Christmas is almost here, guys! For some of you it’s plain sailing until the big day because *obviously* all of your thoughtful gifts are bought, wrapped and waiting patiently under the tree. For the others though, it’s a mad dash to the shops in between crazy bouts of 12am internet shopping. The present struggle is real. But which one are you?

The ultra-organised one

We all know one: you message them on the second week of December with the standard “arghhh I’ve still not got my gran anything, and not even thought of anything for dad!” or similar, only for them to (smugly—you can tell just by the WAY she’s typed it) “oh, I’ve already wrapped all of mine, they’re under the tree ready 😊”. *Deletes number*

The last-minute one

Which leads us, neatly, onto the leave-it-till-the-last-minute one. We’ve all still got a few presents left to get come mid-December, but there’s always one *cough, my brother, cough* who is out there on Christmas Eve rushing around, madly looking for something vaguely resembling a gift, only to end up giving IOUs. Might as well wait ‘till the sales now, mate. Every. Single. Year.

The super thoughtful one

These sorts of people, to me, are the flukiest individuals in life. They’re never stressed—outwardly calm, feet pedaling (or rather, brain cogs turning) like mad underneath the surface. They’ve got their shit together. For them, it’s a one-stop Christmas shop: they get in, they get exactly what they’d planned carefully to get, and they get out. And it’s always so much better than anything you could’ve thought of. Hmph.

The over-spender

While I’m all for the giving part of Christmas—that feeling of getting someone a perfect present that you know they’ll love, almost tops receiving one (almost)—but we all have that one friend who seems to do several trips and buys multiple gifts for everyone they know: 10 gifts each for their immediate family, one for every member of the extended family, the dog, that nice teacher at school, their nan’s neighbour’s cat…

The scrooge

Now, I’ll just do a quick disclaimer here: spending lots of money does not equal kind and thoughtful giving. One of the best presents I’ve ever received was a pair of hand-knitted mittens from my mum’s friend, in colours I loved, because she knows how hard it is to find gloves for my inhumanly small hands. The problem here is not money spent or size of gift—you know what I’m talking about: that one grumpy old aunt who gets your birthday wrong every year and sends a Christmas present that looks like she’s found it under her bed. She probably has tbf.

The whizz kid

This has probably only become more common with the likes of Black Friday (shudder), and if you can do it, fair play to you: this one buys everything—everything—online, simultaneously avoiding the shopping mall crush, queues and cheesy tunes, while getting someone else to wrap it for them with the mere click of a button and extra £2.99. Double win.

The gradual buyer

This I vow to do every year. This year, I even got as far as making little notes in my phone under names when I saw things certain people would like—when I came to buy that cool thing I spotted back in June, though, it wasn’t in the shop anymore. Obviously. What some (pure geniuses) do, is get things as they go along. It’s a mum thing to do, if you don’t mind the stereotyping: gathering little gems of thoughtful gifts as and when you spot them, like a magpie. Not only is there no December rush, but you space out the spending, too. The winning tortoise, in a race of hares.


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Image: Katie Edmunds

‘Ah, your teens’, older relatives sigh nostalgically. ‘The best years of your life. All that free time and no responsibilities. Make the most of them!’

How often do you hear words like this? Adults seem to love telling younger people how lucky they are to not yet have hit twenty. They conveniently forget that you have responsibilities and pressures: homework, exams, volunteering, a job, chores, maybe more.

They also forget that you may have time but you don’t have money. Wouldn’t it be easy to make the most of our teens if we had an unlimited budget! Imagine the days out, weekends away, good deeds, shopping trips and salon visits if we had more than £4.17 in our purses?!

But even if you’re brassic, it’s still possible to enjoy some of life’s luxuries. Here’s how to live like a queen and stretch those pennies to create your own teen luxe lifestyle…

Make your own luxury list

Unless you’re actually Victoria Beckham or Kim Kardashian (hi girls), you’ll probably have to make some compromises around luxury. We can’t all have everything all of the time – and in fact even the biggest indulgence would lose its appeal if we did (although totes willing to test that theory out if anyone wants to fund the experiment?!).

Instead we have to make choices about our priorities: what treat would you love the most?

Obviously there’s no point wishing for a top of the range sports car if you can’t drive anyway, so focus on what is actually in the realm of achievable. Think about your life already: what would you do more of or buy more of if you could?

Start a luxury list based on this. Perhaps it’s a bottle of designer perfume or a new album every month. Write your ideas down. Rather than wanting everything, you’ll (hopefully) begin to see a pattern emerging of what would really make a difference to you.

Keep this list handy before your birthday and Christmas and drop some hints. If you’re lucky enough to be asked what you’d like, you’ll have some ideas rather than the usual total mind blank. Plus it gives you some ideas if you get given money.

Also dig out your childhood piggy bank. Literally save your pennies as well as the odd pound or the fiver you find in your old coat pocket (those discoveries do happen to someone, don’t they? Or is it a complete myth that we ever find money in our clothes or down the sofa?).

It’s amazing how little contributions to our money box can build up. But there are other ways to bring a little luxury into your life too…


Unless we figure out the magical spell for creating tickets (Glasto, New York, Ibiza incase anyone can hear us), our teen years usually mean a fair amount of time in our bedroom – so make it as luxurious as possible.

An Instagramable interior isn’t far from reach. Start with cleaning and tidying your space, so it’s somewhere that you and your mates want to hang out. Get a plant and a nice scented candle, use your bedside lamp not the overhead light and squish up your pillows even if you have to flatten them again to get to sleep!

Talking of beds, if your idea of luxury is a long lie-in (and whose isn’t?!), change your sheets.  Honestly there’s nothing more luxurious than sleeping in clean sheets. You’ll feel like an influencer in the latest boutique hotel.

Eating out

It’s not just fast food places that offer pocket money prices. If you and your friends fancy eating out somewhere but you’re worried about cost, try these tricks:

Meet for lunch or even breakfast. Many places have special midday offers or cheaper options earlier in the day.

Order tap water. It’s free and if you’re having food then you needn’t feel like a cheapskate.

If the main courses are a bit pricey, order a starter and a side dish. Just remember to ask for it to come at the same time as others’ mains!


Visit your local market. It’s not just for people with wheelie trollies or fruit and veg sold by someone shouting things you can’t decipher (‘Half a pound a pound…..’ Uh?).

Markets are great places full of hidden luxuries. You’ll nearly always find a stall selling makeup and haircare, as well as one stocked with chocolates and sweets. At mine, you can even buy last month’s magazines for just £1! Check your nearest one out and see what you uncover.


Try cultivating your own ‘look’. If you become known for a particular style or accessory, you don’t need to spend money chasing every new trend – you can just carry on sporting your trilby or using your distinctive backpack until it wears out (or you get bored). This frees up cash to spend on the luxuries you really want!


Trade beauty treatments. Rope your friend, your mum or sister in and swap manis and pedis. Even if you’re a bit ropey to begin with, you’ll soon improve! Make it a regular appointment in your month and light some candles. Who needs a salon anyways?

Warning: this is not encouragement to cut your own fringe.

Make a chore a treat

Sooner or later, we all get periods. Why not make this feel more luxurious? Sign up to bettybox and turn the time of the month into the time of a treat too!

See, being brassic isn’t *that* bad after all…

It’s amazing to think that only a few short years ago, you never cared about pants. You probs wore whatever your mum bought you in big cotton multipacks from M&S. But now – now, your eyes have been opened to the world of pants potential, the vast universe of knickerportunities out there for the choosing, and every wander through a department store lingerie department is a journey of self-exploration. Or at least, bum exploration.

Here are 19 thoughts you have when you’re picking out some new undies.

1. Ohhhhh Brazilian pants, those could be nice! Like my arse is forever dancing to samba music.

2. Do you think Brazilians call it a Brazilian cut or is that just their normal shape of underwear?

3. Oh my god, do they call knickers with a full bottom ‘British’?

4. Also, am I the only one that just gets a constant wedgie when I wear them? I have to reach into my bum crack legit every 10 minutes to extract them. It’s almost exercise.

5. And you have to be subtle about it, you can’t just go in and have a rummage around in broad daylight. No, no, you have to stand all awkwardly with your back to the wall and get in and out with military precision.

6. Kinda like when you pick the bottom of your nose super discreetly and then just flick it. I wonder where all that snot goes.

7. Gross. Still, probs won’t go for the Brazilian ones then.

8. Maybe I’ll get some novelty knickers? You know, ones with Superman on the front or something. They look super comfy and I’ll only wear them in an ironic way.

9. Actually, is it ironic? Or will I just look like I haven’t quite come to terms with going through puberty yet?

10. Maybe I’ll just leave the novelty knickers too.

11. Thongs? Oh please, it’s like dental floss for your arse crack and they cost the same price as regular underwear then they only use, like, a QUARTER of the fabric. NEXT.

12. Ohhh, these silk ones are pretty!

13. WHAT! £20 for a pair of knickers. Was this lace spun by golden worms that lived in castle somewhere in the South of France where each worm had their own room and they refused to eat anything other than leaves from the finest oak trees in all the land?!

14. This is absurd. People are absurd.

15. I’m just going to buy my regular knickers aren’t I? They’re the perfect mix of pretty and comfy, with a little bit of lace around the edge.

16. Oh ffs, they don’t even have those.

17. Right, that settles it. I’m getting the Superman pants. I am super.

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Sure, your friends love fashion… but you live and breathe it. You’d smile if you met Harry Styles, but you’d scream with joy if you saw an Anya Hindmarch Tony the Tiger handbag in the flesh. You’ve stubbed your toes by dropping hefty fashion magazines on your foot. More than once. You’ve read more biographies of Coco Chanel than some of your classmates have read books, full stop. You are a true fashion warrior. Here’s what life is like for the style obsessed.

1. You’re so obsessed with finding perfect vintage pieces that the staff at your local charity shop greet you by name and put stuff aside for you. You’ve left them your mobile number so they can alert you the second a perfect 70s maxi comes in.

2. Sometimes you try to persuade your friends to stash your textbooks in their lockers because there’s no room for anything in there apart from your back issues of Vogue. Which you need. For… emergencies.

3. More than once, you’ve looked at the curtains in your lounge and wondered how cross your Mum would get if you cut them up to make the perfect brocade mini.

4. You get one present from your entire family for your Christmas and birthday, because you’ve asked all of your relatives for cash towards the Bella Freud jumper / vintage Céline bag / Saint Laurent bootees you saw on eBay. (And you always have one very sweet auntie who insists you need ‘something to unwrap’ and gets you a Bayliss and Harding gift set anyway.)

5. In your view, non-uniform days require as much dedication, commitment and forward planning as a GCSE exam. More than once, you have considered taking a change of outfits and debuting a brand new look at lunchtime.

6. Somewhere in the back of your wardrobe, there’s at least one piece of clothing that you’ve tried to make yourself after falling in love with the catwalk version. One day you’ll own that Kenzo jacket, but you’re not sure you’re ready to wear your own version yet. Who knew tigers were *so* hard to draw?

7. When you ask your mates what they’re wearing to a party and they shrug and say “Dunno, jeans maybe?” you don’t know whether to laugh, cry or ask them if they need a lie down.

8. Your favourite word is ‘haberdashery’, ever since you found out it means a shop that sells buttons, ribbons, feathers, sequins, fabric and everything else your allowance goes on besides actual clothes. You have a sneaky feeling that your haberdashery splurges are what made it possible for your local shop to take on an extra person to work on Saturdays.

9. Even though your favourite movies are fashion favourites (maybe you love The September Issue, The First Monday In May or Funny Face) your friends can always persuade you to go to the cinema with a style reference. Even if it’s totally made up. “I hear that the scene with the spaceship inspired Alessandro Michele to do a futuristic collection for Gucci!” Ok, sure.

10. Occasionally, you drift off and daydream about winning your first Oscar for costume design, or styling your first shoot, or announcing that your fashion brand is about to launch a perfume. You’re not sure exactly what you want to do, but you’ve thought long and hard about being interviewed and revealing what your style influences are.

11. In an emergency, you reckon you could pull together a week’s worth of cutting edge outfits with a pack of bin bags, a roll of tinfoil and some string.

12. At least one person in your family has been given a makeover by you. They said they liked the customised t-shirt, but they freaked out about the hair chalk.

13. Your signature style is preppy-meets-punk. Meets eighteenth century debutante. Meets gamine Left Bank intellectual, meets nineties Riot Grrrl, meets Phoebe in Friends, meets… urghhhh, this is too hard. Perhaps it’s truly stylish not to have a signature.

14. You have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Anna Del Russo, the eclectically-dressed editor of Vogue Japan. You think she’s the most stylish woman in the universe.

15. Every time you visit your grandparents, you go straight for the stash of old photos. You say it’s because you’re interested in family history, but you’re hoping to spot some amazing retro outfit that might still be stashed away in the attic…

16. Secretly, you don’t think there’s anything that bad about wearing sunglasses indoors. In fact, you plan to design your own range of shades, specifically for indoor wear.

17. Thanks to your accessorising skills, attitude and sheer style confidence, you can make a onesie look cool.


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Image: Scream Queens

Head over to YouTube and we bet there’s vid after vid of talented beauty gurus applying some seriously amazing, enviable looks. Whether it’s a dramatic eye look, glowing natural skin or doughnut-glaze highlighted cheekbones, falling in love with make up has never been so easy.

But if you fancy getting creative with contouring and mastering mascara, dipping your toes into the world of make up for the first time can definitely seem kinda daunting – especially when it comes to brushes.

There are TONS of different ones, and what are they all even for?

From super floofy big ones, to teeny tiny artist styles, here’s a handy guide to the make up brushes you might actually need, what they’re all for and where to actually start.

Foundation brush

Starting out with the big’uns, the foundation brush is pretty much the bread and butter of any gal or guy’s make up bag. You could opt for the standard shape – big and flat – which is great for smoothing out liquid or cream foundations into a streak-free base. Some people prefer a buffing brush style though, with a round and dense shape to swoosh in small circles across your face for a flawless finish.

Spectrum A03 So Oval You – £7.99 / Real Techniques Buffing Brush – £21.99 for set / e.l.f. Studio Selfie Ready Foundation Brush – £7.50

Make up sponge

If you wanna get really fancy, you could ditch the foundation brush altogether and try a Beauty Blender or similar make up sponge instead. A damp sponge can leave your foundation looking beyond PERFECT, by using the broad, bouncy sides to smooth out product on your face and the pointed tip to squish into the nooks around your nose. If it’s good enough for Insta beauty gurus, it’s good enough for us.

Kabuki brush

The big boy of the make up brush world, a kabuki brush will probably look huge next to the rest of your future collection, but don’t be intimidated by it. With a short handle and densely packed hairs, it’s perfect for applying a soft, natural-looking sweep of bronzer or powder around your face. A kabuki brush is also great for buffing out any awks harsh lines when you’re basically doing your make up in the dark.

Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush – £8.95 / Kiko Kabuki Brush – £9.70 / Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush – £20.00

Powder brush

Feeling like a human disco ball right now with all the shine you’re rocking? Don’t be scared by how huge it might look in your make up bag – a powder brush is the one for you. Just swirl this genius invention into your favourite pressed or loose powder, and watch the long, fluffy bristles evenly diffuse the product across your base. Bye bye oily skin, we never liked you anyway.

ZOEVA 90 Luxe Grand Powder Brush – £19.00 / Morphe Pro Tapered Powder Brush – £13.50 / MAC 150 Large Powder Brush – £34.50

Blush brush

When you start playing around with make up a little bit more, you’ll soon find out exactly how you prefer to apply all the bits and bobs in your cosmetics bag. When it comes to blush, some people prefer a fluffy rounded top brush just to hit the apples of the cheeks, while others go for a more angled shape to get a chiseled look. Either way, they’ll pick up just the right amount of product to give you a pretty and girly flushed glow.

Eyeshadow brush

Venturing into the world of eyeshadow can be overwhelming, but remember that practice makes perfect. Start out by finding the perfect all-rounder eyeshadow brush which will probably be fairly flat and relatively fluffy to pack on colour. Try either a simple windscreen wiper motion across the lid, or small circular motions to get an evenly applied wash of eyeshadow. You can never go wrong with a shimmery champagne colour, btw.

Spectrum MA08 Happy Medium – £5.99 / Makeup Geek Foiled Brush – £6.50 / Spectrum A06 Shady Lady – £4.99 / Morphe Oval Shadow Blender Brush – £4.00

Blending brush

It’s probably worth investing in an eyeshadow blending brush, too. While the first one will be perfect for applying the colour to begin with, following up with a large and fluffy blending brush on the edges will eliminate any harsh lines and get you smoothly blended to perfection.

Concealer brush

Tbh, you might find that dabbing on your concealer is most easily done with your fingers. They’re warm to melt the product, they’re soft for blending and they’re the best natural tools you could imagine. But alternatively a small, precise concealer brush could be really handy. It’ll allow you to be a lot more exact with your product application and will perfect the final look under your eyes, around your nose and over any pesky spots.

Morphe Mini Concealer Brush – £3.50 / ZOEVA Rose Golden Concealer Buffer Brush – £9.00 / Real Techniques Bold Metals Triangle Concealer Brush – £10.00

Fan brush

Wanna feel like some kinda professional beauty YouTuber who’s best friends with Zoella and gets 10 million likes per photo? A fan brush will help with that. Sure, it’s a little bit extra and OTT, but it’s amazing for applying the perfect diffused cheekbone highlight. The soft, spread bristles can result in either a natural, sheer radiance, or a metallic finish that even the man on the moon will be able to spot.

Contour brush

While the kabuki brush is perfect for adding an all over warmth with your bronzer, a contour brush will help you take things to the next level when you wanna try sculpting out those cheekbones like a true Kardashian. The slanted bristles make it easy-peasy to apply products perfectly just below your cheekbones to emphasise your natural, oh so lovely face shape.

Lip brush

Dreaming of rocking the perfect peachy colour, the ultimate dark vampy shade or the classic red lip? If bold lippie is kinda your thing then you’ll probably want to arm yourself with a good lip brush. It can be a total lifesaver for complete precision, accurate application and achieving the perfect pout. Mwah.

Brow brush

Usually either in the form of a fluffy spoolie, or a double-ended duo with brush and comb, a brow brush is always useful to have close by if you’ve got wild eyebrows that need a little bit of taming every now and again. Unleash your inner werewolf.

e.l.f. Eyebrow Duo Brush – £4.50 / Benefit Angled Brush And Spoolie – £15.50 / Real Techniques Lash and Brow Groomer – £7.99

A million more eyeshadow brushes

When it comes to starting an eyeshadow brush collection, it’s kind of like chucking yourself down a bottomless black hole. They come in every single shape, size and fluffiness rating that you can possibly imagine, but trust us when we say that you definitely don’t need them all.

Start out with the essentials, and when you decide that make up is something you wanna stick with, gradually build up a few more types for your stash. An angled liner brush, a smudging brush and an angled fluffy brush will all be great to have when you’re venturing into smokey eye territory.

Spectrum Brushes The Glam Clam – £59.99

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IIIIIT’S CHRIIIIIIISTMAAAAASSS! OK, not really, but if you’re the kind of girl who’s as festive as Mariah Carey then it might as well be.

Sure, some people might think you’re being extra by talking non-stop about December 25th when it’s only August, but who are they to judge your enthusiasm for mince pies? In fact, they better not pout and you’ll be telling them why…

Here are all the things you only know if you’re on that Christmas countdown already:

All your friends rolled their eyes when you wished them a merry half Christmas

What else is there to celebrate on June 25th?

Since then, you’ve been counting down the days ’til the big one

Someone should really invent an advent calendar to bridge the gap between December 25th and… well, December 25th.

Once X Factor starts it’s basically Christmas Eve

Everyone knows the drill: X Factor stars, X Factor ends, CHRISTMAS!

And when it starts, so does your Christmas shopping

One for them, two for you.

You’re the only person you know who loves wrapping

You’ve definitely considered applying to work in the Selfridges gift wrapping department.

As soon as Halloween’s over you begin eating allllll of the Christmas snacks

We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.

And you would never risk leaving your advent calendar shopping to 30 November

Why would anyone leave their chocolate choice to chance? You NEED the Maltesers one, obviously!

You completely lose it the first time you see the Coca-Cola Christmas advert

And the second… and the third…

And let’s not get you started on Mariah Carey

Ooooh, baby!

Every Sunday in December is spent watching Christmas movies

Yeah, you watch The Holiday all year round, but it doesn’t really count. Miracle On 34th Street, The Santa Clause, Home Alone – THOSE are Christmas movies.

And every party calls for allll of the sequins

Glitz is to Christmas what animal ears are to Halloween: 100% necessary.

You can never sleep come Christmas Eve

No matter how old you get, you can’t shake the excitement.

But the Boxing Day comedown is real

Until you realise it’s only 364 days until Christmas!

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Hi, my name is Sophie and I’ve had the same makeup routine for about eight years.

In a world of famous beauty bloggers, unicorn highlighter and sell-out lip kits, I remain steadfastly un-creative where my face is concerned. Here is my make up routine in its entirety: a few dabs of concealer, powder, mascara and lipstick (mostly red but pink if I’m feeling adventurous). If it’s a very special occasion, I’ll break out the liquid eyeliner. And that’s it.

It’s not that I’ve never tried; it’s just that any of my past forays into something a little more, let’s say; artistic have been failures on a grand scale. There was the pink eyeshadow/blue mascara phase when I started secondary school, the unfortunate black eyeshadow period when I got into metal music in a big way and the two days when I tried to wear foundation and ended up looking like a greasy, slightly orange plate.

I marvel at people who can blend and contour. How do people fill in their eyebrows without looking like they’ve been playing with a marker pen? How do they do tiny fake freckles and defined cheekbones? I have a feeling it might be a form of witchcraft.

Browsing a makeup counter is like trying to order off a Portuguese menu. I have no idea what I’m looking at and even if I did, I don’t have the skills to put any of it on my face without looking like a poorly-forged Picasso painting.

If this is all sounding awfully familiar, you’ll relate to every single one of these in a big way…

The only highlighter you use is the one in your pencil case

You’ve watched a million tutorials on how to apply flawless highlighter but you just have to accept that the only thing you’ll be highlighting is the notes you made in your last history class…

Cat eyes always end up as panda eyes

Sloooowly, sloooowly, just delicately angle the brush up. Just a chic little cat-eye flick. Bridgette Bardot beauty, here I come. Ok, that’s a bit longer than expected but that’s fine, I can work with that. I’ll just extend that bit so it joins the rest of it. That’s a touch wonky; I’ll just fill the wobbly bit in. Bit thicker than I was aiming for but no worries, I’ll just channel a more edgy vibe. I can pull that off. So, just one more tiny touch up aaaaaand… PANDA.

A ‘natural’ look just means no make-up

How can it take seventeen different products to make it look like you’re wearing no make up? You don’t possess the necessary skills to master that level of subtlety so you’re just going to embrace your oily t-zone.

Make up seems super-expensive

You go on a make up mission with your friend and she picks up three things. That will come to about 20 quid, you think. Guess again. She just laid down £70 without batting an eyelid and you’re about to call the police for daylight robbery.

You don’t get why there are so many different brushes

What can they all possibly be for?

You don’t understand those egg-shaped sponges either

Do they do a different job? What do you use them for? Why do they cost so much?!

Every shade looks the same to you

Your make up mad friend has products named ‘rose’, ‘blush’, ‘sweet nectar’ and ‘apricot pearl’ but they all just look like pink to you.

Every time you think you’ll try something new it ends up a disaster

Contouring. How hard can that be? Very, judging by the random, definitely not blended stripes all over your face. And the YouTuber made it look so easy…

You worry that you’ll turn into one of those old ladies who’s looked the same for the last forty years

After managing to master one signature look, you’re not about to give it up any time soon. But you worry that it’s going to be less Anna Wintour-style iconic and more stuck in the past-sad when you’re still rocking it in two decades’ time.


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If you spend as much time lurking on Perrie Edwards’ Instagram as we do, you’ll be completely aware that the Little Mix queen knows a thing or two about serving lewks – beauty looks, that is.

Whether she’s on tour, shooting a new music video or out on the town, Perrie is a constant source of hair and make-up inspo, forever making us want to run to the nearest Boots and raid the beauty aisles.

Check out her nine best looks of recent times and start hunting down those dupes, ASAP…

The pink lid

Sure, anytime you try it at home you end up looking like you ACTUALLY have pink eye, but – with help from make-up artist Adam Burrell – Perrie pulls off neon pink lids with aplomb. Add a strong brow, nude lip and an Ariana Grande-style high pony, and this look is hot to trot.

Boho princess

First, let’s talk about how that smoky eye – created by make-up artisté Heidi North – makes Pezza’s baby blues pop like nothing else. Seriously, you could swim in those pools all day! Then, the hair: loose waves + random plaits = the most dreamy, beachy, boho style you’ve ever laid eyes on.

The subtle stars

Sometimes, just sometimes, you need more than a smoky lid and a nude lip. Sometimes you need a tiny star beneath each eye, a scattering of face pearls and glitter, and a pink rinse through your hair. Consider this your festival go-to – and don’t forget the baby pink nails.

Halloween queen


A post shared by Perrie Edwards ✌️🌻 (@perrieedwards) on

OK, so you might not be able to crack this one out on a daily basis, but Perrie’s mermaid make-up is serious #Halloweengoals. The glitter, pearl and shell-covered look was created by Anna Lingis, whose Instagram is well worth following for fancy dress inspo.

The ’90s dream


A post shared by Perrie Edwards ✌️🌻 (@perrieedwards) on

The split ponytail, the loose strands of hair at the front, the brownish lip… Are you looking at Perrie Edwards or Baby Spice? Either way, it’s epic.

Curly hair don’t care


A post shared by Perrie Edwards ✌️🌻 (@perrieedwards) on

A beach day calls for as little make-up as possible and some amazing natural curls. Straight hair? Get yourself a good salt spray and you too can achieve peak California surfer girl vibes. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

She’s electric (blue)

Never underestimate the power of changing up your black eyeliner for a little electric blue to make those peepers pop. Add a sweep of mascara and a slick of clear lipgloss, like Pezza here, and you’re good to go.

Feline myself

Ciao Italia 🇮🇹

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You just can’t beat the classic cat-eye. Team with a subtle contour and a nude lip, and you can’t go wrong. Perrie knows.

And it’s called black magic…

Back of the cab. Tokyo 🇯🇵

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OK, so that lipstick is the best lipstick we’ve ever seen. It’s FIERCE and Perrie looks as fabulous as ever. So many sassy girl emojis…

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Ever get outfit envy so bad that you want to quit what you’re doing and go shopping immediately?

This happened to me yesterday. There were two girls in the next booth at the local coffee place. One was totally on trend, in a tropical jumpsuit and floral kimono jacket. She looked good, but it was her friend that I was style crushing over.

What she was wearing was so simple: white shirt, cut off shorts and flip flops. But she looked so cool! I imagined her heading off to join Kate Moss and co in Ibiza later that day, although she was probably going home to do exam revision, lol.

Having concluded it would be weird to ask if she’d be my friend (that would have been strange, yes?!), I decided to use her as my muse instead. She was rocking some old school summer classics, items so iconic that they’ll never go out of fashion – which means buy now and wear every summer. I guess that makes them investments – the perfect excuse for shopping.

Also want a look that says ‘laid back summer cool’? Here are five items you’ll want in your wardrobe…

Denim shorts

Dirty Dancing may be thirty this year but the kinda cut-offs favoured by Baby will never grow old. Ask your mum. From skimpy short to nearer-the-knee, there’s a version for everyone. They’re especially great if you’re packing for a trip as, like the jeans they come from, they are better for not being washed – so if you’re lucky enough to be having a fortnight away then grab a pair and don’t worry about how much you’ll be wearing them.

Summer ’17 twist: forget bumper stickers as souvenirs (what use are they if you don’t have a car anyway?!) Pick up badges or patches from any place you visit this summer and sew them to your pockets to make your own personalised memory board.

Try this one: Try this one: pretty much every vintage shop in the land has a rack of shorts made from old Levis, Lees and Wranglers. Head to your nearest store and get rummaging! Or just snap up these beauties from Zara

Holo backpack 

Summer is a time for fun, right? And the perfect bag can help with this as it’s hard to feel anything other than happy if you’re toting round a holographic backpack! We are obsessed with everything shiny atm (plus it talks to our inner space queen) so make yourself happy and get one to shine bright on your back this summer – and next summer, and the one after, and the one after that!

Summer ’17 twist: a cool mix of blue and purple is the hot colour combo of the season, so get your holiday wardrobe on point.

Try this one: Clear Holo Backpack, £30

Striped dress

Blue-and-white Breton stripes are just as summery as loud Hawaiian prints, just less shouty about it – and easier to wear!  Every spring Breton tees and tops fill the shops but it’s the jersey dress that trumps them all. Wear with leggings and a hoody when it’s cold and wet or on its own when the sun is out to bring a bit of French fancy to your wardrobe.

Summer ’17 twist: pop a t-shirt underneath to get the 1990s vibe that’s so popular right now.

Try this one: H&M Jersey Striped Dress, £12.99

Cotton shirt 

Banish nightmarish thoughts of school uniforms: like my coffee shop style inspo, a plain shirt is a great place to start with your summer wardrobe. Cotton will keep you cool when it’s roasting and provide an extra layer when it turns chilly. It’ll also work in loads of different situations, whether you need something a bit smarter for a holiday job interview or a cover up for the beach.

Summer ’17 twist: shirts are *big* fashion news this year, with lots of celebs showing new ways to style them. Make like style babe Ashley Olsen and wear yours backwards – just make sure that there’s someone around to help you unbutton it before bed!

Try this one: jazz up the classic white style with a cute touch of embroidery. Topshop’s £32 hero buy is our number one.

Hoop earrings

Whatever decade captures your fashion heart, from the 1950s to today, you’ll find the stars of summer adorned with hoop earrings. Like Ray-Ban sunnies, this is an accessory that just *is* summer. Again you can make them work for you, with different sizes and finishes available – but plain silver is always a sure fire bet.

Summer ’17 twist: wear a hoop in one lobe and a stud in another for the asymmetric earring craze. Just be prepared for ‘You forgot your other earring’ comments from your annoying brother (or maybe it’s only me with that luck!).

Try this one: swish your hair back and forth as you show off these Freedom babies for just £5!


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Thought our passionate affair with the avo had peaked? Well think again, girlfriend. There’s a blow up avocado coming soon to a pool near you, and the only downside we can think of is that it doesn’t come with sourdough toast. It’s on the expensive side (aren’t avos always) but it does come with the stone removed, so the only risk of injury comes from your brother — who will inevitably capsize you the minute he claps eyes on your fruity float.

£21, Urban Outfitters


Doughnuts are to avocados what Taylor Swift is to the 1975: they are the sweet darlings of the food world, while avocados are the savoury stars. They are also — as is key for any food, fashion or float item if it is to be in vogue— instagrammable to the point of nofilter. No wonder they made it  into the swimming pool.

£20, Boohoo


Another p-cool food, and for good reason, for with it’s mohawk and jazzy yellow diamond, it is a fruit you can’t help but want to be friends with. It’s too cool for school. It’s not too cool for the pool though: in fact this fruit float is so mainstream, even John Lewis are selling it. Which means you’ve an even better chance of persuading the ‘rents to buy it for you the next time they’re shopping for bedside lamps.

£14.50, John Lewis


Okay, so it’s well over the £25 budget, but LOOK AT IT. Remember that scene in the Little Mermaid where the shells open up to reveal Ariel’s sisters, singing and swooning prettily? Well, that could be you: minus the fish tail, and with the added benefit of being able to ‘be where the people are’ — and the ice cream is — whenever you fancy. Prince Eric isn’t included, but with a pearlescent seashell to display yourself on, it’s only a matter of time…


£45, Debenhams

Mermaid Tail

Turns out you can have the fish tail after all! Team this one with the seashell for a truly immersive Little Mermaid experience. We can’t say it will be easy to wear the mermaid float while riding the seashell one, but it’s something to aim for. We’re not going to discourage float on float action — not when the integrity of a Disney classic is at stake.


£25, Boohoo


Because where WOULD an avocado be without a poached (well, fried) egg floating alongside it? Not on Insta, that’s where. Grab your favourite brunching bestie, and get involved.

£15.52, Ebay

Ice cream

Adding a whole new meaning to the word ice cream float. All it needs is IRL ice cream, and you’ve the sundae of dreams.

£21, Urban Outfitters


The inflatable to end all inflatables: a stuffed crust, eight slice pizza float topped with pepperoni and all your favourite people. The pieces come apart, so you can float as a whole pizza or float away, as it were, by the slice. Sure it looks gimmicky — but at £19.19 for what is essentially eight separate floats, it’s a bargain. If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent this much (if not more) on a single Dominoes.

£19.19, Ebay


It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

Image: Katie Edmunds

Summer is great for a lot of things: spending time outdoors, hanging out with your mates, unsheathing your pasty arms and legs from their winter woollies and getting some vitamin D… the list goes on.

You know what it’s not good for, though? Being a goth. Or in my case at least, being a rubbish goth.

At my school, come year nine, two main groups emerged: the chavs and the alts, and you had to pledge your allegiance to one or the other. You were allowed to sit on the edge with a gentle nod towards your chosen clan – an Adidas satchel or a bit of extra eyeliner, for example – but choose you must.

I’ve always been an angsty person – even as a child I’d get myself worked up about the meaning of life – so the alts were my obvious choice. And boy did I commit to it, bypassing the entry-level studded belts and skater shoes and launching headfirst into raven-black hair and boned corsets. In my mind I was a beautiful angel of darkness, with an ethereal aesthetic that matched my troubled soul.

The reality, though, was rather different. Caking white foundation over my already-bad skin just made it look worse, and my Potter-esque glasses only magnified the fact that I didn’t have a clue when it came to blending eyeshadow. I did a rubbish job dying my hair, my braces rubbed all my blood-red lipstick off and I could never get my blacks to match.

Plus, I lived in the middle of nowhere, so I couldn’t just pop to the shops for the stuff I needed to actually make the look work – visiting my nearest town involved sitting on a bus for more than an hour, which is not something I recommend when all the other passengers are aging farmers and elderly conservatives and you’re wearing a black wedding dress.

But I stuck with it, because even though I was doing a pretty bad job of it I felt that rocking a goth aesthetic was part of my identity. The music, the people and the mindset of the alt-goth scene spoke to me and made me feel like I was part of something meaningful and different – that I was meaningful and different.

So I was prepared to deal with the time-consuming faff of the hair and makeup, and I’d gotten used to the horrified stares from people in the village and the stupid insults from kids in school. It was the payoff for finding my identity and ‘my people’.

What eventually broke me, though, was summer.

No amount of factor 50 suncream could keep the freckles and weird tan lines at bay. No amount of powder would keep the white foundation on my shiny face and no amount of deodorant would stop me sweating profusely onto my thick velvet dresses. Any time I succumbed to the heat and wore a light dress or a pair of shorts the sudden change in aesthetic was so jarring everyone would make a big deal out of it, which made me feel rubbish, like I was betraying my own identity.

This was back in the days before pastel and summer goth were a thing. Back before there were endless webpages of style inspo to look to and long before Instagram makeup tutorials came along. It was all or nothing, and I was uncomfortable, sweaty and defeated. If I couldn’t properly show off who I was on the inside on the outside, I thought, then I wouldn’t bother at all.

So instead I just wore what was comfortable. I still went for blacks and dark colours, but there was no more scratchy velvet or rib-busting corsets. I stopped trashing my hair every month with black dye and started using a wash-in red to give my natural mousey-ginger a bit of a kick. I swapped the painful Victorian-style heels for a pair of comfy biker boots and while I still trucked on the black eyeliner, the white foundation went in the bin.

For a while I felt like I was compromising; like I was doing a bad job of ‘being me’, but gradually it dawned on me that, actually, I felt better in my own skin. I spent less time in front of a mirror fretting about my makeup. I moved around more freely and worried less about the vibe of my outfits.

I still listened to the same music and hung out with the same people – people who liked me for me, and not what I looked like. People who probably liked me even better when I stopped constantly tripping over my long skirts and being preoccupied with staying pale. I had, without even realising it, developed my own style and was more ‘me’ than I’d ever been.

So that summer was good for a lot of things, and as it turned out in the end, being a rubbish goth was one of them.

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Image: Hailey Hamilton

At 5ft 10, I am the same height as Taylor Swift. I like this fact because it’s surely some sort of sign that my dream of duetting All Too Well with her live on stage is going to come true. It also makes me feel a bit better about being ‘the tall girl’ in my friendship group.

Taylor’s not the only talented, successful, fierce as hell long-limbed lioness either. Tennis champion Serena Williams is 6ft 1 and Game of Thrones Brienne of Tarth (IRL name, Gwendoline Christie) is a tremendous 6ft 3.

But the reality of being a tall girl at school or college is a different story to commanding Wembley stage, Wimbledon centre court or the battlefields of Westeros.

I felt clumsy and clunky walking through the corridors, like a discombobulated giraffe wobbling down the catwalk behind a squad of cute, nimble meerkats. It was even worse with my friendship group at home, I swear none of them grew over 5ft 5 while I continued to shoot up like Jack’s troublesome beanstalk.

If you’re in the Tall Club, you might recognise some of the same experiences that I had:

Shoe shopping is an absolute nightmare

Chances are, you have some big old feet at the end of those powerful, endless limbs. The problem is, ballet pumps and strappy sandals don’t look so dainty in size 8 or 9. Rather than asking ‘do I like these shoes?’ when out shopping, the real question is ‘do they look like Sideshow Bob’s clodhoppers?’. Oh well, androgynous styles are much cooler anyway.

All jeans are ‘ankle grazers’

I used to be too scared to wander into the Tall section with the older giraffe herd. Up until the point when I realised that this was absolutely ridiculous of me, I was relegated to regular leg lengths. Flared, skinny, bootcut, straight – none of them ever made it past my cold ankles. It’s quite lucky then, that Kate Moss is a total advocate for the ankle grazer (and she’s only 5ft 7!).

Shorter friends complain about being petite

My much shorter best friend once demanded we leave a party early because she felt too small. Did she not realise how often I feel like a telephone pole standing out like an eyesore in a field of pretty poppies, or a dog-bitten Barbie in a toy box of Polly Pockets? But at least I learnt that short girls have their problems too.

‘You’re the same height as a top model!’ is not a compliment

Oh, really? Does Gigi Hadid also have this warm layer of puppy fat, relentlessly shiny forehead and man hands? Does Gigi feel the need to hunch over like Quasimodo when she’s around her friends just to fit in? I might be tall but I’m not blind. Anyway, I’d much rather be compared to a rocket scientist or a sports champion thank you very much.

Borrowing and sharing clothes is out of the question

Your friends swap clothes more times than Kanye and Kim swap saliva (eww, sorry!). But there’s no way that you’re going to fit into that cute floral jumpsuit that your BFF bought in the Topshop Petite section. It’s just the same old wardrobe for tall gals, while everyone else has the lolz and bantz of clothes swapping fun. Oh well, at least there won’t be any arguments about unexplained stains or rips.

Group photos are a painful experience

Usually, I use every trick in the tall girl’s book to try not to stick out like a sore thumb in photos: bending the knee, tilting the head, sitting down, wishing to be invisible. At least by pulling a silly pose, it can actually make you look like the most fun person in the photo.

Other tall girls make the best allies

Luckily, I ended up befriending two equally tall girls during my time at school. We borrowed each other’s clothes, walked around in a group without bending our knees or heads and shared tips on where to buy skirts that actually reached the knee. It was a blessing, and the first wide-stride step towards accepting my tall girl credentials.

Now in my twenties, I love being tall. I admit, I still have my off-days where I just want to blend it – but don’t we all? Even Taylor probably has body hang-ups but that’s not enough to stop her from being one of the biggest (and tallest) popstars on the planet.

It’s all about just owning it: having a snazzy sock collection to decorate ostentatious ankles with; not being scared to wear the highest of heels that will intimidate any badly-behaved guy; and strutting like a proud flamingo.

Those size 8 boots were made for walking, so do it with your head held high and everyone looking up at you.


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