Warning: reading this will cause itching.

Every summer, my friends and I would become inseparable. We would have marathon sleepovers, bouncing from house to house. We would monopolise each living room with a tangle of pillows and mattresses before falling asleep curled around each other like a whole drawer of spoons.

We shared meals and clothes and sun cream, which was nice. We shared hairbrushes and pillows and towels, which was not.

One summer, we noticed that our heads were itchy. Not in an absent, scratch-and-it’s-over way. But more like, I-want-to-dig-my-nails-into-my-scalp-and-gouge-out-entire-chunks-of-flesh sort of way.

In a hugely unsurprising turn of events, we all had head lice.

It was impossible to identify who patient zero was. Not only did we all have lice, but all of our siblings had lice too. As did an unsuspecting and completely horrified parent or two.

Looking back, I realise this is the closest I have ever come to being part of an epidemic. Lice were everywhere. All across our neighbourhood, towels, duvets, pillow cases, bed sheets, dresses and t-shirts were washed twice and hung to dry in the harsh Australian sun. Finally, the hole in the ozone layer could do something useful for us.

Hairbrushes and combs were left to soak for hours in the sink. Ha! Take that lice.

Cowboy hats (they were in that year, don’t judge me) and miscellaneous sporting caps were thrown out in a bug-induced panic.

Next we assembled, like some sort of Ghostbusters team, in my next door neighbours’ garden. We came armed with nit combs, loo roll and a bottle of conditioner each.

We sat in our bikinis, one behind the other, like a weird mix of a beauty pageant and a conga line. The process began. Apply entire bottle of conditioner to the person in front’s head. Comb a section of hair. Wipe comb on loo roll. Say ‘ew.’ Comb a section of hair. Wipe comb on loo roll. Say ‘ew.’ Comb a section of hair. Wipe comb on loo roll. Say ‘ew.’

We were like a colony of less sophisticated monkeys, simultaneously thrilled and disgusted by the entire ecosystem going on in our lemon-bleached locks. We dispelled hundreds, if not thousands of lice from our heads along with alarmingly thick chunks of hair.

The idea was floated that we should just shave our heads and be done with it. We all murmured assent. But we knew none of us was ever going to part with our hair, even if it was so infested with lice that we could have named one after each member of the Kardashian/Hadid/Jenner clan going back five generations and still have plenty of lice left over.

Instead, we carried on with our grooming in companionable silence that was occasionally interrupted with a ‘Woah! Look how big this one is!’ and we would pass the impressively large lice around like some sort of repulsive trophy.

It wasn’t a particularly glamorous experience and if I could have avoided it, I probably would have. But I’ve done some reading on ‘grooming behaviour‘ and Wikipedia (don’t judge my sources either) tells me that an animal helping another animal clean itself is a form of social bonding that helps build trust. And I kind of know what they mean.

It’s that same feeling as when your mum paints the fingernails on your right hand, or your friend braids your hair. That feeling of someone else loving you enough to want to take care of you. And on the flip side, you trusting them enough to not screw it up.

The lice went away eventually, as lice generally do. But the friends? Well, they’re stuck with me forever.

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Image: Project Mc²

We’ve all seen Toy Story 3. We know the dangers that can await toys when their owners grow up and stop playing with them. But what about when that owner is you?

This doesn’t just apply to toys. What about all the random stuff that you’ve collected and feel nostalgic about – concert tickets, cinema stubs, holiday souvenirs, sweet wrappers, the long plait you had cut off at 11 (maybe it’s just me who still has theirs!?). While it’s fun to keep mementoes, no-one wants to be stuck in the past.

Rather than keeping every single thing that’s ever been part of your life, pick out what you love the best. It’s a fun trip down memory lane, especially on a boring Sunday afternoon when you can rope family into talking about the good old days – even if it was only 2014.

Once you know what you cannot possibly part with, here are six easy suggestions for what to do with it…

1. Start a record of the year

Using a pinboard or a scrapbook, create a collage for the year as it’s happening, adding in anything and everything that you want to keep. In January you can then add the items that you really treasure to a memory box. This can be something pretty like an old suitcase or practical; think concertina file, label one section per year. Simples!

2. Celebrate your favourites

Create a wall display for your favourite band, film or holiday, keeping all the photos and tickets related to it in one spot that you get to see all the time – like a totally-not-weird shrine to The Bieb.


3. Make an exhibition of your own artwork

Gather all the amazing artwork you’ve ever produced (and of course it is all amazing. Especially that potato print picture of your nan that you did in nursery) in one folder or even make a photo book of it. You could also go one step further by photographing it and getting mugs printed as gifts for the ’rents. Or just upload it as the wallpaper on your family laptop as a reminder to everyone of your awesomeness.

4. Curate a display

For years, curation was what staff in art galleries and museums did, but now Instagrammers everywhere talk about curating their homes. You probably don’t have free reign to rearrange the living room but you can set about curating a corner of your room in homage to your childhood.

Clear a space where you can display the objects that mean the most to you.  This works especially well if you have a collection, whether it’s dinosaurs or Sylvanian Families. Use a shelf or a related item such as dolls in a pram or Barbies in their jeep.

There are also great cheap storage solutions that can be adapted. A scarf tidy, for instance, can be hung on a wall and used to hold a bunch of soft toys. Do some essential Pinterest browsing to get inspired #itsresearchhonest.

Rather than simply booting your beloved teddy off your bed, you can sit them on their own dedicated mini chair instead!

5. Organise a children’s library

Bring all your favourite children’s books together, shelve them in one spot and call it a library! If you have any related items (who doesn’t own some Harry Potter merch?), place them alongside.

6. Build a toybox 

This doesn’t literally have to be built, although making a toy box would be an *awesome* DT project #courseworksorted.

Go on a scavenger hunt around the house to see what you can use, whether it’s a basket or even a cardboard box that you can decorate. Pop all the toys you’re keeping inside and job done.

I did this and it’s a super easy way to entertain younger cousins and other small people that come round. And if you’re free to play with them, you can recreate the scene from the end of Toy Story 3 in your own bedroom.

It’s what your toys deserve.

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Winter clothes sound so good on paper. Cute skirts, cosy jumpers, lovely thick tights… and you can never have enough pairs of boots, right? Let’s be honest, it’s a breeze compared to summer fashion, which is all weird cut-outs and the ever-present danger of accidentally flashing someone. But cold-weather clothing isn’t without its challenges, and if none of these things have ever happened to you, please, PLEASE tell us how.

1. Your feet will feel permanently damp

Ballet pumps are a definite no-go at the slightest hint of rain, but we all know how unpredictable the weather is, so you can guarantee you’ll end up with squishy soles at least once this winter. Of course, you could wear a pair of sturdy boots, but the rain will still find its way in somehow. And if, miraculously, your shoes remain completely watertight, your feet will still end up damp because they’ve been sweating in their airless prisons. You can’t win.

2. Long hair? Say hello to the scarf dreadlock

Long hair + scarf = one big matted mess at the back of your head. And it’s usually at the nape of your neck, too, where it’s the most painful to comb out knots. Ouch.

3. You’ll never be wearing the right amount of layers

Literally never. So you’ll either be too hot and carrying a cumbersome coat, or too cold and wishing you had it with you.

4. Everything is made of static

You’re going to spend the next three months wearing materials like wool, nylon and polyester, which means you’re going to spend the next three months tackling flyaway hair and being afraid of touching door handles in case you get a static shock.

5. Tights, and everything about them

Tights: great in theory, just the absolute worst in practice. They ladder when you’re putting them on (or when you’ve just left the house so there’s nothing you can do about it), they sit uncomfortably on your hips, dig into your stomach, hang low around your crotch, create static (see above) and have you ever smelled the feet of them after a long day? DON’T.

6. Your best coat becomes covered in bobbles

You’ll only get a couple of wears out of your beautiful new winter coat before a few bobbles appear – usually under the arms where there’s a bit of friction. No problem, you think, before diligently removing them with a lint brush or razor. Then a few more pop up, and in places where there’s no friction at all. Then even more. What the…? At this stage you don’t even know how they keep appearing. Eventually you just do the bare minimum to make your coat look vaguely presentable, then shove it in the back of the cupboard, telling yourself you’ll get another one next year. When the same thing will happen.

7. You need a massive bag to carry your essentials around

Because now your essentials include a hat, scarf and gloves, several packets of tissues, various flakiness-fighting creams and lip balms, and an umbrella. And those are just the essentials.

8. Keeping knitwear neat is a never-ending battle

Fingernails, cats, jewellery, door handles, zips, Velcro… everything is a hazard when you’re wearing a nice knitted jumper. And if you do catch a snag, you can guarantee it’ll be somewhere super obvious, like right in the middle of your boobs.

9. The thing you want is always in the wash

It’s cold out so you layer up to keep warm, then you enter a building and it’s like 100 degrees, and suddenly you’re sweatier than you ever remember being during the summer. Add rain, slushy snow and mud splashes to the mix and you’ll be lucky to get more than one wear out of any item before it’s turfed into the laundry basket. Which is where it’ll be the next time you desperately need it.

10. Co-ordination is complicated

It’s pretty hard to give off sleek, sophisticated outfit vibes when you’ve got to pair your LBD with a big padded coat and cartoon mittens. Ditto, a long thick overcoat won’t help when you’re trying to keep it cute and casual. You need to keep all bases covered – sounds like an excuse to go shopping to us!

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Periods happen to most of us ladies, so it’s no surprise that everyone’s monthly frenemy has made it into more than a few Hollywood movies, for better or worse.

Maybe you haven’t noticed these menstruation references in your favourite films before, but you definitely won’t be able to miss them after checking out the quotes below…

1. “Mr. Hall, I was surfing the crimson wave. I had to haul ass to the Ladies’.”

Perhaps the most quoted line about periods EVER, top marks to Clueless’ Cher Horowitz for not only using her time of the month (“the crimson wave”) as an excuse for being late, but also for being bold enough to announce it in front of her entire class.

2. “Somebody wrote in that book that I’m lying about being a virgin, ’cause I use super-jumbo tampons, but I can’t help it if I’ve got a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina!”

Mean Girls supporting character Bethany Byrd got some truly epic lines, including this reference to The Plastics’ Burn Book, which made fun of her tampon choices. Regina George clearly never had a heavy period.

3. “Ok, w-why do you have tampons in your boot?”

In She’s The Man, Viola did a great job of pretending to be her twin brother Sebastian… except when her tampon stash got discovered by roommate Duke (hiya, Channing Tatum). In fairness, she did a pretty good job of convincing him and the lads they were just for nosebleeds, and cracked us up in the process.

4. “Adam, did you make me a period mix?”

No Strings Attached didn’t just have a line about periods; it had a whole scene. Top marks to Adam for not only making Emma a period mix CD (now it would be a Spotify playlist for sure), but for also sympathising with all her girlfriends during that time of the month, which brings us to…

5. “It’s like a crime scene in my pants.”

Another classic No Strings Attached quote that we can all 100% relate to. Poor undies.

6. “What if I forget to flush the toilet and there’s a tampon in there? And not like a cute, oh, it’s a tampon, it’s the last day. I’m talking like a crime scene tampon. Like Red Wedding, Game of Thrones.”

Trainwreck and Amy Schumer addressed that almighty fear we all have of leaving a bloody tampon in the toilet – and at your crush’s house, no less. While we know we really shouldn’t care, it’s nice to have some kind of element of mystery, which is kinda hard to maintain once someone knows what your used tampons looks like.

7. “Someone perioded on my f**king leg!”

Superbad took the lads approach to periods when, after dancing with a girl at a house party, Seth found himself with blood on his trousers and was obviously a big baby about it. Boys, eh?

Hey, it’s better to give it a break anyway… probably

1. Oh god it is too early for any human to be awake. Why did Yesterday Me think Today Me would want to get up at this time and wash her hair? Was she deluded?

2. Let’s assess the damage. Maybe this is the point where it supposedly starts conditioning itself? Maybe it’ll look magically fresh and elegantly dishevelled and I can go back to sleep!

3. Please let it look magically fresh and elegantly dishevelled.

4. Oh.

5. How can pillows cause so much chaos when they are so soft and lovely? Did I accidentally sleep in a hedge without realising?

6. No. No, I’d have scratches from the… twigs.

7. It’s fiiine, it’s just a little bit rumpled. Those kinks will probably drop right out.

8. Who am I kidding, my roots look like a mountain range. I could have tiny groups of people doing their Duke of Edinburgh Award on my head.

9. But there is one simple, easy solution! WET IT DOWN.

10. WET

11. IT

12. DOWN.

13. There we go, all wetted. I look great. I look slick. I look like Chrissy Teigen crossed with Lucius Malfoy. Although of course I can’t go back to bed now because my head is wet and the pillow will make it worse, so nice one genius.

14. It’s fine, I’ll wait for it to dry while making a nutritious breakfast and catching up on current affairs.

15. JK, I’m going to scroll through Instagram with one eye open for the exact length of time it would have taken to wash my hair anyway.

16. Ok it still looks wet. Is it still wet… or just greasy? Please let it be wet.

17. Nup. Grease.

18. Brilliant. Brilliant. And now I don’t have time to wash it anyway, so I guess this is the hair we’re going with today. Brilliant.

19. Thank god for dry shampoo though. How did anyone cope in the days when shampoo only came wet?

20. Hats. That was what hats were for.

21. Right, just a modest spritz and my head will be fresh as a daisy again. Just a leeeetle bit.

22. And a leeetle bit more…

23. …and a leetle bit mo- oh right, too much and now I look like the ghost of Christmas past. I am Moaning Myrtle. I am Mary Berry’s Victoria sponge cake.

24. Although a Victoria sponge cake probably involves less grease, tbh.

25. Brush it through! It’s fiiiiine, just massage it in with your fingers like they tell you to on the can, then brush it out. Keep brushing. And a bit more.

26. And a bit more.

27. Maybe if I wet it down again?

28. NO.

29. Right, roots looking better. Still a bit dusty. But that’s ok, that’s just… vintage-inspired. ‘Heritage’, they’d probably call it in Vogue. I have heritage hair. I am very on-trend. I will be like one of those aristocratic models who is too cool and posh and bohemian to be clean.

30. It’s better for your hair not to wash it anyway! Everyone knows that. Unless that’s one of those lies people tell themselves, like ‘actually fruit is worse for you than a burger’. 

31. Now I must tackle the weird twisty bits and flat bits. I could do this the sensible and careful way, by using a suitable protector spray and easing them out with my hairdryer on a moderate heat. Or I could do them the lazy way, by battering them with my hair straighteners until they behave.

32. My poor hair. I am terrible to my hair. I wouldn’t blame it if one day it just got up and left me.

33. *whisper* Please don’t leave me, hair.

34. Is that… toast? Is someone making me toast?

35. Nope, that is my hair burning. That’s the delicious waft of baked human proteins, that is. Blech.

36. Should I just sack it all off and put it up? A messy bun, that’ll solve everything! Praise be to the messy bun! I should have done this right from the beginning.

37. Well, it’s definitely messy. I have ticked that box. But it’s not exactly messy the way that messy buns are on Pinterest, is it? It’s less like lovely voluminous #croissanthair and more like a kind of… partially digested teacake.

39. May as well whack a bit of serum on, see if that’ll help. And some salt spray. And a tiny bit more dry shampoo.


41. Hats. This is what hats are for.

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Image: Katie Edmunds

Being an identical twin is pretty cool: not only do you have a ready-made BFF/roommate/ cheerleader/stylist on hand, but forget having to painstakingly mock up a fancy dress costume – you can just come as The Shining twins. (Yep, I happen to think they’re PRETTY cute)

I’m a twin (identical if you want to know the ins and out) and even now that we’re in our twenties, people still get us confused – probably because we both have long black hair down to our back. It’s not hard to see why twins have always been a source of fascination for everyone. From The Parent Trap’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to, er, Jedward – twins have always intrigued everyone.

We’re pretty used to the stares now (I gave up thinking I had something stuck in my teeth years ago) and the ‘are you twins?’ question STILL rears its head almost every day. We might have left school nine years ago but here’s what happens if you have a clone…

You have an existing USP

Forget being known as the girl with the red velvet choker/pixie fringe, you’re forever referred to as The Twins. Oh, and even when you’ve left school? You’re still known as that. Yep, really.

You’re always asked who’s the older twin

And when you tell them to guess they get it wrong. Every. Darn. Time. And as for who’s the evil twin? We both won’t admit to that (it’s definitely her though).

People WILL confuse you

Get used to chatting or waving to strangers who assume you’re the other twin – even our dad still does it. That’s okay as were used to answering both names anyway. Very handy for avoiding exes – ‘Oh wrong twin’ mwahaha.

Swapping classes is the highlight of the term

Getting out of double physics? A BREEZE. Bonus points if your teacher can’t even tell the difference. If only this applied in the adult world and I could binge watch Stranger Things all day while my twin goes to work for me instead. Boo.

Sleepovers are the BEST

Forget inviting friends over with popcorn, candy floss and 90s movies (hello Mean Girls, He’s Just Not That Into You and How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days). This is an every night affair when you’re a twin. Let’s face it, nights out can never compete.

People tell you apart by your physical differences

Sometimes they can even be downright harsh. FYI – being known as the twin with the round face while my sister was known as the one with the ‘long face’ isn’t a compliment. Sob.

Yep we do have *the feeling*

We get a vibe when something’s a bit off with the other. But sadly, we can’t read each other’s minds in exams or tests. If only *sigh*. And we DEFINITELY can’t feel each other’s physical pain so don’t try pinching me to see if she can feel it…

You have two wardrobes

Forget a personal shopper – sure we might have different tastes but my twin always has that perfect item languishing in her cupboard (even though she tries her best to hide it). Gold hoops? Mine please. Red lippie. Stashes in bag. But if she steals my favourite top? It’s World War Three…

Teasing the boys at school is super fun

Watching them stutter as your twin appears suddenly next to you has never been so fun. But if anyone tries to tease your twin? You’ll be there, fists at the ready.

You’re always given one birthday gift

You bunch of tight fists, we’re *two* different people ok?! Yep, we get it that we have the same birthday and buying two presents = a very empty purse. But can we at least have our own card?!

Say bye to your individual identity

Unsurprisingly, being a twin means it can be hard to carve out your own identity. Although we are similar in many ways, we do have our differences. At school, she hated History and I ended up taking it to uni. She loved basketball and I faked a limb-destroying illness every PE lesson. The lesson? We may look the same but that doesn’t mean we’re the exact same person.

Despite wanting to strangle my twin sometimes, you always know that no matter what you’ll always have someone to hang out with at lunch. Whether it’s going through a breakup or your BFF has ditched you to sit with another group, there’s always someone who’s got your back. Bonus points if they like double physics …


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Some girls are winter people who love nothing more than wrapping up that stack of Christmas gifts they bought waaaay back in September. You are not one of said girls.

Yep, while the later months of the year are not without their charms, you really, truly despise winter. Like, why would anyone’s favourite season involve runny noses and old people falling over on ice?

Here are all the things you only know if you hate winter…

You’ve been finding less and less reason to go outside since September

Cinema and sleepovers are pretty much the only social engagements you can get on board with until the sun’s out again.

You would trade all the pumpkin spice in the world for the sweet scent of sunscreen

There’s truly nothing like a whiff of Hawaiian Tropic sun cream on a warm day.

Layers are the enemy

Having to put on a T-shirt, jumper, coat, socks, boots, hat, scarf and gloves to go outside is not your idea of a good time. Nor is the sweat that will ensue the minute you get on the overcrowded school bus.

No, COLDS are the enemy

It started with a sniffle in October and by December you’re a full-blown snot machine. Why is it totally acceptable to be under the weather for the entire winter season? If this happened in summer you’d be placed in quarantine.

You resent all the extra time you need to spend moisturising

In summer, sunscreen not only protects your skin, but it also moisturises. Your limbs are permanently hydrated. Come winter and it’s a whole extra step in your beauty routine, sometimes twice a day when it’s really crisp outside – and don’t even get you started on how much lip balm you’re getting through.

Christmas music is the actual worst

You can handle a bit of Mariah Carey, but Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire? Bore off.

All those dark mornings have you Googling exotic locations on an hourly basis

If only you could convince your dad that November is a great time for a family vacay to the Maldives.

Snow? S-NO thank you

While all your mates are wishing for a snow day so they can build snowmen and have snowball fights, the only benefit you can see is not having to leave the house to go to school.

Two words: wet socks

Short of wearing wellies 24/7, your shoes are going to leak in the snow or rain at least 18 times this winter, and there is no worse feeling than soggy socks. Ugh.

On the bright side, there’s no better feeling than being back indoors with clean, dry socks on and not having to leave the house for the entire weekend. Hurrah! Now someone pass the hot chocolate.

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Sponsored by Candy Kittens

Halloween, what a beauty. It’s the one time of year that your parents allow you to gorge on as many sweets as physically possible with absolutely no consequences, no limits and no nagging about sugar and teeth – just indulgent candy. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Mmmmm.

Heck, you’re basically Augustus Gloop, Bruce Bogtrotter and Joey Tribbiani all rolled into one. But does anyone else feel like Hallows Eve is a full-blown emotional eating rollercoaster? All the treats bring all the feels, after all.

Here are the seven stages we experience on loop, every single year…

1. Happy

Yaaaaaaaas. SO. MANY. SWEETS. I’m probably, actually in heaven. Which one first? Does it matter? They can all get in my mouth.

2. Disgust

Okay, OMG, did I actually just eat *all* of that? My veins are literally running with chocolate. Is a candy coma a thing because I think I might be about to slip int…Zzzzzz.

3. Regret

I mean, I’m impressed with myself because that was basically a professional eating standard but I knew this wasn’t going to end well. Why can’t I just pace myself like a normal human? My jeans won’t do up (I should have put my eating pants on, tbf) and I have the beginnings of some mean old stomach cramps. Yay.

4. Pain

OUCH. I honestly think I am about to give birth to a tiny chocolate monster who loves kicking the inside of my stomach like a football. Mmmm I haven’t eaten my chocolate footballs yet. NO. Remember this pain. No more chocolate. I need to lie down.

5. Sugar high

Where’s my brother? I feel like annoying him. Hey, his bed is pretty bouncy. Why isn’t he paying me enough attention? I mean, I know he’s asleep but GOD. Why’s he not laughing? This story I’m telling is hilarious. The song on the radio is sooo good, too. Isn’t my dancing great? HELLO?!

6. Come down

Why are my limbs so tired? Like I actually think they’re made of lead right now. I have never needed a nap so much. Yep, even when I was a baby. Ask my mum. The sweet struggle is real.

7. Longing

Okay wow, that was amazing. I smashed my way through 9 chocolate bars, 6 packets of sweets, some sherbert straws and a litre of pop. I am the candy champion of the world. Only 364 days until I can do the whole thing all over again. BEST DAY EVER.

Candy Kittens Pop Bags are available in October’ bettybox and instore at Sainsburys and Waitrose. Other sizes of packets are available on the Candy Kittens website.


The best part of Halloween (apart from the day after, obviously, when all of the sweets in the supermarket are on sale for cheap), is choosing your costume.

Are you going scary? Funny? Ironic? Are you gonna just be a mouse, duh? The 31st is almost here, so it’s probably time that you made some decisions tbh. But getting creepy and creative with your outfit, hair and makeup suddenly becomes way more fun when you decide to dress up with your friends, so say YES to group Halloween costumes.

If you and your besties are all heading to the same Halloween party this year, here’s’ 13 verging-on-genius group costumes that you and your squad should definitely rock this year. Just make sure you send us lots of pics, okay?

1. The Stranger Things gang

Rewind back to the 80s, head to the Upside Down and prepare to face the Demi Gorgon by roping in Eleven, Joyce, Mike, Dustin and Lucas to your group Halloween efforts.

And if you’ve got a particularly big squad, someone could always go as err… the fairy light covered, floral wall? Warning: you’re gonna need a whole lot of bomber jackets for this one.

Image: Pinterest

2. Past and present Taylor Swifts

Swifty’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ video has gone down in history as one of the best ever – mainly thanks to that final scene which all the Taylors past and present come face to face.

There’s zombie Taylor, ‘Shake It Off’ ballet Taylor, geek chic ‘You Belong With Me’ Taylor and loads of other super sassy options to divvy up between your gang. Can we bagsy circus leader Taylor, pretty please?

3. Pink Ladies

Wanna ditch the gross and gory side of Halloween? How about going 50s retro and looking oh so pretty in pink as the girls from Grease.

The more of you there are, the better this one looks, as you can all mix and match with satin pink jackets, cute vintage hairstyles and bubblegum lipstick.

Image: Pinterest

4. The Clueless girls

As IF you’d wanna go as anything other than the ultimate 90s female fashion icons. Cher’s yellow tartan two piece is basically iconic, and Tai’s signature dungarees make an effortlessly cool costume.

Giant mobile phones, fluffy pens, statement headbands and an endless stream of Clueless quotes are all totally necessary too, if you wanna be a total betty.

Image: Pinterest

5. Naked Sims

Um, have you ever seen anything cooler than this genius gamer group costume? NOPE.

It’s really cheap too – just flatten out a cardboard box and paint on the nude-coloured squares to wear over the front of your clothes, and then add the Sims green diamond to a headband. Sorted.

Image: Pinterest

6. Hocus Pocus Sanderson sisters

For the squad that takes their Halloween game seriously, the Hocus Pocus gang are ready-made Halloween goals. Alright, so you might have to invest in a ginger, a purple and a blonde wig plus a couple of capes, but it’s definitely worth it.

And we’re not gonna judge you if you suddenly interrupt the party half way through to perform ‘I Put A Spell On You’. Y’know, just for authenticity and stuff.

Image: Pinterest

7. House Elves

The obvious group Harry Potter-themed costume is to just rock up in matchy-matchy Hogwarts uniforms, but why stick to witches and wizards when you could be house elves instead?

Dobby and Winky are brill costume options. Get crafty and create some giant ears, and dirty up an old bedsheet to create a house elf-esque pillowcase dress. Oh, and odd socks are a must if you wanna be a free elf.

Image: instagram.com/lucyjanewood

8. The Wizard Of Oz pals

Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion are all instantly recognisable and pretty simple to recreate, plus you could add on a good witch, a bad witch, the people of Oz and as many munchkins as you need.

It’s probably fair to say that whoever ends up dressing as the Yellow Brick Road rather than rocking a pair of red, sparkly high heels has probably got the short straw there, though.

Image: Pinterest

9. Winnie The Pooh squad

The whole point of the Winnie The Pooh stories is to celebrate friendship, so match up the personalities of the cute cartoon gang with your real life squad.

You’ve got Pooh (obvs), Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore and whoever else wants to come along, so get ready for maybe the sweetest Disney costume Instagram post ever.

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10. Toy Story aliens

Aaand on the not so cute (but genuinely AMAZING) side of Disney costumes, we’re gonna just go ahead and say it. You and your friends NEED to go as the Toy Story aliens.

The finished effect is amazing, but all it takes is a blue top and jeans, a green beanie, some crafty ears and ping pong balls attached for the triple-eye effect. Oh, and OOOOOOOHHHHHH sound effects obvs.

Image: kitty_andstuff

11. The Village People

Forever clearing the dance floor when the DJ finally spins the cheesiest of cheesy hits? This group costume was definitely made for you guys and your synchronised YMCA moves.

Take your pick from the builder, the cowboy, the cop, the sailor, the biker and the Native American, because they’re all pretty brill costume options.

Image: instagram.com/madhattersfancydress

12. A mariachi band

AH CHA CHA. Sombreros at the ready, get your waistcoats out, stick a red sash in your collar and don’t forget to take your musical instruments with you to whip out an impromptu performance at some point.

Add on a stick on moustache and you’ve got maybe the best Halloween group costume of the whole lot tbh.

Image: Pinterest

13. The Pretty Little Liars

And last but not least, if you and your gals have got a secret and definitely can’t keep it, this is the one for you. Simple and still oh so gorge, all you need are some little black dresses, a spade or two and some dirt to wipe across your face.

The Pretty Little Liars girls have always been ultimate Halloween goals! Plus, Red Coat, anonymous A hoodies and even the girls’ own spectacular costumes from the show provide some extra inspo.

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It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Ok, everyone knows your period is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a perfectly natural – if sometimes irritating – part of life.

However, as natural and wonderful and empowering as your period might be, very few of us want to bellow “HIYA I’M MENSTRUATING” at our friends when we’re walking down the road. So in case you find them useful, we asked 38 women for their favourite period euphemisms. You are welcome.

1. Aunt Flo

2. Surfing the crimson wave

3. Ladies’ week

4. Mr P

5. Nature’s mess

6. Menzies

7. Josie’s visiting – ”My Mum always said Josie’s visiting. Then it became just Josie. Never managed to make friends with any women called Josie – too many associations”

8. On the blob

9. Shark week

10. The moon sickness

11.Me and my friends have long referred to it as our ‘pez’. ‘Can’t go swimming today I’m on my pez’ or sometimes ‘pezza’, or ‘the ol’ pezza’.”

12. A Leona situation (ie. bleeding love)

13. Happy-fun-lady-time!

14. “I liked it when Tina Fey referred to it as ‘Aunt Blood'”

15. Having the painters in

16. Falling to the communists

17. Pez dispenser

18. “At my school girls say they’re ‘flying’. Because of the wraparound wings.”

19. Molly has come to visit

20. “My four-year-old sister calls it ‘nappy week'”

21. Rag week

22. Code red

23. Arsenal are playing at home

24. “My boyfriend and I refer to it as ‘my curse’ as a tongue-in-cheek reference to what men called it in the olden days”

25. The Red Sea is flowing

26. “My boyfriend calls it ‘Hanna time’”

27. Lunar flow

28. Ordering ‘l’omelette rouge’

29. Aunt Irma’s in town

30. Bloody Mary

31. Flowers

32. Dracula’s teabag

33. Lucifer’s waterfall

34. Reboot

35. Having your fairies

36. Hiding from Joffrey

37. Bernard

And my absolute, absolute favourite.

38. My Dolmio Day.



It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

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Often, childhood friendships disintegrate into nothingness. It’s no one’s fault, there’s no huge fight or grand betrayal – but the friendships that once were the most comfortable things in the world start to feel too tight, like the favourite shoes you bought years ago and now are two sizes too small.

‘It’s natural,’ your mum tells you. ‘People outgrow each other,’ your dad says. And they’re right, of course. Some friendships don’t last.

But some do.

These friendships, the ones that started in sandpits when some kid looked at you and didn’t immediately smash your sandcastle with their foot? They’re pretty damn special. So while it might be hard to keep up childhood friendships once you stop seeing each other every day at school or when you actually have to arrange to get together rather than being able to rely on your mums to sort it out, there are a lot of reasons you should hang in there and go the distance with a longterm friendship. For example…

1. They can always help unpack the dishwasher in your house, because they know where everything goes better than you do.

2. You have permanent and inalienable rights to their wardrobe.

3. And they won’t get too cross if you spill on their best top, because, let’s be honest, they’ve done the exact same thing to you.

4. You don’t have to explain your weird Uncle Frederick to them because they know your weird Uncle Frederick. In fact, they sat next to him last year at your birthday dinner and had a nice chat about the Romans.

5. They will be honest and tell you that no, you won’t suit a fringe.

6. And they’ll be sympathetic when you ignore them and get the fringe anyway, and end up completely hating it.

7. You can call them to ask them the name of your primary school librarian.

8. And if they don’t know the answer, at least they’ll be able to share in your frustration.

9. Let’s be honest, who remembers their sixth birthday? You never know, your long-term BFF might.

10. You can sit with them in silence for ages without ever being uncomfortable.

11. And you can be as weird as you like, without worrying that they’re going to stop being your friend.

12. Because these are people who’ve probably seen you pee your pants. At least once.

13. They never forget your birthday because it’s seared into their memory as deeply as their own.

14. You have childhood photos of each other that you can make into pretty collages. 

15. Or use for blackmail.

16. They know the name of your childhood toy.

17. And that you still like to cuddle it when you’re ill or sad.

18. They won’t judge you for what subjects you choose in school, what career you aspire to or what grades you get – they knew you long before any of these things even mattered.

19. And maybe most importantly? Because they’ve loved you at every stage of your life; when you were missing your two front teeth or you couldn’t tie your shoes. They’ve loved you when you couldn’t even spell your own name, let alone write it down. They’ve loved you when you called them crying at 2am or when you’ve given them a hideous cold by sneezing in their face accidentally.

Long-term friendships don’t always work out, but when they do they’re amazing. If you’re lucky enough to get the chance, maybe you should give them a try.

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

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No, not that sort of period. We’ve covered PMS thoughts at length, and in intimate detail. We’re talking school periods – the sort that appear on your timetable between chemistry and double maths. The ones you have grand ambitions for at the start of the term, and a creeping sense of dread of by the end.

They’re the blessing of sixth form, together with your own clothes, a kettle, and the chance to legitimately lord it over your snotty inferiors; but like any BOGOFFER, they can prove ruinous.

After all, it doesn’t take 10 A*s at GCSE to realise these so-called free periods are not quite as free as they claim to be. Here then are the 19 thoughts you have when you reach a free period at school…


2. Hahaha srsly cannot believe they trust us with 50 whole minutes of free time.

3. I mean, with a fair wind and a punctual bus, I could get home and back in 50 mins. Put my slippers on, eat last night’s lasagna – hell, I could even finish off an episode of Riverdale… BUS!

4. Crap, just missed it.

5. Starbucks though. Starbucks is just down the road. Could nip in, get a Caramel frapp for me and Anika…

6. NO. Slippery slope that. Frapp it up every free, and it’s a £28 a week habit. Way too spenny. Besides, think of the sugar…

7. I’ve got it. I’m going to go the gym. 25 mins on the treadmill, quick shower and I can be back in school with 5 mins to spare. Now that’s being productive. That’s efficiency. That’s what free periods are really for.

8. Where are my trainers? Are they…

9. Yes they are. They’re at home. Next to the telly.

10. It’s fine, I’ll just do some extra reading. Miss told us to “immerse ourselves in our subject and really read around” and she’s right, you know. To the library!

11. Sooo ‘International Relations 1870-1914 by Lowe’ is missing. And ‘Locarno Diplomacy. Germany and the West 1925-9 by Jacobson’. And ‘Japan and the League of Nations.’ Has some geek taken out the whole reading list already?

12. Right. Got a sweet textbook. I’ll just get a quick Diet Coke from the vending machine (#sixthformdream), and then I’ll get stuck in.

13. This is so nice. It’s so lovely to be able to go deep into a subject I feel passionately about. This is just how I imagined sixth form would be.

14. I mean take this sentence for example: “Since coming to office in August 1923, Stresemann had devoted himself to defending the unity of the Bismarckian Reich from possible disintegration under the impact of the Ruhr invasion and Rhenish separatism…”

15. Wait. What?


17. FFS. I’m just going to chill with the fam. That’s what they do in Community, and that is precisely the aesthetic I’m aiming for. I’ll just run through my maths homework to make sure it’s legit, then hit the common room and see who else is around.

18. Oh crap. I’ve missed two pages of maths homework. I’ve missed two whole pages of questions. I’ve ten minutes left.

19. I’m dead.

[bell rings]