From frizzy fanny fuzz to fabulous tumbling tresses, us girls sure are hairy creatures once it starts growing. Fact. And whether you like to trim your bush, whip off your pit hair, or let it all grow long and free – you’ve got to admit that body hair is kinda cool.

But how much do you actually know about the sometimes fluffy, sometimes wiry, sometimes soft and shiny stuff that sprouts and covers our bods?

Let’s find out!

What kinda body hair *usually* comes first during puberty?


How long do you reckon the hairs on your head can live for?


Every day, we shed body hairs *everywhere* (ew), but how many?


Pubic hair is a special kind of hair that’s officially called...


Body hair stands on end because…


So, what’s the *real* reason we have pubes?


A follicle is the sac from which a hair grows, but do you know which girls have the most hair follicles?


Hair doesn’t grow *everywhere* you know. What part of the body CAN’T you sprout from?


Which of these ISN’T an actual way of removing body hair?


Armpit hair, pubes and your mane are the same colour…


What’s a merkin?


Hair is mostly made from keratin. Yikes, that's the same tough material as animal horns, hooves and claws…


Image: Amber Griffin

So you know your Justin Biebers from your Justin Timberlakes and your Emma Stones from Watsons – but how well do you really know your celeb idols? More specifically, how well do you know their celeb skin?

With more and more celebrities taking the plunge and getting inked, there are so many tattoos out there that it’s hard to keep track. Can you match the tatt to the famous owner? CAN YOU? Look, it’s summer and we know you have nothing better to do… so take our quiz to find out!

Who wants to remember 07.08.09 so much that they made it permanent?

Which girl gang got these delicate matching finger tattoos?

This celeb got this tat with her mumma, to commemorate her mum being given a clean bill of health. Her mum’s fave tune is Blackbird by The Beatles, so the star in this photo called in a favour from Sir Paul McCartney, who drew the design himself. NBD.

This might have felt like a good idea back in 2010, but we wonder if this star has a serious case of #regret.

You might think you know who this one is... but look again.

This celeb has a serious case of #wanderlust – but who could it be?

When you have as many tats as this star, no one even notices one more...

The reason for this tat? To cover up another one after a split… awks.

We love avocados as much as the next millennial, but who loves them enough to get a tattoo of one?

We know T Swift was born in 1989... but who was 1988?

While this glow in the dark ink looks super cool, they jury is out on its safety. But who loves Star Wars enough to not give af?

This tat is… terrifying, frankly. Which celeb has eyes in the back of their head?

With all of their annoying habits, weird AF traditions and truly gifted ability to embarrass you at any given moment, your family is definitely one of a kind. But even though siblings and parents can be the most annoying people on the planet, you wouldn’t change ’em for the world would you. WOULD YOU?

Yep, we’re afraid you can’t choose your family – but you can dream. So if we could wave a magic wand and sprinkle them with some star quality and a shedload of cash, which celebrity clan do you think yours would be? Would you be chilling with the Styles set, jetsetting with the Hadids, cashing in on that Kardashian/Jenner magic or taking high tea with the Royals?

You’d better take this very scientific quiz to discover which A-Lister dynasty you really belong to.

1. Which of these sounds like your fave family dinner?

2. It’s Quality Family Time Night tonight. What have you all got planned?

3. What are you lot most likely to argue about?

4. If you HAD to take on one of the family chores, which one would you go for?

5. Pick something to inherit from your ’rents

6. Choose an embarrassing dad joke. Yes, you have to pick one.

7. For the ultimate family holiday, where would you head off to?

8. What’s the first thing your family would do if y’all won the lottery?


Image: Getty / Katie Edmunds

So, no one told you life was going to be this way. You’re life’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s DOA (which stands for Dead On Arrival, I only found that out a few years ago). Sure, you have friends who’ll be there for you blah blah, but the more important question is: which capital F Friend are you? You might think you’re part Rachel, part Joey with Chandler undertones, but what does science* say? Let’s find out!

*Our incredibly subjective made-up quiz.

Your friends would describe you as:

Your nightmare room to be stuck in is:

What’s your fave snack?

What's your worst quality?

What's your favourite subject at school?

If you won £10 million what would you do with it?

What's your dream pet?

Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

We all know Beyoncé is Queen. She operates in her own realm, only visible to us mere mortals through her art, her Instagram feed and the occasional enigmatic interview. And she is continually evolving and changing, like iPhones, Ben & Jerry’s flavours or humanity itself, bringing out a new Beyoncé just when you thought you couldn’t love the current version any more.

But of all the Beyoncés that have ever been, which Beyoncé are you? Take our quiz to find out!

Have you ever stuck a net curtain on your head, just to see?

What's your ideal amount of midriff to show?

You and your bf/gf have a fight. Your reaction is best summed up by which lyric?

Your top picks for the Beybies' names are...

Yours and your best friend's mantra is...

What's your fave Instagram filter?

What's your go-to hairstyle?

Do you still own a dress in this colour?

What's your dream profile pic?

What's the first word you think of when you hear Beyoncé's name

The world before Netflix was a sad and boring place; filled with ads for shampoo (blah) and cars (double blah). No one had invented the phrase ‘Netflix and chill,’ and people still actually bought honest to god dvd boxsets. Thankfully, those days are behind us and now we have days, weeks, hell YEARS worth of potential viewing options at our fingertips, there’s only one dilemma left to solve: what sort of Netflix-er are you?

Are you a hardcore Binger, a fickle Fader, a halfhearted Pick ‘n’ Mixer or a highly intellectual Connoisseur? Take our quiz to find out.

Where's your fave place to watch Netflix?

When you're looking for something to watch, you...

What's your favourite Netflix snack?

What show is Netflix currently recommending for you?

You see a series that has nine seasons. You...

What's your reaction to this screen?

Netflix are releasing Riverdale one episode at a time. You...

With three months left until Pretty Little Liars hits our screens again for the final time (sob), we’re having withdrawals and we bet you are too. So take this quiz to find out which Liar are you?

You and your mum have a fight. What do you do?

You have an important exam tomorrow but you haven't revised. What do you do?

You suspect your bf/gf murdered your BFF. Do you...

'A' sends you $50 with a note telling you to spend it on something useful. You...

There's a careers day at school. You...

A friend who has been missing for four years suddenly returns. You...

You're being framed for murder by someone who keeps sending you threatening messages. What do you do?

Does your festive enthusiasm put Buddy the Elf to shame, or are you Grinchier than the Grinch himself? Let’s find out…

When do you think is the 'right' time to put up a Christmas tree is?

When did you stop believing in Santa?

What time do you wake up on Christmas Day?

What sort of present unwrapper are you?

Who’s your fave reindeer?

How do you feel about Christmas pudding?

In the school nativity play, your dreamed of being cast as...

Love Actually comes on the TV. What do you do?