Wake up and smell the JOY, everybody. These are the happiest smells in the world, according to us. 

1. Freshly cut grass.

2. Waffles*.

3. Birthday cake candles.

4. Old bookshops.

5. The bakery section of the supermarket, specifically when the maple pecan twists are still warm.

6. A newborn baby’s head.

7. Baby lotion (easier than having the baby).

8. Toast. Why does toast smell so delicious? Nobody knows.

9. Really cold, crisp, frosty winter mornings.

10. The coffee you buy to warm your hands up on the cold, crisp, frosty morning.

11. The old school radiator you eventually warm up your arse against on the cold, crisp, frosty morning.

12. New carpets.

13. The first sun cream application of the year.

14. Candyfloss at a funfair. But pre-waltzers only. 

15. Whatever fancy stuff your hairdresser mists over you at the end of a haircut, then tries to get you to buy as though perhaps you are a secret Jenner. Nice try, lady.

16. The faint whiff of your mum’s perfume on a jumper while you’re secretly homesick on a school residential holiday.

17. Cinnamon buns. Obviously.

18. Bonfire night.

19. The first (successful) barbecue of summer.

20. Frying bacon on a Saturday morning. Or any morning.

21. Um, the vegetarian equivalent of bacon. Frying tofu? Sure. 

22. The distinctly nostalgic blend of PVA glue, poster paint, disinfectant and pencil sharpenings that fragrances every primary school ever.

23. Beyoncé. We imagine. 

*Of course, it is the law that they must always smell at least 30% better than they actually taste. The law.

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Much as we’re all for being positive about your period, sometimes it’s just a little… annoying. Painful. Unexpected. Or all of the above. So, in 2018, we want to make periods happier. Our own, yours, everyone’s. Because who wants to be miserable every fourth week of the year?

So get ready, girls; here’s how to make your period better for the next 12 months and beyond…

Always be prepared

If you are or were a Girl Guide, you’ll be familiar with the motto ‘be prepared’, which you can totally apply to your period. Think about it: if you can avoid leaks and don’t have to shuffle to the medical room at school to grab a pad, you’ll probably be less bothered by your monthly visitor, right?

So use your bettybox pouch or get yourself a cute make-up bag to stash some pads, tampons and clean knickers in (in case a leak DOES strike), make sure your supply is plentiful enough for a whole day and carry it in your bag all the time. As long as you replenish your stock when used it’s really not that tricky, eh? And boys wonder why we need such big bags all the time…

Find a sure-fire way to alleviate your cramps

Whether it’s yoga, a nice gentle jog, eating a banana or taking a bubble bath, work out what works for you and do it often during your period. Even if that means eating an entire bunch of bananas in four days.


Speaking of jogging and yoga, exercise really will help you feel better during your period, because it releases those mood-boosting endorphins everyone’s always banging on about.

Cramps too painful to move much? Try swimming: it’s no-impact and, as long as you change your tampon before and after getting in the pool, totally doable while your flow is in the building.

Treat yourself

If ever there was a time to be good to yourself, it’s during your period. Craving chocolate? Eat it. Want an entire bowl of mashed potato? Have it. It’s only a few days out of the month and, chances are, if you let yourself have a little of what you fancy you’re less likely to binge than if you try to deprive yourself.

Don’t overstretch yourself

Most weekends you can manage your homework deadlines, hanging out with three different mates and winning a Saturday morning hockey game without flinching. During your period, however, everything tends to feel a little overwhelming. Make sure you don’t overcommit and, if everything does start to feel a bit ‘much’, don’t be afraid to cancel plans. Your buddies will still be there in a week.

Make time for fun

That being said, nothing makes you forget about your cramps quite like fun times with your best buds. Can’t be bothered going out? Invite the girls round for a movie night and stockpile the snacks. No getting ready required.

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Every month you’ll get different treats, from beauty products to tasty snacks, all designed to make your period just a little sweeter. Get more info and sign up here!

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

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Merry Christmas everyone! You’re probably on your 926th segment of Terry’s Chocolate Orange right about now, snuggling down with your family to watch your evening Crimbo film feeling pretty darn content, amiright? Well we’re about to up the happy points by about a million with our list of the little things that make you instantly smile.

1. The wagging tail of a happy dog. Or a cat. Do cats wag their tails? Maybe the swishy tail of a cat, then.

2. A bruised purple sunset. I live for pretty sunsets. They’re just beautiful, aren’t they? When the sky looks a little like a watercolour painting.

3. A bright blue sky on a freezing day. A cornflower colour, with frost nipping at your nose.

4. The smell of freshly-baked bread or cookies *mouth instantly waters*.

5. Finding money in the bottom of a bag. Even if it’s just 50p!

6. An unexpected text from a friend you’ve not heard from in a while, or from someone you like and you’re wondering whether they like you back…

7. Putting on your fave colourful lipstick.

8. Reading the first page of a new book and loving it instantly.

9. Meeting someone new and getting those butterflies. You know the ones. The nervous excitement. There’s nothing quite like it.

10. Drinking ice-cold water when you’re really thirsty. That thing your mum says when you ask for a fizzy drink and she says, ‘Drink water, it’ll quench your thirst”? She’s right. Ice-cold water on a hot day. THIRST OFFICIALLY QUENCHED.

11. Being sent a handwritten letter. Even better if the sender’s writing is lovely. My friend has the most beautiful handwriting, and I always get SO excited when Christmas or my birthday is around the corner.

12. Feeling exhausted from a long day and climbing into a fresh bed. The feeling of collapsing into a soft-cloud-mattress is indescribable.

13. A roast dinner with lashings of gravy. Preferably with a Yorkshire pudding or two to mop it up. I’ve been told numerous times that only roast beef should have a Yorkshire pudding but I don’t care. Yorkshire puddings go with EVERY kind of roast dinner.

14. Flickering candles, dotted all around a room. Candles always make things feel calmer and that bit cosier.

15. A hot bubble bath. Sooooooooo relaxing. The perfect antidote to a horrid day.

16. Fresh-cut flowers. You don’t need someone to buy you flowers. Buy some for yourself. You deserve it!

17. A sleepover with your best friends: movies, cookie dough ice cream and A LOT of laughing.

18. Takeaway pizza (or any takeaway, really). YUP. Any takeaway will do – and there’s no washing up after! #sorrynotsorry

19. Swimming in the sea. The cold, salty water on a scorching hot day. Or on a cold day if you’re one of those brave types who swims in the sea on Christmas morning.

20. Writing on the first page of a brand-new notebook – I’m obsessed with stationery so this one might just be me. But I love the feeling of the pen on a clean snow-white page.

21. Listening to your favourite song. Mine is anything, anything at all by Beyoncé. She could quite literally sing the alphabet and I’d love it.

22. A lazy Sunday morning. That sort where the smell of sizzling bacon wakes you up and the lovely deliciousness of a Sunday is stretched out ahead of you.

23. The smell of birthday cake. You know when you’ve sung happy birthday to someone and they’ve just blown out the candles? THAT SMELL. If I could bottle that smell, I would.

24. When your sides ache from laughing. When you get the giggles and tears start rolling down your face, you know that feeling is coming. The feeling where you simply cannot laugh anymore because otherwise YOU WILL BURST.

Image: Riverdale

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Whether you have a soft spot for Snapchat, a fondness for Facebook or you’re infatuated with Instagram, we all know that we can have a love/hate relationship with social media.

One minute we can’t get enough of sending selfies, chatting to our friends and day-dreaming about the holidays our favourite influencers are on right now. The next, social media envy, wasting time scrolling and scrolling, not to mention screen-induced headaches can leave us feeling frustrated, tired and just plain sad.

So what’s the answer? We can’t possibly give up social media or apps, can we? CAN WE? Don’t worry, we’re not saying you should give anything up. But there’s a way to be much smarter about how we act online, which includes muting people who you don’t like seeing lots, limiting your time on apps and reporting any bullying straight away.

Mute or unfollow anything or anyone that really gets on your nerves

If you don’t like what someone’s posting online, you have so so many options as to what to do about it. If it’s something offensive, you can report it. If it’s something that just bugs you, you can unfollow them. It sounds simple, but lots of us forget that we see what we choose to see online – if you keep feeling rubbish about the holidays Instagram influencers are going on, unfollow a few of them!

Sometimes unfollowing can cause people to feel sad, and who knows, maybe you’ll want to follow them again soon and that’ll be awkward. That’s why it’s great that a lot of your favourite apps and social media platforms have options to ‘mute’ or ‘hide’ instead of unfollowing. For example, if you’re sick of seeing someone’s Instagram Stories, just press and hold on their face on your homescreen and then select ‘Mute’.

…Or make it harder for people to see what you’re doing

We’ve all seen that someone we know (but don’t like that much) has followed us or added us as a friend. Maybe it’s someone you don’t get on with or a relative who wants to check up on you. You don’t have to add them back – you can always just ignore the request! But if someone does start following you or adding you as a friend, there are ways to stop them from seeing everything you’re doing. For example, you can limit who sees your Instagram Stories by clicking on someone’s profile, clicking on the three dots in the top right-hand corner and selecting ‘Hide Your Story.’

If you really don’t want some people to see what you’re doing, consider making more of your profiles private, this is really easy on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – just have a look at the settings. That way only the people you agree to will see what you’re posting or saying – this is a really good option for a lot of people.

Report harassment or bullying straight away

People bugging you online is one thing, but if someone is bullying you or being really offensive, then there are tons of tools to help you report their behaviour. And don’t waste any time, flag things as offensive or inappropriate as soon as they come up.

There are lots of ways to do this depending on which app you’re using. For example, the way this works on Facebook is if someone posts a status update you find offensive, just click on the three little dots in the top right-hand corner of their post and scroll to ‘Report Post’. You’ll then be asked a few questions about why you’re reporting and Facebook will figure out what’s going on.

Set an alarm to limit your time online

Maybe you love everyone you follow online and everything you do, but you’ve realised it’s sucking up waaay too much of your spare time. It’s normal. You think you’ll have a quick look at Instagram and next thing you know an hour has passed and you’ve been scrolling until your thumb has gone numb. How did that happen?!

There are lots of apps designed to help you keep tabs on what you’re doing so you can better understand where your time goes. But we like to use our simple timers and alarms already built-in to our phones. Just set an alarm for ten minutes next time you want to look at Instagram or Facebook, when the alarm is up, move on. Simple!

Change your settings to avoid screen headaches

Lots of research has been done into the way the light within our screens could be giving us headaches and disturbing our sleep. Luckily, a lot of phones now have settings built-in, which allow you to change the colour of your screen slightly before bed.

Experts believe these settings, which make your screen look warmer rather than cooler, will lead to a much better night’s sleep for us all. For example, if you have an iPhone go to ‘Settings’, click ‘Display & Brightness’ and then hit ‘Night Shift’ where you can make changes and decide when your screen should start protecting your eyes and how much it should change.


It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

You know when you wait ages for a bus and then three come along all at once? Well, that’s how becoming a teen felt for me.

I had found primary school easy. I had lots of friends, exams were a breeze and I never really thought about how I looked. But then lots of things came along all at once.

My parents had never got on well, but suddenly they were fighting so much more. I had my first crush, but he didn’t like me back. I started my period, but had a lot of painful cramps. My friends were arguing and taking time off school to go to the park. And to top it all off, I was finding it really difficult that everyone else in my class — not to mention everyone else on the planet — seemed to have big boobs and mine felt tiny in comparison.

So much had happened in one go that I didn’t know how to deal with it. It’s easy to pick up one or two Maltesers when they’ve fallen out of the packet, isn’t it? But what about when the whole packet falls on the floor? Well, you either start picking them up… or you don’t pick them up at all.

That’s what I did. Instead of coping with one thing at a time, I felt really overwhelmed. It was like a big, sad cloud was following me around and raining on me all of the time. I tried to hide it and pretend my parents breaking up wasn’t a big deal really or I didn’t even want to have boobs and look like the girls in the magazines. But deep down I was overwhelmed. And the worst part was that I thought other people could tell. This meant I did less and less. I didn’t want to socialise with my friends or get dressed up because I thought I was just a quiet, sad girl to them.

I didn’t really know where these feelings were coming from, either. I thought everyone else was dealing with things a lot better than me — and that I should be happy. After all, I got good grades, I had friends, I had a mum who was just absolutely ace. All I really needed at the time was someone to tell me that it’s ok to feel sad and confused sometimes when you hit your teens. Worrying about your body when it’s going through puberty and changing so much is really natural. Getting sad about your parents arguing would probably even make Beyoncé want a good cry. And feeling unsettled when friends were falling out and crushes wouldn’t text back? Well, that was something everyone was going through too.

But it felt like just me.

One day I remember feeling so trapped and sad that I just ran outside to get away from everything. As simple as that. I ran and I kept running. And suddenly my heart was beating faster, I could feel the wind against my face, I was breathing normally, I was holding my head up high, I wasn’t caring about how my body looked. I felt free.

More importantly, I felt happy.

Happy that I could make a decision to get outside when it felt like life was too much, that I could make my body work for me, that I could feel a surge of happy exercise endorphins in my blood and that I could breathe free and easy rather than feeling panicky and nervous.

I’d always loved to exercise when I was growing up. But PE lessons had sucked all of the fun out of running and climbing and dancing around — all of the things I loved when I was young. Team sports felt so boring and fake to me. But discovering running for myself felt like I had opened up a brand new world.

From then on, anytime a sad or nervous or “I’m rubbish!” feeling came along, I’d decide not to let it take over. Instead, I put on my trainers and went outside. Taking some time out of each day to do something for me, how I wanted to do it, in the way I wanted to do it felt really good. It didn’t stop the sad feelings, it didn’t make my parents get back together or magically grow me a huge pair of boobs to make all of the other girls in my class jealous. But it made things feel easier, happier and somehow just a little bit lighter. Because I was proving to myself that I was stronger than my sad thoughts.

It doesn’t always work, though. Sometimes I don’t go running. Sometimes I still sit inside and forget how nice it feels. Sometimes lots of sad feelings still come along. But that’s a natural part of being me.

And years later, I still run and it’s still the best medicine for when I’m feeling sad and when things get too overwhelming. I’ve not trained for a marathon, I don’t spend a lot of my money on fancy running clothes or run a lot of races for charity. But I do feel like I have a secret weapon for whenever life gets a bit too much.


It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

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If you were on Twitter over the weekend, you may have seen the trending hashtag: #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia. The whole thing happened so fast, it was almost impossible to keep up but don’t stress, that’s what we’re here for. Let’s break it down:

On Wednesday, Vine star Jéröme Jarre was contacted by a volunteer in Somalia about the famine that is currently affecting 6 million Somali people. And Jéröme decided to do something. Something big. He worked out that Turkish Airlines is the only international airline that flies to Mogadishu (the capital of Somalia) so he encouraged people to tweet them to get their attention.

Then other YouTubers like Juanpa Zurita and Casey Neistat got involved:

And then Ben Stiller threw his weight behind the mission, obvs:

They got Turkish Airlines attention:

Turkish Airlines agreed to fly a plane to Somalia with 60 tonnes of food to Somalia as well as agreeing to send food containers on their commercial flights until THE END OF THE FAMINE. Seriously, kudos to Turkish Airlines.

Now Jéröme & Co. had a plane, they needed to raise some money. Actually, $1 million to be exact (£806,000). The team set up a GoFundMe page and put out a call on social media.

Within 24 hours, they’d raised over $1 million to provide basic food such as rice, flour, sugar and oats to Somalian people. They’ve teamed up with an non-government organisation that’s already on the ground called the American Refuge Committee that are going to help distribute the food and to organise water trucks to deliver water to families in need.

As of writing, the page has raised $1,750,000 (£1,410,000) – and there are still five days to go. If you want to be a part of this movement, there’s still time to donate, just visit the GoFundMe page and join the 62,000 people who have contributed to the Love Army for Somalia.

This Monday, let’s do some good for the world.

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

If you’re anything like us, getting up on a Monday morning can feel a bit like this:


It’s cold and dark and the weekend really is over. But, the good news is that there are loads of reasons to get out of bed this morning. In fact, we’ve rounded up 21 of them.

1. Today might be the day your teacher gives you an A on your homework.

2. Or it might be the day that you hear your new favourite song.

3. Today might be the day you go the entire day without tripping on anything.

4. Or may be it’ll the day you only trip once.

5. Today might be the day Zoella retweets you.

6. Or the day you find out why it’s important to know what pi is.

7. It might be the day you find £20 on the floor.

8. Or the day you score the winning goal in football.

9. Today might be the day you take the perfect selfie.

10. It could even be the day you think of the PERFECT sarcastic reply in the moment, and not five hours later.

11. Today might be the day you get to the bus stop the exact moment the bus pulls up.

12. Or the day you finally talk to your crush.

13. It might be the day you have the best hair day of your life (so far).

14. Today might be the day that Barack Obama announces he’s becoming a teacher at your school.

15. Or it could be the day that your dog finally learns how to shake hands.

16. Maybe it will be the day that you find the bracelet you lost years ago.

17. Today might be the day that Beyoncé drops another surprise album.

18. Who knows, it might be the day that your teacher lets you go home half an hour early.

19. Hell, today might be the day you make a new BFF.

20. It might even be the day you find out you won the school science prize.

21. Or it might be the day Costa gives you a free hot chocolate. With marshmallows. And whipped cream.

See, there are loads of reasons to get out of bed this morning. We hope you’re now feeling a little less ‘meh’ and a little more like this little guy.


It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome.