Just when you thought we’d fully exhausted the whole rainbow hair thing, along comes a trend so beautiful it basically counts as fine art. Better than fine art, in fact. You can walk around wearing this, and there are no essays to write afterwards or squashed sandwiches or the chance that anyone will be sick on the coach home.

Anyway – ‘rainbow hair carving’ means creating gorgeous geometric buzzcuts, and painting them in a riot of lovely colours. With Californian stylist Janine Ker leading the way, the trend means that even gals and boys with short-and-sweet cuts can get in on the unicorn hair game.

And let’s be honest, they’re upping the game. Look at this.

Also this.

And THIS, for pete’s sake.

She’s also got dreamy stencilled designs to stop long locks from feeling left out…

But it’s those velvety-strokeable buzzcuts that have really captured our imagination. If ever there was a look to send us reaching for the shaver, this is it (plus it could be the answer to summer sweat-neck we’ve all been waiting for).


Images: instagram.com/janine_ker_hair