We all know that no one’s life really looks like their Pinterest feed (except maybe Anne Hathaway’s). It’s a social media platform designed to trick even the least crafty among us into believing that we too can make the perfect adorable marshmallow snowmen, flawless ombre hanging macrame plant holder thingumies and bunting made of unicorn hair and fairy dust.

We believe, we try and we fail – because Pinterest is not real life. Let’s all chant it together: Pinterest is not real life. Here are a few people who learned that the hard way.

This person just wanted to make some delicious macaroons…


But forgot the air them for a couple of hours, so ended up with what looks strangely like a map of the world made out of chocolate chip cookie.



This person just wanted to make tiny tributes to Frosty the Snowman…


And ended up with mutated-looking minions wearing top hats.



 This optimistic fellow wanted to make a hypnotic Christmas swirl…


And ended up with a green sludge that would make even the Cookie Monster take a pause.



 This well-intentioned Harry Potter loving fan wanted to create a magical masterpiece…


And ended up with something uglier than Voldemort’s face.


These dramatical fails aren’t confined to the cooks and the bakers of this world, either. Despite looking like the mess left over after Spiderman defeats the Green Goblin, these stringy light things are apparently really hard to make.

One person was aiming for this…


And ended up with something that looks like the mess of wiring behind the TV.



 Another was going for this…


And ended up with this. Hats off to them for going to the effort of hanging it up considering it looks like a crumpled milk bottle covered in string, which on second thoughts might actually be exactly what it is.


Honestly, why do people keep trying to make these weird lights when they are obviously impossible? Why do we do this to ourselves?

This balloon string thing was meant to look like this…


And instead looked like an old mop that your mum left to dry in the shower.


So go forth and craft! After all, funny is better than perfect.

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All images: pinterestfail.com

It’s great to have goals. Dreams and ambitions are what light our paths, propel us forward and make sure we actually get out of bed in the morning instead of clutching a drool covered pillow and saying “You know what? I refuse to do this.”

We’re told that no self-respecting girl or woman lets herself rest until her better is best. Even the women who celebrate slackerdom, like Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer, achieve incredibly impressive things and work astonishingly hard. We’re told to embrace our flaws, but where do we start? Surely we’d be happier if we just stopped labelling flaws, and got on board with the fact that we’re not pretty pictures of womanhood, but human beings that fart, fall over and spill things?

The pursuit of perfection won’t make us happy, but finding a way to feel content about who we are just might. Here are some steps to start living a life unfiltered:

1. Wear something white and make a snack covered in ketchup, brown sauce, chocolate or gravy. You’re human, food is delicious and sometimes things are going to get spilled. Otherwise washing machine technologists would be out of a job. Otherwise you have to stick to see through foods, or spend every meal dressed as if you’ve volunteered to move the scenery for the sixth form production of Yerma, and that’s no fun.

2. Try to use one word a day that you avoid because you’re not entirely sure of its spelling, meaning or pronunciation. If you get it wrong, let someone correct you, and then you’ve learned something and don’t have to be afraid of the word any more. (And you can always blame autocorrect.)

3. Ladder your tights. Shrug your shoulders and if someone feels the need to point it out, say “And?” and stare them down until they leave. You’ve done tight wearing humans everywhere a favour, as they will never do it again.

4. Volunteer to do something – anything – where you have to speak to an audience, or read out loud. Afterwards, you will feel like a confidence ninja, no matter what comes out. Remember that a very experienced, distinguished radio broadcaster once started Radio Four’s highly respected Today programme with the words “Oh, ****!”

5. Challenge yourself to invent the silliest, least sexy dance in the history of time. Dress up in a really unflattering outfit, and as you move, spend a lot of time focusing on the parts of your body that you don’t love. If you can, record it and play it back. You’ll realise that laughing is always more fun than looking good, and that thing you hate is probably much better on camera than it is in your head.

6. Sing to yourself and don’t stop when someone else walks into the room. Ideally, pick a song where you’re not entirely sure what the words are because the lyrics you think you’ve heard don’t make any sense. This is how we learned that the song is called Cake By The Ocean, not Keep Billy Ocean.

7. Think of the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you, and draw a picture of it. If you’re feeling particularly confident, you could put it in a frame. You’ll either be impressed by your artistic skills or laugh so hard at your efforts that you’ll be able to appreciate every mistake has comedy value.

8. Turn your jumper inside out and see if anyone notices. If they do, say that it’s an homage to Chanel’s 2014 supermarket themed collection and the discussion about whether fashion is art or commerce. If you can do this and keep a straight face, you’ll know that you can style out every awkward moment forever more.

9. If you’re feeling brave, call your teacher “Mum” on purpose and see what happens. If that’s too daunting, call your Mum “Mr Brown” and see if she notices.


Image: Amber Griffin

Your latest reminder that being a girl in 2016 isn’t all marshmallows round the campfire, Girlguiding’s annual Girls’ Attitudes Survey is released today – and it looks like society won’t be earning a badge any time soon.

Each year, the Girls’ Attitudes Survey delves into some of the pressures facing girls and young women, from objectification in the media to street harassment and sexist online abuse. This year’s has thrown up some seriously sad stats around body image, with over a third of 7-10 year old girls saying that people make them think that the most important thing about them is how they look.

That means seven year olds already feel as though the way they look is more important to some people than how fast they can run or how well they scored on their spelling test.

And we’re not just talking about wanting to be taller, or have curlier hair – a quarter said they feel the need to be perfect.

Urgh, ‘perfect’. The stupid little seven letter word that plagues females everywhere. The one that says it’s not just enough to try your hardest, but that you have to be the best. Totally flawless. And eat kale. Perfection always involves kale.

Thankfully though, there are people on the case. Girlguiding isn’t just interested in statistics, they actually want to know how to make things better for young women – and when asked, those 7-10 year old girls said the thing that would most improve their lives would be for people to stop judging girls and women on the way they look.

Lyra, a ten-year-old Brownie from South London explains:

I think more girls are judged on their appearance than boys. I don’t think it’s fair that men get treated differently to women. You have to treat everyone the same.

At betty, we completely agree. We know that girls are amazing; they’re smart and funny and brave and ambitious and creative and awesome, and that has basically nothing at all to do with whether they also have long eyelashes or straight teeth or know how to braid their hair like it’s NBD.

It’s like Becky Hewitt, Director of Girlguiding, says:

We are calling on everyone to show girls that they are valued for who they are – not what they look like.

Inspired? Watch this space tomorrow for our collection of 35 compliments to give a girl that have nothing to do with her appearance, and make yourself heard on social media with #GirlsAttitudes and #YouAreAmazing. If you want to learn more about Girlguiding, check out their website

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