Hey, it’s better to give it a break anyway… probably

1. Oh god it is too early for any human to be awake. Why did Yesterday Me think Today Me would want to get up at this time and wash her hair? Was she deluded?

2. Let’s assess the damage. Maybe this is the point where it supposedly starts conditioning itself? Maybe it’ll look magically fresh and elegantly dishevelled and I can go back to sleep!

3. Please let it look magically fresh and elegantly dishevelled.

4. Oh.

5. How can pillows cause so much chaos when they are so soft and lovely? Did I accidentally sleep in a hedge without realising?

6. No. No, I’d have scratches from the… twigs.

7. It’s fiiine, it’s just a little bit rumpled. Those kinks will probably drop right out.

8. Who am I kidding, my roots look like a mountain range. I could have tiny groups of people doing their Duke of Edinburgh Award on my head.

9. But there is one simple, easy solution! WET IT DOWN.

10. WET

11. IT

12. DOWN.

13. There we go, all wetted. I look great. I look slick. I look like Chrissy Teigen crossed with Lucius Malfoy. Although of course I can’t go back to bed now because my head is wet and the pillow will make it worse, so nice one genius.

14. It’s fine, I’ll wait for it to dry while making a nutritious breakfast and catching up on current affairs.

15. JK, I’m going to scroll through Instagram with one eye open for the exact length of time it would have taken to wash my hair anyway.

16. Ok it still looks wet. Is it still wet… or just greasy? Please let it be wet.

17. Nup. Grease.

18. Brilliant. Brilliant. And now I don’t have time to wash it anyway, so I guess this is the hair we’re going with today. Brilliant.

19. Thank god for dry shampoo though. How did anyone cope in the days when shampoo only came wet?

20. Hats. That was what hats were for.

21. Right, just a modest spritz and my head will be fresh as a daisy again. Just a leeeetle bit.

22. And a leeetle bit more…

23. …and a leetle bit mo- oh right, too much and now I look like the ghost of Christmas past. I am Moaning Myrtle. I am Mary Berry’s Victoria sponge cake.

24. Although a Victoria sponge cake probably involves less grease, tbh.

25. Brush it through! It’s fiiiiine, just massage it in with your fingers like they tell you to on the can, then brush it out. Keep brushing. And a bit more.

26. And a bit more.

27. Maybe if I wet it down again?

28. NO.

29. Right, roots looking better. Still a bit dusty. But that’s ok, that’s just… vintage-inspired. ‘Heritage’, they’d probably call it in Vogue. I have heritage hair. I am very on-trend. I will be like one of those aristocratic models who is too cool and posh and bohemian to be clean.

30. It’s better for your hair not to wash it anyway! Everyone knows that. Unless that’s one of those lies people tell themselves, like ‘actually fruit is worse for you than a burger’. 

31. Now I must tackle the weird twisty bits and flat bits. I could do this the sensible and careful way, by using a suitable protector spray and easing them out with my hairdryer on a moderate heat. Or I could do them the lazy way, by battering them with my hair straighteners until they behave.

32. My poor hair. I am terrible to my hair. I wouldn’t blame it if one day it just got up and left me.

33. *whisper* Please don’t leave me, hair.

34. Is that… toast? Is someone making me toast?

35. Nope, that is my hair burning. That’s the delicious waft of baked human proteins, that is. Blech.

36. Should I just sack it all off and put it up? A messy bun, that’ll solve everything! Praise be to the messy bun! I should have done this right from the beginning.

37. Well, it’s definitely messy. I have ticked that box. But it’s not exactly messy the way that messy buns are on Pinterest, is it? It’s less like lovely voluminous #croissanthair and more like a kind of… partially digested teacake.

39. May as well whack a bit of serum on, see if that’ll help. And some salt spray. And a tiny bit more dry shampoo.


41. Hats. This is what hats are for.

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Image: Katie Edmunds

It’s the perfect time for a seasonal switch up, and nope we’re not just talking about moving from an icy cold frappuccino to a steaming hot chocolate the next time you hit the town.

Today we’re talking beauty looks, because with that summer glow well and truly gone, now’s your chance to embrace warm golden tones, rich earthy shades and lazy, textured tresses. Sounds dreamy, eh?

If you’re in need of some inspo for a brand new look, we’ve got 12 gorgeous ideas to give your hair and makeup the perfect autumn do-over. Trust us, you’ll be feeling as pretty as a pumpkin.

1. Switch up your skincare

It’s a beauty guru golden rule that your foundation, concealer and makeup in general will never look as good as you want it to unless you’re prepping your skin properly with a proper routine.

Now that the winter is getting colder and harsher on that lovely face of yours, it’s time to exfoliate regularly and moisturise like it’s going out of fashion. Up your hydration game and you can say see ya later to those annoying, flakey moments.

Dewy tonight ✨

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2. Rose gold highlights

Next time you’re heading to the hairdresser for a new dye job, check out chocolate mauve and rose gold highlights, which walk the fine line between natural and something a little bit special.

Chocolate mauve combines rich browns with a touch of hazy lilac purple, while rose gold colours go blazing and coppery to remind you of crunchy fallen leaves and the fireside.

I felt sooo pretty with my hair up like this, I ought to do it more often. Do you like it❓✨ 💇🏼💆🏼👸🏼 Tried the @katvondbeauty ‘Crucifix’ lipstick & lipliner I got from @sephoraromania and they lasted ALL day, even though I ate. 👌🏼 • • • Also used @lancomeofficial Teint Idole 24H fdt (MY FAVORITE😻), @anastasiabeverlyhills @anastasiabeverlyhills_romania Brow Pomade in ‘Blonde and the same shade of Tinted Brow Gel + the Clear Brow Gel, powder Contour Kit ‘Havana’ @ardellbeauty lashes @maccosmetics white Khol pencil, Upward Lash mascara, ‘Peach Keen’ blush. • • • #edithmakeup #love #makeup #mua #makeupartist #makeuplover #natural #look #nomakeup #style #chocolate #lips #hair #blonde #blondehair #rosegoldhair #updo #hairstyles #lipstick #katvondbeauty #beauty #beautiful #color #potd #motd #mood #undiscovered_muas #fiercesociety

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3. Go for the glow

You might be tempted through autumn/winter to opt for a fuller coverage, more matte looking makeup look. On the other hand, you might just find that everything’s gone a bit dull and lacklustre in the winter weather. Sigh, when’s summer coming back?

You can still totally rock the glow, though. Buff a cream highlighter onto the highs of your cheekbones and a tiny bit on the apples of your cheeks, to swap the old Insta-ready metallic highlight for a more dewy, radiant sheen.

4. Orange toned lipstick

Orange is the one and only colour to focus on over autumn (duh) so it’s time to think pumpkins, candy corn and most importantly, orange lippy. It looks fierce on all skin tones, makes your teeth look super white and adds an unexpected pop of colour.

Channel your inner Lupita Nyong’o by toning down the rest of your look to focus on nothing but the a flawless orange lip.

5. Golden Eyes

First up, we’re gonna suggest taking a masterclass from the queen of all things autumn – Zoella, obvs. Check out her autumn tutorial for a gorgeously glimmering golden eye, paired with a dark vampy lip that you’ll be desperate to recreate asap.

And because it’s Zoe, it goes without saying that her burnt orange knitwear, fairy light tree and messy top knot are all absolute essentials, too.

6. Pumpkin spice makeup

Whether you’re gonna spend the next few months with a Starbucks glued to your hand, or you’d rather just stick to a plain old cup of tea tbh, we can all agree that a pumpkin spice latte has never looked so good.

Copper-toned burnt orange, cinnamon and woody brown hues all combine for the ultimate autumn eyeshadow look thanks to Soph, and things get even more delicious when there’s some copper glitter involved.

7. Warm toned, caramel balayage

Forever chasing that dream hair that you’ve seen all over Pinterest? The chances are that it probably involves warm-toned, caramel-inspired balayage – the perfect subtle shades blended from dark brown to dark blonde.

In the summer you’d probably call this look ‘sun-kissed’, but seeing as we’re heading into October and that just doesn’t fit anymore, we’re gonna go ahead and call this one ‘autumn-kissed’.

Bom dia! #inspire #beauty

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8. Freckles and flushed cheeks

When you head out into the cold winter mornings, your skin becomes instantly glowing and flushed with rosy cheeks. Seeing as that’s your most naturally perfect shade of blush, it only makes sense to recreate it with your makeup, too.

Ditch the full coverage foundation and embrace your skin’s natural appearance, to let a sprinkling of freckles and your own radiance shine through for a subtle and soft finish.

9. Darker than dark lips

Like sausages and mash or eggs and soldiers, autumn and dark lips are a recipe for stunning success. And if you’re gonna make a statement with your lipstick, then it’s definitely a case of the darker, the better.

Swipe on grey-mauves or plums for an effortlessly cool look – and always remember to blot between applications of colour to make sure that it doesn’t end up all over your teeth. Agh.

Swipe on our #Lipstick V402 for easy Fall glam🍁✨ Buy now at @annasuiboutique @beautylish @bglowing @asos @beautybaycom #AnnaSuiCosmetics

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10. Say no to neat and tidy

You’re probably gonna spend the next few months getting blown about, rained on and wondering why you ever bothered to straighten your hair, so how about we all just agree to embrace the windy weather and go for the messy look instead.

Autumn is the perfect time to whip your tresses up into a loose bun and let your hair do its thang. Think ‘I woke up like this’ vibes.

Monday blues 💙 #Monday #bandzee #hair #updo #inspo

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11. Textured braids

As we said, messy is definitely best right now, but no hairstyle works the effortless technique quite like a beautiful, tousled braid. Braids have always been in style, but the woven look definitely shines best in the autumn.

Experiment with shapes, sizes, patterns and half ponytails to find what suits you best.

Textured braids by @hairbymelissalynch / #kiinbymel

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12. Big brows

As anyone who grew up in the 80s or 90s will constantly shout at you, always leave your brows well alone and let them flourish to their full, bushy potential if poss.

Big brows are going nowhere fast, but they can have even more volume and texture when autumn arrives. Just keep them vaguely groomed and tamed with a good brow gel, and you’re good to go.

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Halloween is just around the corner (yesss), and that means your YouTube subscription box, Instagram feed and Pinterest boards are all probably jam-packed with dark, deadly and devilishly dreamy creations to copy on October 31st.

But hang on a second, surely you have to be pretty skilled in the art of special effects and fake blood trickery to be able to recreate some of these amazing looks? Nope, nuh-uh honey.








Don’t panic about your party, because we’ve tracked down 14 awesome but actually really easy Halloween makeup tutorials that you can totally copy for the spooky season.

1. Cartoon Wonder Woman

If you wanna be the cutest cartoon in town, all you need to do is rock your usual makeup look – and then find a black and a white liquid eyeliner. Follow the contours of your face with the black for the illustrated lines, and add trace around them with the white. It’s THAT easy.

For the ultimate Wonder Woman style, you might also want to pop on a snazzy golden crown and a killer red lip. Just don’t forget to add the cartoon touches which make this look so cool.

Wonder Womannnn❤️ fun and simple Halloween look 💁🏼 Inspo- @nikkietutorials & @rahmanbeauty Brows- @anastasiabeverlyhills pomade in medium brown & clear brow gel Lashes- @hudabeauty @shophudabeauty Noelle Shadows- @morphebrushes 35O2 palette Liner- @sigmabeauty wicked Mascara- @toofaced better than sex Primer- @fentybeauty @badgalriri & @benefitcosmeticsuk porefessional Base- @fentybeauty 250 Concealer- @tartecosmetics Shape tape Powder- @nyxcosmetics_uk #nofilter Highlight- @ofracosmetics X @nikkietutorials Ever glow Bronzer- @colourpopcosmetics Topaz Lipstick and red star- @kyliecosmetics @kyliejenner mary jo black and white paint- @mehronmakeup paradise aq Liquid Gold – @mehronmakeup metallic powder Setting spray- @urbandecaycosmetics all nighter Wig- @uniwigs use code ohmygeeee for money off ☠️ #makeup #brows #abh #anastasiabeverlyhills #abhcosmetics #toofaced #kyliecosmetics #urbandecay #motd #hudabeauty #sephora #kyliejenner #norvina #toofaced #wakeupandmakeup #halloween #halloweenmakeup #autumnmakeup #fentybeauty #fenty #rihanna #colourpop #colourpopme #mehron #morphe #morphebrushes #ofracosmetics #ofraxnikkietutorials #wonderwoman #shophudabeauty

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2. Half skull

The best thing about this one is that it makes you look like the world’s most skilled SFX makeup artist with minimal knowledge needed. Arm yourself with some black and white face paint and you’re basically good to go.

Start by applying your normal products, then add in the all-important crack to divide your face from day to day to um, dead. Follow Roxi’s brill tutorial to figure out where all the hollows and contours need to go, add in some shadows for depth, and you can’t really go too wrong.

3. Veronica Lodge

Obsessed with all things Riverdale RN? Season 2 has just arrived on Netflix, which means that Halloween is the perfect chance to turn yourself into privileged princess, Veronica Lodge. Goals.

Maybe not the spookiest but definitely the chicest, all you need are some dark brows, a rich plum lip, sleek black curls and a pair of pearl earrings. It’s up to you whether you steal her style with a yellow baseball tee or a River Vixen cheerleader kit.

4. Neon skull

After a Halloween tutorial that’ll look killer in real life, but also get you all the likes on Instagram? The coolest look this year is definitely the neon skull, which is all about patience and a whole lot of blending.

The finished look might look mind-blowingly impressive, but it can be copied in surprisingly simple stages. Outline the skull shape in white, trace it in your favourite bright eyeshadow, fill in the blanks with black and define the bones with white liquid eyeliner. Tah dah.

5. Mermaid

Ariel is always a good idea when it comes to Halloween, and it’s one of those costumes that you can sort of make up as you go along (which is always great when you’re disorganised af).

Try following RhiannonClaire’s video for some inspo, but as a general rule you might wanna try metallic pastel eyeshadows to create your mermaid vibe, dust them on through a pair of fishnet tights to make the scales, and hey, when all else fails, add glitter.

6. Zombie Taylor Swift

‘Look What You Made Me Do’ has been playing on repeat for a whole month now and as well as a killer new song, Swifty also blessed us all with a genius music video that just so happened to contain the perfect Halloween costume idea.

Turn yourself into 1989 era Taylor by opting for classic black and white skull makeup like SophDoesNails, messy ‘I was dug up like this’ blonde hair, and a pale blue dress. Drop dead gorgeous, TayTay.

7. Pennywise

If you’ve been wondering what the most popular Halloween costume of 2017 is gonna be, you’re looking at it. It just became the highest grossing horror film of all time, but Pennywise is actually one of the lowest effort makeup looks. Fab.

When you don’t quite trust your special effects skills, stick to a scary white face, a smokey black eye, a blood red nose and the signature, slightly terrifying red lines all the way up your face. You’ll float too… *evil laugh*

8. Cracked broken doll

A great option for anyone who’d rather look pretty than petrifying at the party, a slightly spooky cracked porcelain doll is a classic choice (and super simple to transform into).

You can make 99 per cent of your makeup look fresh, dewy and girly with pink lips and fluttery lashes, and just add in a few creepy, broken smashes to your cheeks and forehead with nothing but a couple of eyeliners. Sorted.

9. Regina George

You’re like, really pretty. We love your skirt, where did you get it? And tbh, why would anyone not want to dress up as Regina George for Halloween? She fractured her spine and she still looks like a rockstar.

Em Ford’s version of the ultimate Mean Girl goes all out with an actual spinal support system, but you could always just recreate her prom look or one of her school outfits instead. Just stop trying to make fetch happen, it’s not going to happen.

10. Your fave childhood cartoon character

Velvetgh0st came to the rescue with this video by serving up four super simple but adorable costume ideas inspired by her fave 90s cartoons. Our fave has got to be Mona The Vampire with her crazy bow braids, rosy cheeks and teeny tiny fangs.

They’re all brill for when you’re on a budget or if you’ve left things ’til last minute, and is it kind of weird that we want to start styling ourselves on Wednesday Adams now?

11. Dead glam

Been given a strictly dead dress code for your Halloween plans? If you really want to stick to the spooky side of things, this combo of graveside glamour is the perfect option.

Wear an all black outfit, backcomb your hair (and even use dry shampoo for some grey streaks) and sketch in those sunken cheekbones with dramatic smokey eyes and bleached-out lips. It’s kind of gorgeous…?

12. Woodland deer

Maybe the most adorable of the whole bunch, Becca Rose’s woodland deer is all kinds of cute and uses only cheap makeup products from start to finish. It’s super simple to recreate, and uses warm-toned bronzer to exaggerate your contouring.

Add in a little heart shaped nose, winged liner and white polkadots to transform into a babein’ little Bambi. You could even add some DIY antlers if you’re feeling crafty.

13. Slytherin student

Cunning, shrewd and ambitious? Slytherin is the only Hogwarts house that you want to be in for Halloween. Cherry Wallis’ amazing vid relies on an intense green smokey eye and some added drama with snake scales for Slytherin chic vibes.

She’s also done tutorials for Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff so you can stay loyal to your house, but surely it’s all about Team Voldy when you’re heading out with the spooks and spirits?

14. Eleven

And last but not least, if you’re counting down the days/hours/minutes until Season 2 of Stranger Things hits your screen, you’re gonna love this makeup tutorial to turn you into Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven.

You’re gonna need some fake blood for your nosebleed, a bunch of battery fairy lights to reach the Upside Down, and make sure you perfect your intense angry stare, too.

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Sponsored by Badger Balm

There are some things that are totally underrated in life: blankets, non-awkward silences, bagels, waking up in a fabulous mood for no specific reason. Y’know, that really good stuff that we sometimes forget about.

In the beauty world, lip balm is up there with the bagels, but also those essential but overlooked products that give us pure joy! Which is why we’ve included one in October’s bettybox, you lucky things you.

The hydrating sticks of moisture (that taste increds btw) hold a pretty important place in our makeup bags. Here’s why…

1. It’s makeup magic

You can smash the no makeup makeup trend with minimal effort. Soft, glossy lips in all of two seconds. Done.

2. It’s super handy

It fits in your school blazer, your shirt pocket, heck even your pencil case and it is actually practical because unlike your fave pink lippy, it won’t melt like an ice pop from your body heat.

3. It’s smooch proof

If you’re getting UCAP (up close and personal, fyi) with your crush from the year above, you won’t be caught making a sticky mess all over their face. Oh lip gloss, how you betray us.

4. It doesn’t care about wind

Unlike your glossiest lip shade, your lip balm isn’t freaking out about the hair-down-strong-wind combo. So, wear your locks long and proud this autumn without having to worry about accidently flossing your teeth with a strand of flyaway hair *shudder*.

5. It’s good for your lips

Lip balm acts like a little protective layer on your lips, deeply moisturising them and keeping them hydrated. If, like the Badger Balm in October’s bettybox, it doesn’t contain any artificial flavours, it won’t irritate your sensitive smackeroos either.

6. It’s undetectable

You won’t get detention for rocking lip balm in the school corridors – it’s practically medicinal, right? Mwahahahah.

7. It’s Katy Perry approved

Katy Perry dedicates pretty much a whole chorus to the sweet stuff in I Kissed A Girl, and we would like to kiss her, so for that reason lip balm life. #KatyCatForever.

Badger Lip Balm is available in October’s bettybox and on the Badger Balm website.

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but summer is over guys. So long sunshine (there was some sunshine, wasn’t there?), farewell freedom, goodbye girly sleepovers, park picnics and lots of hanging out with friends outside!

But don’t despair. To celebrate the back-to-school season, we’ve collected together some of our favourite simple and fuss-free beauty hacks and tutorials for returning to the classroom and into autumn.

Pssst… Remember if you’re not meant to be wearing makeup at school you should just pick one or two staple products rather than following a full tutorial. We like tinted lip balm paired with BB cream, or a clear mascara and lip gloss.

For a super minimal makeup look: Kaushal’s ‘no makeup’ makeup tutorial

When you’re trying to better understand what makeup looks suit you, it can be really tempting to go overboard with the liner, the contouring and the glitter.

But most beauty experts agree that perfecting a ‘no makeup’ makeup look is the best place to start. That’s because it can be your go-to look when you’re pushed for time, don’t have much energy or if you go to a school that doesn’t allow much makeup in the classroom.

There are so many ‘no makeup’ looks to choose from online, but this one from YouTuber Kaushal of Kaushal Beauty is a good starting tutorial because it looks natural and uses minimal products.

The basics are: SPF, concealer, a brow product, mascara, blusher, bronzer and lip gloss, but she explains in the video that you should switch out any products she uses that you don’t have (or can’t afford) for ones that you do.

We also recommend skipping any steps that don’t suit you and focusing on the products that make you feel good, especially if there’s a strict NO MAKEUP rule at your school – opt for none or just one instead.

Beauty hack #1

Don’t wait until your hair is really oily and you have no time before school to apply dry shampoo. Instead, spray it on the night BEFORE. That’s right, rolling around in bed will help work the powder in and you’ll wake up with voluminous hair that looks cleaner and fresher.

For a simple and polished bronzed look: Tanya Burr’s everyday makeup tutorial

Tanya is one of our favourite beauty YouTubers because her videos are easy-to-follow, she’s really friendly and she often makes tutorials featuring affordable products, like this one with plenty of Rimmel, Maybelline and Collection 2000 makeup.

She creates a minimal back-to-school look with foundation, brow product, neutral eyeshadow colours and a bit of eyeliner and mascara. You can pick ‘n’ mix which of Tanya’s steps you take on board for your new school look, we’d recommend skipping the eyeliner and bronzer if you don’t have much time or prefer the minimal look.

Beauty hack #2

If you want longer, fuller lashes take a little cotton bud and put some baby powder on it. Then apply a coating of mascara, but before you apply another, put some of that baby powder on your lashes. It’ll cause build up and create the illusion of false lashes. Flutter away!

For a rusty and seasonal September makeover: Zoella’s autumnal makeup tutorial

This video may be a few years old, but it doesn’t make it any less autumnal and beautiful. YouTube favourite Zoella talks us through her favourite rusty look to match the falling leaves with brown shadows, full matte coverage and lashings of mascara. So if you’re allowed to go wild with your makeup at school or college, then consider matching it to the upcoming season.

Beauty hack #3

If you use eyelash curlers, pop the curler in your bra for a few minutes to warm it up – your lashes will stay curlier for longer. In fact, put anything you need warming up in your bra! Like an eyeliner pencil or a mascara that feels a bit old and dry.

The products you need in your school bag survival kit:

Tinted Lip Balm

Tinted lip balms are the perfect, non-committal way to play with colour while also conditioning your lips and keeping your look school-friendly. We love the Burt’s Bees range from Superdrug with balms that are infused with moisturising shea butter and botanical waxes. Try the deep pink Hibiscus shade, or the sugary sweet Pink Blossom. (Both are available from Superdrug for £5.99.)


Whether you’re about to head into P.E. or a particularly difficult maths test, you’ll want to get your hair out of the way and focus on what’s important. Pick hairbands that don’t have metal bits on them, which tend to damage your hair and cause breakage.

There are plenty of simple types you can pick up any supermarket, but we love Invisibobbles. These invisible bobbles look like kind of like telephone wires, but their great designs means they don’t leave an annoying line in your hair when you take your ponytail down. (Available from Boots for £4.95.)

Dry Shampoo

To say dry shampoo is life-changing isn’t even an exaggeration for lots of us. Gone are the days of having to wash our hair every other day, now a quick spray of dry shampoo can keep your hair looking (and not to mention smelling) fresh even two, three or maybe even four days after it’s been washed. Grab a small, travel-sized version of Batiste dry shampoo and throw it in your school bag. (Available from Boots for £2.99.)

BB Cream

BB cream stands for ‘beauty balm’ or ‘blemish balm’. There are lots of different types, but it’s essentially a tinted moisturiser with lots of skin benefits. Some are for moisturising, others are for mattifying, but the best thing about them is they often provide light coverage – perfect for school and those who don’t like the cakey feel of makeup. You need to find the BB cream that’s right for you, but we love the Rimmel Match Perfection BB Cream. (Available from Boots for £6.99.)

Clear Nail Polish

If you’re not meant to be wearing makeup to school, nail polish is a dead giveaway – especially the neon, sparkling kind! So to protect your nails at school and keep them looking shiny, you need to find a good, clear polish. Luckily Rimmel has the Nail Nurse polish, which is a really popular clear nail polish created to strengthen your nails (Available from Boots for £4.49.)

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Remember that terrifying jack-in-the-box your brother used to scare you with at Halloween? Or that creepy ballerina box that played a sinister tune when you opened it up? Scary stuff always seems to come out of boxes, doesn’t it? Well, October’s bettybox may be bewitching, but we promise you, it’s full of good stuff. Nice stuff. Stuff you actually want (spiders not included, FYI).

MUA Eyeshadow Palette

Halloween isn’t just a one night thing, y’know. It’s a whole saga of prep, whether you’ve got a film marathon planned, or Susie down the road is throwing a fancy dress party. Go natural during the day, while you’re living the life of a regular human, then vamp it up once nighttime falls with the Dusk til Dawn MUA palette. From ghoulish green to spooky purple, this palette features the perfect mix of colours to let your imagination, and your eyeshadow brush, run wild. We’ve got a special MUA halloween tutorial coming to you in October’s betty collective, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Candy Kittens

We’re all about the treats, less about the tricks this month. Black cats have nothing on Candy Kittens’ colourful delights. Even those of us betty girls who aren’t cat people (#dogs4life) find ourselves reaching back in the bag for another one. Candy Kittens have launched POP bags, which do just that – pop the bag and pop them in your mouth – and we’ve got a pack in each bettybox for you to enjoy this October. A handy size, you can snack as you trick or treat. It’s tiring work, walking around collecting candy.

Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

After the night itself is up, you’re going to need to properly cleanse your skin and get the paint out of your pores. Leave it there, and you might get a bit spotty. No one wants a face full of boils like the Wicked Witch of the West now, do they? Kylie J and Kim K’s make-up artist absolutely raves about these cleansing pads from Nip+Fab – so obviously we’re completely obsessed too.

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Whether you’ve bagged tickets to the coolest gig in town, or you’re setting up camp in your garden with the speakers on full blast, festival style is a huge part of June’s vibe. And where better to start, than at the top? This month, we’ll show you how to recreate our fave three eyeliner looks for the festival season.

The classic cat eye has had a makeover on the catwalks, so we’re here to get you feline good (get it? Soz). It’s all about the doodles this time around and Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner is the perfect pen shape, so you can draw on your flicks with the precision of a ninja cat.


1. Swipe the eyeliner from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye. Increase the thickness slightly as you get towards the outer edge.

2. Angle your wrist, so you can add a flick in one smooth movement. Try not to apply too much pressure – no panda eyes here!

3. Look straight ahead and dot your Eyeko liner below your lower lashes, in line with your pupil.

4. For some added sparkle, grab a cute body tattoo, or glitter, and dust lightly near the outer edges of your eye. Ta-da!

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner is available in June’s bettybox, or shop their full range of eyeliner here.

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Hate January? There’s a club for that! It’s called ‘everybody’ and we meet on the sofa, weeping quietly into a chocolate orange.

But while the whole month can feel full of pressure to change yourself, put more effort into life and generally become a better, shinier human, there is another way – and it’s what we at betty like to call the ‘anti-resolution’. The lazy gal’s resolution. The kind that goes: do less, be happier! Sleep more! And while there’s obviously much more to life than your beauty routine, it’s as good a place as any to start.

Here are our five anti-resolutions to give your hair and face a fabulously chill 2017. Zzz.

1. Put. The tweezers. Down. 

Sure, plucking has been a rite of passage for every teenage girl since humans evolved to have hair above their eyes (seriously, check out the Mona Lisa’s bald brows) – but ‘permanently surprised forehead tadpoles’ is nobody’s idea of an on-fleek beauty look, let’s be honest. And thanks to Cara D and Lily Cole, luscious caterpillar brows have never been, um, bigger… so maybe skip the pain session and let them grow like the beautiful face gardens they are.

Or at least follow the golden rules: only tweeze below the brow, never above it, don’t take too much from the inner corners (this is the voice of experience and I’m here to tell you: brow growth serum is expensive), and step away for a little break every few hairs to stop yourself going the full alien. There’s a reason Lisa was a moaner, you know.

2. Give your hair a holiday

And we don’t mean from washing, guys, even though dry shampoo is the true elixir of life and we all know it. We mean from the drying and curling and straightening and relaxing and tonging and straightening-a-bit-more because your fringe is doing that weird flicky thing again. Your signature ‘do could be a massive don’t when it comes to your poor frazzled ends. So let’s make 2017 the year we have a lie-in and embrace our natural hair a few days a week, shall we? Let’s own our weird flicky bits! Master the messy up-do! And if all else fails, this is why hats were invented.

3. Go easy on the exfoliating.

Sloughing away dead skin cells (yum) is an excellent way to keep your skin looking smooth, bright and healthy. But there is a big difference between proper exfoliating and battering your face like it’s an old bit of floor that needs sanding. Stick to gentle face scrubs a couple of times a week, or use a muslin face cloth to cleanse with – and resist the urge to rub it raw. FYI, you can’t scare spots away with aggression. That’s not a thing.

4. Embrace the actual shape of our faces

Ahh, 2016. The year of contouring. The year no make-up routine was complete (supposedly) without painting on fake cheekbones in the shade of that stuff your parents use to weatherproof the garden fence. And while we love the transformative magic of makeup (also: mesmerising YouTube tutorials of people turning themselves into Kardashians), it might be time to remember that faces are allowed to look round, rather than hollowed out like an apple core. Cheeks are meant to be soft and pillowy. It’s kind of their deal. Plus: think of everything you could achieve with all that blending time.

5. Have fun

It’s far too easy, living in the Age of the Everlasting Selfie, to get hung up on creating flawless perfection and forget that beauty is supposed to be fun. Messing around with hair and makeup should be a joy, not a chore. You’re like Picasso with a lipstick, not Michelangelo painting God on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. So go wild! Be creative! Try that blue lipstick!

And if it stops being fun? Just don’t bother. That’s the lazy gal’s beauty law.

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

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You’ve finished school, you’ve brought all your presents (shh, pretend you have), you’ve watched Elf at least three times and you’ve been officially banned from the kitchen for picking all the marzipan out of the stollen. So what’s left to do? Deck yourself out like a Christmas tree, obviously.

Christmas is not a time to buy sensible face wash and nude nail polish and elegant taupe eyeshadow. Christmas is a time for razzle dazzle and puttin’ on the glitz. A time to cover yourself in so much glitter that your shortsighted Granny peers at your face and asks if you have a rash.

So to help you accomplish this final festive goal, here’s a shopping list of our shimmery favourites. Go on, shine bright like a diamond.

Shimmer limbs

full sparks

What, you mean you don’t make your arms and legs shimmer to match your lip gloss? Are you some kind of animal? Ok so the Full Sparks set is kind of ridiculous, but Christmas is all about being being ridiculous. Plus it’s £4.80 and smells like heaven.

Soap & Glory Full Sparks kit, £4.80, Boots




Tanya Burr always has our back. And our front. And our nails. And our cheeks. We’re huge fans of her cheek illuminator, and this shade is literally called ‘holiday happiness’ – for that just-had-a-gingerbread-latte glow.

Tanya Burr Holiday Happiness cheek illuminator, £6.99, Superdrug


Give it some lip

Nyx lipsticks

When you feel the need to go full goth rebel against your perfect cousin or create a stir at the carol concert, these luscious jewel-toned lippies from Nyx will do the trick. Dare you to blend all three.

Nyx Wicked lippies, £5.50, Boots

A twinkle in your eye

Glitter Top Coat Mascara

Make any mascara instantly festive with a sweep of this glitter top coat. And hey, if you put enough on, you can kid yourself it’s snowing.

Glitter top coat mascara, £7.20, Kiko


Panda to your whims

blotting papers

Ok, maybe you don’t always want to glow. Just the thing you need for those jumper + central heating + too much gammon + too many energetic rounds of charades = shiny, shiny face moments: the cutest blotting paper in the world.

Panda blotting paper, £3, Topshop


Disco tips

Mavala nail polish

Every shimmery shade in Mavala’s disco collection is worthy of your retro pointing fingers. Mix ‘n’ match the whole lot for maximum Chrimbo joy.

Mavala Nail Polish, £4.95 each, John Lewis

Here’s the gloss

Lip gloss

Why would you buy one festive lipgloss when you can have six for £6? This lustrous set by Seventeen will see you through till New Year without getting bored. Watch your hair in the wind though.

Sparkle and shine lip gloss collection, £6, Seventeen


Hopin’ and sprayin’


We always suspected that Little Mix smell amazing, and here’s the proof: their Wishmaker body mist. Make a wish every time you spray – it’s easier than blowing out 100 birthday candles.

Little Mix Wishmaker Body Mist, £12 from Boots

Excess braggage

Max Factor excess shimmer

Christmas is a time for excess, and that’s true on your face as well your plate. So pile on this extravagantly shimmery shadow by Max Factor and become so dazzling that you can steal other people’s pigs in blankets without them noticing.

Excess shimmer shadow, £7.99, Boots

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome.