We all know that succulents are supposedly impossible to kill. That’s meant to be their main selling point. That unlike goldfish and regular, every day, run-of-the-mill garden centre plants, those trendy, spiky little fellas are virtually indestructible.

Well, I am calling bull… sugar.

I have killed one succulent from neglect and another from over-watering (please, like that’s a real thing).

But good news, plant killers! This succulent candle from Primark really will never die. Unless, of course you, set it alight, but that’s more a purposeful melt than an accidental death.

Which, um, might be better?


Cactus tin candle, Primark, £1.50

On your marks, get set, shop. 

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the Zoella apartment earlier in the month – and it was a rose gold and pale pink paradise.


If you dream of turning your room into the Zalfie mansion for the winter that is supposedly on its way, Zoella’s new range has gotcha back.

Fingerless gloves and a travel mug? Check.

05016155127252 Warm hands warm heart

Warm hands, warm hearts, Zoella lifestyle, £14

An inspirational planner? Uh-huh.

5016155127276 She designed a life she loved_INSIDE

She designed a life she loved organiser, Zoella lifestyle, £10

You want some colourful flowers to brighten up the long winter night? Oui.

05016155127238 Pots

Pottering around, Zoella lifestyle, £10

Struggle to keep plants alive? Zoella’s gotcha covered.

5016155125906 Zoella My Eden Composite

My Eden candle, Zoella lifestyle, £10

Well that’s our Christmas wishlist sorted, now we can nap easy.

IMG_6804 copy

Naps fix everything pillow, Zoella lifestyle, £12