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Mmmm butterscotch – that gooey topping you put on ice cream or the flavour of those sweets your Grandpa sneaks you when Mum’s not looking. It’s addictive right?

Like caramel (but made with brown sugar instead of white) you’re probably used to scoffing it as candy, sauce or in its solid form. But it’s time to widen your buttery horizons girl, because Montezuma’s has taken it to the next level by mixing it with CHOCOLATE.

And guess what? We’re gonna take it to the next next level by melting it. Need some inspo? These lot are snacking goals:

1. Your brekkie

Whether it’s porridge or pancakes, add some luxury to your morning meal. It’ll make the whole waking up thing a lot easier.

2. Bread

Forget Nutella, hummus, or avocado; butterscotch is *the* topping to pile on toast. Food bloggers everywhere will cry out in envy.

3. Chips from Maccy Ds

We know it works with milkshake, so why not upgrade? Mother, get us through that drive-through asap.

4. Nuts

When your ‘rents try to trick you into healthy snacking, get one over on them by drizzling your almonds or cashews in butterscotch *wink face*.

5. Magical drinks

Harry Potter’s drink of choice, butterbeer, is made from butterscotch sauce, cream soda, cream, and a touch of melted butter. Yer a wizard.

6. Popcorn

Toffee popcorn is totally last year. Top popcorn with warm butterscotch and delve in; the stickier your fingers, the better.

7. Yoghurt

Swirl some butterscotch into yoghurt for a healthy(ish) dessert. It’s the month of treats guys, plain yoghurt just isn’t the one.

8. Fruit

Keeping up the healthy vibe think apples, pears, strawberries, bananas… the list is endless. Use as a dip, or drench the fruit like toffee apples.

9. Greens

They may be a good source of iron – a key mineral our bodies need when we’re menstruating – but if you’re not feeling the taste, drizzle butterscotch on brussel sprouts, broccoli and green beans, and watch your parents’ surprise as you devour your veg.

10. Cookies

Dip shop-bought cookies into butterscotch and act like you’re Bake Off’s star baker. Santa won’t be able to get down that chimney quick enough.

11. A spoon

If nothing else takes your fancy, just lick it off a spoon. There are no rules at Christmas time.

A Montezuma’s 54% cocoa: milk chocolate butterscotch bar is available in December’s bettybox and you can buy more on the Montezuma’s website.   

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Image: Katie Edmunds


What do you want to be ‘when you grow up’? While many of us have our careers mapped out from an early age, for others it takes years to pick a path – which is why you might want to take a peek at these truly amazing jobs.

While we’re sure there aren’t hundreds of vacancies for professional sleepers, these weird and wonderful opportunities do come up, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled if you want to give all your mates total life envy.

1. Waterslide tester

Testing fun stuff is always going to make for a great job and what could be more fun than waterslides? As a waterslide tester you travel the world, trying out new slides at hotels and theme parks, and report back to the company on everything from speed to potential safety hazards.

Probably one for stronger swimmers and adrenaline junkies.

2. Luxury bed tester

If riding waterslides every day sounds too much like hard work, you can essentially become a professional sleeper by testing luxury beds. This is one occasion when nobody will give you trouble for sleeping on the job!

Your employer will generally be a fancy mattress manufacturer or a hotel chain, and your role will involve taking naps in various beds, then reporting back on your comfort levels. Literally living the dream.

3. Netflix tagger

Fancy sitting around watching Netflix all day AND getting paid for it? It is possible, if you get a job as a Netflix Tagger, where you have to watch shows and decide what category they should fall under on the streaming site.

These taggers are also responsible for what ends up in your suggested shows, so you now know who to blame if they don’t reflect your interests at all.

4. Island caretaker

Imagine relocating to a private island where all you had to do was keep a blog and complete some tiny caretaking tasks? While these jobs are few and far between, they have been offered by tourist boards in the past, usually to generate awareness of a destination.

Tourism Queensland had a six-month position on the Great Barrier Reef, where the successful applicant was able to live rent-free, and was paid $150,000 for their blog and photo diary. Not bad work if you can get it, eh?

5. Chocolate taster

It sounds like something straight out of Willy Wonka, but chocolate brands need feedback before putting new products on the shelves, so of course somebody has to test the goods.

However, one of the downsides is that you’re tasting the chocolate before it’s been perfected, so you might have to eat some pieces that don’t exactly appeal to your palette. A small price to pay for a pretty yummy job?

6. Fortune cookie writer

What, you didn’t think those little slips of paper inside your fortune cookies wrote themselves, did you? Usually cookie companies will hire freelance writers to come up with the pearls of wisdom, but some do offer full-time positions, should you feel it’s your true calling.

7. Party planner

Love throwing a good shindig? Then perhaps you should consider planning other people’s. Officially known as event co-ordinators, party planners are involved in everything from scouting locations to finding caterers, booking entertainment and creating the overall look of the event.

While it can definitely be a fun and lucrative career, you also need to be able to stay calm under pressure, especially when the birthday girl is crying because her ice sculpture melted. Boohoo.

