Head over to YouTube and we bet there’s vid after vid of talented beauty gurus applying some seriously amazing, enviable looks. Whether it’s a dramatic eye look, glowing natural skin or doughnut-glaze highlighted cheekbones, falling in love with make up has never been so easy.

But if you fancy getting creative with contouring and mastering mascara, dipping your toes into the world of make up for the first time can definitely seem kinda daunting – especially when it comes to brushes.

There are TONS of different ones, and what are they all even for?

From super floofy big ones, to teeny tiny artist styles, here’s a handy guide to the make up brushes you might actually need, what they’re all for and where to actually start.

Foundation brush

Starting out with the big’uns, the foundation brush is pretty much the bread and butter of any gal or guy’s make up bag. You could opt for the standard shape – big and flat – which is great for smoothing out liquid or cream foundations into a streak-free base. Some people prefer a buffing brush style though, with a round and dense shape to swoosh in small circles across your face for a flawless finish.

Spectrum A03 So Oval You – £7.99 / Real Techniques Buffing Brush – £21.99 for set / e.l.f. Studio Selfie Ready Foundation Brush – £7.50

Make up sponge

If you wanna get really fancy, you could ditch the foundation brush altogether and try a Beauty Blender or similar make up sponge instead. A damp sponge can leave your foundation looking beyond PERFECT, by using the broad, bouncy sides to smooth out product on your face and the pointed tip to squish into the nooks around your nose. If it’s good enough for Insta beauty gurus, it’s good enough for us.

Kabuki brush

The big boy of the make up brush world, a kabuki brush will probably look huge next to the rest of your future collection, but don’t be intimidated by it. With a short handle and densely packed hairs, it’s perfect for applying a soft, natural-looking sweep of bronzer or powder around your face. A kabuki brush is also great for buffing out any awks harsh lines when you’re basically doing your make up in the dark.

Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush – £8.95 / Kiko Kabuki Brush – £9.70 / Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush – £20.00

Powder brush

Feeling like a human disco ball right now with all the shine you’re rocking? Don’t be scared by how huge it might look in your make up bag – a powder brush is the one for you. Just swirl this genius invention into your favourite pressed or loose powder, and watch the long, fluffy bristles evenly diffuse the product across your base. Bye bye oily skin, we never liked you anyway.

ZOEVA 90 Luxe Grand Powder Brush – £19.00 / Morphe Pro Tapered Powder Brush – £13.50 / MAC 150 Large Powder Brush – £34.50

Blush brush

When you start playing around with make up a little bit more, you’ll soon find out exactly how you prefer to apply all the bits and bobs in your cosmetics bag. When it comes to blush, some people prefer a fluffy rounded top brush just to hit the apples of the cheeks, while others go for a more angled shape to get a chiseled look. Either way, they’ll pick up just the right amount of product to give you a pretty and girly flushed glow.

Eyeshadow brush

Venturing into the world of eyeshadow can be overwhelming, but remember that practice makes perfect. Start out by finding the perfect all-rounder eyeshadow brush which will probably be fairly flat and relatively fluffy to pack on colour. Try either a simple windscreen wiper motion across the lid, or small circular motions to get an evenly applied wash of eyeshadow. You can never go wrong with a shimmery champagne colour, btw.

Spectrum MA08 Happy Medium – £5.99 / Makeup Geek Foiled Brush – £6.50 / Spectrum A06 Shady Lady – £4.99 / Morphe Oval Shadow Blender Brush – £4.00

Blending brush

It’s probably worth investing in an eyeshadow blending brush, too. While the first one will be perfect for applying the colour to begin with, following up with a large and fluffy blending brush on the edges will eliminate any harsh lines and get you smoothly blended to perfection.

Concealer brush

Tbh, you might find that dabbing on your concealer is most easily done with your fingers. They’re warm to melt the product, they’re soft for blending and they’re the best natural tools you could imagine. But alternatively a small, precise concealer brush could be really handy. It’ll allow you to be a lot more exact with your product application and will perfect the final look under your eyes, around your nose and over any pesky spots.

Morphe Mini Concealer Brush – £3.50 / ZOEVA Rose Golden Concealer Buffer Brush – £9.00 / Real Techniques Bold Metals Triangle Concealer Brush – £10.00

Fan brush

Wanna feel like some kinda professional beauty YouTuber who’s best friends with Zoella and gets 10 million likes per photo? A fan brush will help with that. Sure, it’s a little bit extra and OTT, but it’s amazing for applying the perfect diffused cheekbone highlight. The soft, spread bristles can result in either a natural, sheer radiance, or a metallic finish that even the man on the moon will be able to spot.

Contour brush

While the kabuki brush is perfect for adding an all over warmth with your bronzer, a contour brush will help you take things to the next level when you wanna try sculpting out those cheekbones like a true Kardashian. The slanted bristles make it easy-peasy to apply products perfectly just below your cheekbones to emphasise your natural, oh so lovely face shape.

Lip brush

Dreaming of rocking the perfect peachy colour, the ultimate dark vampy shade or the classic red lip? If bold lippie is kinda your thing then you’ll probably want to arm yourself with a good lip brush. It can be a total lifesaver for complete precision, accurate application and achieving the perfect pout. Mwah.

Brow brush

Usually either in the form of a fluffy spoolie, or a double-ended duo with brush and comb, a brow brush is always useful to have close by if you’ve got wild eyebrows that need a little bit of taming every now and again. Unleash your inner werewolf.

e.l.f. Eyebrow Duo Brush – £4.50 / Benefit Angled Brush And Spoolie – £15.50 / Real Techniques Lash and Brow Groomer – £7.99

A million more eyeshadow brushes

When it comes to starting an eyeshadow brush collection, it’s kind of like chucking yourself down a bottomless black hole. They come in every single shape, size and fluffiness rating that you can possibly imagine, but trust us when we say that you definitely don’t need them all.

Start out with the essentials, and when you decide that make up is something you wanna stick with, gradually build up a few more types for your stash. An angled liner brush, a smudging brush and an angled fluffy brush will all be great to have when you’re venturing into smokey eye territory.

Spectrum Brushes The Glam Clam – £59.99

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Love ice cream? Ok, silly question, of course you do. You’re human. But do you LOVE ice cream? Like, enough to paint your whole entire face with raspberry ripple then glue waffle cones and sprinkles onto your head? Instagram’s beauty queens do.

A new wave of MUA’s are seriously committed to the sugar-sweet look, using summer’s most delish dessert as colourful inspiration for ice cream make up.

What better way to pay your respects to the school summer holidays (aka the best time of the year, apart from maybe Christmas and National Chocolate Day) than to rock up to your friend’s BBQ fully decked out like a super-cute Mr. Whippy. Sure, it might turn heads, but it looks SO PRETTY.

Better still, why not throw a summer fancy dress party for you and your squad just so you can debut Instagram’s latest hun. It totally won’t be weird if you’re all painted with sugar syrup. OMG, that might even mean that some of it is edible?

The best news about this new trend is that you can actually hide snacks on yourself. Genius, right? (We see that sneaky doughnut you’ve popped on your head for later, @bunnyneedsmakeup…)

So, the next time you’re off to a party, or just want to play around with the brightest shades in your make up palette, use your fave ice cream flavour as your muse. In fact, you should probably just go and buy a big fat ice cream sundae for research purposes RN…


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Sponsored by Eyeko

Cat-eye flicks might be our go-tos for the weekend, but when it comes to festivals: OTT is the way to go. So, forget your sleek flicks and go for a sassy feline alternative. Introducing the claw-mark effect! Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner is the perfect tool. Like drawing with a pen, you can smudge, darken and shape to your hearts content. Cat claws included.

Oh, and if you’re throwing your own mini-fest in your garden, you could even extend the wild theme to the decor!


1. Swipe the eyeliner from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye. Increase the thickness slightly as you get towards the outer edge.

2. Add a thin flick and lighten the pressure as you flick out.

3. Line up your Eyeko eyeliner so that it’s along your eyelid crease, directly above the outer edge of your eye. Swish across to make another flick.

4. Starting just under your bottom eyelashes, towards the outer corner of your eye, add the last flick. Finito! 

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner is available in June’s bettybox, or shop their full range of eyeliner here.

Stop whatever you’re doing, we think we *might* have found the most Instagrammable eyeshadow palette of all time. Sleek, officially our go-to palette people, have nailed the whole dreamy-pastels-for-spring thing with this mouthwatering selection: blue, lilac, mint green, petal pinks, peachy corals and buttery yellows.

It’s the perfect palette if you want to experiment with the new sunset eye shadow trend or if you just want a subtle pop of colour to brighten up your day.

We’re sold.

i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette Fun Fair, £8.99, Sleek MakeUP  


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In this month’s bettybox there’s a beautiful blue nail polish from Nails Inc, so we thought we’d have a little fun with it.

In this video, Anjali and Lily paint their nails. Simple, right? Well, apart from the fact that they’re blindfolded and only have 60 seconds to do it…!

Who do you think did a better job?

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It can be really tricky to know when you’ve properly matched your foundation to your skin tone, so in this video Jazmin talks us through what to watch out for and what to do to make sure your foundation looks as 🔥 as you do.

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There are some brilliant women out there. Women who are breaking the mould, going out into the world and living  their very best lives. These women are betty’s Sheroes, and the first is Florence Adepoju.

Florence Adepoju always loved science, and when she started working on a cosmetics counter she realised she loved beauty, too. So she put her scientific brain to work, creating her own line of make-up.

At 22 she founded her own company, MDMflow, making a bold, vibrant beauty range that was inspired by her love of hip-hop. In this video she talks about her inspirations, her style, and how sometimes even the most successful people just need a really good cry.


December is finally here! And while that means ’tis the season to be jolly, ’tis also the season to be shopping. Two words: Secret Santa.

We all know that Secret Santa can be like a flashmob – one minute, everything seems completely under control, and the next you’re running up and down the high street trying to find gifts that say ‘I value your friendship and who you are as a person’ for £5 or less.

Luckily, the betty elves are here to help! Here’s our round-up of awesome Secret Santa gifts for under a fiver. Sorted.


Sassy soap

A little feminist message for next time you’re lathering up.


Cat boss soap, Ohh Deer, £4.50

Midas mani

This nail polish dries super fast, comes in loads of beautiful colours and is so cheap that you’ll still have some change left over. We think this gold is tres festive, now all that’s missing is some frankincense and myrrh.



Celebration Gold Sand, Maybelline, £2.99

Panda Eyes

Never has looking like a panda been so freakin’ adorable. This calming Korean sheet mask might be just the ticket in the lead up to the holiday season.


Pretty Animalz, Masquebar, £4


If your Secret Santa is a fan of gingerbread, look no further. This hand cream from Zoella’s Christmas range smells incredible and makes your hands silky soft.


Hungry Hands, Zoella Beauty, £5


Who needs friendship bracelets when you can pick up these stunning temporary tattoos for next to nothing?


Kiss Hug, Pepperink, £2.31


You never when there might be some mistletoe hanging about, so best to be prepared.


Kissmas, Tanya Burr Cosmetics, £5


The holy grail of Secret Santa presents for a Christmas-loving nail artist. You can hang the angel on the tree and apply a coat between mouthfuls of turkey.


Nail Polish Angel, Mavala, £4.95


Having a whale of a time 

Maybe we should take all of our advice from Narwhals, the unicorns of the sea.


Narwhal Pin Badge, Minifelts, £2.50

Tied up in knots

This ring is the holy trifecta: pretty, elegant and cheap.


Knotted ring, Urban Outfitters, £5

Spot of cheer

This jazzy neckerchief can keep your throat toasty while you’re singing carols. Or you can fashion it into a head scarf. #Versatile.


Leopard Print Neckerchief, New Look, £3.99

Fluff it up

You can pop it on your school bag or use it as a keychain. It’s soft and fluffy and we’ll bet you a fiver that you’ll end up stroking it like it’s a pet.


Fluffy key chain, Monki, £5

To the moon and back

Why buy one pair of earrings when you can buy NINE?! That way, you don’t have to panic too much when you inevitably lose one within the first day of wearing them.


Gold and Silver studs, New Look, £3.99

A little bit random 

Stamp it out

If your Secret Santa is a little bit crafty, these are the perfect gift. Stamps can make even the blandest of chemistry notes suddenly look fun.


Wood Stamps, Tiger, £4

Cushion wisdom

Sure, it’s not the most traditional format for an inspirational quote, but you can pop it on your bed, so every morning you have a little reminder. What better way to start the new year?


Cushion Cover, H&M, £3.99


I’m dreamin’ of a white Christmas. You won’t mind too much if it’s doesn’t snow this year if you have a white chocolate spoon on hand.



White Chocolate Spoon, Cocoba, £2.75

Let it grow

We still have no idea how these things work, but that doesn’t make them any less magical. And who doesn’t want a Christmas miracle?


Crystal eksperiment, Tiger, £2

 Now that’s taken care of, you can put your feet up and get a crack on watching Love Actually. You’re welcome.

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December is the month of parties, so the betty team decided to take up the Christmas party make-up challenge. Four girls, two mirrors, two minutes, and a tableful of make-up. Who do YOU think had the best look?

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Announcement: there’s nothing wrong with loving beauty. But you knew that. There’s loads of fun to be had with make-up and nail art and hair experiments and face glitter and hours spent messing around in Superdrug or trawling Pinterest for new ways to jazz up what Mother Nature gave you. That’s all good.

But what’s boring? Perfection. When beauty stops being about expressing yourself and starts being about expressing some magazine’s really narrow idea of how you ‘should’ look, it all gets a bit…. ugh. A bit… yawn. Not to mention much worse for our self-esteem than wonky eyeliner or a few split ends. Plus, there’s something eternally cool about not really caring too much. Wild hair, chipped nails, smudgy eyes; from Brigitte Bardot to Cara Delevingne, history is full of beauty icons who knew that life was too short to do six layers of contouring.

So instead of worrying about flawless foundation or immaculate manicures, let’s celebrate some of the colourful, the messy, the sparkly and the loud, proud beauty trends that laugh in the face of perfection. Then pout, then take a fabulous selfie.


1. Mermaid hair

Roots? Pfft. Forget boring highlight maintenance and be a beautiful land mermaid instead, with hair that shows your true colours. All eight of them.


2. Smudgy lips

Great news for those of us who like to do lipstick while running for the bus! Slightly blurry, smudgy lips are currently the last word in cool. Ditch the liner and say ‘mmmm’.


3. The messy bun

All hail the messy bun! Beloved of everybody from Zoella to your friendly neighbourhood dog-walker, the messy bun is the ultimate lazy girl hair. Muss it up, muss it some more, and when it looks like it would make your Nan ask if you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, you’re good to go.


4. Clumpy lashes

Spider lashes are for life, not just for Halloween! Mascara fiends rejoice, because clumpy, spiky, 60s-esque overloaded lashes are apparently a fashion ‘thing’ now. But so is wearing no mascara at all – everybody wins!


5. Bushy brows

That skin and those freckles 🙌🏼 ph:unknown 💃🏻

A post shared by SOEL WALKER (@soelwalker) on

We’ve been in love with giant brows for ages now, but that perfectly groomed on-fleek look is still a lot of effort. So let’s embrace the off-fleek brow in all its naturally ruffled glory.


6. Glitter for dayyyys

Had loads of fun with glitter today ✨ #strobing #glitter #clumpylashes #art #makeup #mua #highlight #glow #summer #festival

A post shared by C H L O Ë 💛✨ (@chloegrace_mua) on

Let’s look to Jane from the Bake Off, and her totally perfect philosophy: if in doubt, chuck a load of glitter on it. It worked for her chocolate celebration cake and it’ll definitely work for your face, too.

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Halloween is creeping up on us (don’t turn round) but if you haven’t even thought about a costume yet, don’t panic – I’ve got you covered.

Before you rush out to your nearest shop to buy that last lonely tube of fake blood left on the seasonal shelf, I’ve gathered some of my favourite zero-gore, totally minimum-effort Halloween make up ideas that you can do with the products you probably already have at home, as tested on a real life face. Mine. Ideal to have on standby as a quick solution for those last-minute party plans your mates will probably spring on you.

Cheaty tips
  • I didn’t have any face paint so I just used some eye shadow with a layer of Vaseline underneath to give it a bit more grip and make the colours stand out against my skin!
  • Don’t worry if your hand is shaky. I like to use an eyeliner pencil to draw an outline and then go over it with liquid eyeliner to make those lines stand out better. And you can always tidy up the edges afterwards.

Spider queen

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-13-50-41Because why wouldn’t you want an incy wincy spider climbing up the side of your mouth? Sparkly eye shadow is always fun, so use it as a base for your cobweb to really draw attention to your spidey-eye.

Difficulty: 4/10. Scariness: 4/10. Products used: 3.

You’ll need:
Sparkly eye shadow in your favourite colour 
Black kohl pencil and/or liquid eyeliner


Creepy dollscreen-shot-2016-10-26-at-13-48-51

This is probably one of the creepiest of the lot, so we wouldn’t blame you if you get progressively freaked out as you finish off the look. Team with a cute dress and pigtails for the full package.

Difficulty: 5/10. Scariness: 8/10. Products used: 4.

You’ll need:
White face paint or eyeshadow
Black face paint or eyeshadow
Red lipstick
Black kohl pencil and/or liquid eyeliner


Dead seriousscreen-shot-2016-10-26-at-13-50-23

You can’t fault a classic, guys. We love this one because it’s so soooo easy to pull off and you can also get away with putting minimal effort in to your outfit. Because skeletons still wear clothes, okay?

Difficulty: 3/10. Scariness: 7/10. Products used: 3.

You’ll need:
Black face paint or eye shadow
Whit face paint or eye shadow
Black kohl pencil and/or liquid eyeliner


Not-so-funny jester


The humble jester is always a winner. Not too lol, not too scary; ticks all the boxes. Admittedly it’s a little bit fiddly to draw the shapes around your eyes, but if you take your time and draw outlines with pencil eyeliner first, you’ll nail it.

Difficulty: 6/10. Scariness: 6/10. Products used: 3

You’ll need:
Colourful eye shadow in your favourite colour
Black kohl pencil and/or liquid eyeliner




Forget the pet cat, it’s all about the lion! This is a really fun one if you’re not into the whole scary thing but want something cool to dress up as. Once you’ve got all of your features down, shower shimmery bronzer along your cheekbones and forehead to really get glow that Aslan glow.

Difficulty: 5/10. Scariness: 2/10. Products used: 4

You’ll need:
Highlighter/concealer/foundation one or two shades lighter than your skin tone
Black kohl pencil and/or liquid eyeliner
White face paint or eye shadow
Bronzer. Lots of it.


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Glitter is everywhere right now. And not just because you spilled a pot on the carpet and it’s impossible to hoover.

Maybe it’s because designers sent sparkling eyes, lips, faces and limbs down the catwalks at fashion week, maybe it’s an homage to the late David Bowie, maybe it’s because a face full of glitter feels like the perfect antidote to all that nude-lipped Jenner perfection… or maybe it’s just because the world is dreary, we all need a cheer-up and there ain’t no quicker fix for your mood than turning yourself into a human disco ball. Whatever the reason, suddenly everyone is feeling the otherworldly unicorn/mermaid/sparkly space alien vibe.

Gif of Lauren from betty using Star Star Dust product
Lauren’s glitter handiwork

And in that spirit, here’s the betty buy making us full-on swoon this week: the Stardust kit from Beauty Boulevard (£12.50). So ridiculously easy to use that you could probably manage it on the bus, in school loo or in a tent (all life’s most crucial glitter opportunities!), the kit contains a tube of binding gel, a pot of showstopping glitter and a dinky little brush to dab it on with.

We’re partial to a glittered cheekbone (here’s our speedy step-by-step ) but it also looks aces on your shoulders, on your forehead and along your parting, like magical starry dandruff. In the best possible way.

Even better, £2 from the sale of every pack in ‘Babylon Zoo’, a properly perky lilac-pink, goes to CoppaFeel! to help raise awareness and funds for the breast cancer charity’s amazing work. Founded by supershero Kris, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23, CoppaFeel!’s mission is clear: get girls checking their boobs. Like, now.Lily and Lauren

So what better cause could there possibly be to glitter up, cop a feel of your own Babylons and help keep the party going? After all, like the meme (almost) says: always be yourself. Except when you can be a unicorn/mermaid/sparkly space alien, in which case… you know what to do.

Stardust Festival Glitter Kit, £12.50 from Beauty Boulevard



It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome.