Comic books featuring all of our favourite superheroes have been around for a long time. Since your parents were kids. Since your grandparents were kids, even!Although that doesn’t mean many of the stories, the characters, the superpowers and the badass things they do aren’t still great today.

Batman, for example, first cropped up in a comic book waaay back in 1939. Nineteen-thirty-goddam-nine. Since then, there have been a lot of comic books, movies, TV shows and other cool stuff made about him, starring him and celebrating him. But you may have noticed there are often far too many superhero dudes on our TVs and in our cinemas and jumping through our comic books. Which begs the question: Where are all the badass female superheroes?

Well, there are actually lots out there if you look carefully. And the good news is, more and more are appearing each day. They’re also representing more and more actual girls and women too, which is always a really good thing.

So if you’re already into comic books, can’t get enough of the new Supergirl show or need a helping of badass female superpowers in your life and don’t know where to start, then check out our list of favourite female superheroes who are totally #goals…

(And if you like superhero stories and comic books, there are so so so many more characters and stories for you to explore. This list is just the beginning.)

1. Rogue

If you’ve watched any of the X Men movies or TV shows, chances are you’ve come across Rogue before. She’s really different in some of the older comic books, but in the modern day films she’s a teen just like you, trying to get her head around regular teen stuff – like growing up and crushes. The problem is, when she touches people she sucks all of their energy out of them. Eek! Not great for a first kiss.

Rogue soon learns how to harness her powers and use them for good – she just needs to wear gloves at first a lot to stop her hurting anyone. We like her so much because we get to see how she learns to better use and understand her powers over time; a classic rise of a superhero story. BOOM!

Superpower: She can absorb powers, energy, memories and sometimes even skills via touch.

2. Gamora

Gamora is another classic comic book superhero who has recently appeared in a big movie. She was played by Zoe Saldana in Guardians of the Galaxy and her back story is she’s the green-skinned, adopted alien daughter of Thanos, a huge supervillain who is a massive deal in the world of The Avengers.

She naturally has some awesome superpowers, like enhanced strength, speed and durability. But she’s also trained in all of the martial arts you could imagine across all kinds of worlds. Why do we love her so much? Well, due to all her training she became known as “the deadliest woman in the whole galaxy”. What. A. Title.

Superpower: Super human strength, speed, agility and durability

3. Storm

Like Rogue, Storm is part of the X Men, which means fans of the films will be all too familiar with her awesome white hair and eye-changing abilities. Take a look at her back story and you’ll see she’s the daughter of a tribal princess from Kenya, but moved around a lot when she was growing up, finally settling with the X Men team.

We’re such huge Storm fans because she can control the ACTUAL weather. You may think that’s not that cool. Making it rain? Yeah, we get that everyday. But when you’re fighting big baddies being able to whip up a hurricane or throw a bolt of lightning is nothing short of amazing.

Superpower: She can control the weather. And also, just a small thing, she can fly.

4. Jessica Jones

Thanks to a recent Netflix adaptation, this little known superhero is one of our favourites. We love Jessica Jones so much because in many ways she’s a bit of an anti-superhero. She doesn’t really want to be out fighting crime or helping people that much – she’s a private investigator, and helping people just kind of… happens. Sometimes.

She also doesn’t have to wear silly (or cool, depending on your preference) costumes to fight crime either. She wears normal clothes and messes up a lot. Maybe she doesn’t sound like the best role model in the world, but we can relate to her very real, human story.

Superpower: Super human strength and endurance.

5. Supergirl

You’ve probably heard of Superman before, obvs. But, thanks to a new TV show all about Supergirl, she’s set to become even more popular than her big cousin.

Supergirl’s official name is Kara Zor-El and the back story is that she was sent to Earth from the doomed planet Krypton. Sound familiar? That’s because this is Superman’s back story too. The thing is, his little space pod thing got to Earth but Kara’s didn’t. Well, not until years later. Hence the reason he’s zooming around being all super for ages before she doesn’t turned up.

But we love her now she’s here, not least because her show is so refreshing when we’re all used to seeing Superman with the big ‘S’ on his chest. She has it too!

Superpower: All the super stuff, basically. We’re talking super strength, heat vision, speed, mostly invulnerable, x-ray vision, microscopic vision and more.


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Instagram is often thought of as a playground for self-indulgence and promotion, littered with throwaway selfies and hollow hashtags (er, #spon that’s you). So it’s really easy to totally overlook how this social media platform has hatched an entire generation of young women who use the channel as a springboard for activism, and as an opportunity to put their follower count to good use.

Below, we will be introducing some of the influential women who are aiming to make Instagram, sheesh, the world, a better place. Some of the names we s/o, you may already be familiar with, such as the Internet’s most colourful girl-gang the Confetti Crowd. Other women you probably won’t have come across, like Laetitia Duveau founder of @curatedbygirls—a platform for emerging creatives.

While these girls may not match Swifty’s levels of followers, they are all striving to change the world a little, and the proof is in their kick-ass mantras below.

School of Doodle

Instagram: @schoolofdoodle 

“School of Doodle is a learning lab, by and for girl and gender non-conforming Gen Zers, that gives them the tools to turn creative potential into future success. From photography and feminism to art and activism (and everything in between), Doodle’s content and community events provide girls with education, entertainment and opportunity to develop critical life skills and confidence to rule the world. School of Doodle was built on the belief that by closing the Confidence Gap, we can guarantee that for the next generation ‘leaning in’ looks like standing up straight.”

Confetti Crowd

Instagram: @confetticrowd

“We hope to inspire girls who may dream of owning their own business, of working from home, or of generally being a girl boss. Our aim is to create a community of successful girl bosses who support each other rather than compete against each other. It’s important that young women feel they can be completely and truly themselves when growing up. From finding your style at an early age, to building confidence and skills for a successful life, we are here to act as your big sister. As individuals we were all picked on for dressing ‘weird’, but remember that first they laugh, then they copy.”

Gurls Talk

Instagram: @gurlstalk

“Gurls Talk is a movement that strives to create a platform where girls can openly share their experiences in a safe and trusting environment. We are working together here at Gurls Talk to create a community of girls from all different backgrounds, looking beyond external differences and focusing on what it means to be a girl today.”

Curated by GIRLS

Instagram: @curatedbygirls

“Curated by GIRLS is a platform for talented creatives, emerging and established from around the world. We believe in equality, and try to include all genders, ethnicities and body types in the work we feature. It is very important that we give every artist out there a chance, not based on who they are but what they do. The world is full of unknown talents and our aim is to find them and give them the opportunities they deserve.”


Instagram: @galdemzine

gal-dem is a magazine (online and in print) and creative collective comprised of over 70 women and nonbinary people of colour which launched in September 2015. The aim of gal-dem is to open up our take on the world to a wider audience. We want people from all backgrounds to engage with the work we are doing. It’s no secret that the mainstream media doesn’t represent or reflect us, so we are doing it for ourselves.”

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Image: Katie Edmunds

It’s Christmas, and you want to show your friends how special they are to you – it’s the season of giving, after all. But what happens when you literally can’t afford to give? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Agree on a budget

Chances are, if you’re a bit hard up, your friends will be, too. So before anyone gets too carried away with their Christmas shopping, talk about setting an upper price limit for gifts. That way there’s no awkwardness if someone gives you pricey perfume and you’ve hastily wrapped them a family pack of jellybeans!

Make frugality fun

You could even set a stupidly-low price limit – say one or two pounds – and see how creative you can get in pound shops. There’s a bewildering array of items up for grabs there and while you won’t be able to get your friend the Missguided bag you know they’ve got their eye on, you will have a lot of fun giggling at your cheap and cheerful purchases.

Secret Santa your squad

If there’s a big gang of you, do a squad-sized secret Santa instead of buying gifts individually. Write everyone’s name on separate scraps of paper, pop them all into a hat or bowl, and then everyone draws a name – that’s who they’re buying a gift for. It’s not only cheaper but will save you loads of time traipsing around the shops.

Upcycle something cheap

Good with a needle and thread? You could embroider a kickass logo onto a plain Primark tee. Like to draw? Crack out the Sharpies and turn a plain-covered notebook into something Paperchase-worthy. Using your creative skills like this doesn’t just save you money, you’ll be giving your friend something ultra-special and one-of-a-kind – just like them!

A little adds up to a lot

Instead of dropping a load of dollar on one single item, assemble lots of little inexpensive items. Does your friend love skincare? Get some samples and miniatures for her to try. If she’s creative, a selection of art supplies. Baking? You could get her a range of different cupcake decorations. Cover a box with wrapping paper, and pop all your items inside. Ta-dah! Loads of little pressies that add up to an excellent big one.

Have a festive stuff swap

Be honest, how many dresses, accessories and pairs of shoes do you own that you never really wear? At least a couple, right? And the same probably goes for your friends. So why not get together and swap your stuff? Everyone gets something new without spending a penny – and since you’re repurposing existing items it’s good for the environment, too!

Bypass the gift-giving entirely!

It might sound a bit controversial, but remember you don’t have to get each other presents. Instead, you could make a pact to forgo the gifts this year, and put the money you would have spent on each other towards a day out or goodies for a sleepover. After all, Christmas isn’t about presents, but rather being with the people you love.

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Image: Katie Edmunds

Sponsored by Montezuma’s

Mmmm butterscotch – that gooey topping you put on ice cream or the flavour of those sweets your Grandpa sneaks you when Mum’s not looking. It’s addictive right?

Like caramel (but made with brown sugar instead of white) you’re probably used to scoffing it as candy, sauce or in its solid form. But it’s time to widen your buttery horizons girl, because Montezuma’s has taken it to the next level by mixing it with CHOCOLATE.

And guess what? We’re gonna take it to the next next level by melting it. Need some inspo? These lot are snacking goals:

1. Your brekkie

Whether it’s porridge or pancakes, add some luxury to your morning meal. It’ll make the whole waking up thing a lot easier.

2. Bread

Forget Nutella, hummus, or avocado; butterscotch is *the* topping to pile on toast. Food bloggers everywhere will cry out in envy.

3. Chips from Maccy Ds

We know it works with milkshake, so why not upgrade? Mother, get us through that drive-through asap.

4. Nuts

When your ‘rents try to trick you into healthy snacking, get one over on them by drizzling your almonds or cashews in butterscotch *wink face*.

5. Magical drinks

Harry Potter’s drink of choice, butterbeer, is made from butterscotch sauce, cream soda, cream, and a touch of melted butter. Yer a wizard.

6. Popcorn

Toffee popcorn is totally last year. Top popcorn with warm butterscotch and delve in; the stickier your fingers, the better.

7. Yoghurt

Swirl some butterscotch into yoghurt for a healthy(ish) dessert. It’s the month of treats guys, plain yoghurt just isn’t the one.

8. Fruit

Keeping up the healthy vibe think apples, pears, strawberries, bananas… the list is endless. Use as a dip, or drench the fruit like toffee apples.

9. Greens

They may be a good source of iron – a key mineral our bodies need when we’re menstruating – but if you’re not feeling the taste, drizzle butterscotch on brussel sprouts, broccoli and green beans, and watch your parents’ surprise as you devour your veg.

10. Cookies

Dip shop-bought cookies into butterscotch and act like you’re Bake Off’s star baker. Santa won’t be able to get down that chimney quick enough.

11. A spoon

If nothing else takes your fancy, just lick it off a spoon. There are no rules at Christmas time.

A Montezuma’s 54% cocoa: milk chocolate butterscotch bar is available in December’s bettybox and you can buy more on the Montezuma’s website.   

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Image: Katie Edmunds


If you want to turn your bedroom into a magical wonderland this December then you’ve come to the right place. Not only have we found you your very only Christmas tree for a fiver, but you can jazz it up with awesome decs like golden pineapples and tree-shaped fairy lights so your mum won’t be moaning your baubles don’t fit in with ‘the theme’.

Pineapple tree decoration

Forget boring baubles and tacky tinsel: this Christmas is all about the ultra Insta-able ‘alternative’ tree decs. Okay, so it’s a little on the pricy side for a tree decoration, but who doesn’t want to add a touch of fruity fun to their branches?

£8.50, Oliver Bonas

Christmas jumper mug

Why buy Christmas mugs, when you can jazz up your regular ones with a super cute mug jumper?! It’ll keep your tea warm and your hands protected, and it’s a jumper. FOR YOUR MUG. Swoon.

£4.99, The Hut

Mini artificial tree

At three feet tall, it’s small enough to fit in your room (on your drawers, if not on the floor, if like me you’ve been lumbered with the box room)—and when it’s your own tree, that means no having to put up with your brother’s total lack of interior design style. And it’s only a fiver. Good old Wilko.

£5, Wilkinson’s

Reindeer bunting

Much as we love whiling away an afternoon watching Christmas films and making paperchains, sometimes, well, you just can’t be bothered for DIY. These wooden reindeer make for a cute alternative.

£4.65, Etsy

Christmas tree fairy lights

Turn your room into your very own cosy winter wonderland by weaving these cute mini Christmas tree-shaped lights around your bedhead or over your bookcase.

£8.99, New Look

Snowflake window stickers

Despite the ice-cold temperatures of late, let’s face it, it’s still pretty unlikely we’ll see a white Christmas—we can always hope. Failing that, though, we can pretend with these pretty window stickers. You can reuse them, too.


Glitter candles

The gift shops at National Trust properties almost makes trawling around looking at flowers and old things worthwhile, what with the chocolates, jars of curd and cosy blankets. Make nice with the parents and they might treat you to some sparkly candles to put a festive twist on your usual bath, bubbles and candles routine.

£6, National Trust

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Image: Elf

Like a dog without a tail, or Stranger Things without Barb, Christmas without an advent calendar just isn’t Christmas. Yet as tempting as the Body Shop’s body butter and lip balm-fuelled advent cal sounds, the chances of the ‘rents forking out £65 of their hard-earned moolas for your bathroom pleasure remains disappointingly slim.

The calendars listed here don’t promise beauty, or even cleanliness. They do, however, promise a means of counting down to Christmas that goes far beyond your usual Nativity number – and at less than the price of turkey, too.

Haribo heaven

Because nothing says Christmas like the sugar highs of sweets before school and the sugar lows that hit around second period. Bonus points for those who succeed in putting a fried egg on toast and passing it off as the runt of a very tiny chicken…

Haribo, £7

Pringles party

Once you pop you can’t stop – so to save your stomach and your health, Pringles have made this advent calendar a 12-day-er. Each door opens to a tub of Pringles, which could be ready salted, salt and vinegar or sour cream and chive – allowing those of a more savoury inclination to hop aboard the advent bandwagon of fun.

Pringles, £7.99

Thorntons bliss

For those who dream of a world in which milk chocolate is wiped out by the sweet creaminess of its snowy white sister, this is your moment: 24 smooth white chocolates, and a chocolate plaque which can be personalised with your name.

Thorntons, £5

Superdrug sass

Think Body Shop, but cheaper and slightly more party-ready: six mini nail polishes, six mini lipglosses, six mini eyeshadows and six mini lip & cheek tints. Sure there’ll be some bad apples in there – read beige lippy, lilac blusher or green polish – but with 24 chances you’re bound to find something that tickles your Christmas fancy.

Superdrug, £8

Millions mash-up

An advent calendar that throws up as many questions as it does advent windows. Are there a million of the millions behind each door? Or just one measly sweet? Perhaps they’ve divided a packet of millions by 24? Are these Christmassy millions? How? There’s only one way to find the answers…*

Millions, £4.99

*DISCLAIMER: betty is not responsible for any fillings you might need between now and New Year.

Accessorize edit

Given its ‘Disney castle just got glitter bombed’ appearance, we can’t guarantee the street-cred of the jewels contained in this baby – but it is, nevertheless, an Accessorize advent calendar. After all, there’s bound to be something in this palace of plastic you actually want…

Accessorize, £7

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Image: Katie Edmunds

Comics are the best. They contain some of the most exciting, funny, silly, scary and mind-blowing stories. But they look awesome, they’re colourful and they’re packed full of the best characters, from superheroes to teens just like you and everyone in-between. Goodbye, regular books! Comics rule.

The great thing about comics nowadays is that you don’t have to go and buy them. Instead, you can order them online and have them come straight to your door or you can read the digital versions on your smartphone or tablet. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go and find your local comics shops. There are some brilliant ones across the country, like Travelling Man and Forbidden Planet.

To celebrate just how great comics are, we’ve collected some of our faves featuring brilliant female heroes and characters you’ll want to go on adventures with straight away.

Some of the comics we’ve suggested are halfway through a series, whereas others have been finished for a long time. That doesn’t mean you have to start at number 1 and work your way through. The great thing about comics is you can start anywhere! But if you want to find the first issue, we’ve shown you how to begin under each suggestion.

Do you have a favourite comic or comic hero that’s not on this list? Let us know on Twitter! Get in touch with us @bettycollective.


Everyone has heard of Batman, but did you know there’s a BatGIRL? That’s right. Batgirl is the super alter ego of Barbara Gordon. She’s the daughter of Commissioner Gordon from the Batman stories and she’s a teen girl just like you, taking selfies, talking about boys, hanging out with her BFFs and fighting crime! Okay, she might not be just like you. But you’ve probably got a few things in common.

Batgirl made headlines a few years ago when the latest comic about her came out because people just loved how she’s dressed. The world of comics sometimes gets criticised because women are put into teeny, tiny outfits but Batgirl is different. She’s dressed in clothes with pockets, hard-wearing boots and an outfit that she could really kick some ass in.

How do you begin? There are a few different Batgirl comics, but one of our favourite new series is The Batgirl of Burnside, which you can pick up from your local comics shop, bookshop or find on Amazon here.

Paper Girls

If you’ve been watching Stranger Things and love the adventures and the 1980s theme, then we’ve got a comic that you’ll LOVE. Paper Girls is the story of, you guessed it, four paper delivery girls living in America.

The 12 year-olds from the fictional town of Stony Stream go on a mysterious adventure involving a secret force from the future. We know, we know, how can you hear “secret force from the future” and not want to find out more? But we don’t want to spoil it for you. So you’ll have to find out for yourself.

How do you begin? Like all of the comics in the list, you can find a digital version of Paper Girls, go to your local comics shop or find the first issue on Amazon.

Goldie Vance

Goldie or Marigold Vance is an 18 year-old who lives in California with her dad. He owns a hotel and Goldie becomes the resident detective after being trained by Walter, a real life detective. It turns out Goldie is good at what she does and puts her skills, quick thinking and friendships around the hotel to good use.

How do you begin? You can read a free sample of the first issue of Goldie Vance now.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

There’s a Batman, a Catwoman, and a Batgirl. But we bet (unless you’re really into comics) you haven’t heard of Squirrel Girl before. And that’s a shame because Squirrel Girl is such a great, relatable superhero.

This series lets you follow Squirrel Girl as she starts college (that’s what Americans call university), fights bad guys and hangs out with her superhero friends in her spare time. Wondering what her superpower is? She can talk to squirrels. That may sound silly, but in a lot of stories she uses her super squirrel senses to defeat some of the biggest comics villains.

How do you begin? The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is a Marvel comic, which means you can sign up to Marvel Unlimited to read the comic and lots of others. Or you can buy it from Amazon here.


The Runaways is a really exciting but kinda scary Marvel comic all about a group of teens who witness something awful and have to run away from their homes. The thing is, once they’ve run away from their parents they start realising they have special powers.

Think of it like the X-Men, but it’s just about teens with a creepy storyline going on underneath. This is a great comic if you like superheroes as well as scary stories. Not for the faint-hearted!

How do you begin? Get yourself Volume 1 of the Runaways comics from Amazon.

The Woods

The Woods is based on a strange, scary but brilliant sci-fi mystery premise. 437 students, 52 teachers and 24 staff from a school in the U.S. suddenly disappear one day and then find themselves in a totally different universe. We don’t want to give anymore away, but the comic series is all about how they try and figure out where they are and how they’re there.

How do you begin? You can check out a free preview of The Woods right now to see if you like the style and the story.

Spider Gwen

Forget Spider Man, it’s all about Spider Gwen now. The Spider Gwen series follows the story of Gwen Stacy who lives in an alternate world to our own. In this world, she was the one bitten by a radioactive spider and not Peter Parker. What that means is she’s the crime-fighting, superhero with spidey senses, not Peter. Cool, right?

Gwen is just like a normal teen apart from her superpowers. She’s in a band called the Mary Janes, she hangs out with her friends and argues with her dad. She’s one of our favourite female superheroes and luckily there are loads of Spider Gwen comics you can pick and choose from.

How do you begin? The Spider Gwen comics are really easy to get into – even if you’ve never read them before. You can take a look at them all on the Marvel website, or buy the first volume from Amazon.

Misfit City

Misfit City is about a girl called Wilder who goes on a big adventure with her friends after they find a really old pirate map drawn by someone called Black Mary. It’s set in a place where a big, famous adventure movie was filmed that everyone who visits wants to talk about. But it turns out Wilder and her friends have plenty of real life adventures of their own to go on!

How do you begin? Good news! You can find out if you like Misfit City right now by clicking on the link to a free preview.


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Most of the world’s hot fashion names are well into their adult years with huge empires behind them, but thanks to our bff (the internet), there’s a new generation of independent designers in town – and we’ve got instant access.

Rewind 20, heck even 10 years, and young artists would struggle to get recognition over the big dogs, but thanks to social media the talent of today is getting some well deserved cred. See Mum, the internet’s not all bad.

So if you’re into supporting your fellow peers by following them on Insta or saving up to buy a piece from their new collection, meet the up-and-coming kids we’ve got our eye on…

Chet and Betts DeHart, 19, USA – Lucid FC

Twins Chet and Betts started their brand Lucid FC after they were inspired by their fashionista mum and her amazing 80s outfits. The streetwear brand now sells all over the world and has some seriously dedicated fans. Think Cher from Clueless as the boys mix preppy tartan skirts with chilled street-style hoodies. Big fans.

@lucidfc @freshiamatl pop-up fin! thanks to all who came.

A post shared by Lucid Twin; Chet DeHart (@prince.chettylfc) on

Christabel MacGreevy, 26, UK – Itchy Scratchy Patchy

Christabel is one talented sista. She created the brand Itchy Scratchy Patchy with her bff Edie Campbell and their collection of embroidered denim, t-shirts and berets are super cool. They also sell a range of patches so you can customise your clothes yourself. We’re totally into a bit of DIY and think this brand is to-die-for. Celeb fans include Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora. We can’t argue with that.

MORNING! RG @ritaora 🍕🍕🍕

A post shared by ITCHY SCRATCHY PATCHES (@itchyscratchypatchy) on

Melissa ‘Missy’ Jade Aiello, 16, USA – Tees by Missy X

If being 16 and a designer isn’t cool enough, having Wiz Khalifa and other celebs rock your tees is downright awesome. Missy’s Unique line-drawings are deffo what got her noticed on the fashion scene. Although she started creating her brand Missy X aged just 9, it was a quick sketch of Chanel legend Karl Lagerfeld that sparked everyone’s interest and rocketed her to fame.

Tyler Lambert, 19, USA – Lambert

Tyler’s designs have caught the eye of some of the world’s biggest celebs: enter Kylie Jenner. His edgy streetwear is what makes Lambert so on trend right now – we’re loving the ripped denim and camo combos. His style seems to match his equally quirky personality too. Check out his Instagram for some serious lols!

diet starts tomorrow thank you

A post shared by TYLER LAMBERT (@tylerglambert) on

Vejas Kruszewski, 19, Canada – Vejas

Not only was he the youngest designer ever to be nominated for a LVMH prize (a super cool fashion award, btw) he actually won it! Vejas’ brand got recognised because it centres around making the ordinary extraordinary. He takes everyday wardrobe staples and adds a twist to create pieces that are high fashion. Sounds pretty cool, right? It is.

Vejas S17 @dustinmuchuvitz

A post shared by Vejas (@vejask) on

Molly Goddard, 26, UK – Molly Goddard

Born and bred in London, fashionista Molly is definitely set for stardom. Her collection has been worn by celebs like urban style queen Rihanna, how frickin’ cool is that? She loves creating over-the-top dramatic designs and while we won’t be wearing her outfits for a trip to the shops, we totally admire the funky and dreamy garments she creates.

@badgalriri 💙💙💙💙

A post shared by Molly Goddard (@mollymgoddard) on

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Actress and model Ellie Bamber is always jetting off on cool projects. From films to fashion, this 20 year old is non-stop. But somehow, despite her high-flying lifestyle, this ‘it girl’ remains totally grounded.

Not only is Ellie starring in the latest live action Disney movie (which will be gracing our screens next year fyi) but she also spends her weekends hanging out with some pretty cool A-Listers. Have we ever wanted to be anybody more? Probably not.

Here’s why she’s our girl of the moment…

She’s part of some really cool projects

Ellie recently appeared on the silver screen as part of Tom Ford’s film, Nocturnal Animals, where she plays the daughter of Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. You’ve gotta admit that’s a pretty strong parent game. Her role in this psychological thriller is super intense, and despite it being tough at times it deffo made her stronger. “You have to be very conscious of it. You’re crying and experiencing these emotions and you have to control them and bring yourself back down,” she told I.D magazine.

IN CINEMAS TODAY!! ✌🏻️🎬 @nocturnalanimals @tomford

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As if acting alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood wasn’t cool enough, fashion giant Chanel is also a massive fan of Miss Bamber. Karl Lagerfeld (creative director at Chanel) aka the King of Fashion himself invites Ellie all around the world to represent the brand as an ambassador. “There were two weeks when I think I had been in eight different countries.” she told Evening Standard. While many people her age would shy away from this fast-paced life, Ellie takes it all in her stride and is eternally grateful for the opportunities she’s had. What a cutie.

She’s made her music video debut

If you’re not already sold on the fact that this girl is totally cool, she also featured in the video for Shawn Mendes’ ‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back’. The vid shows her pretending to be Shawn’s girlfriend as the pair run through the countryside. Umm jel. There is some speculation about whether these two are actually an item, but neither have confirmed. Watch this space ‘cos we totally dig them together.

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She’s got some awesome celeb mates

Oh, and like the potential romance above wasn’t enough to swoon over, she just happens to be mates with Stormzy and Pharrell. Now that’s a squad.

Also it was so nice to meet you @stormzyofficial make sure your doorbell is working next time 😉👮

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Cuzzzz I'm happy….😂 @pharrell @chanelofficial

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She puts family first

When she’s not making films or going to celeb galas, she’s chilling at home with her bro/best mate Lucas.

Good luck in your exams bro ❤️🎓📊📚@lucasbamber

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Family is super important to this babe, who still gets her very own granny to dye her roots for her rather than paying for a pricey salon. She’s always enlisted the former hairdresser to style her lush locks and Ellie is hesitant to give up this super cute tradition.

So what’s next?

Ellie keeps adding to her star-studded showreel and has just finished filming for Disney’s live-action version of The Nutcracker alongside Dame Helen Mirren and Keira Knightley which will premiere in 2018. Anything featuring that #girlboss gang is set to be amazing. Am I right?

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Halloween is almost here and, while we all love dressing up, it can be difficult to think of an original costume that won’t cost a fortune to create.

Since nobody wants to see you wearing your actual bedsheet as a ghost cossie again, we’ve pulled some pop culture inspo for you to swoon over, along with some suggestions of how to recreate the looks IRL. And no, there’s not an It clown mask in sight.

You can thank us later when your Insta likes are through the roof.

Beyoncé and the twins

You can go as simple or as outlandish as you like with Bey’s baby arrival Instagram announcement, as long as you have two dolls on hand to play Sir Carter and Rumi, plus plenty of chiffon from the haberdashery to waft around in. Snaps if you do a full photoshoot complete with floral arch.

Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today. 🙏🏽❤️👨🏽👩🏽👧🏽👶🏾👶🏾

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Zombie Taylor Swift

There are so many potential costumes in Taylor’s Look What You Made Me Do video, but zombie Taylor in a white dress feels the most Halloween-appropriate – though you should probably leave the shovel at home. Don’t forget your ‘Here Lies Taylor Swift’s Reputation’ sign.


Betty and Veronica from Riverdale

Get your best mate involved, make sure you’ve got a blonde and a brunette wig if your own hair colours don’t match up, and recreate the Riverdale gals’ cheerleading outfits. Bonus: since they’re basically T-shirts, gym shorts and long socks, not only are these costumes friendly on your bank balance, but you’ll probably find a way to reuse them. Like in P.E.

vixens 💕

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Hillary Clinton

Get yourself a cute red trouser suit (maybe from your nan’s wardrobe?), a cropped blonde wig and you’re ready to pay homage to the almost-President of the United States. Need further inspiration? Check out Katy Perry’s Hillary cossie from last year. Prosthetics and boyfriend dressed as Bill Clinton entirely optional.


Love Island

There are so many ways you could embody this year’s most talked-about TV show, Love Island, but you might get a little chilly if you try going out in just your bikini. Why not create yourself a cardboard map of the British Isles to wear and cover it in hearts? Geddit? LOVE Island?

Salt bae

White T-shirt, fistful of salt and you’re ready to play one of the year’s best memes.

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You’re welcome.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be responsible for celebrities’ red carpet looks, their day-to-day wardrobes or stage costumes, look no further than these seven ladies. Stylists to stars including Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner, they know a thing or two about fashion, and are pretty much at the top of their game right now.

Find out what we love about these celebrity stylists below, then get following them on Instagram for a behind the scenes look at how their clients’ wardrobes come together.

1. Maeve Reilly (@stylememaeve)

Maeve is one of our favourite stylists of the moment, with clients including megababe Hailey Baldwin, and musicians Tinashe, Halsey and Bebe Rexha. Hailing from New York, Maeve effortlessly mixes cool streetwear brands like Off-White and Unravel with more traditional designers, including Gucci and Balmain.

So I guess it's fashion week? Wassup NY

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She actually got her start in menswear, styling the likes of Russell Brand, Jamie Foxx and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, but of late Maeve has been firmly focused on her red carpet queens.

2. Karla Welch (@karlawelchstylist)

Prepare to feel super jelly of Karla, who styles none other than Mr Justin Bieber, so probably gets to see him shirtless more than the average person. Justin even starred in the recent campaign for Karla’s T-shirt line, alongside models Kaia Gerber and Joan Smalls, so we’d say they’re pretty close.

Love is Love #pride PS Tee shirt is by @prabalgurung and ALL proceeds to go LGBTQ organizations!

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Biebs aside, Karla’s clients include Karlie Kloss and Lorde, both of whom have been looking like pure fire lately with the stylist’s help.

3. Jill Jacobs (@missjilljacobs)

Jill has some of the coolest clients in the world right now, splitting her time between Kylie Jenner, Golden Barbie (aka Jasmine Sanders) and Desi Perkins. She was responsible for both of Kylie’s Christina Aguilera costumes that you saw plastered all over the ’gram, as well as the looks in the amazing Barbie editorial she did for Flaunt magazine, plus Kylie’s 20th birthday shoot by photographer Sasha Samsonova.

today 2.0 #bts

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Previously an assistant to fellow celeb stylist Monica Rose, who famously used to dress all the Kardashian sisters until a rumoured fall-out earlier in 2017, Jill has really come into her own over the past year and we’re sure there are plenty more famous clients in her future.

4. Marni Senofonte (@marnixmarni)

Prepare to bow down, because Marni is the woman behind Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour and Lemonade looks, not to mention Kendall Jenner’s recent style elevation.

AspenBound….. IKnowIts74DegreesAndSunny …. BUT …… WinterIsComing ….

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Her most fun collab, though? Creating a new, denim-heavy wardrobe for everyone’s favourite tiny fashion icon, Barbie!

5. Kate Young (@kateyoung)

Kate has styled plenty of Hollywood greats, from Michelle Williams to Natalie Portman, but perhaps her most notable client of recent years is Selena Gomez.

#inspiredbyher #pantsuit #bestselfieeffort

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Taking her from teen star to fully-fledged fashion icon, Kate is the reason we get to see SelGo rocking Rodarte, Valentino and Louis Vuitton on the regular. For that, we salute her.

#selenagomez in #rodarte for #bof @hungvanngo @officialdanilohair @tombachik 🖤

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6. Mimi Cuttrell (@mimicuttrell)

The woman behind Gigi Hadid’s Barbie pink suit you were obsessed with? That was Mimi Cuttrell, who styles the supermodel on the regular, for both red carpet appearances and her off-duty looks.

three hour lay overs are a tad better w vino 🍷#gracias 🙄 #overit

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Mimi also works with models of the moment Kaia Gerber and Nadine Leopold, keeping their outfits young, fresh, fun and oh-so-covetable.

7. Odessa Lu Nikolic (@odessalu)

Odessa is one of the newer stylists on the block, but that doesn’t make her any less fabulous, with Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray Hamlin both currently on roster.

Desert Digs.

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Expect plenty more streetwear-inspired looks to come from Odessa as Delilah and Amelia’s modelling careers go from strength to strength.

HBD to this stone cold fox @delilahbelle | #styledbyodessa

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Did you know that some historians believe that yoga is 5,000 years-old but could actually be nearly 10,000 years old? That’s right, our ancestors might have been perfecting the downward-facing dog and saying ‘Namaste’ from way back in the year 8,000 BC. Just let that sink in.

That’s why it’s even more mind-blowing to see that yoga is still such a popular and effective way to get fit, improve flexibility and chill out when everything else feels really stressful.

Over the past few years or so there’s been an extra surge in popularity thanks to celebrities talking about their love for yoga, big brands like Sweaty Betty focusing on it with their leggings and sports bras and the rise in Instagram stars who make yoga look fun – and not to mention easy – for un-bendy beginners.

The reason Instagram has become such a great place for yoga fans is because all kinds of people take photos of them practicing it. You don’t have to be on a mountainside in Thailand to do yoga, you don’t have to be super skinny and you don’t have to chant and light incense – but you totally can do all of those things if you like!

We’ve collected together our favourite Instagram yoga stars, including a range of body types, nationalities and styles of yoga that’ll hopefully inspire you to find a class near you, stretch a bit more or follow their tutorials.

Laura Kasperzak (@laurasykora)

Red lip, red leggings, red kisses! 💋 . Wearing my fave Fall color leggings from @aloyoga ❤️

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Laura is a yoga star with a background in gymnastics and cheerleading, which you can see in some of her photos. A lot of her poses are really advanced and others you can learn in your first class – she posts a lot of great posts you can aspire to!

She’s one of our favourite Instagram yoga stars because she loves to include her family and her dog in a lot of her poses – proving that yoga isn’t something that’s difficult and only meant for a studio. You can try it anywhere and with anyone!

She also practices Acrovinyasa, which is a kind of AcroYoga and involves working with a partner (she practices with her husband) to perfect certain moves.

Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn)

Thanks to all of you being really enthusiastic about #everybodyyoga, I've received a lot of exceedingly generous press lately. But real talk, if I individually shouted out every media outlet that has shown me love, I would probably blow chunks all over my computer from verbal masturbation fatigue. That being said, I'm REALLY FUCKING HONORED to be included in @fastcompany's 100 Most Creative People in Business issue- thanks for validating a career path that totally goes against the advice of every authority figure in my life. In fact, I reallllllly want to insert a few petty as fuck emojis toward some of my undergrad and grad professors but yoga is making me shut my ass up soooo ANYWAY the link to the profile is on my Facebook page- check it out if you're into that kinda thing 💋 Totally unrelated, I'm teaching a retreat at @1440multiversity in August AND I'll be at Hawaii Yoga Festival at @kalanioceanside in October- see you there? Check out jessamyn for more info! Photo by the amazing @yogicphotos

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Jessamyn is based in the US and has become an Instagram sensation for her inspiring posts, great form and yoga knowledge, from really advanced poses through to those that would suit a complete beginner.

She’s recently launched a book called Every Body Yoga, which she wrote to inspire all kinds of people to embrace yoga – whether they’re beginners or struggle with issues surrounding their appearance.

She teaches a lot of body positivity and talks openly about the challenges she’s faced throughout her journey with her size, race and accepting herself. She’s a true inspiration. If we had to recommend you only follow one person of Instagram forever (can you imagine if that was a rule?) we’d tell you to follow her in a heartbeat.

Honza and Claudine Lafond / Yoga Beyond (@yogabeyond)

Real-life couple Honza and Claudine Lafond share their amazing lives with the world through Instagram, as they travel the globe and teach yoga everywhere from Turkey to Australia. Talk about #RelationshipGoals!They’re really inspiring because they created Acrovinyasa, a style of AcroYoga that incorporates yoga, acrobatics and even some dance. As you can imagine, it looks bloody amazing on Instagram!

They’re really inspiring because they created Acrovinyasa, a style of AcroYoga that incorporates yoga, acrobatics and even some dance. As you can imagine, it looks bloody amazing on Instagram!

But that’s not all, they also have an online community and site called Yoga Beyond, which is where they share their stories, tell their fans where in the world they’ll be and explain more about their Acrovinyasa practice.

Valerie Sagun / Big Gal Yoga (@biggalyoga)

My book is finally here for you all! 💓 Thanks for all the love and support, it seriously means so much to me and makes me want to cry happy tears 😂😭! If you want to order the book now, links to all the places in my description! When you get a copy share on here and use the tag #BGYogatoEmpower of #bgybook so I can see and give you some love!!! I only have a handful of book tour dates set up now on the west coast. To RSVP or register for either of them go to This Saturday July 29th I will be at @curvygirllingerie from 5-8pm for a Q&A with the owner Chystal, followed by a book signing after! Hope to see you there! Sign-up through the Eventbrite to buy a book and RSVP for the event! The following week on August 6th I will be at @bethechangeyoga from 12:30-4:30pm for a yoga class, Q&A, and book signing! Register for the class through the event link on my website, and stay for the Q&A and book signing! 8/10 7-9pm Q&A and book signing at @theplusbus 8/13 2-4pm Yoga class at @everybodylosangeles w/theplusbus 8/27 TBA w/ @ybicoalition in LA . 📸 by @ruestory

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Valerie loves yoga, she loves her body and she isn’t afraid of sharing her stories with the world. Her mission is to teach everyone, no matter their shape, size, race or knowledge of yoga, to find self-acceptance and empowerment through practicing yoga.

She teaches regular yoga classes over in the US and has also released a book that celebrates her extensive yoga knowledge and teaches a big dose of self-love to her fans.

Amber Carnes / Body Positive Yoga (@bodypositiveyoga_)

Amber’s mission is all about making yoga way easier to grasp, whoever you are and however fit you are. She posts a lot of handy tips on her Instagram page, as well as some nice personal photos of her life and her travels.

Her big aim is to get people loving yoga, practicing more and appreciating their body for what it can do TODAY – not always wishing you looked like someone else. We couldn’t agree more.

Rachel Brathen / Yoga Girl (@yoga_girl)

Move your body until your mind is still and watch everything fall into place. #yogaeverydamnday

A post shared by Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) on

Rachel is a super famous Instagram yoga star because she’s been practicing for years and has amassed a whopping 2 million followers!

She posts a lot of personal posts about her life and her travels nowadays, but we love her for her speeded up yoga tutorials, which she posts on Instagram a few times a month.

She also posts regularly about her meditation practice (20 minutes every day) and writes about little changes she makes in her life to make her feel happier, healthier and her best self.

Feeling inspired to start bending, stretching and perfecting your crow pose? Us too! Remember that to get started with yoga you have all kinds of options, from finding some tutorials on YouTube (we love Yoga With Adriene) through to finding a class in your area. But be sure to give all our favourite yoga Instagram stars a try first to motivate you, keep you on the right track and teach you a bit of self-love whenever you’re feeling down. You’ve got this.

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