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Image: The Edge of Seventeen

Nothing beats that feeling of having freshly chopped hair. And the relief of getting your highlights sorted is sweeter than a grab bag of Skittles. The way it swishes when you turn your head, the glisten of the golden hues in your obligatory Insta upload – it’s hair heaven. I even came out of the hairdresser with a mullet one time and still felt like a million dollars – looking back, I was obviously in denial about how much I looked like my uncle in the 80s.

But you work hard looking at hair mood boards and you probably have to sacrifice a new pair of jeans to get to this point of follicle bliss. The spectacular result of a trip to the hairdresser is not without its journey of anticipation, anxiety and awkwardness.

The internal conversation you have with yourself throughout an appointment probably sounds something like this:

1. Appointment booked – I’m going to get something radical this time. Maybe I’ll do a Cara and shave it all off?

2. On second thoughts, my chubby cheeks and round face mean that people will think I have an actual jumbo-sized pea for a head.

3. Ooo, maybe I’ll stay the same length but get an obscenely bright colour all over? Yeaaah!

4. Actually, I’ll stick to the usual. Don’t fix what’s not broken and all that.


6. I’m sat in reception with a nervous twitch because the copious hair photos in this magazine I’m flicking through are giving me a headache and I just don’t trust my judgement anymore.

7. I’m going to look EXACTLY like Gigi with her highlights in the photo I showed him.

8. Wow, that’s a lot of bleach. Looks like I’m in this for the long haul.

9. Hmmm, I really want to drink my tea but he’s told me not to move my head. Is this some sort of test?

10. Should I start a conversation with him or just pretend to continue reading this magazine?

11. I literally asked him one question just to be polite and now he won’t shut up. I was getting really into this article on best dogs of Instagram too.

12. What?! He’s only done half of my head?! Maybe if he didn’t rabbit on so much…

13. I wonder if he’d notice me taking a nap. I mean, he can’t see my eyes underneath all these foils.

14. Finally, he’s finished part one. Why does my head look like a foil wrapped turkey?

15. Ah I can at last drink my tea. Oh. Wait. It’s now an iced tea. Bleugh.

16. I’ve been waiting for half an hour for the dye to develop, too afraid to navigate my way to the loo with this spacecraft on my head.


18. He’s coming back! Finally! Must act like I haven’t been counting down the hours, minutes, seconds.

19. Why did I tell him the water temperature’s fine when it’s nearly as icy as that tea?!

20. Should I close my eyes while he’s washing my hair?! Is that weird? Will I fall asleep?

21. Mmm, this feels gooooood. Like angels massaging my head. It’s possibly the only time I’ve felt relaxed all morning.

22. Huh? Where am I? Oh dear, I actually nodded off for a moment.


24. Why can I see a mountain of hair falling on the floor when I only asked for an inch to be cut off?’

25. Hold back the tears. Hold back the tears. Hold back the tears.

26. Okay, I’m going to have to put a brave face on and pretend to love it.

27. It feels a bit weird sitting and meeting my own eyes in the mirror for this long. I’ve taken some of my best selfies in less time.

28. Oh hang on, if I squint enough, I do kinda see Gigi looking back at me in the mirror.

29. OMG I AM A GODDESS. I cannot believe I ever doubted this genius hair slayer.

30. Yee-hah for not having to lie to his face about loving it!

31. Yes yes, thank you very much, I’m actually in a rush to get home and find the perfect lighting for my Snapchat update if you don’t mind?!’


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Image: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Do you dream of having a mermaid’s pastel-hued waves? Perhaps you want your mane to shimmer like a unicorn’s? Or do you delight in the idea of dazzling others with a rainbow head of hair?

Your fancy follicle dreams can easily become a reality, with the huge range of colour products and services out there. And the best news is that it doesn’t have to be permanent, so you have the freedom to experiment.

But that’s not to say that brightly coloured hair comes without its woes. Here’s what to expect when your head is coloured like a bowl full of sorbet scoops.

Updating your ‘hair’ album is an obsession

Maisie Williams’s blue turn, Katy Perry’s purple reign, Kylie Jenner’s fresh mint tips, Nicole Richie’s lilac locks – celebs provide some serious inspiration for colouring your hair.

Instagram is full of ideas too, so you need a place to save those copious screenshots. Your hairdresser goes dizzy at the thought of trawling through them all when you next go in for a show and tell.

People like to point out the obvious

Just in case you’re not aware of your own hair colour, there’ll always be someone in a room to point it out to you as soon as you walk in it. They’re not being mean, and sometimes they might actually be being nice, but mostly they just think they’re doing their civic duty to remind you. And yes, it is highly annoying.

E.g. ‘Oh, your hair, it’s bright pink…’

Your clothes look different

Getting dressed the day after a new hair colour can be very frustrating indeed (you have been warned!). That floral print dress suddenly looks a bit…loud. And the bright pink jumper you bought blends in a bit too perfectly with the hair falling over it.

BUT clashing colours can look super cool too! So have a play around and don’t be afraid to carry on the rainbow trend with your wardrobe. Be bold!
It’s not an exact science

Who knows what shade your hair will be after the next wash? Even with permanent solutions, your dye slowly fades and subtly changes like a tired chameleon.

