. They suit everyone and go with everything so we’re loving this totally awesome twist! Royal blue, bright yellow and an orange pop? You’re sure to turn heads rocking this. *adds to basket*

ASOS Top in Oversized Cutabout Stripe £22

Badass backpack

If you haven’t had the chance to pick up the perfect school bag yet, why not give this one a whirl. Sticking with our pumpkin spice latte colour scheme (thanks Starbucks), this is the bag we’re all desperate to get our hands on. The perfect size for all your bits, you’ll be set to have the coolest bag in the corridor.

Mi-Pac Burnt Orange Tumbled Mini Classic Backpack £32.99

Stop-traffic skirt

Red is set to be the ‘on trend’ colour this autumn. Be bold and team this denim skirt with your fave trusty trainers and a white tee for a chilled rock chick vibe. Love.

ASOS Denim Mini Skirt With Raw Hem in Washed Red, £28

Rock ‘n’ roll wrap dress

We heart wrap dresses so we can’t wait to get our hands on this gorgeous golden number! Dressed up with your fave dolly shoes or down with a pair of chunky boots, you can style it to suit your vibe. If you’re not comfortable with bright yellow shades this one’s perfect for you.

Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Frill Front Swing Dress £40

To-die-for denim

Our long-term love for dungarees has just got stronger. How cute is this dress!? Casual, comfy and colourful, what more could you want!?

ASOS Denim Dungaree Dress in Rust, £35

Stand-out shoes

We live in our Converse as they’re top of the class for making your outfit look edgier, plus this burgundy colour looks awesome with blue jeans. Bit of a splurge purchase but totally worth it!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Trainers In Burgundy, £55

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No-one’s thrilled at the prospect of spending an evening doing homework, but if you’re doing yours in front of the TV (distracting) or lying on your bed (uncomfortable) you might be making it harder for yourself. A good workspace helps you focus and be more productive, so you can get through your to-do list and get on with the things you’d rather be doing. So get inspired with our top tips for creating the perfect (and of course, the most Instagram-worthy!) work areas.

Location, location, location

A lot of peeps have their workspaces in their bedrooms, but there’s no law that says you have to. Maybe your room is too small or you share it with a sibling, so doing your homework there isn’t practical. Or maybe you just fancy a change of scenery? Have a scout around the house and suss out any areas that could be put to good use. Maybe there’s a spare room you could use, or a cosy nook under the stairs? Anywhere is fine as long as you’ll be comfortable there (and you’ve got permission, obvs).

Hit the lights

Lots of natural light is ideal, but chances are you’ll be using your workspace after the sun’s gone down, so make sure you’ve got a good desk lamp that focuses light where you need it. An atmospheric decorative lamp might look pretty, but you won’t be able to see clearly – and no-one wants a headache on top of homework.

Keep it quiet

If possible, choose a spot where you’re not likely to be disturbed, in the quietest part of the room. This means thinking about what’s going on around the rest of the house. If someone likes long evening showers, you probably don’t want your desk against the adjoining bathroom wall, for example. If you work better with music, you could invest in a small speaker to go on your desk – you’ll be able to hear your tunes without disturbing the rest of house or having to wear earphones. If you like things quiet and get distracted by noise, consider a small desk fan to help blot out external sounds, or download a white noise app to play in the background while you work.

Get comfy

Getting comfy to do homework is tricky – you obviously want to be comfortable, but you don’t want to be so comfy that you end up nodding off (easily done, right?) Posture is important, too – hunching over a book all evening can cause sore muscles and headaches, so make sure your chair has a supportive back and is the right height for you to work comfortably at your desk. You can use cushions or pillows to help adjust your position if you need to.

Colour for calm

Now comes the fun part – decorating! You don’t have to splash out on a tin of paint to give your workspace a pop of colour (if you’d even be allowed to paint it in the first place). Instead, choose colourful accessories such as pen holders, box files, picture frames, mouse mats and posters to inject some life into the area and set it apart from the rest of the room. Spoilt for choice? Try soft blues, which are said to calm the mind and improve concentration.

Stylish stationery

Homework is loads more enjoyable when you’ve got stationery you actually want to use. So take some inspo from the bullet journaling trend and get a variety of nice pens and other bits and pieces that not only work well but look gorgeous on your desk.

Storage solutions

A clear desk is a lot more appealing than one covered in textbooks and worksheets, so get some clutter-killing storage on the go. Magazine files are great for keeping books and papers organised and within easy reach without taking up much space, while colourful storage boxes are useful for keeping notes and completed exercise books safe and tidy until you need them later – plus they can be tucked under your desk out of the way, or even used as a footrest.

Work the walls

If space is at a premium, maximise your workspace by making the most of the walls. A yearly planner is cheap and can be put up with sticky tack (and is a great way to keep an eye on upcoming holidays). Ask someone to help you put up some shelves, or install a hook for a pin board. A chalk board is also a great way to see at a glance what’s next on your to-do list – and it’s super satisfying wiping it away afterwards!

A plant is a plus

There are lots of benefits to keeping a plant on your desk – not just because they look good. Loads of studies have shown that keeping a plant nearby increases happiness and productivity, and they’re good for your health too, as they help to keep the air clean. Just remember to water it now and again. Or get a fake one – we won’t tell!


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This week we’ve been obsessing over 19 year old model and humanitarian, Halima Aden. She made history as the first woman in a hijab to grace the cover of Allure magazine and she’s totally shaking up the stereotype of ‘American beauty’.

The first-generation Somali-American has been signed by IMG Models (the same agency as Gigi and Bella Hadid), has walked the runway for Kanye West and is inspiring a whole new generation of models with every new move/shoot/selfie she takes.

Here’s everything you NTK about the trailblazer…

Who is Halima?

Halima and her family fled to America during the Somalian Civil War when she was just six years old. It wasn’t until she began school in Minnesota that Halima started to feel she was different.

“When I first started wearing the hijab, I felt happy. It felt right and represented who I was. But when I started middle school, I remember that joy and satisfaction turning to resentment. I no longer was proud of who I was in the hijab because other students would frequently tease me.” she tells Teen Vogue.

In honor of #tbt 😆

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Desperate not to let the bullies get her down, Halima decided to enter the Miss Minnesota pageant in November 2016. Making it to the top 15, she was the first person in the history of the pageant to wear a hijab and a burkini on stage.

Halima’s life changed overnight forever. IMG models contacted and later signed her to their agency. Since then she has rocketed and is fast becoming the model everyone wants to work with. You go girl!

Say hello to #HalimaAden—the first hijab-wearing model to a) sign to IMG, b) walk in a Yeezy Season fashion show, c) compete in Miss Minnesota USA, and d) cover #allure. Get to know the 19-year-old Somali American model, who’s breaking down every boundary in the fashion industry. “Society puts so much pressure on girls to look a certain way,” she says. “I have much more to offer than my physical appearance, and a hijab protects me against ‘You’re too skinny,’ ‘You’re too thick,’ ‘Look at her hips,’ ‘Look at her thigh gap.’ I don’t have to worry about that.” Tap the link in bio for our full interview. 📸: @solvesundsbostudio 👗: @beatbolliger 💇: @philippetholimet 💄: @thevalgarland 💅: @mariannewman

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Here’s why we love her…

This girl is #goals. She’s making fashion history by demanding her culture and other cultural minorities are represented within the industry.

#yeezy #nyfw2017 ✊🏿✊✊🏻

A post shared by Halima Aden (@kinglimaa) on

After strutting her stuff in the hottest shows at Fashion Week she went on to do a campaign with American Eagle, stealing our hearts as she rocked the brands first ever hijab and her braces. Yeah, you heard right. No more awkward mouth-closed smiles in your group photos, it’s time we followed Halima’s glowing example and allowed our braces to be beautiful.

@kinglimaa is an inspiration in the new American jean. #ICAN #MeetTheNewCast

A post shared by American Eagle (@americaneagle) on

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any cooler she is now one of the new faces of Rihanna’s first beauty line  “Fenty Beauty”, which celebrates women of all colours and comes out Friday 8th September. How awesome?!

If being a kickass fashionista wasn’t enough, our girl has a heart of gold. Halima wants to use her gift to change the way people think about her culture. After her modelling career, this go-get-em girl wants to become a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Love this so much!!! ❤️ representation matters .. always ✨

A post shared by Halima Aden (@kinglimaa) on

“Having representation in the fashion industry of all backgrounds gives little girls and boys, who don’t see people that look like them represented, hope” she told Teen Vogue.

We can’t wait to see how far she goes, follow her Instagram here.

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Remember that terrifying jack-in-the-box your brother used to scare you with at Halloween? Or that creepy ballerina box that played a sinister tune when you opened it up? Scary stuff always seems to come out of boxes, doesn’t it? Well, October’s bettybox may be bewitching, but we promise you, it’s full of good stuff. Nice stuff. Stuff you actually want (spiders not included, FYI).

MUA Eyeshadow Palette

Halloween isn’t just a one night thing, y’know. It’s a whole saga of prep, whether you’ve got a film marathon planned, or Susie down the road is throwing a fancy dress party. Go natural during the day, while you’re living the life of a regular human, then vamp it up once nighttime falls with the Dusk til Dawn MUA palette. From ghoulish green to spooky purple, this palette features the perfect mix of colours to let your imagination, and your eyeshadow brush, run wild. We’ve got a special MUA halloween tutorial coming to you in October’s betty collective, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Candy Kittens

We’re all about the treats, less about the tricks this month. Black cats have nothing on Candy Kittens’ colourful delights. Even those of us betty girls who aren’t cat people (#dogs4life) find ourselves reaching back in the bag for another one. Candy Kittens have launched POP bags, which do just that – pop the bag and pop them in your mouth – and we’ve got a pack in each bettybox for you to enjoy this October. A handy size, you can snack as you trick or treat. It’s tiring work, walking around collecting candy.

NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

After the night itself is up, you’re going to need to properly cleanse your skin and get the paint out of your pores. Leave it there, and you might get a bit spotty. No one wants a face full of boils like the Wicked Witch of the West now, do they? Kylie J and Kim K’s make-up artist absolutely raves about these cleansing pads from NIP+FAB – so obviously we’re completely obsessed too.

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Sure, your friends love fashion… but you live and breathe it. You’d smile if you met Harry Styles, but you’d scream with joy if you saw an Anya Hindmarch Tony the Tiger handbag in the flesh. You’ve stubbed your toes by dropping hefty fashion magazines on your foot. More than once. You’ve read more biographies of Coco Chanel than some of your classmates have read books, full stop. You are a true fashion warrior. Here’s what life is like for the style obsessed.

1. You’re so obsessed with finding perfect vintage pieces that the staff at your local charity shop greet you by name and put stuff aside for you. You’ve left them your mobile number so they can alert you the second a perfect 70s maxi comes in.

2. Sometimes you try to persuade your friends to stash your textbooks in their lockers because there’s no room for anything in there apart from your back issues of Vogue. Which you need. For… emergencies.

3. More than once, you’ve looked at the curtains in your lounge and wondered how cross your Mum would get if you cut them up to make the perfect brocade mini.

4. You get one present from your entire family for your Christmas and birthday, because you’ve asked all of your relatives for cash towards the Bella Freud jumper / vintage Céline bag / Saint Laurent bootees you saw on eBay. (And you always have one very sweet auntie who insists you need ‘something to unwrap’ and gets you a Bayliss and Harding gift set anyway.)

5. In your view, non-uniform days require as much dedication, commitment and forward planning as a GCSE exam. More than once, you have considered taking a change of outfits and debuting a brand new look at lunchtime.

6. Somewhere in the back of your wardrobe, there’s at least one piece of clothing that you’ve tried to make yourself after falling in love with the catwalk version. One day you’ll own that Kenzo jacket, but you’re not sure you’re ready to wear your own version yet. Who knew tigers were *so* hard to draw?

