There isn’t much we don’t know about the Kardashian/Jenner family these days: they’ve given birth, gotten married and divorced on TV, battled mental illness, worked, played, laughed and cried, all in front of an audience of millions.

But, there are certain members of the squad who – until now – have managed to keep their private lives away from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Yep, Kendall and Kylie Jenner have always stuck to the work and family side of the show, never really letting us into their daily routines and (more importantly) juicy gossip.

However, while Kendall remains the most reserved of the sisters, Kylie is finally ready to let us into her world in new show Life Of Kylie. Premiering on E! in the UK on 13 August, Kylie looks set to show who she really is, away from her famous fam.

But how much will we really see beyond what Kylizzle already shares on Snapchat? How personal will she get? Here are all the questions we have about Life Of Kylie…

Which of her friends will be on the show?


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From the trailer we know that Kylie’s long-time BFF, model Jordyn Woods, will definitely appear. But what about the rest of the gang? Will Anastasia Karanikolaou (aka @stassiebaby), Jaden Smith, Harry Hudson or any of Ky’s other besties pop up? We’re hoping for a slumber party scene tbh.

And, while we’re at it, what about family?

my heart

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Momager Kris Jenner is surely a shoo-in, but will any of the Kardashian girls be spotted hanging around Kylie’s not-so-humble abode? Or will we see her visiting dad, Caitlyn Jenner, out in Malibu? Time will tell.

Is Tyga going to appear at all?

Jungle Bae

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Sure, they’ve broken up, but if filming began before the end of Kylie and T’s relationship then we might just find out where it all went wrong. She hasn’t deleted all traces of him from her Instagram, so we’re assuming it was on (relatively) good terms?

Will Kylie shed any light on the whole Blac Chyna story?

ATL Vibes

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Even before Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s recent social media drama, there was beef between her and Kylie, because – let’s not forget – Chyna had a baby with Tyga before he started dating Kylie. Then, err, she went on to have her second child with Kylie’s brother. Messy stuff. Whether or not it’ll be addressed in the show remains to be seen.

Are we going to see her new boyfriend?


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She’s been flying around the world on tour with Travis Scott and they even have matching butterfly tattoos, so will we be seeing the rapper on Life Of Kylie? Here’s hoping!

Will we get to meet her team?

adventures w the fam ✨ happy early bday @victoriavillarroel

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Kylie’s assistant Victoria is already pretty prolific on Instagram, but will her appearances on Life Of Kylie be as frequent as Kim’s assistant Stephanie’s on KUWTK? We like to think so.

Will it basically be an extension of one of her Snapchat stories?


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Some Lip Kit swatches, Kylie lip-syncing in the car, her cooking with Jordyn… Tbf we’d definitely watch a full series of that.

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Image: Getty/Katie Edmunds

It’s been a big week. Our hearts broke all over again for London, then healed themselves with Manchester. George and Amal Clooney became parents. The voice of Wallace from Wallace and Gromit passed away.

And while all that was happening, we’ve been busy with this lot. Here are all the things we’ve been doing, loving and reading this week.

Want to be in the next Fantastic Beasts film?

If you’ve ever felt bitter resentment that you weren’t the right age when there were casting scouts sent all over the country to find the actress that would play Harry, Ron and Hermione, we have some good news! Warner Brothers is holding an open casting call for five teenages to play the roles of young Gellert Grindelwald, Albus Dumbledore, Newt Scamander, Leta Lestrange and someone called Sebastian (which frankly seems like far too normal a name for JK) in the next installment of the Fantastic Beasts series.

The film will go back in time (again) and focus on the history of Dumbey and Grindey’s feud. If you fancy your chances as the next Emma Watson, visit the Pottermore website for more info.

No one named their baby Trout this year and apparently we should be surprised

When Amal and George Clooney welcomed their twins Ella and Alexander into the world this week, everyone let out a collective sigh of relief, turned to the person next to them and whispered, “Are weird baby names… over?”

Probably not. But a list has been released of the baby names that no one in the US used last year and tbh, we can see why. Mainly, because they’re NOT NAMES. Options such as Diablo (which sounds like a board game), Lucasta (which sounds like a character from GOT), North (which sounds like some a Kardashian would name their bab- oh, wait).

We need to talk honestly about periods. Period.

Jazmin Sawyers, a long jumper and Olympic finalist, has had to pull out of a competition  because of her period pain. She took to Twitter to explain what happened, writing: “If you don’t have periods, or don’t have them this bad, it’s hard to imagine why I can’t just suck it up and compete, but when you’re in so much pain you can’t walk more than a few steps, and your legs buckle under your own weight, there’s no chance you can jump.”

She added that no one talks enough about periods in sport and how they affect a woman’s performance. Thank you Jaz, for helping break down taboos – and wherever you are, we hope there’s a hot water bottle and some chocolate handy.

Dance like no one is watching

It’s been a long week, but this clip of a policeman dancing with teenage girls during Justin Bieber’s performance at the One Love Manchester Concert has got us through. When talking to The Telegraph the policeman, Paul Taylor, a 50-year-old father of two, said he didn’t know he was being filmed but added: “I wouldn’t describe myself as the best dancer in the world but I was more than happy to oblige.” Awww.