Yeah, it can be quite exciting, but it can be equally annoying too, especially when it’s on the perfect shade. Dry shampoo can be a great ally during this time, as it staves off having to wash it for an extra few days.

People will give you new nicknames…

…whether you like it or not. Pinkie, Frenchie, Candyfloss Head and other not very original names, depending on the shade you’ve gone for, will all become part of normal life for the first week or so. But it’s okay, rock goddess Deborah Harry called her band Blondie after acquiring it as a nickname due to her infamous bleach blonde hair. So, just own it as fiercely as she did.

Your hair is a bit of an artist’s paint palette

One shade is just not enough. You already know what colour you’re going to go next, as soon as your current one fades out. In fact, why wait? Try a few at the same time for the real rainbow effect.

Experimenting is fun, and if you end up with a shade you’re not keen on, just wait a few washes for it to disappear again. Chalks, sprays and wash in/wash outs are perfect for experimentation without too much dedication.

It unleashes your creative side

Perhaps you can be like one of those arty types in the year above who hang around the design department at school. Or become one of the yoga buffs who run meditation classes during lunch break.

You feel like your hair expresses the real you, the fun you, the open-minded you, the free-spirited you, the…oh let’s come back down to earth – the ’I can’t wait to get home and sit in front of the TV with a pizza, while seeing which Insta-filter makes my hair look the best’ you.

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Who’da thought there’d be sooo much to say about chicken wings – fried chicken is fried chicken, right? WRONG, according to YouTuber Elijah Quashie, aka The Chicken Connoisseur. He’s the guy that made his name taste-rating chicken shops and is now *the* voice on all things chicken and chips.

But it doesn’t stop there. Elijah has his own TV show airing later this year that we reckon will be propel him to mega-stardom. So incase you’re not already a fan, here are 10 things to know about The Pengest Munch prodigy…

Wing man

Back in September 2015, Elijah began his YouTube series The Pengest Munch – where he orders the same meal (chicken wings, chicken burger and chips, FYI) and reviews them on a 1-5 scale from dead to peng. His videos were first created for his mates, but they quickly went viral and before long he was being interviewed about his two quid dinners on BBC News and ITV London. Elijah said this fame came as a *massive* surprise. “Before, I might have had a lie-in, take my time and go and make some jam and peanut butter sandwiches. Now it’s this interview, or this thing. It’s been hectic,” he told the Guardian.


A post shared by The Chicken Connoisseur (@pengestmunch) on

YouTube king

Elijah’s most popular chicken shop review *ever* was of Tottenham’s Chick King – it had a massive 4.3million views. Not bad for a bit of burger chat, huh?

Baby face

So he’s older than you think y’know. Although he looks like some kid at your school (it’s that tie, right?) he’s actually 24! He confirmed his age on Twitter but then deleted the tweet saying, “I have no appetite to talk about my age.” Lolz, does that boy ever stop thinking about food?

Crep check

As much as he loves chicken, Elijah is *totally* obsessed with trainers too and has a YouTube series called The Crep Chronicles where he rates his faves and reviews rare pairs. He reckons his mum goes mad if there are too many in the house, but at last count he has about 70 pairs in his trainer collection. Jel.

Nike Air Classic BW "PSG" #CrepJunkie #AirMaxAlways #CrepCheck #AirMaxEve #VivaLaAirMax

A post shared by The Chicken Connoisseur (@pengestmunch) on

It’s a family thing

He’s got four brothers and Elijah is the youngest. His big bros now help him out with The Pengest Munch, managing the business side of stuff.

Appy guy

Elijah’s not just content being a YouTube sensation, he wants everyone to share his love of fried chicken. He launched an app called Chicken2Me – so you too can channel your own inner chicken connoisseur. “Basically it’s a map of every chicken shop. If you want chicken you go on the map, and there’ll be a flame everywhere there’s a chicken shop. So wherever you’re locally based, it’ll show you what’s around”, he told Fader magazine.

Doing the deals

Proving he’s the total boss of chicken, Elijah nabbed himself a book deal to release The Pengest Munch: In Search of the Nation’s 50 Favourite Chicken Establishments. He asked his fans to nominate their top chicken shop in the UK, which he then went to review. The book is the ultimate guide to spice, crispiness and all things fried but the question we’re asking is; how much chicken can one guy eat? Like, seriously.

Going global

Elijah’s taking his love for chicken worldwide too. He’s already done a NYC taste tour and recently in a Black History Month spesh, he made a video visiting Morocco. Here he actually ditched his shirt and tie because apaz it was way too hot.

The Peng Life

Elijah’s new Channel 4 TV show will see him reviewing more than just chips. “The Peng Life” has Elijah sampling stuff with street or elite price tickets and discovering what deserves his title of “The Pengest”. He’ll also be rubbing shoulders with celebs. Elijah reveals, “On YouTube I do the chicken thing, but on TV I’m reviewing everything! The cheapest stuff to the most expensive stuff. Basically the deadest stuff you’ll ever find to the most expensive, baller status stuff. I’ll see if it’s worth the moolah. Hold tight”. Ooh we can’t wait.


Episode 4. Waterloo.

A post shared by The Chicken Connoisseur (@pengestmunch) on

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Imagine being cast in your dream role alongside some of your biggest idols! Well, for this week’s #FollowFriday that dream is a reality. We’re head-over-heels for actress, teen fashionista and all round girlboss Storm Reid, who’s showing everyone that age is just a number when it comes to being a star.

Life is about creating yourself. The greater your Storm, the brighter your rainbow. Thank you so much @refinery29 💕

A post shared by Storm Reid 💥💫 (@stormreid) on

In 2013, she made her Hollywood debut (aged just 10) as character Emily in 12 Years A Slave. Since then her acting career has gone from strength to strength – she is set to play the lead role in the upcoming Disney live-action adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time (which looks insane btw).


She’s a total book-worm (like us) so she was super excited when she got the call from the film’s director Ava DuVernay telling her she got the part – turns out she had already read the iconic book as part of a school project.

“I loved the story and I loved Meg Murry’s character. When I booked the role, I was shocked,” she told Teen Vogue.

If that wasn’t cool enough already, Storm gets to act alongside some pretty increds stars in the film, including Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon. We legit cannot wait for this to be released!

She’s a smart cookie

As well as being an amazing actress, Storm is super cool. Her Instagram is jam packed with inspiring quotes encouraging positivity and gratitude. Plus, she considers herself a nerd and proud, which is deffo something we can get on board with.

We love her positive outlook, she’s all about being confident in herself. Storm recently worked with the organisation Stomp Out Bullying on their #KINDNESS campaign, which was set up to stop bullying in schools and instead encourage kindness amongst students.

When she’s not acting, campaigning or at school, Storm also manages to fit in loads of cultural activities to learn from. (We’re pretty sure she’s a superhero.)

She’s totally in love with her mum

With all this fame you’d think it would be hard to stay grounded, but for our girl Storm family definitely still comes first. She and her mum are super close – her Insta’s always covered with cute pics thanking her mumma for making all this possible. It’s adorbs. Plus her we can deff see where Storm gets her style from, her mum is a total BABE.

Bending corners, taking meetings, making moves with #bae #mommylove 💕

A post shared by Storm Reid 💥💫 (@stormreid) on

She hangs with the stars

She’s featured in some pretty star-studded casts, so it’s no wonder Storm has become friendly with a host of hot names. From singers Janelle Monae to Serayah, we’d love to have a scroll through the contacts on this gal’s phone. Bet she gets invited to some pretty cool parties too!

This beauty @serayah is a sweetheart with legs to die for 🔥@marcjacobs @marcjacobsfragrances #DaisyTime #MJDaisy 🌼

A post shared by Storm Reid 💥💫 (@stormreid) on

Storm’s made us realise that you’re never too young to start pursuing your dreams, whatever they may be. The most important thing is to be confident and true to yourself. That, combined with a lot of hard work, will result in magic.

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Step away from the delicate flats, put your denim jacket into hibernation and track down the most duvet-ish pyjamas you can find, because we’re officially in sleepover season.

We’re all in agreement that this is the best time of year, right? You’re constantly crunching through orange leaves, pulling together your Christmas present wishlist, and pumpkin spice lattes are your main source of energy. But hold up on planning your festive party for just one sec, you’ve got the ultimate sleepover to plan first.

Get your best pals round for the night and cosy up with these movies, snacks and DIY hacks that’ll make it the cosiest evening ever.

Magical movies

Practical Magic

Straight outta the 90s (because actually, the 90s is a goldmine of dreamy made-for-autumn movies), Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are sisters who happen to be pretty talented in the art of practical magic.

But while their sorcery skills might sound amazing, they also come with a curse, as any man the sisters fall for seems to meet an untimely death. Cuddle up with your cauldron for this one.

Hocus Pocus

If you’ve never seen Hocus Pocus, it’s the perfect mix of dark, spooky moments and brill Disney comedy. After three whole centuries, the three Sanderson witch sisters are brought back from the dead on Halloween night.

It’s up to two teenagers, a young girl and an immortal cat to stop them from taking over the town, but luckily there’s always time for a sassy musical number half way through.


Did you know that Casper is the first ever film to have a fully CGI character in a leading role? Fact, but anyway, the October adventure kicks off when paranormal expert James and his daughter Kat find themselves living in an abandoned mansion.

But it almost goes without saying that their new house is haunted – by three not-so-welcoming ghosts, and of course one friendly one who you’re probably gonna fall in love with.

You’ve Got Mail

Maybe not the most obvious choice, but Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan classic rom-com is guaranteed to get you in the autumn mood without one single mention of a witch or wizard.

It features some perfect shots of golden Manhattan, an actual fall festival and a super cosy book shop that’ll make you wanna grab all of the nearby blankets and do some serious snuggling.

The Craft

If you’d been having your autumn sleepover twenty years ago, The Craft would have been top of the must-watch list. Sarah ends up falling in with the outcasts at her new school, and with her as their ‘fourth corner’, the squad start their own supernatural coven.

It doesn’t take long before the girls are exacting revenge on anyone who dares to cross them, but the spells soon start to get out of control and things get kiiinda scary.

Harry Potter

Wait, surely you know that you can’t have a cosy, autumn hang out without watching at least one of the Harry Potter films?

Pick your fave of the eight, start pumpkin carving, grab a chocolate frog and you’ll be ready for Halloween in no time. Just remember that it’s LeviOH-sa, not Levio-SAH.

Scrummy snacks

Rice Krispie pumpkins

Snap, crackle and pop your way into spooky season with these seriously cute snacks. They’re easy to rustle up too – just turn your cereal bright orange, combine with melted marshmallow and add a mini Rolo right on the top for the perfect midnight snack.

Get the recipe for these here.

Pumpkin spice latte

You’ve probably seen them all over Instagram in all of their frothy glory, but why head out into the cold when you can make ‘em for yourself at home? We’ll take ours with extra squirty cream, please.

Get the recipe for these here.

Halloween pretzels

When it comes to sleepover snacks, you’ll want to opt for something that looks AWESOME but requires almost zero effort. This trio of Halloween-themed pretzels are perfect with teeny tiny mummies, pumpkins and zombies to scoff on. Tasty, and only a little bit terrifying.

Get the recipe for these here.

Acorn doughnuts

Looking for a recipe that’s more on the cute side of things than creepy? Even Mother Nature would be impressed with these autumn-inspired bites, which turn your average doughnut into something much, much more Instagrammable thanks to a chocolate topping and sugar sprinkles.

Get the recipe for these here.

Apple pie popcorn

It goes without saying that you’re gonna need to stock up on the popcorn for your party, but why not give it an autumn/winter taste twist, too? This genius recipe loads up your usual popcorn with bonus melted caramel, white chocolate, apple and cinnamon. We’re dribbling just thinking about it tbh.

Get the recipe for this here.

Cosy crafts

Flameless fire pit

Every classic teen movie features a sleepover around the campfire that’s absolute goals, but it’s not always the best idea in soggy ol’ England. Stay warm and keep your aesthetic on point with this creative and cosy no-flame fire pit. It’s literally just fairylights and fake twigs, but looks SO perfect.

Find out how to make this here.

Watercolour leaf hanger

On the hunt for an idea or two that’ll transform your bedroom? One of the easiest ways is to bring the outdoors inside, and this watercolour leaf hanger is a crafty way to do just that. All of the warm colours and fiery shades will mean instant autumn vibes.

Find out how to make this here.

S’mores station

Really wanna go all out to impress your pals with your special autumn sleepover this year? Nothing will work better than melted chocolate and squishy marshmallows. As we said earlier, campfires aren’t always the most reliable in our lovely British weather, so why not set up a DIY S’mores station instead? You could even make cute seasonal decorations for it.

Pastel pumpkins

Carving pumpkins always seems like a good idea at first – until you’re up to your elbows in squishy, weird-smelling goo and you’re still finding seeds in strange places one whole year later. These pretty pumpkins have had a Tumblr makeover with pastel colours and some snazzy puns – so we guess technically that would make these PUN-KINS…

Blanket fort

And last but not least – a million blankets, every single pillow in the house, a sprinkle of squishy cushions and a whole heap of flickering candles (fake, battery-operated ones obviously – no real flames please) are all you need to construct an unstoppable blanket fort. Everyone knows that cosiness officially peaks with a blanket fort.

So there you have it, the essentials for any autumn sleepover. Just no one mention Christmas yet, okay?

All snack and DIY image credit: Pinterest

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Sponsored by Nip+Fab

Do you ever wish you could wave a magic wand over your face the night before your school photo to magic away those pesky PMS spots and shiny blotches? Yep, us too. Well, the good news is we’ve kiiiiinda found a wand.

It’s called cleansing guys. Your mum says it, the mags say it, the internet says it: remove your makeup at the end of the day, everyday, with a cleanser. That’s the trick. The winning spell. And actually, it can make you feel pretty damn great.

Here’s why cleansing makes you feel like the queen that you are…

It’s pretty much a bath for your face

If face wipes were a quick pre-school shower, then cleansing is a long hot Saturday night soak. That means double cleansing (hello K-Beauty fans) is basically a spa day. We know what pamper squad we’d rather be in.

Your skin legit improves

Without cleansing, your pores become super clogged with makeup, sweat and general dirt which can cause spots, redness, and dryness galore. Not ideal. Give your face a deep and meaningful with a product like Nip+Fab’s glycolic cleansing pads. They’re packed full of next level ingredients that are sure to make your skin feel a million bucks. We’re talking blue daisy, which soothes angry skin and makes it look smoother, and glycolic acid, which exfoliates gently. Kylie Jenner raves about them, while her sister Kim’s makeup artist praises the way they create the perfect base.

Who doesn’t love going extra?

Just for a sec, imagine if you shared a bathroom with Rihanna. Yep, of course you’d spend most of your weekends practicing duets in the mirror, but would she use dry cotton wool balls and a pot of old moisturiser to scrape the mascara off her eyes? Hell no. She’d have silky smooth cleansers in every scent and soft cleansing cloths to give her complexion a truly reinvigorating clean. Go channel RiRi.

Your bathroom becomes #spagoals

Okay so now you’re sold on cleansing you’ve got to live it, which is pretty easy when your bathroom looks super fancy thanks to those new beauty buys lined up on the shelf. The cute pics of your cat will have to be sidelined and those arty shots of your bff will have to wait because all you’re Instagramming for the next week is how hot your b’room looks.

NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Cleansing Pads are available in October’s bettybox and on the Nip+Fab website.

It’s International Day of the Girl! So to celebrate how amazing we are (betty pretty much does this every single minute of the day anyway guys, we’ve got you) we’re meeting some seriously inspirational babes.

Because when girls work together, great things happen. End of. Thanks to Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, girls with strong (and shared) belief systems are joining forces now more than ever. Together they are building safe, supportive spaces for creative production that encourage, above all else, honest conversation. Introducing gal-dem!

The multi-medium London-based troop launched in 2015 and help WoC (women of colour) build careers in the media, as well as diversify the faces, voices and experiences of the women we currently see in magazines. They talk about loads of interesting topics from race, to representation, to gender and are keen to kick off convos that aren’t really happening in the creative industries, heck, the world.

Hannah Gooding is their lifestyle editor (not to mention our new career crush) and is totally waving the flag for female inclusivity. She realised that waiting around for publications to feature women like herself just wasn’t an option any longer: “We noticed a lack of representation of ourselves in the media, and as they say, if you want something done, do it yourself. If you want to do something exceptionally, get your best girls on board to support.”

With issue 1 sold out and issue 2 available now for pre-order, we caught up with the incredible collective to talk about the power of female friendship, the importance of finding a voice and naturally, periods.

So, what actually is gal-dem?

“gal-dem is both a magazine and an online platform run collectively by women of colour for all to explore.”

Why did you decide to start gal-dem?

“We noticed a lack of representation of women like ourselves – women of colour – in the media, and as they say, if you want something done, go do it yourself! So we came together as a female collective just under two years ago, and did just that. Some of us knew each other through high-school or university, but mostly we came together through the weird and wonderful world-wide web. Online communities can be so powerful, a great way of coming together and sending out a clear message.”

What kind of stuff can we expect to find in the magazine?

“Interviews, illustrations, photography, opinion pieces, and an exclusive announcement from a childhood fave.”

What is it like to work alongside your bffs?

“It’s a massive ball of energy actually. We are always thinking of the next step. In the last year we’ve got our own radio station, club night, and now we have finally moved into a dedicated office space, so there’s so much more to come! We are actually made up of lots of contributors – it’s getting pretty tricky to count – but that’s what is so great about being a collective, it’s a community we support each other in an online and offline capacity.

“Working with your bffs is so rewarding. We can always rely on the gal-dem to listen to our rants, like all our posts on instagram, and generally gass us up every hour of the day.”

Do you think the fact you’re united in your mission is what makes you so successful?

“Yes, but the collective power of talented women comes tops. We just tapped into something that was needed and people were drawn to that.”

Why do you think periods still come with a stigma attached?

“Because men control the media and they don’t like talking about what they don’t understand. I have so many male friends that have had no idea how the menstrual cycle works, but I know how their anatomy works. It requires research, it requires time and understanding to be able to write or talk about periods – which unfortunately, isn’t always happening.”

Do you think this is the same for negative associations we sometimes see about the female body?

“Yes. If we’re too busy hating ourselves, we can’t take over the world. So stop, breathe and put your powers into practice. Oh, and don’t read magazines that tell you to be something you are not.”

Does social media help or hinder us when it comes to self-love?

“It’s a double-edged sword, definitely. Selfies can really boost self-esteem, but seeing everyone’s best side on social media can make you think that you should actually look like filters in real life.”

If you could say one thing to your 14-year-old self, what would it be?

“Stop plucking your eyebrows! And don’t feel disgusted by your own menstruation.”

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Let’s talk about boys. Honestly, sometimes it can feel like they’re on a totally different planet but, the older I get, the more I appreciate the loyal, funny, caring (and occasionally totally stupid) guys in my life.

My first ever best friends were both boys, so I guess I had a bit of a head start. As soon as you start school though, the gender stereotypes kick in hard. You’re told “girls do this”, “boys do that”, and so neat little same-sex friendship circles form around netball vs. football, dance vs. cricket (what a load of BS, we know).

By the time you’re a teenager, those separate groups are pretty well established – and then being just good friends with a boy gets reeeeally complicated by silly gossip, hormones, and unfortunate crushes.

But the thing about boys is they’re not actually as different from us as they might sometimes seem. Forget pretty much all rom-coms, and the rubbish you’ve been told about how boys and girls can never really be “just good friends”. They totally can, and why the hell shouldn’t they?

Having boy friends in your life is great. Variety is the spice of life, and befriending a boy can be a really fun way of mixing up your hobbies and conversations – while also sticking two fingers up at the stereotypes that say boys can’t be sensitive and girls can’t be adventurous.

“Male and female friends make you think and feel differently about yourself – not just about how attractive you are, but about how sporty you are, how clever you are, how good you are at chatting about music, and so on,” explains Dr Angharad Rudkin, a Clinical Psychologist from the University of Southampton.

Of course, boy mates can also offer a valuable insight into the inner workings of the opposite sex, and they’ll often have a different perspective from your girlfriends on life’s dilemmas. In short, a good boyfriend will support you, make you laugh, and offer advice just as much as any girlfriend.

When I was at school, I had two main things in common with most of my best boy friends: we liked a lot of the same music, and we were really good at maths. It really doesn’t take anything more profound than that to strike up a conversation and find that you actually quite like each other.

In fact, those annoying boy-girl seating plans your teacher insists on can actually be really handy when it comes to making friends with boys. If you’re stuck with each other for the whole term anyway, you might as well make the best of it and see if there’s any common ground.

You’re not going to hit it off with every guy you’re forced to sit next to in class (just like you wouldn’t with every girl) but give them a chance. I promise they’re not all as weird and immature as each other!

The school gossip mill can be tricky though, when it comes to maintaining your friendship with a boy. Just because you’re both mature enough to like and respect each other as friends, doesn’t mean everyone else is mature enough not to start stupid rumours about you.

It would be too easy to say: “just ignore them” – although that is also solid advice. The best thing you can do is be open and honest with each other, to make sure you both know where you stand.

“Talk with your friends if you feel things are starting to get a bit different with your relationships – chatting about it is so much easier than trying to guess what the other is thinking,” says Dr Rudkin.

Sometimes that might mean making awkward confessions like: “I’ve developed a bit of a crush on you, but I don’t want this to affect our friendship” – because, guess what, hormones and your blossoming sexuality will do that to you. But mostly it just means being able to say: “Hey, we’re mates, right? I know people are gossiping, but that shouldn’t stop us hanging out together.”

Obviously, it’s also important to choose your boy mates carefully, just like you would any other friends. Make sure they’re respectful – not just to you, but to all the girls in your class – and don’t make you feel bad about yourself.

Hanging out in groups can ease the pressure too. If you and some mates are going to see a band he loves, or grabbing dinner together before the school disco, invite him to come along too. Mixed friendship groups can have a really nice, chilled out dynamic, and you won’t feel quite so awkward as you might do about hanging out one-on-one.

At the end of the day though, Dr Rudkin says: “Just do what feels right for you, and take each person as they are, regardless of their gender. If they make you feel good about yourself and positive about the future, and if they make you more of the person you really want to be, then it’s a good friendship.”

I love all of my girl and boy friends to bits, and they each bring totally different things to my life. With the girls it might be nights in, catching up and watching Pitch Perfect; discussing feminism over dinner; shivering together at a football match; or heading off for a weekend away together.

But there’s also that one guy who’s forever inviting groups of us over for wonderful dinners, or dropping everything to help me out of a tricky spot. There’s the boyfriend who I have endless deep and meaningful conversations with, and who’ll always come to me first for advice. And the mate who’s just as likely to take me trampolining, or on a photography tour round London, as he is to spend hours watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race with me.

I just couldn’t imagine life without any of them.

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At first you think you’re going mental. This is the stuff of Housewives, Pretty Little Liars, Enid Blyton books about boarding school. People do not steal people IRL –  I mean, they sometimes do in a criminal sense, but not in this way: this slow, insidious abduction of a friend’s affection, attention and lols. As kleptomania starts with the odd lip balm, friendship stealing begins by sharing coloured pens in geography, sniggering over penis diagrams in biology, swapping notes — just low key, friendly stuff. Yet you can’t dismiss that nagging feeling that something, something, is not right.

She’s stopped Snapchatting you. Sure, you see her story, but the personal snaps of her cat attacking Cole Sprouse on the telly? They’ve disappeared, along with your privileged two-second reply rate and tags in memes. The connection’s failing — and you assume at first the problem’s your end. You shift position, reach a bit higher, like you do when your signal’s dying. You make an effort at asking questions, bring up the funny times you’ve shared and lend her your joggers. Then it hits you: you are being, slowly but surely, acquaintance-zoned.

It’s a shitty feeling. I’m not going to pretend otherwise — but we have all been there and, if we’ve not been, we will be at one point. This is no fluffy platitude: I offer it as evidence that no one, but NO ONE, is worth any more or any less than you. Just as you are being robbed, so you will one day be robbed, by someone who wants you so badly they’ll take you away from someone else. Indeed, I’m prepared to bet that one day you too will see someone you want to ‘steal.’

And believe me, you’ll steal her. Because the thing with friendship stealing is, there is no such thing. Better to call it friendship recycling. Someone might steal your bff, but if she’s allowing herself to be taken, why hold on to her? If she was fully committed to you, she’d be more mindful of the hurt her neglect is causing — or maybe she would welcome you into her new friendship glow. Don’t write her off too soon — we can all get sidetracked now and again, especially by something as new and shiny as a friend-in-waiting — but equally don’t bend over yourself to please her. Instead, try exploring new pal-stures: finding friends who recognise your value and are ready to earn it. Your old bff will be back the moment she sees you don’t need her so much any more — of that, I am 95 per cent sure.

Neediness is unattractive in anyone, unless it’s your literal baby. Relationships which become too dependent, be they platonic or romantic, are hard to maintain. They become stifling. It is probably more healthy for bffs to ebb and flow, growing away from each other, making new friends and — hopefully —growing together again as more rounded people. Bees fly a long way from their queen, but what they bring back with them makes both her and the hive stronger. Unlike the bees, though, you won’t die if in the end you do lose each other and decide to move on.

So think twice before complaining – not least because nothing sounds more petty than ‘she’s stealing my best friend’, however legit the feeling is.  Seize the chance to make new mates for yourself, or invest in some fledgling friendships that could grow. Don’t compete with your mate’s new girl: smile, and enjoy sitting with new people. If nothing else, it’s good practice for university and the workplace. In the words of my grandmother, who at 81 has some friendships under her belt: make new friends, keep the old — one is silver, the other gold.

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‘Ah, your teens’, older relatives sigh nostalgically. ‘The best years of your life. All that free time and no responsibilities. Make the most of them!’

How often do you hear words like this? Adults seem to love telling younger people how lucky they are to not yet have hit twenty. They conveniently forget that you have responsibilities and pressures: homework, exams, volunteering, a job, chores, maybe more.

They also forget that you may have time but you don’t have money. Wouldn’t it be easy to make the most of our teens if we had an unlimited budget! Imagine the days out, weekends away, good deeds, shopping trips and salon visits if we had more than £4.17 in our purses?!

But even if you’re brassic, it’s still possible to enjoy some of life’s luxuries. Here’s how to live like a queen and stretch those pennies to create your own teen luxe lifestyle…

Make your own luxury list

Unless you’re actually Victoria Beckham or Kim Kardashian (hi girls), you’ll probably have to make some compromises around luxury. We can’t all have everything all of the time – and in fact even the biggest indulgence would lose its appeal if we did (although totes willing to test that theory out if anyone wants to fund the experiment?!).

Instead we have to make choices about our priorities: what treat would you love the most?

Obviously there’s no point wishing for a top of the range sports car if you can’t drive anyway, so focus on what is actually in the realm of achievable. Think about your life already: what would you do more of or buy more of if you could?

Start a luxury list based on this. Perhaps it’s a bottle of designer perfume or a new album every month. Write your ideas down. Rather than wanting everything, you’ll (hopefully) begin to see a pattern emerging of what would really make a difference to you.

Keep this list handy before your birthday and Christmas and drop some hints. If you’re lucky enough to be asked what you’d like, you’ll have some ideas rather than the usual total mind blank. Plus it gives you some ideas if you get given money.

Also dig out your childhood piggy bank. Literally save your pennies as well as the odd pound or the fiver you find in your old coat pocket (those discoveries do happen to someone, don’t they? Or is it a complete myth that we ever find money in our clothes or down the sofa?).

It’s amazing how little contributions to our money box can build up. But there are other ways to bring a little luxury into your life too…


Unless we figure out the magical spell for creating tickets (Glasto, New York, Ibiza incase anyone can hear us), our teen years usually mean a fair amount of time in our bedroom – so make it as luxurious as possible.

An Instagramable interior isn’t far from reach. Start with cleaning and tidying your space, so it’s somewhere that you and your mates want to hang out. Get a plant and a nice scented candle, use your bedside lamp not the overhead light and squish up your pillows even if you have to flatten them again to get to sleep!

Talking of beds, if your idea of luxury is a long lie-in (and whose isn’t?!), change your sheets.  Honestly there’s nothing more luxurious than sleeping in clean sheets. You’ll feel like an influencer in the latest boutique hotel.

Eating out

It’s not just fast food places that offer pocket money prices. If you and your friends fancy eating out somewhere but you’re worried about cost, try these tricks:

Meet for lunch or even breakfast. Many places have special midday offers or cheaper options earlier in the day.

Order tap water. It’s free and if you’re having food then you needn’t feel like a cheapskate.

If the main courses are a bit pricey, order a starter and a side dish. Just remember to ask for it to come at the same time as others’ mains!


Visit your local market. It’s not just for people with wheelie trollies or fruit and veg sold by someone shouting things you can’t decipher (‘Half a pound a pound…..’ Uh?).

Markets are great places full of hidden luxuries. You’ll nearly always find a stall selling makeup and haircare, as well as one stocked with chocolates and sweets. At mine, you can even buy last month’s magazines for just £1! Check your nearest one out and see what you uncover.


Try cultivating your own ‘look’. If you become known for a particular style or accessory, you don’t need to spend money chasing every new trend – you can just carry on sporting your trilby or using your distinctive backpack until it wears out (or you get bored). This frees up cash to spend on the luxuries you really want!


Trade beauty treatments. Rope your friend, your mum or sister in and swap manis and pedis. Even if you’re a bit ropey to begin with, you’ll soon improve! Make it a regular appointment in your month and light some candles. Who needs a salon anyways?

Warning: this is not encouragement to cut your own fringe.

Make a chore a treat

Sooner or later, we all get periods. Why not make this feel more luxurious? Sign up to bettybox and turn the time of the month into the time of a treat too!

See, being brassic isn’t *that* bad after all…