We’ve had Galentine’s Day where we celebrate why we love our girls, and we’ve had Valentine’s Day where we celebrate why we love our crushes, but now it’s time for us to celebrate why we love ourselves! Here are six reasons why you should start loving yourself, like, right now.

Galentine’s Day is just around the corner and we are so into celebrating it. Like, SO into it. Which is why betty’s throwing a sleepover for our fave blogger friends and smothering them with love!

YouTuber Grace Victory and her squad are cosying down in a fancy hotel on 9th February to binge-watch chick flicks and eat chocolate cakes all in the name of G’Day.

Want in? Watch all the gal pal fun on our Instagram @bettycollective and follow the hashtag #bettyGalentines.

In the meantime, grab your bffs and tell them you love them like you’re starring in a Hollywood rom-com, maybe in the rain with smeared lipstick if you want to be really authentic.

Put some time aside to show yourself some sugar too. Grace’s top 10 self-love quotes will remind you what a total babe you are, inside and out. After all, you are the most awesome person you know…

1. “You’re a bad ass boss b*tch. Apply your favourite lipstick and put on one of your extra sassy outfits!”

2. “Stop saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone.”

3. “It’s better to be soul food than eye candy (new fave saying that I live by).”

4. “As girls and as humans, we often compare everything we are and everything we do to everyone else around us. From our accomplishments to our bodies, to our goals and dreams, we f***ing compare everything. Please remember that every single person on this earth is different and we aren’t meant to be the same.”

5. “Write down all the things you love about yourself and all the things people love about you. Mirrors do not, and will not, ever show you just how beautiful you really are.”

6. “The minute a negative thought enters your mind, immediately think of a positive and as time goes on you will begin to think more positively. I tell myself every single day that one day I will become a millionaire (LOL) and in my heart I believe that will truly happen. Thoughts become things… Remember that!”

7. “Everyone’s rooting for you. I’m even rooting for you. You’re a breath of fresh air to this world.”

8. “It’s important to recognise when someone isn’t good for you and when they don’t have the best intentions for you. See it, see them and cut it off.”

9 .“Channel your energy into turning pain into passion. Find something that you love doing and use that as your outlet!”

10. “Write down your qualities and put them next to your bed. Read them every morning (or when you feel like you need to). They can be a little pick me up when you need a reminder of how awesome you are.”

For anyone who doesn’t know, Galentine’s Day was originally invented by Leslie Knope – mega babe Amy Poehler’s alter ego in Parks and Recreation – and now everyone’s celebrating it. Taking place on 13th Feb, the day before Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s is all about celebrating female friendships. We’re in, and we’re getting our gift on. 

Galentine's Day

Let’s be honest, V Day presents aren’t all they’re cracked up to be – who wants to chance biting into the dark chocolate and nut one in a naff selection box anyway? Plus, soz red roses, we don’t even own a vase. So instead, here are the gifts to give your mates that’ll beat any Valentine’s gift this year, each for under £20. Happy Galentine’s!

Card-carrying BFFs


Love Ya card, $3 (£2.40), Nina Cosford

Nina Cosford’s illustrations focus on some our favourite female role models; Eleven from Stranger Things, Frida Kahlo, Jane Austen, Grace Jones. This cute little Love Ya card from the feminist artist is the best we’ve ever seen – plus your friend can turn it into a print and frame it after they’ve read your message. Two for the price of one.

Put a ring on it


4-pack rings, £3.99, H&M

Super affordable and totally cool friendship rings available in silver, gold and rose gold. Want to treat yourself? Why not, your friendship with yourself is something that should be celebrated too! We think they’d look great linked together round a necklace chain.

Flowers to keep forever


Peony iron-on patch, $10 (£8), Stay Home Club

Want to give your friend some flowers that’ll last longer than a couple days? These iron-on patches are perfect – they’re so easy to attach to your favourite pair of jeans, or any clothes you like really. We think they’d look the business on a bomber jacket.

Pencil in a date


Killin It pencil case, £10, Skinny Dip

A homework pep talk in the form of a pencil case, for when your bestie is stressing over an essay and needs reminding that they’re totally smashing it.

Keep it golden


Limited edition metal lip hair clip, £6, ASOS

For your friend who’s growing out their fringe for the summer. That awkward in between stage is going to be so worth it thanks to this lip clip.

There aren’t enough words


Besties by Leah Reena Goren, £12.08, Amazon

Besties is a book celebrating the power of female friendships, complete with some seriously cool illustrations by author Leah Reena Goren. A really sweet gift. Shakespeare who?

Cap it off


GRL PWR cap, £8, Monki

Galentine’s Day means 13th Feb, which means it’ll soon be spring. Finally. Get your girl gang prepped for sunshine with this GRL PWR cap from Monki – and yes, you need a group photo of everyone in theirs.

I love your mug


Coffee lover mug, £12, Urban Outfitters

Tricky to sip out of, yes, but so worth the t-shirt stains. You could even use it as a mini vase and gift with some daffodils – so much prettier (and cheaper, coincidentally) than boring red roses.  

Pretty as a picture


Beth Hoeckel mini print, $20 (£16), Society 6

Dinner date, schminner date, if we had the choice between going somewhere fancy for awkward small talk or living it up at home in our PJs munching our beans on toast with cheese, we know what we’d choose. Especially if we had this wicked dinner time mini print to gaze at.

Balmy about you


Emoji balm,  £2.99, Superdrug

Yes, thanks to Superdrug there are now emoji lip balms. You’ve got 8 options here, including the unicorn and heart eyes, and they’re all flavoured – the princess balm tastes like ice cream. Atta girl.

Illustration: Katie Edmunds