You haven’t really lived until you’ve found yourself standing, baffled, in the middle of an inexplicable war between two close friends.

Each of them has a case, and each of them puts that case to you, over and over again, and you listen and nod and sympathise. You can’t help being confused, though. You can’t help thinking that they’re really fighting over nothing, and should get over it, so you can all go to next week’s party together and have a nice time.

So what do you do, when you’re caught between two beefing friends? Is it possible to soothe everyone’s feelings without anyone getting more upset than they already are?

The good news is, yes! It totally is. But once emotions are in turmoil it’s easy for them to spiral, so here are some tips for keeping the road smooth.

1. Listen

Amy Schumer listening

The first one seems easy. A lot of things seem easy, really, but very few things actually are, and listening is not one of them. It’s easy to listen when your goal is simply finding the next point in the conversation when you can talk. It’s easy to listen when someone is telling an interesting story, and all you have to do is react. But listening intently, and considering someone else’s feelings and point of view is harder than you think.

No matter how baffling the conflict in question is, and no matter who you think is more wrong or right in the situation, if you don’t start out by listening properly, you won’t get anywhere. You can’t help anyone if you don’t understand where they’re coming from.

2. Feel

New Girl hug gif

While the first step on the road to reconciling your battling friends takes only concentration, step two requires a little more. Namely: tact and empathy.

You will need both to figure out when each friend is talking about important things, like their feelings and when they’re basically just venting. Everyone needs a safe space to vent, on the understanding that the venting goes no further. Vent sessions are Vegas, and what happens there stays there – your role is just to accept the flow of rage and help release it into the ether. Feelings, however, need to be worked through and understood. People have been hurt, and hurt needs to be respected.

3. Mediate

Be quiet

This is the point when a really delicate touch is necessary. Here, you are trying to get two people, separated by presumably many angry words, and behind-the-back slaggings off, and horrible things that were never actually done or said but which each has imagined the other one doing or saying, back together. It is part of the human condition that, while we know that most of our own actions are haphazard, spontaneous and totally unconsidered, we still tend to assume that other people plan every move and every syllable – so if they hurt us, they must have meant to do it. But actually they are bumbling through as much as we are.

You, as the person who has heard both sides of the story, can reassure everyone how much stuff was said in the heat of the moment, how much regret each person is feeling, and (carefully) what they might have done that needs apologising for.

Btw, it is important here to note that none of the venting needs to be communicated. Venting is sacred, what you say when you vent is rarely what you actually feel, it is nothing more than the popping of the boil of emotion. And unless you are willing to carry around the fluid from that boil and bring it out at dinner parties, you should not be repeating vent talk.

4. Buffering


Now things can get a little more fun. Once the dust has settled, once some of the wounds have healed a bit, you can gently start pushing your two friends back into the shallow waters of generally hanging out. You don’t want to do anything too dramatic to start with, not a lavish party or a weekend in Majorca. A girls’ night in is a good idea, with hot chocolates and movies and enough snacks to feed Hagrid.

The film selection is key – you want something good enough that any awkward silences can be easily pushed past, and unimportant enough that no one will mind if you end up talking all the way through it.

5. Just keep swimming

High five

A strange truth is that the best way to get yourself out of an awkward social situation is to pretend it is not awkward, until it simply stops being so. It is time for jokes. Gentle teasings that show how affectionate you all are for each other, stories about what’s been going on in everyone’s lives that gently gloss over the old rift. Before you know it, all will be forgotten and, if you’re lucky, you’ll all be better friends than you were before.

Friends fight for all sorts of reasons, and it’s always the worst – whether you’re one of the battlers, or whether you’re stuck in the no man’s land in between. But nothing lasts forever, and working through a fight is almost always worth it.


Watching a BFF go through heartbreak is almost as hard as being the one with the broken heart. It sucks, big time. Whether the love she has for a crush turns out to be oh-so-unrequited, or a childhood sweetheart has cruelly cut the cord – she’s going to need you.

Of course, the obligatory two or three days of self-pity are allowed. A tub of Ben & Jerry’s, a Twilight film marathon and a jumbo packet of heavy-duty tissues should do the trick. But then it’s time to spread some positive vibes and help her to see that your friendship is the real romance here.

1. Shout out to my ex playlist

Create a playlist for your pal and get ready to sing, shout or scream out the lyrics together while dancing like electricity is running through you. Leave the soppy ballads out of this and stick to upbeat hits with a strong, independent girl message.

Beyoncé’s greatest hits are a broken-hearted girl’s arsenal. I play them on repeat after every breakup and strut down the street/corridor/supermarket aisle with my headphones plugged in, knowing that Bey’s 100% on my side.

2. Squad, assemble!

It’s time to call in a favour from your mum and organise that sleepover she’s been promising for the last few months. Gather the girls together and ask them to bring along your BFF’s favourite snacks, or all chip in for an obscenely indulgent takeaway.

My personal film recommendation is Legally Blonde. I consider enrolling into law school for at least five minutes after every viewing of this film. Sure, the wardrobe is so dated that each outfit probably causes long-term damage to your eyes. But the story is so great, the positive message is powerful and Reese Witherspoon is peak Reese Witherspoon. Oh, and it’s hilarious!

3. Headline Glastonbury (well, kinda…)

Fact: there is nothing cooler, more liberating and as empowering than being in a band. With heartache comes top material for angsty pop hits, we have Taylor Swift as proof of this. So, dust off your dad’s guitar, tell your friend to put those piano lessons to good use, rope in a drummer and get writing.

There are loads of YouTube tutorials that you can use to learn chords, if you’re finding it tricky. You might just be the next Haim, but even if you’re not, it’s still MEGA FUN.

4. New hobbies, new friends

Meeting new people and trying new things are always a good idea. You and your best pal could enrol for after-school activities such as a sports club, drama school, dance lessons or local volunteering. Most places will offer a taster session so you can give a few activities a try before committing to something together.

Earlier this year I attended a script writing course and a community band class. I was apprehensive before turning up but they turned out to be some the most rewarding and fun evenings of my year. They were nearly as fun as watching 3 GoT episodes back-to-back on a Monday night.

5. Sign out of social media for a while

We’ve all been there, scrolling through an ex’s Instagram feed, holding our breath, hoping our shaky finger doesn’t accidentally hit the like button on the photo he’s just uploaded of a pretty girl. WHO IS SHE? WHERE ARE THEY? HOW DARE HE! Etc.


Social media is such a huge part of our lives, and generally it’s fun, positive and even necessary for communication. But after a breakup, we know it’s best left alone for a week or so – yet every single one of us totally ignores this rule despite knowing how much hurt a photo or status can cause us.

If you think you can handle it, tell your friend you’ll support her by going on a digital detox with her for a few days. Or, at least distract her from her phone by doing super cool things together instead.

6. Listen, chat, hug, LOVE

Sometimes, all you can do is be there for your friend, shower them with love, listen at the other end of the phone on a late Tuesday night and keep reminding them how awesome they are. Now is the time to do this, and your pal won’t forget it if your own heart takes a battering in the future.

If she’s really down in the dumps about things, encourage her to talk to one of her family members or the school counsellor. Just be the BFF that you’d want in your time of need, the one that you no doubt already are.

Image: Katie Edmunds

Hands up if you’re secretly missing school at the mo. Yeah, it’s not like we miss Pythagoras and his theorem or anything, but we’re just not used to being away from our buddies for so long. And no summer job is going to be able to cover the amount of meals, cinema trips or ice cream cones we need to make up for lost time.

So, with the parents’ permission, get the girl gang round to yours! You don’t need a lesson timetable to dictate your bonding time. August’s bettybox is the PERFECT inspo for recreating your own betty sleepover (*hotel not provided. Soz. Wouldn’t fit in the box).

You’ve seen the vids; you know how Grace Victory, SophDoesNails and Just Jodes rocked their betty sleepover hosting, but just incase you need a little tick list…

1. Set the vibes

Ambiance is super-important, so crack out the fairy lights and crank up the tunes. Sort a playlist ahead of time, so you can really nail the mood. You’ll be wanting some proper belters in there, so you can all sing along, plus some good dance tunes to mess about to. The bedroom floor is your stage, Beyoncé.

2. Snackage

Popcorn, marshmallows (try the chubby bunny game, but be careful not to choke), cake and a biccy or ten = sleepover snack goals. The lemon and ginger flavours in Rhythm 108’s biscuit in your August bettybox are a perfect pairing and we want a whole plateful right now.

3. Drinks

If your mum is on to you about your teeth, or your friend is getting all health conscious (erm, hello, it’s the *holidays*), The London Tea Company’s Purple Tea is a fab alternative to fizzy drinks. Now, we’re not suggesting you sit with a hot cuppa in the middle of summer. Oh, no. It’s all about iced tea, baby! And how Instagrammable is a purple drink? Very. First step Insta, next step YouTube and vlogging superstardom!

4. Get yo’ face on

Sleepovers are a great chance to try out new looks without the fear of being judged if it looks crapola. Let your friends loose on your face with your new My Flawless brush (it’s made of soft synthetic fibre that picks up the perfect amount of blusher/bronzer/powder/glitter) and the Colour Switch lippy from Saturated Colour, both included in August’s bettybox. Why not try the ombré lip tutorial featured in this month’s collective booklet?

5. Nails

You’re not hosting a proper sleepover unless nails are getting done somewhere in the room. Raise the bar a notch and expand the art past your nail beds with a Stylondon henna tattoo. It’s really quick and easy to do, and looks oh-so-pretty on your hand.

6. Sharing is caring

A girly sleepover is a great forum to share any worries and get advice from your girls who may have gone through, or are going through, similar things. As you’ve seen at our betty sleepovers, the girls share their experiences with each other, which make them feel less alone. Getting an outside opinion will always put problems into perspective.

7. Wind down

When the credits roll after the 10th film of the evening, it’s probably time to wind down. After the make-up, facemask goo, and 16 new dance routines you’ve choreographed to perfection, don’t even think about committing the cardinal sin of sleeping with your make-up on! Get the gunk out of your pores using your Urban Veda purifying face wash. Squirt into your new Spa For You Konjac sponge for a deep but gentle clean. Now, after all that, go forth and catch some zzzzzzs. You’re on breakfast duty in the morning!

If you haven’t subscribed already, don’t worry! You can sign up for a bettybox here.

Image: Kerri Walter

I’ve got a real love-hate relationship with group chats.

On the one hand, no one really has the time or patience to manually copy and paste the same sentence into a gazillion separate messages. We’re not about that. It’s way easier to moan on mass and gather important outfit info in a single shared conversation where, in theory, everyone reads and responds to texts with an suitably lol emoji at the drop of a notification.

But, we all know that’s not quite how it goes, is it?

Group chats are brilliantly chaotic at the best of times. If you’re anything like me and have roughly 19 on the go (and by that I mean 19 that exist but two that are actually ever in use), you might have noticed that they all follow pretty much the same pattern before fizzling out.

If they were all boiled down to seven stages, this would be it. Sound familiar?

1. The name game

What’s in a name, you ask? So. Much. Pressure. I’m pretty sure when Shakespeare threw that line into Romeo and Juliet, he wasn’t thinking about the stress of inviting a bunch of people into a convo and then having to decide whether to name it or not. But it’s about as stressful as what the star-crossed lovers were dealing with*. Kind of.

Obvs, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t name your group chat. But for the sake of knowing which chat is which and avoiding that tragically awkward thing of sending the wrong message to the wrong group, a named chat can be the saving grace you didn’t see coming.

*maybe don’t cite this in your English homework.

2. Who’s missing?

Working out who to include in a group chat is normally straight forward enough. But when it comes to those irregular chats, the ones with a specific purpose outside of your day-to-day gab, there’s always that minor panic of not including someone. After all, no one likes to be left out.


Saying that though, once I panicked a bit too much about not inviting every single person I knew to a conversation and accidentally added the friend whose surprise birthday we were planning. Safe to say it didn’t remain a surprise.

3. Awkward side commentary

There comes a time in every group chat when someone goes rogue. They’ll say something that you’re not happy about, that doesn’t make sense or that really needs some thought.

So you end up having separate conversation with your BFF to talk about what’s been said, which then becomes a live commentary on what is (or isn’t) spoken about.  Then you end up chatting about a load of completely unrelated things and forget about the group chat you were originally meant to be paying attention to.  Which leads us swiftly on to…

4. The dreaded ‘delivered, read, no response’ fiasco

On a scale from one to annoying, this HAS to be at the top of everyone’s list of blood-boiling, forehead-vein-popping pet hates.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally get it. Sometimes we’re on our phones and then it rings/dinner’s ready/Netflix crashes/you fall asleep. The messages we were meant to reply to are then forgotten, leaving our friends with nothing more than two blue ticks and zero idea whether we’re okay with going as the Seven Dwarf to that fancy dress party. But still, it drives everyone crazy.

5. ‘Oh. Okay. Bye then’

You unlock your phone and open your app. You check into the group conversation to see how many people read your last message because as we mentioned earlier, people forget/get busy/don’t respond. Then you see the five words no group chatter is ever emotionally ready to read…

‘Jessie has left the conversation’.


They’ve left. Like, gone. Without so much of a ‘bye guys’.

Sometimes it’s an accident and they have to awkwardly ask to be re-invited. But it never looks like an accident, does it? Oh, no. The rest of you are left scratching your heads wondering what on earth you might’ve done to annoy Jessie so much. 

6. Get a room

Ok, this might be what annoyed Jessie so much. There’s a time and a place to talk about the things that only really relate to a single person, my friends, and that’s in one of those old school one-to-one ‘conversations’.


But eventually, inevitably, someone in every group chat will direct a question an individual rather than the whole group. Next thing you know they’re 58 notifications deep into a conversation that no one else can jump into. Take it outside, people.

7. Stalemate

If you’re lucky, by this time the whole reason for starting a group chat in the first place will have been resolved. You’ll all know what you’re wearing to that fancy dress party, the surprise birthday will be planned and that thing you needed to moan about will have received a hearty amount of support.

But then everyone runs out of things to say because questions have been answered and you’re left in GCL (group chat limbo). As other conversations overtake, it’s no longer at the top of your screen and your pocket pals are left in the wilderness.

At least, that’s until the next group chat is created. See number 1.


Image: Hailey Hamilton

You… yes you! You can keep your BIG NIGHTS OUT and trips to the cinema, because as far as I’m concerned you absolutely can’t beat a sleepover. Seriously, from my cat’s birthday to Halloween, New Year’s Eve to the Strictly Come Dancing final – give me a half-baked ‘occasion’ and I’ll grab a mate, some snacks and a sleeping bag.

But isn’t having your friends round for dinner practically the same thing, you ask? Well no. No it isn’t. Yes, having your friends over for a homemade feast is fantastic, but having them stay the night is a whole different – and far superior – ball game.

Here’s why…

Blossom sleepover

Quality friendship time

We’re all so busy that under normal circumstances it’s hard to spend more than a couple of hours with a mate (usually sandwiched between boring commitments you’d sell a kidney to avoid). Sleepovers however guarantee a good 12 – 16 hours of solid gold quality friendship time. Keeerching!

You always have THE BEST conversations just before you drop off to sleep

Whether it’s a drunk-on-tiredness confessional or something nonsensical but pee-your-pants funny, some of my most memorable convos with friends have happened just before we’ve departed for snoozeville.

The munch

Everyone knows a good sleepover should involve food. LOTS OF FOOD. Basically, it’s the perfect excuse to totally overindulge – if you don’t wake up with a Haribo-induced tummy ache you’re doing it wrong.

The morning after the night before

Although you’ll probably wake up with a stiff neck and Doritos crumbs on your face in a room that reeks of ‘body’, the morning after a sleepover is still THE BEST. Because if there’s a better way to start the day than eating tea and toast in your pjs, in front of Princess Diaries, surrounded by your besties, we wanna hear about it.

Bff bonding

Sleeping next to someone is obviously a pretty intimate act, which is why a sleepover is a great way to bond. Nothing says friends4eva like a bit of occasional spooning.

Cheaper than chips

Broke (or just trying to save your pennies for a rainy day), but also in need of some serious friend time? Then a sleepover is your saviour, as they literally don’t have to cost you a penny. We know… genius!

Totes on trend

You’ve heard of ‘hygge’ – the hot-right-now Danish lifestyle trend which is basically all about being cosy – right? Well what could be more hygge than midnight hot chocolates under the duvet with your soul sisters? We think we’ve made our case.

And because I’m such a sleepover connoisseur, here are my top tips for the perfect slumber party:

1. Friends. You will need some. Ideally no more than five. Sleepovers should be intimate (not like THAT) and chill, and if the group’s too big it’ll splinter off into sub-groups and probably end in tears – or at least tension. Also – who has room to sleep more than five extra people in their house? Exactly.

Sleepover gif

2. Food. You will need some. In fact, the more the better. Sleepovers are all about homely indulgence – no one should ever feel peckish. Main meal wise, you really can’t beat pizza or, if you’re feeling fancy, fajitas. But don’t stop there. You’ll also need snacks, lots of snacks.


Little Mix eating pizza

3. Entertainment. If you’re planning to watch a movie, please learn from my past mistakes and make it one you’ve all watched a million times before. There’s absolutely no way you’re all going to stay quiet the whole way through (or be able to pause every time someone needs a loo break), so watching something that will require your full concentration is a recipe for sleepover disaster.

Sleepover girls

Now, go forth and slumber! Or at least lie in the dark and try to, until one of you starts laughing.


Image: Hailey Hamilton

Today is International Friendship Day.

It’s the perfect time to celebrate awesome friends, whether they’re on the other side of the world, a few doors down the street or half-watching Pretty Little Liars in bed next to you.

I made, kept and lost a lot of friends when I was growing up, as my family moved around exactly eight times before I turned 16. It’s tough, and my poor mum endured a lot of tears and tantrums that I dedicated to her.

We first moved to another country while I was at primary school. I felt like a pea being ripped out of its pod and thrown into a mountainous salad of the unfamiliar. The kids in my new school wanted to know more about me and I just wanted to go back to my ‘real’ home.

But the tears of sadness and anxiety soon dried. I found the joy of writing letters to my pen-pals in England and started to open up to the new crowd and give them a chance. I made friends and soon felt like the most popular kid in school, just because everyone wanted to be pals with the new English girl.

After a couple of years, my family returned to England and I faced the sadness and frustration all over again. I cried my eyes out when my new best friend gave me a brown faux-leather coat as a leaving present – I’d eyed it up in the local department store for weeks.

But my emotions were mixed once more, as I was excited to be reunited with my old buddies, telling them all about my time away and showing off my pierced ears and bobbed hair. I would reach peak popularity, again!

I never saw the girl who gifted me with the coat after I left, but I’ll always be thankful to her
for being my pal and giving me something that made me feel like I was a total rock star. And I’m forever grateful to the friendly classmates who welcomed me into their school and invited me to their birthday parties like I was royalty.

Looking back, these experiences helped me to mature into a teenager, then adult who can cope with change. I learnt to be brave and open minded about meeting new people, which can often feel like walking into a room of Death Eaters.

I inherited and continued the habit of moving around well after finishing school and leaving the nest. I even somehow ended up in Paris for six months! It put me in good stead for continuing to make new friends. I learn something from every person I meet; about the world, about them and about myself.

I went on to live with an Irish girl and a Spanish girl when I moved to Edinburgh. We’d never met before moving in together but I soon considered them two of my best friends. Last year we reunited at my Spanish friend’s family home in Madrid and it felt like nothing had changed, except her gorgeous apartment wasn’t infested with mice and mould like our old digs. We’re meeting up again this year, in Morocco, using our friendship as a perfect excuse to explore the world together.

There are also the times when other people are the ones to leave a friend-shaped hole in my life.

My best friend moved to Canada with a boy. She was so excited, I thought I’d never see or hear from her again. But thanks to Skype, we ended up speaking more regularly than we had done in a long time. In fact, I definitely did the old ‘oh the Wifi is breaking up’ trick a few times when Made in Chelsea was about to start during one of our Monday night catch ups. But even though she was approximately a million miles away, I knew she’d be there for me no matter what.

Friendships don’t need constant attention, just a little watering now and again to keep things in bloom. And in a world of social media and instant communication, saying goodbye in person doesn’t mean that the friendship must end.

I have recently reconnected with old friends in London through Facebook, I natter with my Yorkshire based buds on WhatsApp throughout the week, and I receive much needed grownup advice and guidance from my talented writer friend in China (along with British reality TV lolz and bantz that she admirably keeps us with over there).

Even if all you can do to today is send a good thought to someone, do it for the friends – old and new, near and far – who have helped shape you into the person that you are.

Me? I want to thank all my friends, wherever you are, for constantly making me feel as special as I did the first time I put on that coat and strutted into the classroom.


Image: Kate Borrill

Friendships are built on love. Friendships are built on trust. Friendships are built on a shared and unshakeable love for Beyoncé. But those friendships can also be broken, and you know how? With a pair of tweezers. Yup. Plucking your bestie’s eyebrows when you’re 13-years-old and totally inexperienced in the realm of beauty can totally destroy a friendship. And for me, it did.

Ok, I’m being dramatic. It didn’t ‘destroy’ mine and Hannah’s friendship, but it did cause my bff to cry for a few hours, hate me for a few more and result in at least five years of careful eyebrow pencil application. Not the best outcome for what was meant to be an impulsive re-shape in her parent’s front room one Saturday night.

The year it happened (2000 aka The Millennium. I know, I’m ancient) wasn’t the best year for fashion – or beauty for that matter. The hot trends ranged from dreadlocks and cargo pants to platforms and purple shimmer lipstick. Anyways, the idea was to have a girls’ night in, watch X Factor and carry out the beauty treatment of the moment: tadpole brows.

I can’t quite remember where I got the inspo from. Maybe it was Christina Aguilera’s barely-there brows, or Posh Spice’s slug-shaped style that began halfway across her face – either way, the look I was going for was crystal clear: super-thin and super-short with a bulge at the start of eyebrow. (Unfortunately we didn’t have Cara Delevingne and her beautiful, bushy face-framers to aspire to.)

So there I was, tools in hand as I made Hannah lay back on a pillow and close her eyes. I put some ice in a tea towel and placed it on each eyebrow to numb them before the plucking commenced. I then stretched out her forehead to avoid accidentally plucking the skin and began softly working away at the wiry hairs that had sprouted on her face since hitting puberty.

After plucking for about 10 minutes, I plucked some more. And then some more. And then, of course, you have the famous ‘evening-out’ process, which took another 10 minutes. And then another 10. Fast forward an hour later and poor Han’s eyebrows were not only red raw, but virtually invisible. To say I had gone a little OTT would be an understatement.

The mistake? Apart from the fact that the eyebrow trend of the 00s was truly hideous, I hadn’t been showing Han my work in progress. In fact, I hadn’t even confirmed that she definitely even wanted the tadpole. I also hadn’t been looking at her eyebrows as actual things that were meant to live on her face forever more. I was too focused on the hairy strips being exactly the same size and shape (it’s a tricky business, y’know). At no point had we checked in the mirror, and at no point had she demanded to see what they looked like either, she just trusted me. And I had failed. Horribly.

It was clear I didn’t have maximum customer satisfaction afterwards as when Hannah finally looked in the mirror she gasped loudly at her own reflection, then laugh-cried (you know that horrible hybrid emotion that happens when you get a bit hysterical?) She tried to pretend it was fine but we were already planning our trip to town the next morning to buy an eyebrow pencil. Her brows were officially ruined.

“It’ll be fine,” I kept reassuring her. “They’ll grow back!” But a month later and, annoyingly, they had held their shape. It was like I had plucked out the root and the hair had just given up on life right there. The months continued to pass and the eyebrows continued to stay stubby and thin. The months then turned into years and although we repaired our friendship, nothing could bring back her bushy brows. (You might think I’m over-exaggerating but she’s still using the same brand of eyebrow pencil to fill out the gaps today. She’s 30.)

So, the lesson to you all? Remember that trends change. Quick. And also remember that a mirror is your best friend (as well as your actual best friend, obvs) when you’re removing really important facial hair.

My advice? Unless you have a genuine qualification in beauty therapy or are as nifty with tweezers as Kim Kardashian’s make up artist, steer clear of your bff’s brows. And your own for that matter. The fuzzy little things will thank you in the end.


Model siblings are nothing new. We’ve got the Hadids: Gigi, Bella and Anwar. The Delevingnes: Cara and Poppy. The Hills: Taylor, Mackinley and Chase (plus their photographer sister, Logan Rae). But, now, there are two new photogenic sisters on the block: Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray Hamlin.

Delilah was showing me her calf muscles…impressive

A post shared by Amelia (@ameliagray) on

Daughters of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna and her actor husband Harry Hamlin, the comparisons between Delilah and Amelia, and Gigi and Bella, are inevitable. The Hadid girls’ mum, Yolanda, was also a Real Housewife and handily Delilah and Amelia have the same one blonde, one brunette thing going on as their elder counterparts.

But, Hadid connections aside, why should you get invested in @delilahbelle and @ameliagray? Well, funny you should ask…

They’re both signed to IMG Models

fyi we jumped in the pool today 😝

A post shared by Delilah Belle (@delilahbelle) on

Joining the ranks of Victoria’s Secret Angels Candice Swanepoel and Jasmine Tookes, plus modelling legends like Kate Moss and Gisele, Delilah and Amelia were both recently snapped up by IMG. That means big modelling jobs, which in turn means epic behind the scenes snaps on both their ’grams, so stay tuned.

Their style is sick

we're motherf'ing star boys

A post shared by Delilah Belle (@delilahbelle) on

The Hamlin girls employ stylist Odessa Lu Nikolić and it shows. From red carpets to Coachella, Delilah and Amelia are never not looking amazing, so their Instagrams are a seriously great source of fashion inspo.

Their vacay photos will give you serious wanderlust

Yo where's my baguette 🥖??

A post shared by Amelia (@ameliagray) on

Birthdays in Paris, beach weeks in Cabo; Delilah and Amelia know how to live. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself on Skyscanner immediately after peeping their feeds.

Their friends are all cooler than cool

Quiet on set

A post shared by Amelia (@ameliagray) on

Expect an insane line-up of celebrity offspring in the Hamlins’ pics, including Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, plus Sophia and Scarlet Stallone (yep, their dad is Sylvester). You’ll end up following them all – and that’s no bad thing.

They really are BFFs

There’s no sibling rivalry here, as Delilah and Amelia do pretty much everything together, with Amelia calling her big sis “my best friend in the whole freaking world”.

We can’t wait to see them conquer it.

Image: Instagram/delilahbelle/Katie Edmunds

At 5ft 10, I am the same height as Taylor Swift. I like this fact because it’s surely some sort of sign that my dream of duetting All Too Well with her live on stage is going to come true. It also makes me feel a bit better about being ‘the tall girl’ in my friendship group.

Taylor’s not the only talented, successful, fierce as hell long-limbed lioness either. Tennis champion Serena Williams is 6ft 1 and Game of Thrones Brienne of Tarth (IRL name, Gwendoline Christie) is a tremendous 6ft 3.

But the reality of being a tall girl at school or college is a different story to commanding Wembley stage, Wimbledon centre court or the battlefields of Westeros.

I felt clumsy and clunky walking through the corridors, like a discombobulated giraffe wobbling down the catwalk behind a squad of cute, nimble meerkats. It was even worse with my friendship group at home, I swear none of them grew over 5ft 5 while I continued to shoot up like Jack’s troublesome beanstalk.

If you’re in the Tall Club, you might recognise some of the same experiences that I had:

Shoe shopping is an absolute nightmare

Chances are, you have some big old feet at the end of those powerful, endless limbs. The problem is, ballet pumps and strappy sandals don’t look so dainty in size 8 or 9. Rather than asking ‘do I like these shoes?’ when out shopping, the real question is ‘do they look like Sideshow Bob’s clodhoppers?’. Oh well, androgynous styles are much cooler anyway.

All jeans are ‘ankle grazers’

I used to be too scared to wander into the Tall section with the older giraffe herd. Up until the point when I realised that this was absolutely ridiculous of me, I was relegated to regular leg lengths. Flared, skinny, bootcut, straight – none of them ever made it past my cold ankles. It’s quite lucky then, that Kate Moss is a total advocate for the ankle grazer (and she’s only 5ft 7!).

Shorter friends complain about being petite

My much shorter best friend once demanded we leave a party early because she felt too small. Did she not realise how often I feel like a telephone pole standing out like an eyesore in a field of pretty poppies, or a dog-bitten Barbie in a toy box of Polly Pockets? But at least I learnt that short girls have their problems too.

‘You’re the same height as a top model!’ is not a compliment

Oh, really? Does Gigi Hadid also have this warm layer of puppy fat, relentlessly shiny forehead and man hands? Does Gigi feel the need to hunch over like Quasimodo when she’s around her friends just to fit in? I might be tall but I’m not blind. Anyway, I’d much rather be compared to a rocket scientist or a sports champion thank you very much.

Borrowing and sharing clothes is out of the question

Your friends swap clothes more times than Kanye and Kim swap saliva (eww, sorry!). But there’s no way that you’re going to fit into that cute floral jumpsuit that your BFF bought in the Topshop Petite section. It’s just the same old wardrobe for tall gals, while everyone else has the lolz and bantz of clothes swapping fun. Oh well, at least there won’t be any arguments about unexplained stains or rips.

Group photos are a painful experience

Usually, I use every trick in the tall girl’s book to try not to stick out like a sore thumb in photos: bending the knee, tilting the head, sitting down, wishing to be invisible. At least by pulling a silly pose, it can actually make you look like the most fun person in the photo.

Other tall girls make the best allies

Luckily, I ended up befriending two equally tall girls during my time at school. We borrowed each other’s clothes, walked around in a group without bending our knees or heads and shared tips on where to buy skirts that actually reached the knee. It was a blessing, and the first wide-stride step towards accepting my tall girl credentials.

Now in my twenties, I love being tall. I admit, I still have my off-days where I just want to blend it – but don’t we all? Even Taylor probably has body hang-ups but that’s not enough to stop her from being one of the biggest (and tallest) popstars on the planet.

It’s all about just owning it: having a snazzy sock collection to decorate ostentatious ankles with; not being scared to wear the highest of heels that will intimidate any badly-behaved guy; and strutting like a proud flamingo.

Those size 8 boots were made for walking, so do it with your head held high and everyone looking up at you.


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Your first love is super exciting, guys. The butterflies when they text back, the electric shock when they hold your hand, the first kiss, the lets-get-married-and-have-babies feeling you can’t suppress. It’s slushy and exciting and all-consuming. You want to spend time with your shiny new boyfriend 24/7, right? But if there’s one rule I can teach you early on in the game of love, it’s not to sideline your bff.

Sure, they can’t gaze into your eyes over a chocolate sundae and make you melt inside and out, but they were there at the beginning of this wild romance, and they’ll be there at the end. Unless the married-and-have-babies thang comes true, in which case they’ll be right by your side at the wedding anyways, because CHIEF BRIDESMAID.

The first rule: it doesn’t have to be bff vs boyfriend. You might not be able to recreate Monica and Chandler’s super-cute r’ship with their pals in Friends (unless you’ve all been besties at school since day one) but there’s no harm in merging groups. Why can’t your girls and his guys come together in a big ball of joy and love? The answer is: they can. Just don’t be too PDA in public. There’s absolutely no fun to be had watching two people play tonsil tennis in the corner of Maccy D’s for three straight hours. Trust me, I’ve been there. Also, I’m pretty sure tongue exhaustion is a legit condition.

Next, mate dates. Make time to hang with your best friend and do not, I repeat, do not invite your new boyfriend along. Those few hours hanging out in your bedroom together trying out the latest braids or strolling round the shopping centre catching up on school goss are precious. Treat them with respect. Your boyfriend has no place here so tell him you’re a sassy, independent woman that needs some girl time.

Another rule to revise and memorise forever: if you’re on a mate date, PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. I’m just gonna say it – it’s not nice if you’re ‘there’ but not really there. It can make your friend feel unimportant and second best if your hang-out consists of her sitting in silence while you send 196 WhatsApp messages to your boyf. Turn your phone on silent, pop it in your bag and gaze into her eyes over a chocolate sundae.

The lesson? You’ll always need your best friend to confide in so don’t cut them out. Whether you need a moan about the new ‘moustache’ your boyfriend’s trying out (bum-fluff is not a good look, guys) or a big, ugly cry at the fact he likes his computer games more than you, your bestie will always be there for you. Because friends are for life, not just for killing time between crushes…


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I mean, obviously that’s great. So great. For her. Couldn’t be more chuffed, obviously, because we’re basically the same person. Sisters from another mister. Soul mates. But…

CRAP. This is a disaster. I’m basically never going to see her again.

I’m going to die alone. Alone, old and friendless, after a life of solo Harry Potter marathons with no one even to share a tub of Phish Food with when Sirius dies.

Still, it’s early days. Could all be over by Christmas. After all, she’s never been entirely sold on his eyebrows, and they’re only going to grow closer together as time goes by…

Jeez, what am I saying?! I’m a MONSTER! This. Is. Good. News. In fact, it’s such good news I am going to Whatsapp her right now and INSIST we go to the cinema together, the three of us, so I can get to know him. If you can’t break ‘em, join ‘em, that’s what I say….

Or dinner. Yes maybe dinner is safer. Then I don’t have to listen to them making out halfway through Wonderwoman while I sit there trying to mask the sound of lip-on-lip action with my own aggressive munching on single-portion popcorn crying my own quiet tears…Oh GAD.

Woooahh, hang on. Why am I so stressed? It’s 2017. There is an all-female superhero on our movie screens. I’m not going to let a man, or the absence of a man, stand in the way of my own happiness. I’m an unconquerable warrior. I am Diana, princess of…


Wait, maybe Bex’s bae has friends! Man friends! He could set me up with one of them, and then we can double date, and all make out in the cinema together!

I mean, not in that way, obvs. Five rows apart at least.

Joint weddings – are they a thing?

I’m going to ask her to ask him, for real. Let’s get this ball rolling. What’s that quote grandma says, about doors closing and windows opening? Just goes to show you.

Might look a bit desperate though, asking out the blue like that. Should probably get to know him before treating him like some kind of man vending machine.

Mmm, man vending machine. Why has nobody invented one of those yet?

They’ve probs got them in Japan, tbf. Maybe I should move there.

Wait, what if he hates me?

What if I hate HIM?

This is the beginning of the end. It starts with plastering couple selfies over Insta, and it ends in me peering through a church window at their nuptials, having been cancelled for revealing my true feelings ten years previously.

Damn! She’s just whatsapped me, demanding to see my face in Starbucks asap. Is it because she can hear my thoughts? Oh. No. She wants some girl time. Some friend time. Some ‘me and her’ time.

I am an idiot. THIS ships’s for life – boy or no boy.


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Festival season has well and truly arrived, and you couldn’t be more excited to spend your weekends listening to great music in muddy fields – when you actually manage to get tickets, that is.

But sometimes the festival Gods just aren’t on your side; the passes sell out too fast, your cash flow is lower than low, or your mum has put her foot down because it’s the sixth time this summer you’re dodging your Saturday job to spend two days doing nothing but watching your favourite bands.

We’ve all been there, but what makes matters worse is that you know ALL your mates will be going, and you’ll need to listen to them going on about what a great time they had for weeks after. Yep, festival FOMO is real, and these are its emotional stages…

1. Denial

That awkward moment when all your mates managed to bag tickets and you didn’t – but you’re totally FINE with it. FIIIIIIIINE.

2. Resentment

“How on Earth could Becky afford to go when she just went to Glastonbury and she doesn’t even have a weekend job?! Bet her parents bought her tickets, spoiled brat.”

3. Fear

What if your non-appearance taints your social status? What if your buds have loads of new in-jokes and ‘you had to be there’ moments afterwards? WHAT IF SOMEONE SNOGS THE GUY YOU REALLY FANCY AND YOU’RE NOT THERE TO STOP IT?! So many possible, terrible, ridiculous scenarios are running through your mind right now.

4. Sadness

It would have been such a great weekend with your friends. You’ve always wanted to see that headliner. Tiny tears are escaping from your eyes and you don’t know how to stop them.

5. Acceptance

It’s cool. You don’t actually like The 1975 anyway, so a real fan should benefit from being able to get tickets, rather than you standing miming the words to Somebody Else when you don’t really know them.

6. Relief

It’s chucking it down with rain on festival weekend and all your pals have had to buy emergency wellies and waterproofs. Meanwhile, you’ll be at home, sipping tea and binge-watching Glow on Netflix. Phew.

7. Boredom

Literally everyone is at the festival. You have nobody to hang with all weekend. You’re actually considering doing the food shop with your mum, even though you’re still mad at her for not letting you go. What is life?

8. Envy


9. Annoyance

If you have to see one more message on the group chat about someone being lost and trying to make a meeting point you’ll scream. Ditto all the photos they’re sharing with each other – just make another group, guys.

10. Smugness

It’s all over Twitter that Bieber cancelled his set. That’s the main reason your girls were going. LOL.

11. Overwhelming happiness

Your friends are back! They still like you! Nobody snogged your non-boyfriend! Now when’s the next event you need to try and buy tickets for? You’re NOT missing out again.

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