7. When you ask your mates what they’re wearing to a party and they shrug and say “Dunno, jeans maybe?” you don’t know whether to laugh, cry or ask them if they need a lie down.

8. Your favourite word is ‘haberdashery’, ever since you found out it means a shop that sells buttons, ribbons, feathers, sequins, fabric and everything else your allowance goes on besides actual clothes. You have a sneaky feeling that your haberdashery splurges are what made it possible for your local shop to take on an extra person to work on Saturdays.

9. Even though your favourite movies are fashion favourites (maybe you love The September Issue, The First Monday In May or Funny Face) your friends can always persuade you to go to the cinema with a style reference. Even if it’s totally made up. “I hear that the scene with the spaceship inspired Alessandro Michele to do a futuristic collection for Gucci!” Ok, sure.

10. Occasionally, you drift off and daydream about winning your first Oscar for costume design, or styling your first shoot, or announcing that your fashion brand is about to launch a perfume. You’re not sure exactly what you want to do, but you’ve thought long and hard about being interviewed and revealing what your style influences are.

11. In an emergency, you reckon you could pull together a week’s worth of cutting edge outfits with a pack of bin bags, a roll of tinfoil and some string.

12. At least one person in your family has been given a makeover by you. They said they liked the customised t-shirt, but they freaked out about the hair chalk.

13. Your signature style is preppy-meets-punk. Meets eighteenth century debutante. Meets gamine Left Bank intellectual, meets nineties Riot Grrrl, meets Phoebe in Friends, meets… urghhhh, this is too hard. Perhaps it’s truly stylish not to have a signature.

14. You have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Anna Del Russo, the eclectically-dressed editor of Vogue Japan. You think she’s the most stylish woman in the universe.

15. Every time you visit your grandparents, you go straight for the stash of old photos. You say it’s because you’re interested in family history, but you’re hoping to spot some amazing retro outfit that might still be stashed away in the attic…

16. Secretly, you don’t think there’s anything that bad about wearing sunglasses indoors. In fact, you plan to design your own range of shades, specifically for indoor wear.

17. Thanks to your accessorising skills, attitude and sheer style confidence, you can make a onesie look cool.


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Image: Scream Queens

It’s not fair. It seems like the summer holidays had only just begun, then suddenly the shops are full of the dreaded ‘back to school’ gear and the start of a new term is here. Unfortunately we can’t predict what this next year has in store for you, but we can pretty much guarantee these things will happen in the first week…

1. Someone will doze off on the school bus

After six weeks of lie-ins and naps on tap, getting up at the crack of dawn for school will be a heck of a shock to the system. If someone’s not snoozing on the way in, they will be on the way home.

2. You’ll have a special ‘returning’ assembly

You know the one, where you’ll be told to set an example for younger students and that you represent the school within the community and should behave accordingly. Blah blah blah.

3. Everyone will have new stuff

New coats, new rucksacks, new stationery. You’ll spend the first few days eyeing up everyone else’s new shoes and wondering if you should have begged your mum to buy you block heels instead of ballet pumps.

4. All the boys will be a foot taller

In fact, everyone will look different somehow. How can people change so much in just six weeks?!

5. At least one girl will still have a colourful hair wrap she got on holiday

And she probably won’t stop going on about her exotic vaycay either. We get it, Louise, you went to the Bahamas.

6. There will be a new person

It’ll be really exciting if it’s a new student, and everyone will bombard them with loads of questions about where they’re from. But if it’s a new teacher you’ll regard them with suspicion until you’ve got them figured out.

7. No-one knows where they’re supposed to be

Everyone will be late to lessons while they get to grips with their new timetable – even the teachers. Fingers crossed your classes aren’t on separate sides of the school grounds.

8. You’ll do your very best handwriting in all your new exercise books

Well, for a few days at least, then you’ll fall back into your usual scrawl. Who cares as long as you can read it, right?

9. There’s a mad rush for the best seats

If you’re going to spend a whole year in the same seat in each class, you’ve got to make sure it’s in prime position next to all your mates (you want it to be as easy as possible to pass notes, don’t you?), so you can expect a bit of a scramble at the start of the first few lessons. Elbows at the ready!

10. The school will have done something totally radical

Like changing the lunch menu or moving break times slightly – and everyone will be talking about it for days.

11. There will be an outrageous rumour about something that happened over summer

It’s usually about a girl in the year above getting pregnant or someone’s brother going to jail. It’s probably completely untrue, but everyone loves a good gossip.

12. Your teachers will get right back on it with the homework

Nope, there’s no easing you back into things. And even though they’re happy to hand out homework with reckless abandon, it’ll be weeks before they mark the assignments they set over summer!

13. Everyone’s a bit smug about going up a year

If moving up a form comes with any privileges, such as a common room or jumping the lunch queue, you’ll be sure to rinse them for all they’re worth. And even if it doesn’t, you’ll still feel a bit superior to all the students in the years below you.

14. You promise yourself you’re going to buckle down with your studies

You tell yourself you’ll do your homework the moment you get home, that you’ll keep a razor sharp focus in class and that you’ll start revising for exams months in advance. But let’s be honest, you probably won’t. And that’s fine, just do your best – it’ll be the summer holidays again before you know it!

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Sponsored by Stabilo

*Obviously* you have a laugh with your buddies all day, everyday (they wouldn’t be your mates otherwise now, would they?) But, do you ever feel like you’ve got to nurture your friends a bit too? If you’re the first one they run to when they’ve got a problem – a forgotten P.E. kit, a ruined rice pudding in food tech, a lost railcard, no tampons – chances are, you’re probably ‘the mum’ of your friendship group. And do you know what? It’s damn great position to be in. Here’s why…

You’re ahead of the zeitgeist

Which is basically a fancy way of saying you know what’s going to happen before it happens. And, you’re always prepared for it. Rain? Umbrella. Sun? Lotion. Period? Pad. It’s all there neatly packed inside your waterproof rucksack.

You’re the holder of all secrets

Your friends trust you to keep schtum on any juicy goss, plus they have maximum confidence you’ll give stellar advice on any problems. You’re a rare friendship-gem to find, even in adulthood, so shine like the diamond you are.

You’re a great study buddy

Because you’re so organised, your mates know you make THE BEST revision pal. You’ve already got the right books out from the library, you know what homework is due when, and you’ve got the cutest stationary. September’s bettybox features the prettiest pastel highlighter from Stabilo which will fit right in with your desk decor – not to mention work as the perfect lesson accessory.

You’re the boss

If you want to meet at 3pm, rather than 1pm, because you want to slip in one last episode of Pretty Little Liars, it’s totally your call. No one else will have been organised enough to set the time.

Your friend’s parents trust you

Your girl group’s parents have you down as the ‘responsible one’ of the group, so they don’t bat an eyelid when your friends all rock up for a sleepover. Think of the things you could get away with. Of course you don’t have time for silly business, you tell your friends. Not when there’s a manicure schedule to stick to, warm milk to be drunk and a 12-hour sleep on the agenda.

You’re the glue of the group

You hold the whole shebang together. If it weren’t for you, no one would know what lesson was next, half the group would spend their entire weekends hangry, and ‘the feisty one’ would still be fighting with ‘the honest one’. You rule!

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No one appreciates the importance of social media more than our latest #girlcrush and badass entrepreneur Kayla Robinson.

Her self-made t-shirt brand Green Box Shop went crazy on Instagram after singer-songwriter Frank Ocean rocked one of her statement tees at Panorama Festival in New York this summer.

Now? She’s got a host of celeb fan-girls-and-guys, plus a swish fashion biz – and she’s only 18. Here’s why we’re currently obsessing over this mega-babe…

Who’s that girl?

Kayla’s always had a go-getter spirit. She started her business in May last year out of her mum’s flat to bankroll her dream of becoming a professional yoga teacher, and used GoFundMe to help grow her funds. She now uses her social media accounts (@kaylaa.robinson and @greenboxshop_) to promote her statement designs, as well as empower millennials to use their freedom of speech. She told Teen Vogue: “It basically came from a passion for speaking my mind and tie-dye.” You go girl!

flash holiday sale @greenboxshop_ 20% off. Check it out & happy holidays ❄️

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Why we love her…

She’s woke af. (FYI: Woke, noun: Being aware. Particularly of the social, political and environmental issues that surround you.)

today I wore jeans for the first time since my birth

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Knowledge is deffo power and priding herself on being “#wokeaf” Kayla and her designs represent what’s going on in the world. She keeps up to date with current events and uses her Instagram to chat with fans about social and political issues, explaining to Vibe that her business is a “safe space for progressive discussions”. Head over to get totally clued up.

Kayla’s all about helping others and giving back, too. She and her team regularly volunteer in her hometown of Broward County, Florida to support the community. Whether it’s as part of a flood prevention scheme or food drive, this gal isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She also picks one to two t-shirt designs in each collection to sponsor a non-profit organisation. ATM 50% of the proceeds for her “Climate Change is Real” shirt are donated to the Honeybee Conservancy. Like, how sweet is that?!

pink sunset vibes ~ I'll be only using @greenboxshop_ from now on ily ✌🏾

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Along with promoting body confidence, this teen is also pretty eco-conscious. Her passion for social justice is just the tip of the iceberg as she’s already dreaming of bigger things. “My ultimate goal is to get involved in urban farming to make healthy and homegrown food more accessible in the many food deserts in our country,” she tells Teen Vogue. Her love for mother nature can also be found on her crazy cool team of creatives including a rescue dog called April who’s their  “best employee”. LOL.

life hack: learn how to thrive off of positive energy

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Yoga Lover

Kayla is a pretty smart cookie and if owning a business aged 18 wasn’t enough to make you wanna be besties with this girl, she’s also a yoga guru. Check out her social accounts and you’ll be sure to turn green with envy at her skills.

a gr8 warm up

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Who else is backing this babe?

It’s not just the betty squad who are hooked, hip-hop king Frank Ocean is also showing his love. After appearing in the brands iconic “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you can just be quiet?” over 3,500 orders were placed for this amazing tee. Ever humble Kayla told MTV she couldn’t believe one of her icons would be wearing her designs and is excited that this new found exposure will mean she can give back even more.


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And the celeb attention didn’t stop there with Zendaya *adding all to cart*.


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Talk about #midweekmotivation, eh? We’ve been totally inspired. Remember, “self-doubt is your worst enemy”. It’s time to follow your fashionista dreams.

The fairtrade t-shirts are available at and can be shipped worldwide. Who’s in?

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Head over to YouTube and we bet there’s vid after vid of talented beauty gurus applying some seriously amazing, enviable looks. Whether it’s a dramatic eye look, glowing natural skin or doughnut-glaze highlighted cheekbones, falling in love with make up has never been so easy.

But if you fancy getting creative with contouring and mastering mascara, dipping your toes into the world of make up for the first time can definitely seem kinda daunting – especially when it comes to brushes.

There are TONS of different ones, and what are they all even for?

From super floofy big ones, to teeny tiny artist styles, here’s a handy guide to the make up brushes you might actually need, what they’re all for and where to actually start.

Foundation brush

Starting out with the big’uns, the foundation brush is pretty much the bread and butter of any gal or guy’s make up bag. You could opt for the standard shape – big and flat – which is great for smoothing out liquid or cream foundations into a streak-free base. Some people prefer a buffing brush style though, with a round and dense shape to swoosh in small circles across your face for a flawless finish.

Spectrum A03 So Oval You – £7.99 / Real Techniques Buffing Brush – £21.99 for set / e.l.f. Studio Selfie Ready Foundation Brush – £7.50

Make up sponge

If you wanna get really fancy, you could ditch the foundation brush altogether and try a Beauty Blender or similar make up sponge instead. A damp sponge can leave your foundation looking beyond PERFECT, by using the broad, bouncy sides to smooth out product on your face and the pointed tip to squish into the nooks around your nose. If it’s good enough for Insta beauty gurus, it’s good enough for us.

Kabuki brush

The big boy of the make up brush world, a kabuki brush will probably look huge next to the rest of your future collection, but don’t be intimidated by it. With a short handle and densely packed hairs, it’s perfect for applying a soft, natural-looking sweep of bronzer or powder around your face. A kabuki brush is also great for buffing out any awks harsh lines when you’re basically doing your make up in the dark.

Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush – £8.95 / Kiko Kabuki Brush – £9.70 / Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush – £20.00

Powder brush

Feeling like a human disco ball right now with all the shine you’re rocking? Don’t be scared by how huge it might look in your make up bag – a powder brush is the one for you. Just swirl this genius invention into your favourite pressed or loose powder, and watch the long, fluffy bristles evenly diffuse the product across your base. Bye bye oily skin, we never liked you anyway.

ZOEVA 90 Luxe Grand Powder Brush – £19.00 / Morphe Pro Tapered Powder Brush – £13.50 / MAC 150 Large Powder Brush – £34.50

Blush brush

When you start playing around with make up a little bit more, you’ll soon find out exactly how you prefer to apply all the bits and bobs in your cosmetics bag. When it comes to blush, some people prefer a fluffy rounded top brush just to hit the apples of the cheeks, while others go for a more angled shape to get a chiseled look. Either way, they’ll pick up just the right amount of product to give you a pretty and girly flushed glow.

Eyeshadow brush

Venturing into the world of eyeshadow can be overwhelming, but remember that practice makes perfect. Start out by finding the perfect all-rounder eyeshadow brush which will probably be fairly flat and relatively fluffy to pack on colour. Try either a simple windscreen wiper motion across the lid, or small circular motions to get an evenly applied wash of eyeshadow. You can never go wrong with a shimmery champagne colour, btw.

Spectrum MA08 Happy Medium – £5.99 / Makeup Geek Foiled Brush – £6.50 / Spectrum A06 Shady Lady – £4.99 / Morphe Oval Shadow Blender Brush – £4.00

Blending brush

It’s probably worth investing in an eyeshadow blending brush, too. While the first one will be perfect for applying the colour to begin with, following up with a large and fluffy blending brush on the edges will eliminate any harsh lines and get you smoothly blended to perfection.

Concealer brush

Tbh, you might find that dabbing on your concealer is most easily done with your fingers. They’re warm to melt the product, they’re soft for blending and they’re the best natural tools you could imagine. But alternatively a small, precise concealer brush could be really handy. It’ll allow you to be a lot more exact with your product application and will perfect the final look under your eyes, around your nose and over any pesky spots.

Morphe Mini Concealer Brush – £3.50 / ZOEVA Rose Golden Concealer Buffer Brush – £9.00 / Real Techniques Bold Metals Triangle Concealer Brush – £10.00

Fan brush

Wanna feel like some kinda professional beauty YouTuber who’s best friends with Zoella and gets 10 million likes per photo? A fan brush will help with that. Sure, it’s a little bit extra and OTT, but it’s amazing for applying the perfect diffused cheekbone highlight. The soft, spread bristles can result in either a natural, sheer radiance, or a metallic finish that even the man on the moon will be able to spot.

Contour brush

While the kabuki brush is perfect for adding an all over warmth with your bronzer, a contour brush will help you take things to the next level when you wanna try sculpting out those cheekbones like a true Kardashian. The slanted bristles make it easy-peasy to apply products perfectly just below your cheekbones to emphasise your natural, oh so lovely face shape.

Lip brush

Dreaming of rocking the perfect peachy colour, the ultimate dark vampy shade or the classic red lip? If bold lippie is kinda your thing then you’ll probably want to arm yourself with a good lip brush. It can be a total lifesaver for complete precision, accurate application and achieving the perfect pout. Mwah.

Brow brush

Usually either in the form of a fluffy spoolie, or a double-ended duo with brush and comb, a brow brush is always useful to have close by if you’ve got wild eyebrows that need a little bit of taming every now and again. Unleash your inner werewolf.

e.l.f. Eyebrow Duo Brush – £4.50 / Benefit Angled Brush And Spoolie – £15.50 / Real Techniques Lash and Brow Groomer – £7.99

A million more eyeshadow brushes

When it comes to starting an eyeshadow brush collection, it’s kind of like chucking yourself down a bottomless black hole. They come in every single shape, size and fluffiness rating that you can possibly imagine, but trust us when we say that you definitely don’t need them all.

Start out with the essentials, and when you decide that make up is something you wanna stick with, gradually build up a few more types for your stash. An angled liner brush, a smudging brush and an angled fluffy brush will all be great to have when you’re venturing into smokey eye territory.

Spectrum Brushes The Glam Clam – £59.99

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

What do you really want to do before you turn 18? Probably feels like a long way off but these days everyone is compiling their ‘bucket lists’, trying to figure out places they want to see, foods they want to eat and experiences they want to have.

Remember, bucket lists aren’t just for big life goals or older people lucky enough to be planning their next cruise. There are rites of passage for every age group, especially when it comes to your teens and your only responsibilities are babysitting your annoying little brother and finishing your homework.

So here are five items to tick off your bucket list before you officially become an adult…

1. Start a band

It might only actually be you, and you may never make it out of your bedroom, but at some point we all decide we want to be in a band. Perhaps with your friends, perhaps with your siblings, perhaps even scouring Bandcamp for your musical soulmates. Whether you’re dreaming up angst-inspired ballads, jamming the same three chords over and over or recreating girl band dance routines, starting a band is a fun way to spend your free time even if you don’t ever perform anywhere!

2. Do your make-up entirely with testers in Superdrug

Maybe it poured with rain when you were waiting for the bus. Maybe your mum made you wipe it all off before you left the house. Maybe you just want to experiment with different products. Whatever the reason, spending a Saturday afternoon playing with all the cosmetics testers in Superdrug is an essential part of teenage life. It might not be hygienic, but it’s a great way to play! Ever wondered what you’d look like with yellow eyeshadow, green mascara and black lipstick? Now’s your time. After finishing in Superdrug, repeat the process again in Boots.

3. Make a regrettable hair choice

Trying the yellow eyeshadow tester in Superdrug shouldn’t be the only way you experiment with your appearance. Why stick to your face when your hair is ripe for the challenge too?! Figuring out who we are and what we like is an integral part of teen life and how we wear our hair is top of the list – so make the most of having a good excuse to go crazy! Of course, everyone’s idea of crazy varies. If you’ve always had long locks then going shoulder-length might seem like a big change. And you don’t have to go the whole hog straightaway; it’s totally fine to ask a friend to help you create curls with a styling tong rather than jumping hair-first into a perm…

4. Have an adventure with your mates

One of the best things about your teens is getting to spend loads of time with your bffs, making memories that you’ll treasure forever even if the friendships themselves drift away (hard to believe, I know). Nothing will beat the amazing feeling that comes when you have an adventure together, whatever it is. It could be a holiday or a bus trip to the seaside or getting the train to see an older mate at uni. Anything involving a sleeping bag deserves extra credit. Consider the ability to actually sleep in a sleeping bag as a hardcore Bear Grylls survival skill.

5. Go to a festival

Maybe this is the adventure that you and your friends go on! Obviously Glastonbury tickets are amazing if you can wangle them but your plans don’t have to be that grand. Loads of towns and cities have smaller festivals on in the summer, often for free. All you need are cut-off shorts, some glitter make up and a flower garland. Dancing with your pals to live music, soaking up the atmosphere and even queuing for the stinky portaloos will go down in the friendship memory books, for sure!

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome.