Do you remember in Mean Girls when Cady wins Prom Queen and rather than just accepting the award she takes the tiara off her head, snaps it into little pieces and throws it to people in the crowd? You know, this bit:

Well, that happened IRL at the Grammy’s last night. And it was spectacular.

After winning the Grammy for Album of the Year, Adele came to the stage to collect her award. But in a curve ball literally NO ONE saw coming, she told the audience, “I can’t possibly accept this award… I’m very humbled and I’m very grateful, but Beyonce is the artist of my life”.


But how did Bey react to this moving tribute? Like a damn Queen, obviously.

(FYI this is exactly how Beyoncé looks at me in my dreams when I offer to do a duet with her.)

Not just content to dedicate the award to Queen Bey, Adele took it one step further and broke the award in half. And look at how excited she was by her own bad-assery. Just look.

Seriously, could there be a better start to Galentine’s Day?

So this week, bugger Valentine’s, let’s all be more like Adele – let’s take a moment to appreciate the fellow Queens in our life. We might not be able to share a Grammy with them, but we could probably split a brownie.

Here’s the video of the full acceptance speech and just a heads up, you should probably keep some tissues nearby. Just sayin’.

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PSA: The Grammys are this Sunday and we CANNOT wait.

The Grammys always tend to attract some sort of scandal or controversy (T. Swift and Kayne; Beyonce’s first Beyby; Pharrell’s hat… fond memories, all). To every gossip columnist’s disappointment, Kim & Kayne have clicked ‘Not Attending’ this year – but don’t panic, because there’s still plenty of potential for drama at this year’s ceremony.

Here are the top 10 things we’re crossing our fingers and microwaving the popcorn for.

1. Lemonade wins the album of the year, Beyoncé launches an actual Lemonade brand off the back of it. $7 a bottle, it replaces Fiji water as the must-have schoolbag bottle totty.

2. And that she refer to her twins as ‘Beybies’. Do it for us, B.

3. Kim Kardashian is beamed onto the stage via hologram and announces that she’s pregnant. With triplets. Or Quadruplets.

4. Lady Gaga wears another kickin’ crop top during her performance and schools anyone who tries to comment on her body. Again.

5. That everyone will cry at an incredibly moving tribute to Prince, and David Bowie. And George Michael. And Leonard Cohen. Man, 2016 was a rough year.

6. The Weeknd and Selena Gomez make their red carpet debut and do something stupidly adorable.

7. James Corden is hosting, and we know that man can sing. We can’t be the only ones hoping he gets involved with a musical number – ideally the rap from American Boy, a la Smithy, but we won’t be choosy.

8. Katy Perry is meant to be performing, and word on the street is that she’ll be singing a new track that’s meant to drop TODAY called Chained to the Rhythm. Brb, got to refresh YouTube for the millionth time today.

9. That Justin Bieber changes his mind at the last moment and decides to show up with his adorable dog, Todd. Preferably with both of them dressed in matching tuxedos please.


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10. It’s not often that we’d bet against Adele, but we hope that Kelly Clarkson wins a Grammy for this live performance because it is bloody incredible. Physically impossible to watch without tearing up (or, you know, full blown, sobbing onto your keyboard). We’re not the only ones obsessed with this performance, it racked up nearly 25 million views on YouTube and 83 million views on Facebook. C’mon Kelster.

Check back in on Monday to see if any of our wishes come true! And wish extra hard for Todd the dog, guys.