Did you watch Meryl Streep’s award speech at the Golden Globes earlier this month? It was everything; tear-inducing, funny, smart, sassy, graceful and seriously important.

Meryl’s choice to take a moment that was meant to be about her, in a very public way, and turn it into a speech about important global issues (including race, equality and love) was awe-inspiring, and now we all want to go round hers for tea even more than we did before. Which was a lot. You just know she’d give you seconds.

To celebrate the speech, which will go down in awards season history, we’ve made a playlist of the coolest, funniest, smartest awards speeches from women we love. They’ll do you the world of good on a rainy day when you’ve got a test and three new spots to deal with.

Hattie McDaniel, Oscars 1940

Gone With the Wind actress Hattie McDaniel was the first African American to win an Oscar, ever. Her speech was beautiful and joy-filled. “I sincerely hope that I will always be a credit to my race… my heart is too full”.

Merritt Weaver, Emmy Awards 2013

The funniest and possibly shortest speech we’ve ever seen – Merritt Weaver’s Emmy acceptance for her role as the kooky and totally adorable Zoey in US TV show Nurse Jackie. Watch, laugh and watch again.

Adele, Golden Globes 2013

One of the many, many (many) things we love about Adele, is her ability to always be Adele. She doesn’t try to be slick, or get high on her own supply. Also, any speech that begins with shrieks of “OH MA GOD! OH MA GOD!” is a winner in our book.

Katherine Bigalow, Oscars 2010

Not only was Katherine incredibly gracious in her acceptance speech (she dedicated it to women and men in the military), she was also the first woman to ever win an Oscar for Best Director, making Hollywood history, for her action-packed war film The Hurt Locker. Inspiring.

Patricia Arquette, Oscars 2015

Like Meryl, Patricia took her opportunity at the speech podium to raise awareness about an important issue – in this case, the gender pay gap. She begins by thanking her “beautiful, powerful” fellow actress nominees, and ends with Meryl heckling a supportive “Yaaas!” from the crowd. We want her poise in bucketloads.

Emma Thompson, Golden Globes 1996

Emma’s speeches are always amazing (she presented a Golden Globe in 2014 barefoot and holding a cocktail) but our favourite is when she won a Golden Globe for writing Sense and Sensibility in 1996. Basically, she reads out a letter pretending to be from Jane Austen and everyone agrees it’s hilarious. Legend.

Jennifer Lawrence, Oscars 2013

We couldn’t not include this one – Jen tripping on her dress at the Oscars then immediately laughing it off before remembering to thank about 67 people, because she’s cool and grateful with the good manners of an angel. Because of her, falling over on the way to the bus stop is way less painful. What a babe.

Gina Rodriguez, Golden Globes 2015

Gina’s empowering speech encouraging young Latina girls to pursue their dreams is shiver-down-the-spine stuff. Our favourite quote; “This award is so much more than myself – it represents a culture that wants to see themselves as heroes”.

Anna Paquin, Oscars 1994

Anna was the second youngest actress ever to win an Oscar – she was just 11 when she was awarded Best Supporting Actress for her performance in The Piano. She totally bosses her speech, which is made up entirely of thank-yous. Also, she’s wearing a fabulous sparkly beret. You go Paquin.

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Do you ever watch your classmates glide across the room looking all cool, as if they’ve never worried about tripping up and falling flat on their face on the floor? Or walking up the corridor with their skirt tucked in their knickers? Or introducing themselves to new people with bits of ham stuck in their teeth? Or standing up in front of the class and going BRIGHT TOMATO RED before they’ve even said a word?


In that case, it turns out you might be just like me: a little bit shy and socially awkward.

And the good news is, there’s loads of us.

Yes, really! It’s not just you!

I spent a huge part of my early teens worrying about everything from whether I had loo roll stuck to my shoe to whether I walked weirdly. I still do, TBH. And it’s bloody exhausting.

But don’t worry. Because betty is here to help.

We believe in embracing our quirks. It’s ok to admit you get nervous. And that goes for celebrities too.

Yes, there’s a socially awkward revolution going on and our fave celebs are leading the way. (Thank you, J-Law, we love you.) Here they are, embracing their inner weird.

Jennifer Lawrence


The queen of awks, Jennifer Lawrence has taught us that it’s okay to fall over, to talk about food when you’re expected to be all glam and just be yourself at awards shows, events and even in interviews. In fact, ALL the time. Not only has she taught us it’s ok, but that people often like you more for it because you seem happy to be you and you’re not trying to be anyone else.

Kendall Jenner


The little Kardashian sister certainly doesn’t come across as shy when she’s on camera. But she’s the first to admit that she really struggled with shyness growing up, especially in new situations. “I only get shy if I’m around people who make me nervous, which I guess is normal,” she told People magazine.

Emma Blackery


Emma Blackery may have 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube, but like most of us, she’s got herself into an awkward conversation. Or twenty. She’s even made a video about some of her most awkward moments, and we’re not gonna lie, some of them are pretty damn cringeworthy.

Lady Gaga


On stage Lady Gaga has the most powerful, confident and super sparkly presence. She couldn’t be shy in real life, right? Wrong! Gaga has admitted to feeling nervous in certain situations — especially around big groups of people. It seems like Gaga has increased her confidence as she’s become more famous and got more comfortable in her own skin. Tell us your secret, Gaga!

Mark Zuckerberg


He’s one of the most successful and smart men on the planet. He created Facebook for goodness sake! But he often comes across as a little bit awkward and shy in certain situations. “He is shy and introverted and he often does not seem very warm to people who don’t know him, but he is warm,” Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg told the New York Times.

Lilly Singh


Superwoman calls herself a “professional weirdo,” and we are totally in love with her. She has an awesome idea for ‘awkward situations we should all just accept’ and we’re totally with her. Say farewell to feeling awkward when you go in for a hug and someone else goes in for the handshake.

Britney Spears


Even though she’s been famous for years, and seems REALLY confident on stage, Britney has admitted she gets really shy sometimes. In a recent interview she explained: “It’s weird because I think people think because of what I do I’m like, ‘Da-na’, but at heart, I’m very shy… When I’m in front of the camera I know what to do, but I get in a room, stuck with four guys, and I’m like the shyest girl in there.”

Kirsten Stewart


The star of the Twilight movies is notoriously shy in interviews. She’s had a lot of stick on the internet for coming across a bit mean and cold when she talks about her roles. But it turns out she just gets really damn shy, just like us! She said in an interview: “In real life, I’m very shy. I feel uncomfortable during interviews because I need to talk about myself. But to talk about yourself, you have to know who you are.”

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The life of a celeb seems so glam, with their shiny hair and their flawless eyebrows. But it turns out your period doesn’t care if you’re starring alongside Chris Pratt as his love interest or if you’re blasting off into space. Like an inconsiderate house guest, it’ll show up and ruin another pair of pants no matter what.

Here are some of our favourite leading ladies talking about their periods.

Tina Fey, confirming we’re not the only ones who once thought our periods would look like raspberry Slush Puppy.

“I was ten years old. I had noticed something was weird earlier in the day but I knew from commercials that one’s menstrual period was a blue liquid that you poured like laundry detergent onto maxi pads to test their absorbency. This wasn’t blue, so… I ignored it for a few hours. When we got home I pulled my mom aside to ask if it was weird I was bleeding in my underpants. She was very sympathetic but also a little baffled. Her eyes said, ‘Dummy didn’t you read How Shall I Tell My Daughter?’ I had read it but nowhere in the pamphlet did anyone say that your period was NOT a blue liquid. At that moment two things became clear to me. I was now technically a woman and I would never be a doctor.”


Mindy Kaling is a fan of method acting. At least when it comes to her uterus.

“I started menstruating in ninth grade. I spent all of eighth grade faking that I had my period, down to sticking Kotex in my underwear in case anyone needed proof.”

Astronaut Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, teaching male engineers the difference between a period and a waterfall.

“I remember the engineers trying to decide how many tampons should fly on a one-week flight; they asked, ‘Is 100 the right number?’ ‘No. That would not be the right number.’ They said, ‘Well, we want to be safe.’ I said, ‘Well, you can cut that in half with no problem at all.”


Chrissy Teigen knows there’s a legitimate reason you ate your brother’s Snickers

“How long before your period do you get to start blaming your period for things? I say six days is reasonable, 10 is a ballsy stretch.”

Kate Winslet on filming Titanic with a different kind of sinking feeling

“There were days when you’d just think, ‘Oh, my God, I’ve got my period and I can’t get in that freezing-cold water today.’ … I remember standing up and saying to everyone, ‘Listen, if it suddenly looks like Jaws the movie, it’s my fault.'”

Jennifer Lawrence reminding us once again why we love her

“That was my plan-B dress. Plan-A was a dress that I couldn’t wear because awards season is synced with my menstrual cycle, and it has been for years … The other dress was really tight, and I’m not going to suck in my uterus. I don’t have to do that.”

Actress Fay Ripley, on why your first period can seem like a cereal drama

“Basically, I thought it was because I had eaten Coco Pops for my breakfast, and it had come out of my body. I ran downstairs crying and everyone said ‘what’s wrong?’ and I said ‘my cereal’s come out in my pants!’. To be honest I’ve never been able to eat Coco Pops since.”

Miley Cyrus, on starting her period while filming Hannah Montana. And wearing white trousers

“It was so embarrassing, but I couldn’t leave. And I was crying, begging my mom, ‘You’re going to have to put the tampon in. I have to be on set.”


Comedian and presenter Jo Brand, making us all stop and think about how efficient a one-time-only period would be

“When I was about 11 I went to school one day and they explained to us all about periods…. I went home and said to my mum, ‘well they’ve told us all about it, and the only thing I’m happy about is that you only have one.’ And my mum said to me, ‘I think you’ve misunderstood, actually you have them every month until you’re in your fifties.’ I was devastated.”

 Demi Lovato, with a brand new reason we all deserve presents

“I told my mom and my sister … and they actually embarrassed me so bad. My sister folded a poster board in half and made a card out of it and drew pictures, and it said, ‘Happy Period Day!’ She drew stick figures and kisses, and she used red markers … I have a pretty good sense of humour, so on one hand, I was totally embarrassed, and on the other, I thought it was awesome.”


It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome.