The Leaving is the creepy page-turner your rainy weekend has been waiting for…

Genre: Thriller

Absorbency Rating: Super Plus

“No, I mean, how do you form and maintain your identity if you have no memories?”

“You have the whole rest of your life ahead of you to make memories.”

“But how do I know how to be?”

“How does anybody? Most people only come into adulthood with a handful of vivid memories of their childhood anyway. There’s a forgetting curve that has been researched and documented. The longer you live, the less you remember. Don’t overvalue what you’ve lost.”

Warning: do not start this book when you’re busy or you’ve only got a few minutes between classes. This is a book that needs an entire day carved out for it – for because once you start, you won’t want to do anything else. It’s a story about six five-year-olds who were taken one day after school. Eleven years later, five of them return with no idea where they’ve been or what happened to Max, the sixth child who went missing. Curl up and dive in… but maybe keep the lights on.

The Leaving by Tara Altebrando, £7.99, Amazon

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