Happy Easter, gang! May the sun shine, the lambs frolic and chocolate rain down upon you all.

But first: breakfast. And while sure, the really traditional Easter Sunday breakfast is half a Cadbury’s egg with maybe a Malteser bunny to wash it down, we thought maybe this year we’d be classy and wait a couple of hours before kicking off the choc binge. And let’s remember that while chocolate tends to hog the spotlight, there are other carbs to get excited about too. We’re talking buns, hun.

So what could be a better way to kick off proceedings than with a few rounds of hot cross bun French toast? Basically nothing. Those spicy, squidgy buns’ days are numbered now, so enjoy them while you can… preferably dipped in eggy custard and fried, then topped with bacon and apple compote, as in this recipe from A Duck’s Oven. Sit down and savour, with a bunny-themed soundtrack courtesy of Florence + The Machine’s Rabbit Heart LP.

And NOW you can eat chocolate. Happy egg-hunting, chicks.

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