And finally, presenting the most perfect photo of all time

I have nothing else to say about this. Enjoy.

Happy Friday!

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So it’s raining. It’s always raining. I have been damp for three and a half days. And I know it’s good because the rivers needed it and probably so did the grass and stuff, but ok, that’s enough now. Right? Well, apparently not.

But it’s all going to be ok, because here’s a round-up to read which should kill five and a bit minutes! After that? Yeah, you’re on your own. Probably Netflix.

Here’s everything we’ve been doing, loving and reading this week…

Solange Knowles talks to her teen self, whole world listens

It can’t always be easy having Beyoncé as your sister, but Solange Knowles is a study in grace and wisdom. Tbh, I’m not sure what to say about this letter she wrote for Teen Vogue other than please read it. Then read it again. Hell, print it out and stick it on your wall so you can read it every morning. Here’s a taster:

“there will be pain, there will be doubt there will be beauty, there will be the unknown. there will be so many moments of joy and delight that the whole universe will feel painted in hues of amber and wonder. there will be times you are so sad you can’t lift your head. and there will be times you are so happy that the sensation of life knocks you down. but most importantly, there will be you. a whole, whole lot of it. and you will feel good about who she is and who she is still becoming.” Sol, you slay us.

Shorts, skirts, trousers? Oh, who cares?

At least 120 schools in the UK have now adopted gender-neutral uniforms according to Educate & Celebrate, a charity that helps develop LGBTQ+ training in schools. What does that mean? Well basically schools are allowing boys and girls to wear either skirts or trousers, whatever they choose, or they’re creating an entirely unisex uniform from scratch. Heartwarmingly, loads of schools are doing this organically and with minimal fuss.

Paula Weaver, the headteacher of one of the first primary school to introduce gender-neutral uniforms back in 2013, said: “There’s nothing special about gender-specific toilets and uniforms: children just need to be able to express themselves and if they feel comfortable, it’s what clothes they feel comfortable in.”

Ha. Take that gender roles.

We’re not playing around

At some point in your life, you’ll probably have found yourself standing in a bathroom, looking down at your outfit, then looking at the loo, then back to your outfit wondering what the hell you’re meant to do. And it’s not because you’ve suddenly forgotten how to ride the porcelain express, but because fashion designers seem to have forgotten you’d ever have to. Playsuits, jumpsuits – or as Americans call them, rompers – are the enemy of the small-bladdered ladies among us.

But it turns out men want in on the action anyway. A new Kickstarter campaign called Romphim is trying to fund playsuits for men. They’re collared and pastelled and no matter how many times I look at them, I can’t help thinking they make fully grown men look like weirdly tall babies… but apparently that’s just me because they’ve already raised more than 20 times what they were aiming for. Hey, let’s all have equally frustrating toilet trips together!

@neumfoto rocked our latest print for its debut at the #kentuckyderby. The crowd loved it; we're pretty stoked about it too.

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Apparently bad liars make great singers

After having Harry Styles’ album on repeat for an entire week, we’ve taken a small break to listen to Selena Gomez’s has new single Bad Liar – and it’s freaking awesome.

After Selena posted a teaser of a video where she’s wearing a bracelet that reads ‘Fall Risk’ and a bandage on her arm, fans were speculating that her new single might centre around self-harm to tie in with 13 Reasons Why, the show she produced. But the photographer Petra Collins set the record straight in the Instagram comments, writing: “Selena came straight from the hospital to this shoot – from being there for lupus”.

Selena, feel better soon. The betty team is sending you all our good vibes x

If you’re having withdrawls

If you need some more Harry Styles in your life (we get it, you’re only human), check out his Carpool Karaoke with James Corden to find out what it means to cry…but in a cool way.

Happy weekend! X


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Grab your glitter, your sequins, your best continental snacks and your funniest mates and plop yourself in front of the TV this weekend. That’s right, the Eurovision final is on this Saturday night and by all accounts, it’s set to be as absurd as usual.

But as well as doing vocal warm-ups and assembling the cheese buffet, here’s everything else we’ve been reading, love and watching this week!

Judgement day for Harry Styles

Finally, after weeks of waiting, the full Harry Styles album has dropped. Harry has been everywhere in the last few weeks promoting it – he’s been wearing a pink suit on The Today Show in the States, he tried (and failed) to crowd surf in an underground bar in Brooklyn and who can forget his profile in Rolling Stone Magazine, which made everyone who read it weak at the knees? He’s also reportedly got a new lady love, Insta-celeb, chef and healthy food blogger Tess Ward, which has suddenly piqued our interest in salad.

We don’t know about you, but we’re gonna have this on repeat all. day. long.

Bang bang, there goes your heart

Nicki Minaj tweeted this week about a competition where she would pay international airfares for winners to spend time with her at the Billboard Music Awards, when one of her fans tweeted at her: “Well you wanna pay for my tuition?” AND GUYS, SHE DID! Not only that, she offered up cash to other fans too if they could prove that they had a 4.0 GPA (which apparently are really good grades – IDK, I’m not American).

She helped a grand total of THIRTY current and former students with their tuition, student loans or other education-related expenses before promising to do the same thing all over again in a couple of months. She really is about that super bass(line of equality), guys.

Simone Biles deserves a gold medal in sass

Our fave athlete from the 2016 Olympic games (sorry Team GB) is making headlines again, but not for her gymnastics this time. She’s currently competing on Dancing With the Stars (the US version of Strictly) and after the judges gave her feedback on her performance, the host, Tom Bergeron commented, “I was waiting for you to smile at some of the compliments… you didn’t.” To which our babe Simone shrugged and replied, “Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals.” Fierce af.

Brb, I’m starting a campaign to officially name the sassy girl emoji ‘Simone’ in her honour.

Tom Daley somersaults into marriage

Speaking of the Olympics, diving dreamboat Tom Daley married his boyfriend Dustin Black this week in the *most* beautiful ceremony…

So… what did you do this weekend?

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And then, as if they weren’t being adorable enough, Dustin posted a photo of himself crouching beside a small tree with the caption: “Married life: Plant trees to mark the beginning of our new adventures together? [tick] Paint the living room? [tick] Wipe that grin off my face? NO.” Congratulations you two!

Sims is back!

If Pokemon Go is lying abandoned on your iPhone, collecting (metaphorical) dust, fear not – we have the solution. Sims is coming to iPhones and Androids, “soon” which is an annoyingly unspecific timeline but we don’t care, we’re getting excited anyway.

PPL Recap

Guys, this episode was insane. Tbh, there hasn’t been nearly enough weirdness going on in the last few episodes for my liking, but woah. Woah. It was Ali’s turn to play End Game and A taunted her by sending her to a baby store and making her pick out things for it before revealing that the baby was actually made with EMILY’S EGG. GUYS! GUYS! I’m trying not to be smug and all like, I picked this – but I totally picked this. So now what happens to the baby? Ali cancelled her abortion and tbf, I’m not sure what the etiquette is when you find out you’ve been impregnated against your will with your bff/love interest’s baby. Emily and Paige sort of got back together, but let’s be real, that’s not gonna last once she finds out about the whole baby mumma situation. Spencer had a confrontation with her dad before going searching for Mary Drake with Hanna. And then we found out that Pastor Ted (I love Pastor Ted, he reminds me of a human teddy bear) is Charles/Charlotte’s dad, which let’s be honest, was a real curve ball. Aria and Ezra’s relationship is getting super weird and the whole thing with Nicole feels so twisted and wrong, especially since she found the book they wrote ABOUT HER. Then Aria started receiving anonymous phone calls from A.D. which were so freaking creepy, and agreed to meet A.D. in a stretch limo (obvs) but it was Sydney, who I’ll be honest, is still a confusing character to me – why is she involved in this? I don’t understand! But it looks like Aria might strike a deal with A.D. to get her out of playing End Game because Hanna’s up again and she is pissed. Will the game tear the Liars apart? Only five more sleeps until we can find out more!

Happy Friday!


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Oh hey there long weekend! You’ve kinda been overshadowed by Easter this year, but you’re still special too. We’re dedicating you to… well, sitting inside and reading the entire internet, because it’s going to be raining (of course it is).

And if you’re going to read the whole internet, there’s nowhere better to start than right here! So here’s a round-up of everything we’ve been doing, loving and reading this week.

Emma Watson and Jessica Chastain talk about making mistakes

There’s something so wonderful about celebrities interviewing other celebrities. I always imagine that they’re having a conversation while they’re dressed in ball gowns, perched on a velvet chaise lounge (even though in this interview it’s clear they’re on the phone and Emma Watson explicitly tells us she’s in a bath, but whatever).

The entire interview is great, but the best bit might be when the two women talk about mistakes and E-Wats says: “I think my mistakes have made me much stronger. It’s nice to know that things don’t ultimately break you; that you need to go there to know.” Read the whole interview here.

Frozen 2 is coming soon… ish

Earlier this week Disney announced its line-up for the next few years and, we are excited and dubious in equal measure. For instance, we most definitely need an Incredibles 2 (June 2018) and Frozen 2 (November 2019). But I have my doubts about Toy Story 4 (can you really beat the perfection that was Toy Story 3? Or 2?) and especially The Lion King live action movie – because straight up, that film is gonna give a generation of kids nightmares in the way the cartoon version didn’t.

But they’re a multi-billion dollar film company and my main talent is that I really suit hats. So hey, maybe they know best.

Slim pickins

Guys, our parents have been lying to us this whole time. Remember when you were a kid and you’d go for a rummage around your nostril, looking to score some good bogies, and when you plucked one of those wonderful golden nuggets out of your nose, you’d pause to admire your bounty sitting all pretty on your index finger and just before you could get that bad boy in your mouth your parents would intervene: “Hannah, oh my god, stop it! That is disgusting.”

Well, turns out your mum and dad were wrong. Ha. Take that one, parents. Because bogies actually have loads of health benefits! A new scientific study out this week revealed that our snot contains something called salivary mucins, which form a barrier against bacteria. There’s also evidence to suggest that the mucus in snot could fight off respiratory infection, stomach ulcers and HIV. So, I guess… we’re going in for a rummage? I will if you will.

You’re a girl, and that’s a brilliant thing

One of our fave ladies in tech has written a really moving piece about her experience in the Industry. Katie Burke, a Chief People Officer at Hubspot, was told by one of her colleagues that she only got a promotion because “you’re a girl”.

She’s spent her whole life hearing that she can’t do things because “you’re a girl,” so she decided to flip the script: “I did, in fact, get the job because I’m a girl. A girl who was called bossy growing up. A girl who wasn’t afraid to play with the boys. A girl who didn’t hesitate to raise her hand if she knew the answer.” Preach, lady! Read her whole article here.

Everything, Everything: the emoji edition

We are so excited about this movie – an adaptation of Nicola Yoon’s novel of the same name, featuring Amandla Stenberg. And it seems like Warner Bros is too. Those guys aren’t even trying to play it cool. Not content with a regular trailer with clips from the film of real life humans doing things, they’ve made an emoji trailer. And I sort of hate how much I love it. I want to be above it and like ‘urgh, this is so obviously a publicity stunt, you can’t manipulate me that easily’. But the reality is, I am manipulated that easily, I know it is obviously a publicity stunt but I don’t care. I love it. What’s the movie about, you ask? I’ll leave it to the emojis to explain.

PLL recap

*from here on is just PLL spoilers*

Tbh, this week was a little short on drama for my liking. Sure, there was this Adison girl who is just mini Alison. And sure, Jenna reappeared with a posse of blind proteges in tow. I suppose there was the whole thing with Ezra and the weird photoshoot with Nicole and the strange chemistry between Aria and Holden. And the whole thing with Hannah’s dress and her getting locked in that cage in the cobbler’s office was a bit freaky. But that was pretty much it really. Where was Toby? Why was A.D. almost helping Emily? And what the hell does Jenna know?!

Happy long weekend all! X


It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

The sun is shining, cherry blossom is blossoming and you can smell chocolate in the air… Easter is almost upon us!

If your school doesn’t break up until next week – we’re really sorry, that totally sucks. We suggest having another Easter egg to soothe the pain. But whether you’re already on holidays, you’re waiting for the clock to strike half three or you have another week to go, here’s everything we’ve been reading, watching and loving this week. Enjoy!

The Coca-Cola office rejoices

Pepsi’s latest ad has sparked outrage. The ad features Kendall Jenner at a photoshoot, where she sees protestors marching past and pulls off her blonde wig, wipes off her lipstick and joins the crowd of people to offer a police officer a can of Pepsi.

It looks like Pepsi was trying to capitalise on the current protest movement that has led to Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March and the anti-Muslim Ban protests… but massively cocked it up, basically. The ad seems to imply that a can of carbonated fizzy pop and a very white woman can solve the massive civil and political unrest that’s currently going on in the States and here in the UK. Pepsi has taken the ad down from YouTube and issued a statement saying, “We did not intend to make light of any serious issue.” Whoops.



After seeing Taryn Brumfitt’s film Embrace a few months ago, body-positive activist Megan Jayne Crabbe couldn’t get it out of her head. So this week, she posted a photo of herself on Instagram with a sign reading #IHaveEmbraced to help spread the message, and we are in love with everything about it. From her beautiful body to her wide smile and her utterly fabulous hair. Our bodies are our homes, let’s take care of them.

#IHAVEEMBRACED THIS BODY. This soft tummy, these dimpled thighs, these jiggling arms, this bare face. All the parts I never thought I could. Because I realised couldn't spend any more of my life seeing my body as the enemy, instead of my home. 💜 · A few months ago I saw the body positive documentary Embrace by Taryn Brumfitt of @bodyimagemovement and I fucking loved it. I mean, I was crying within the first 15 minutes, but I still loved it 😂 who else has seen it? I wanted to take my own #ihaveembraced picture to keep spreading the Embrace love – this isn't a sponsored or paid post or anything like that, I just think it's important to support bopo projects and this film really hit me in the feels! "Darling girl, don't waste a single day of your life being at war with your body… Just embrace it." 💜💙💚🌈🌞 P.s. I totally cheated and added the writing on this after because the one I wrote was a mess, no shame in my Paint game 😂

A post shared by Megan Jayne Crabbe 🐼 (@bodyposipanda) on

 How to be a grown up 

One of our betty writers and all-round wonderful human Daisy Buchanan has written a book, and we are So. Freaking. Excited. Daisy is funny and thoughtful and loves to surround herself with hilarious weirdos (the betty team included), and there is nobody better at dispensing big sisterly advice. How To Be A Grown Up will make you laugh and think and appreciate the beauty of making mistakes. Order it here now! 

Bell Hadid is proud to be a Muslim

In the latest issue of Porter, Bella Hadid spoke about her split with The Weeknd, how her mum is her hero, and about her faith.  “My dad was a refugee when he first came to America, so [President Donald Trump’s travel ban] is actually very close to home for my sister [Gigi Hadid] and brother [Anwar Hadid] and me,” she said. “He was always religious, and he always prayed with us. I am proud to be a Muslim.”

And when pressed about who she was dating, she shut the interviewer down like a pro. “I’m not really worried about what guys think about me, I’m just trying to be a woman!” Kudos, Bella.

The La La Promposal

What do you do when you left it to the last minute to ask someone to prom? You get a whole bunch of your mates together to rip off a song from a film that almost won best Oscar so that you can ask out the woman who actually won an Oscar. Duh.

Or at least, that’s what Jacob Staudenmaier did. Jacob’s from a town just around the corner from where Emma Stone herself grew up and decided to ask out his celebrity crush to prom. No word yet on her answer, but his video’s had almost 72,000 views – so who knows, maybe one of them was Em herself.

Stylesing it out

And finally – Harry Styles is the new David Bowie! His debut single is here and it is GENUINELY EVERYTHING. No really. We know, we were surprised too.

Listen on a loop and head into the weekend like…

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Image and copy: @LilyPesch

Welcome to the weekend – Easter’s just around the corner and we can practically smell holidays in the air. Or maybe that’s spring. Or your brother’s feet. Whatever it is – we are on board.

Here’s everything we’ve been reading, watching and loving this week.

She’s a jolly good fellow

Zoella turned 27 this week. Obviously the whole day looks wonderful and Zoella and Alfie both made vlogs about it. Not that we watched both… twice. Whatever, they’re adorable. There’s a ridiculous cake, there’s a snapchat filter, basically it’s a birthday that only Zalfie could pull off.

Harlem Dance Theatre’s new video is on pointe

Bravo! Ballet is finally getting more diverse – the American Ballet Theatre have made Misty Copeland their first ever black principal ballerina, Michaela DePrince is speaking out about her incredible life and now the the Dance Theatre of Harlem is in the spotlight. They’ve recently teamed up with India Arie to create a short film about how important it is for children of colour to see people who look like them up on stage and it is so perfect and wonderful and ah, our hearts!

The internet is cheesed off

Two roommates at Oklahoma State University really pushed the bath out on weird viral sensations this week. According to BuzzFeed, the students made 56 packets of mac ‘n’ cheese, in a bath. Then they, er… got in the bath… because… um… well, I have no idea. No one has any idea. I’m 100% all in for being ridiculous – the teenager that called 911 because she didn’t want to go on holiday with her parents? Not a great use of emergency services resources, but hilarious nonetheless. 100 layers of makeup challenges? I’m going to watch the sh*t out of that. But I’ve got to draw the line somewhere, and this is it. Bathing in mac ‘n’ cheese is where I say enough. Like, imagine the texture. And what if some of it got… inside you. In-your-vagina sort of inside you. And the smell. Grossed out yet? You feta believe it.

Where do I belong?

Rachel Bloom, the writer and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and our favourite imaginary best friend, posted an essay she wrote when she was eleven on ‘The Need to Belong’ and it is pulling at all of our heartstrings.

“See, one of my major motives in life is to make people laugh. Sometimes I may come off a bit too strongly with the jokes, which passes me off as totally lame or a weirdo…” she wrote. In her caption she said, “This is how it feels to be the weird kid.  You want to fit in but you literally don’t know how.” Well Rachel, you’ve now got a hit Netflix show and you’re making people laugh. A lot. So hey, let’s all celebrate our weird.

The latest pad fad

We saved the best till last, guys. Just when you thought we’d reached peak unicorn, something comes out of the woodland and surprises you. We’ve got unicorn hair and unicorn french toast, so it was probably only a matter of time before we had unicorn sanitary pads.

Yep, that’s right. A brilliant Swedish company, Bravardt, have made rainbow-swirled pads that apparently change colour according to your mood. We’re guessing: blue if you’re calm, pink if you’re in love… and plain ol’ red if you’re cranky? Basically, it’s a 90s mood ring in your pants. Isn’t the 21st century wonderful?

Have a good weekend! X

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

It’s Friday, which means the week is finally over. And it’s been a scary one, so we’re going to take this weekend to be a little bit kinder than usual; kinder to our friends, to our family, to strangers we meet on the street and kinder to ourselves. Maybe you will too.

But the great thing about people is that they keep on keeping on. So as usual, here’s our roundup of everything we’ve been reading, watching and loving this week – enjoy.

Do you trust me? We trust you.

This week, Kate Winslet had an important message to spread to young people when she was speaking at WE Day in London. According to the Telegraph, she spoke to the 12,000 people in the crowd about how she was bullied for wanting to become an actress. “I was even told that I might be lucky with my acting, if I was happy to settle for the fat girl parts,” she said. Understandably, her self confidence took a hit, “I felt that I wasn’t enough, I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t look right … and all because I didn’t fit into someone else’s idea of ‘perfect.’ I didn’t have the perfect body.”

Kate Winslet proved every single hater wrong, and she’s got an Oscar and four Golden Globes to prove it. “I didn’t lock myself away and give up on my dream. I fought back.” Hell yeah you did, Kate.

Uh-huh honey

Vans, Urban Outfitters and Sasha Lane have teamed up and released a whole new collection, 100% based on Sasha’s personal style. For those of you playing catch-up, Sasha Lane is the star of indy film American Honey, which tells the story about a teenage girl who runs away from home.

Talking to Urban Outfitters, Lane says the way she dresses often reflects her mood. “If there’s a day that I wear really big and comfy clothes, I’m using that as a blanket, something that keeps me tucked away. I love colour and I wear things like bows to make me happy or I paint my nails a certain way as a way of expressing myself and I see that as strength.” You can shop the collection here, but probably get on it asap. We have a feeling these babies are going to sell out FAST.

Our periods will light the world (literally).

Sanitary products are brilliant for our uteruses (and our knickers) but they’re not quite as great for the environment. But a site in West Bromwich thinks they’ve found a way to change all that. The idea is to put discarded sanitary items through a process that chemically treats them which can then be burned and used as an alternative energy source to provide electricity and hot water  – now that’s what we call a party in your pants.

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Ebony Banks is in high school. She also has stage four cancer, which means that she’s missed out on a lot of things this year. But her friends were determined to give her something that no one else had – they were going to give her Beyoncé.

This week they set up a social media campaign using the hashtag #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE on Twitter and Instagram, hoping to get Bey’s attention. And then, a few days after the hashtag start trending, Beyoncé surprised Ebony with a FaceTime call. A video of the call has been released on some fan pages where Ebony tells Bey, “I love your dancing,” to which Beyoncé replies: “I love you”. Oh god, our allergies are flaring up. Oh god.

Beyoncé facetiming with Ebony, a fan with a rare cancer disease whose wish was to meet Beyoncé ——————————— Ebony Banks is a senior at Alief Hastings High School and a member of the color guard. A stage four diagnosis of cancer has kept Banks out of the classroom much of the year. In an effort to help make one of Banks' biggest dreams come true, her friends have started using the hashtag #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE on social media. "(Banks) is a really big fan of (Beyonce) and she has so much love for her that we really want to get (Banks) to meet her," said senior Cristal Depaz. "Beyonce is one of her idols. She admires her so much, so we're trying to put that on Twitter and Instagram to get Beyonce's attention," said Gutierrez.

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Apple and (Product)Red have some big news. Not Bey being pregnant with twins sort of news, but it’s exciting nonetheless. Today they are releasing a special edition red iPhone & 7 Plus. On top of looking totally *fire emoji*, a portion of the proceeds are going to help support the HIV/AIDS programs and research at The Global Fund. So while the phone itself is no different from regular iPhones, by buying one you’d be helping the 36 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS. Which is a lot cooler than your average trip to Carphone Warehouse.

In a while, crocodile

How far would you go for love? Accordinging to the Daily Mail, an Australian man was willing to jump into a known crocodile hangout to impress British backpacker Sophie Paterson. Sophie and 18-year-old Lee De Pauuw were hanging out at 2:30am (which is obviously the best time to hang out and come up with stupid ideas…) when Sophie dared him to jump into the nearby creek. Soon after he jumped in, he was attacked by a three metre long crocodile. Lee managed to punch the croc in the face as it bit into his arm and although he escaped with some serious injuries, doctors ultimately managed to save his limb.

Unfortunately though, they couldn’t salvage the date. Sophie has since been interviewed and said that “being attacked by an animal doesn’t really do it for her.” Talk about a sucker-punch to the heart.

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Have great weekends and stay safe, everyone.



It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Ahh, Friday. Rebecca Black’s song Friday may have been the worst song of all time, but we can’t really blame her for writing a love song to this majestic day (if you don’t know it, you can listen to it here – sorry and you’re welcome).

Friday, the day when everyone asks, “What are you doing this weekend?”, the day where the final bell rings and you silently (or not so silently) let out a cheer, the day when you know you have two entire days of freedom stretching before you.

To help you greet Friday right, here’s everything we’ve been reading, loving and doing this week.

You, Tuber?

Think you’re the next Zoella? You might want to sign up to the Tubers Academy, a school for aspiring YouTube stars. The Times reported that the classes cost £79 a month for two hours of training a week. The bad news is they’re so oversubscribed there’s already 150 wannabe vloggers on the waitlist. The founders are realistic about how many of their 38 mini-tubers (under 11) and 42 tubers will go on to be YouTube famous, but at the very least they’ll be able to add editing, filming and video production to their CV.

Girls are skipping school for a devastating reason

Girls in Leeds are skipping school when they have their period because they can’t afford sanitary products, Buzzfeed has reported. A campaigner for Freedom4Girls was contacted by a concerned police officer in Leeds who had noticed a pattern in when girls were skipping school. Sophie, a 16-year-old pupil in central Leeds said she’d missed “weeks” of school because she couldn’t afford pads, and sometimes resorted to using tissues or socks. If you want to help, why not donate some sanitary products to The Homeless Period?

Lion’s share of ink

This week in slightly surprising celebrity news stories, we learned that Ed Sheeran has more tattoos than most people have… look I don’t know where I was going with the analogy, it turns out Ed Sheeran has 60 tattoos and I can’t think of a single thing I have 60 of. Basically, he has a lot. 60 is a lot.

Popsugar have shed some light on what some of his many, many tattoos mean. Apparently, he has an enormous lion on his chest that he doesn’t care if people hate, a three leaf clover for his grandpa on his arm and a portrait of a mother and child for his mum. Ed also has a tattoo pretty much everywhere he’s been on tour – some of which make sense, like a Koala for Australia and a maple leaf for Canada, while others are downright bizarre, like the Heinz Tomato Ketchup logo for Ohio (?!). Ok Ed.

The stripped version of 'Beer, boots and boobs ' is out next month

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Five going on thirty

There’s great news for the laziest among us – it turns out the three second rule is a real thing! Not only that, but it turns out in loads of cases we could have dropped our food, watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory, painted our nails and had a fairly long WhatsApp exchange over whether or not it would be weird for Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki to be exes in real life but married on the show and THEN come back to pick up our food and it wouldn’t have made even the slightest bit of difference.

Refinery 29 reported that according to researchers at Aston University, so called ‘rigid’ foods such as dry toast or biscuits have a half hour window before any additional bacteria will take advantage of them. Cancel all your plans; there are a lot of dropped cookies to make up for.

P.S. But for reals, Kaley and Johnny don’t seem to find their exdom awkward at all. This week she posted this Instagram of her husband and Johnny cuddling on the sofa.

Ummmmmm then this happened 🙈🙈 @sanctionedjohnnygalecki get off my man! 😂 @mrtankcook

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Pixar visits the Land of the Dead

The trailer for Pixar’s new animated film, Coco, is here and as per usual, after watching anything Disney-related, our hearts feel just a little bit lighter. The new animated film is meant to be “a love letter to Mexico”. The film is about a boy called Miguel who is transported to the Land of the Dead when he touches a dead musician’s guitar. Our hearts, they ache.

God save the Queen(‘s sister)

If you wish you could have changed the ending for Gilmore Girls reunion, we have good news for you – in the future, you might be able to. Netflix are developing new interactive technology that would let viewers choose how the plots of certain television shows unravel, similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure style books you used to read as a kid.

While the Daily Mail were trying to put Princess Margaret’s love life to rights, we’re hoping that this way we could bring Sookie back for more than that one scene right at the end.

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Happy Friday!

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Welcome to Friday (although who really keeps track of the days of the week during half term anyway?) We hope you’ve either had a relaxing week of holidays, hot chocolates and minimal homework… or a week of going ‘it’s half term next week!!!’ (then a hot chocolate and minimal homework).

Go on, kick your feet up and read about everything we’ve been doing, loving and reading this week.

Love Actually is actually returning

If your friends are anything like ours, you spent most of Wednesday evening sending the gif below from Love Actually to each other to celebrate the announcement that the Love Actually cast a reuniting for a short film for Red Nose Day. It will air on BBC One as part of Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day fundraiser – so there’s only 35 days to go. Now, whenever we get gloomy about the state of the world, we’ll think about… um, the Love Actually revival.

Our gal Grace Victory

You may have noticed that our fave YouTube crush Grace Victory hosted the betty Galentine’s Day sleepover this week. It was a stupidly fun event, filled with face masks, pink dressing gowns and so. many. snacks. If you can’t get enough of Grace, check out this interview in Cosmo where she opens up about her mental health struggles. Grace in the face of adversity, much?

Our lips aren’t sealed

The Kylie Jenner pop-up shop in New York opened this week, and people went a little bit mental. Some Kylie superfans started queuing at midday THE DAY BEFORE. By the time the doors opened at 10:30am on Monday, it was snowing and the line snaked up and down the block and around a corner. But as any true Kylie Jenner fan knows, losing feeling in your toes is totally worth it if you can get your hand on her Valentine’s Day drop. Isn’t it? Sure it is.

👑 MY TEAM! Can't BELIEVE the LOVE today!!!!!!!

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Extreme onion cutting 

There are a million old wives’ tales about how to stop yourself from crying while chopping onions (keep onions in the fridge, don’t chop the root of the onion, put a spoon in your mouth), but 19-year-old Dwi Intan came up with a genius tactic of her own this week: a motorbike helmet. First question: did it work? Amazingly she said it still didn’t completely solve the problem, but points for creativity.

Second question: what the hell recipe requires that many onions, and can we eat it please?

The Everything, Everything trailer is here!

The trailer for Everything, Everything has finally landed and it’s amazing. Based on Nicola Yoon’s book of the same name, Amandla Stenberg plays Madeline Whittier, a 17-year-old girl who’s never been outside because of a disease that would kill her if she left her strictly controlled house. But when Olly moves in next door… oh, we all know where this is going, right? Just watch the trailer.

Hey, which Bey is your bae? 

Did you see the pics of Beyoncé at the Grammys? Of course you did. You saw how amazing she looked in her red, sequinned number with her deluxe two-roomed baby bump. But finally, we’re thrilled to announce there’s an answer to the question we’ve all pondered in the wee hours of morning… which era Beyoncé are you? Take our quiz and find out!

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Guys, spring is not springing. It just isn’t. In fact it’s actually meant to snow in some places this weekend, which, while exciting, is distinctly un-springlike. So we’ll park the denim jacket and… I guess put our thermals back on? Again.

On the plus side, here’s everything we’ve been reading, watching and loving this week! Chin up.

Twins are in the air

It seems that this year’s must have accessory for celebrity couples are matching tatt– oh no, whoops, twins. It’s twins. George and Amal Clooney have announced that they are expecting twins, but unlike when Queen Bey made her announcement, there was no luscious photoshoot in sight, instead they shared their news with the world via an American show called ‘The Talk.’ Congrats x 2.

Why Hiddleswift tanked

It might seem like a million years ago since you last heard the term ‘Hiddleswift’ but the duo is back in the headlines this week after Tom Hiddleston’s interview with GQ. In what’s got to be one of the most bizarre interviews of all time, Hiddleston explains how he came to be wearing the now iconic “I ❤️️ T. S.” tank top at Tay Tay’s 4th of July party.

He insists it was a joke, explaining: “I slipped and hurt my back. And I wanted to protect the graze from the sun and said, ’Does anyone have a T-shirt?’ And one of her friends said, ’I’ve got this.’ ” Somehow, after reading this interview, we have even more questions than we did at the start. Soz Tom.

Selena Gomez adds ‘producer’ to her CV

In addition to being a singer, songwriter and an actress, Selena Gomez is now trying her hand at producing. The quadruple(?) threat has signed up to work on Netflix’s new series, 13 Reasons Why, based on a YA novel by the same name written by Jay Asher. It’s a pretty harrowing story that deals with mental health, but that’s exactly why Selena got involved.

Speaking at a Netflix press panel, she said she could relate to the story; “I had no idea what I was gonna be or who I was going to become,” she says of her own high school experience. “It definitely hits home; that’s why I wanted to be a part of this project in any way.” She then added, “I would do anything to be a good influence on this generation,” which is giving us all the feels.

Epic snowball fight at a Canadian University

The forecast is predicting snow this weekend, and while it may not be the balmy spring dreamscape we’d optimistically hoped for, we’ll take it. Boy, we’ll take it. Maybe we’ll even be able to pull off a thousand people-strong snowball fight like students at the University of British Columbia did! Not that we’re getting our hopes up or anything.

Richard Vs Barack

There was a time when he hadn’t seen pictures of Barack Obama kite surfing. And let’s just all agree, it was… ok maybe not a worse time, but a simpler time. On the list of things we can thank Richard Branson for (like cheap flights and internet that only cuts out every so often), we can add this video. You go, Prez.

Get your skates on

We’re desperate to take up rollerskating. We’ve booked lessons and we’ve bought these increds roller skates so come join the party too!

And also, it’s given us all a great excuse to re-watch ‘Whip It’ which we’re convinced has to be one of the greatest sporting movies of all time.

Valentine’s Day nailed (ok, stapled)

If you want to do some Valentine’s Day craft that you can keep in your room all year round, why not try out rainbow heart garland tutorial? It’s super easy to make and looks AH-MAZING.

Wrap up warm this weekend – and please, if you get the chance, have a snowball fight!

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Hooray! The week is finally over. It’s been a kinda dreary week but we promise there’s a lot of good news to go around. So now you can get started on all your weekend-y things (aka spending as many hours as humanly possible in your pyjamas) and take a look at all the stuff we’ve been reading, watching and loving this week.

Beyoncé is preggas

Just in case you somehow missed this PSA, Blue Ivy is about to become a big sister. But what could be better than the news that Beyoncé is pregnant? The news that Beyoncé is pregnant with TWINS. Predictably, the internet went into overdrive; a record 8,868 tweets were sent per second and she’s already racked up 7.5 million likes on Instagram.

Congrats Bey and Jay. Every celebrity take note: this is how you announce a pregnancy. And double kudos to her for doing it in such a sensible bra.

JK Rowling is throwing some serious shade on Twitter

We’ve always known that JK Rowling is not a woman to back down from a fight but this week, she reminded of us why she’s one of the most successful authors of all time. With just 140 characters, she completely shut down some haters on Twitter by being sassy af. Trolls beware.

Lucy Hale has a new TV show 

For all the Pretty Little Liars fans who are wondering how they’re going to fill the void in their life once 7B airs, we’re got some good news. Entertainment Weekly announced that Lucy Hale is set to star in a new show called: Life Sentence. Intrigued? So are we. The premise is that Lucy’s character is diagnosed with terminal cancer, so she decides to let loose and really enjoy her remaining days on earth without worrying about the consequences. The twist? Turns out she’s not going to die after all. BOOM.

Hidden Figures is inspiring the kids

The internet’s heart collectively melted when three girls from Milwuakee College Prep decided to dress up this week to go and see Hidden Figures, a film about the black women who worked for NASA during the 60s and have been basically overlooked by history. According to Buzzfeed, 8-year-old Ambrielle Baker-Rogers came up with the idea as part of a school assignment for Black History Month. Girls, we salute both your hair and your commitment levels.

Priceless. #Femthefuture #Hiddenfigures

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There’s another Beauty and the Beast Trailer 

There’s less that two months until the new live action Beauty and the Beast fills our screens. To keep us going, Disney have released a new trailer and OH. MY. GOD, is it giving us all the feels.

John Mayer’s new songs will make you swoon

John Mayer dropped a new EP this week and we have been listening to it on repeat. Our pick for this weekend is aptly titled ‘Love on the Weekend.’ But if you can’t find love, pancakes will do.

Happy Friday!

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome.