Hi, my name is Sophie and I’ve had the same makeup routine for about eight years.

In a world of famous beauty bloggers, unicorn highlighter and sell-out lip kits, I remain steadfastly un-creative where my face is concerned. Here is my make up routine in its entirety: a few dabs of concealer, powder, mascara and lipstick (mostly red but pink if I’m feeling adventurous). If it’s a very special occasion, I’ll break out the liquid eyeliner. And that’s it.

It’s not that I’ve never tried; it’s just that any of my past forays into something a little more, let’s say; artistic have been failures on a grand scale. There was the pink eyeshadow/blue mascara phase when I started secondary school, the unfortunate black eyeshadow period when I got into metal music in a big way and the two days when I tried to wear foundation and ended up looking like a greasy, slightly orange plate.

I marvel at people who can blend and contour. How do people fill in their eyebrows without looking like they’ve been playing with a marker pen? How do they do tiny fake freckles and defined cheekbones? I have a feeling it might be a form of witchcraft.

Browsing a makeup counter is like trying to order off a Portuguese menu. I have no idea what I’m looking at and even if I did, I don’t have the skills to put any of it on my face without looking like a poorly-forged Picasso painting.

If this is all sounding awfully familiar, you’ll relate to every single one of these in a big way…

The only highlighter you use is the one in your pencil case

You’ve watched a million tutorials on how to apply flawless highlighter but you just have to accept that the only thing you’ll be highlighting is the notes you made in your last history class…

Cat eyes always end up as panda eyes

Sloooowly, sloooowly, just delicately angle the brush up. Just a chic little cat-eye flick. Bridgette Bardot beauty, here I come. Ok, that’s a bit longer than expected but that’s fine, I can work with that. I’ll just extend that bit so it joins the rest of it. That’s a touch wonky; I’ll just fill the wobbly bit in. Bit thicker than I was aiming for but no worries, I’ll just channel a more edgy vibe. I can pull that off. So, just one more tiny touch up aaaaaand… PANDA.

A ‘natural’ look just means no make-up

How can it take seventeen different products to make it look like you’re wearing no make up? You don’t possess the necessary skills to master that level of subtlety so you’re just going to embrace your oily t-zone.

Make up seems super-expensive

You go on a make up mission with your friend and she picks up three things. That will come to about 20 quid, you think. Guess again. She just laid down £70 without batting an eyelid and you’re about to call the police for daylight robbery.

You don’t get why there are so many different brushes

What can they all possibly be for?

You don’t understand those egg-shaped sponges either

Do they do a different job? What do you use them for? Why do they cost so much?!

Every shade looks the same to you

Your make up mad friend has products named ‘rose’, ‘blush’, ‘sweet nectar’ and ‘apricot pearl’ but they all just look like pink to you.

Every time you think you’ll try something new it ends up a disaster

Contouring. How hard can that be? Very, judging by the random, definitely not blended stripes all over your face. And the YouTuber made it look so easy…

You worry that you’ll turn into one of those old ladies who’s looked the same for the last forty years

After managing to master one signature look, you’re not about to give it up any time soon. But you worry that it’s going to be less Anna Wintour-style iconic and more stuck in the past-sad when you’re still rocking it in two decades’ time.


If you spend as much time lurking on Perrie Edwards’ Instagram as we do, you’ll be completely aware that the Little Mix queen knows a thing or two about serving lewks – beauty looks, that is.

Whether she’s on tour, shooting a new music video or out on the town, Perrie is a constant source of hair and make-up inspo, forever making us want to run to the nearest Boots and raid the beauty aisles.

Check out her nine best looks of recent times and start hunting down those dupes, ASAP…

The pink lid

Sure, anytime you try it at home you end up looking like you ACTUALLY have pink eye, but – with help from make-up artist Adam Burrell – Perrie pulls off neon pink lids with aplomb. Add a strong brow, nude lip and an Ariana Grande-style high pony, and this look is hot to trot.

Boho princess

First, let’s talk about how that smoky eye – created by make-up artisté Heidi North – makes Pezza’s baby blues pop like nothing else. Seriously, you could swim in those pools all day! Then, the hair: loose waves + random plaits = the most dreamy, beachy, boho style you’ve ever laid eyes on.

The subtle stars

Sometimes, just sometimes, you need more than a smoky lid and a nude lip. Sometimes you need a tiny star beneath each eye, a scattering of face pearls and glitter, and a pink rinse through your hair. Consider this your festival go-to – and don’t forget the baby pink nails.

Halloween queen


A post shared by Perrie Edwards ✌️🌻 (@perrieedwards) on

OK, so you might not be able to crack this one out on a daily basis, but Perrie’s mermaid make-up is serious #Halloweengoals. The glitter, pearl and shell-covered look was created by Anna Lingis, whose Instagram is well worth following for fancy dress inspo.

The ’90s dream


A post shared by Perrie Edwards ✌️🌻 (@perrieedwards) on

The split ponytail, the loose strands of hair at the front, the brownish lip… Are you looking at Perrie Edwards or Baby Spice? Either way, it’s epic.

Curly hair don’t care


A post shared by Perrie Edwards ✌️🌻 (@perrieedwards) on

A beach day calls for as little make-up as possible and some amazing natural curls. Straight hair? Get yourself a good salt spray and you too can achieve peak California surfer girl vibes. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

She’s electric (blue)

Never underestimate the power of changing up your black eyeliner for a little electric blue to make those peepers pop. Add a sweep of mascara and a slick of clear lipgloss, like Pezza here, and you’re good to go.

Feline myself

Ciao Italia 🇮🇹

A post shared by Perrie Edwards ✌️🌻 (@perrieedwards) on

You just can’t beat the classic cat-eye. Team with a subtle contour and a nude lip, and you can’t go wrong. Perrie knows.

And it’s called black magic…

Back of the cab. Tokyo 🇯🇵

A post shared by Perrie Edwards ✌️🌻 (@perrieedwards) on

OK, so that lipstick is the best lipstick we’ve ever seen. It’s FIERCE and Perrie looks as fabulous as ever. So many sassy girl emojis…

Image: Katie Edmunds

Ever get outfit envy so bad that you want to quit what you’re doing and go shopping immediately?

This happened to me yesterday. There were two girls in the next booth at the local coffee place. One was totally on trend, in a tropical jumpsuit and floral kimono jacket. She looked good, but it was her friend that I was style crushing over.

What she was wearing was so simple: white shirt, cut off shorts and flip flops. But she looked so cool! I imagined her heading off to join Kate Moss and co in Ibiza later that day, although she was probably going home to do exam revision, lol.

Having concluded it would be weird to ask if she’d be my friend (that would have been strange, yes?!), I decided to use her as my muse instead. She was rocking some old school summer classics, items so iconic that they’ll never go out of fashion – which means buy now and wear every summer. I guess that makes them investments – the perfect excuse for shopping.

Also want a look that says ‘laid back summer cool’? Here are five items you’ll want in your wardrobe…

Denim shorts

Dirty Dancing may be thirty this year but the kinda cut-offs favoured by Baby will never grow old. Ask your mum. From skimpy short to nearer-the-knee, there’s a version for everyone. They’re especially great if you’re packing for a trip as, like the jeans they come from, they are better for not being washed – so if you’re lucky enough to be having a fortnight away then grab a pair and don’t worry about how much you’ll be wearing them.

Summer ’17 twist: forget bumper stickers as souvenirs (what use are they if you don’t have a car anyway?!) Pick up badges or patches from any place you visit this summer and sew them to your pockets to make your own personalised memory board.

Try this one: Try this one: pretty much every vintage shop in the land has a rack of shorts made from old Levis, Lees and Wranglers. Head to your nearest store and get rummaging! Or just snap up these beauties from Zara

Holo backpack 

Summer is a time for fun, right? And the perfect bag can help with this as it’s hard to feel anything other than happy if you’re toting round a holographic backpack! We are obsessed with everything shiny atm (plus it talks to our inner space queen) so make yourself happy and get one to shine bright on your back this summer – and next summer, and the one after, and the one after that!

Summer ’17 twist: a cool mix of blue and purple is the hot colour combo of the season, so get your holiday wardrobe on point.

Try this one: Clear Holo Backpack, £30

Striped dress

Blue-and-white Breton stripes are just as summery as loud Hawaiian prints, just less shouty about it – and easier to wear!  Every spring Breton tees and tops fill the shops but it’s the jersey dress that trumps them all. Wear with leggings and a hoody when it’s cold and wet or on its own when the sun is out to bring a bit of French fancy to your wardrobe.

Summer ’17 twist: pop a t-shirt underneath to get the 1990s vibe that’s so popular right now.

Try this one: H&M Jersey Striped Dress, £12.99

Cotton shirt 

Banish nightmarish thoughts of school uniforms: like my coffee shop style inspo, a plain shirt is a great place to start with your summer wardrobe. Cotton will keep you cool when it’s roasting and provide an extra layer when it turns chilly. It’ll also work in loads of different situations, whether you need something a bit smarter for a holiday job interview or a cover up for the beach.

Summer ’17 twist: shirts are *big* fashion news this year, with lots of celebs showing new ways to style them. Make like style babe Ashley Olsen and wear yours backwards – just make sure that there’s someone around to help you unbutton it before bed!

Try this one: jazz up the classic white style with a cute touch of embroidery. Topshop’s £32 hero buy is our number one.

Hoop earrings

Whatever decade captures your fashion heart, from the 1950s to today, you’ll find the stars of summer adorned with hoop earrings. Like Ray-Ban sunnies, this is an accessory that just *is* summer. Again you can make them work for you, with different sizes and finishes available – but plain silver is always a sure fire bet.

Summer ’17 twist: wear a hoop in one lobe and a stud in another for the asymmetric earring craze. Just be prepared for ‘You forgot your other earring’ comments from your annoying brother (or maybe it’s only me with that luck!).

Try this one: swish your hair back and forth as you show off these Freedom babies for just £5!




Thought our passionate affair with the avo had peaked? Well think again, girlfriend. There’s a blow up avocado coming soon to a pool near you, and the only downside we can think of is that it doesn’t come with sourdough toast. It’s on the expensive side (aren’t avos always) but it does come with the stone removed, so the only risk of injury comes from your brother — who will inevitably capsize you the minute he claps eyes on your fruity float.

£21, Urban Outfitters


Doughnuts are to avocados what Taylor Swift is to the 1975: they are the sweet darlings of the food world, while avocados are the savoury stars. They are also — as is key for any food, fashion or float item if it is to be in vogue— instagrammable to the point of nofilter. No wonder they made it  into the swimming pool.

£20, Boohoo


Another p-cool food, and for good reason, for with it’s mohawk and jazzy yellow diamond, it is a fruit you can’t help but want to be friends with. It’s too cool for school. It’s not too cool for the pool though: in fact this fruit float is so mainstream, even John Lewis are selling it. Which means you’ve an even better chance of persuading the ‘rents to buy it for you the next time they’re shopping for bedside lamps.

£14.50, John Lewis


Okay, so it’s well over the £25 budget, but LOOK AT IT. Remember that scene in the Little Mermaid where the shells open up to reveal Ariel’s sisters, singing and swooning prettily? Well, that could be you: minus the fish tail, and with the added benefit of being able to ‘be where the people are’ — and the ice cream is — whenever you fancy. Prince Eric isn’t included, but with a pearlescent seashell to display yourself on, it’s only a matter of time…


£45, Debenhams

Mermaid Tail

Turns out you can have the fish tail after all! Team this one with the seashell for a truly immersive Little Mermaid experience. We can’t say it will be easy to wear the mermaid float while riding the seashell one, but it’s something to aim for. We’re not going to discourage float on float action — not when the integrity of a Disney classic is at stake.


£25, Boohoo


Because where WOULD an avocado be without a poached (well, fried) egg floating alongside it? Not on Insta, that’s where. Grab your favourite brunching bestie, and get involved.

£15.52, Ebay

Ice cream

Adding a whole new meaning to the word ice cream float. All it needs is IRL ice cream, and you’ve the sundae of dreams.

£21, Urban Outfitters


The inflatable to end all inflatables: a stuffed crust, eight slice pizza float topped with pepperoni and all your favourite people. The pieces come apart, so you can float as a whole pizza or float away, as it were, by the slice. Sure it looks gimmicky — but at £19.19 for what is essentially eight separate floats, it’s a bargain. If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent this much (if not more) on a single Dominoes.

£19.19, Ebay


Image: Katie Edmunds

Summer is great for a lot of things: spending time outdoors, hanging out with your mates, unsheathing your pasty arms and legs from their winter woollies and getting some vitamin D… the list goes on.

You know what it’s not good for, though? Being a goth. Or in my case at least, being a rubbish goth.

At my school, come year nine, two main groups emerged: the chavs and the alts, and you had to pledge your allegiance to one or the other. You were allowed to sit on the edge with a gentle nod towards your chosen clan – an Adidas satchel or a bit of extra eyeliner, for example – but choose you must.

I’ve always been an angsty person – even as a child I’d get myself worked up about the meaning of life – so the alts were my obvious choice. And boy did I commit to it, bypassing the entry-level studded belts and skater shoes and launching headfirst into raven-black hair and boned corsets. In my mind I was a beautiful angel of darkness, with an ethereal aesthetic that matched my troubled soul.

The reality, though, was rather different. Caking white foundation over my already-bad skin just made it look worse, and my Potter-esque glasses only magnified the fact that I didn’t have a clue when it came to blending eyeshadow. I did a rubbish job dying my hair, my braces rubbed all my blood-red lipstick off and I could never get my blacks to match.

Plus, I lived in the middle of nowhere, so I couldn’t just pop to the shops for the stuff I needed to actually make the look work – visiting my nearest town involved sitting on a bus for more than an hour, which is not something I recommend when all the other passengers are aging farmers and elderly conservatives and you’re wearing a black wedding dress.

But I stuck with it, because even though I was doing a pretty bad job of it I felt that rocking a goth aesthetic was part of my identity. The music, the people and the mindset of the alt-goth scene spoke to me and made me feel like I was part of something meaningful and different – that I was meaningful and different.

So I was prepared to deal with the time-consuming faff of the hair and makeup, and I’d gotten used to the horrified stares from people in the village and the stupid insults from kids in school. It was the payoff for finding my identity and ‘my people’.

What eventually broke me, though, was summer.

No amount of factor 50 suncream could keep the freckles and weird tan lines at bay. No amount of powder would keep the white foundation on my shiny face and no amount of deodorant would stop me sweating profusely onto my thick velvet dresses. Any time I succumbed to the heat and wore a light dress or a pair of shorts the sudden change in aesthetic was so jarring everyone would make a big deal out of it, which made me feel rubbish, like I was betraying my own identity.

This was back in the days before pastel and summer goth were a thing. Back before there were endless webpages of style inspo to look to and long before Instagram makeup tutorials came along. It was all or nothing, and I was uncomfortable, sweaty and defeated. If I couldn’t properly show off who I was on the inside on the outside, I thought, then I wouldn’t bother at all.

So instead I just wore what was comfortable. I still went for blacks and dark colours, but there was no more scratchy velvet or rib-busting corsets. I stopped trashing my hair every month with black dye and started using a wash-in red to give my natural mousey-ginger a bit of a kick. I swapped the painful Victorian-style heels for a pair of comfy biker boots and while I still trucked on the black eyeliner, the white foundation went in the bin.

For a while I felt like I was compromising; like I was doing a bad job of ‘being me’, but gradually it dawned on me that, actually, I felt better in my own skin. I spent less time in front of a mirror fretting about my makeup. I moved around more freely and worried less about the vibe of my outfits.

I still listened to the same music and hung out with the same people – people who liked me for me, and not what I looked like. People who probably liked me even better when I stopped constantly tripping over my long skirts and being preoccupied with staying pale. I had, without even realising it, developed my own style and was more ‘me’ than I’d ever been.

So that summer was good for a lot of things, and as it turned out in the end, being a rubbish goth was one of them.

Image: Hailey Hamilton

At 5ft 10, I am the same height as Taylor Swift. I like this fact because it’s surely some sort of sign that my dream of duetting All Too Well with her live on stage is going to come true. It also makes me feel a bit better about being ‘the tall girl’ in my friendship group.

Taylor’s not the only talented, successful, fierce as hell long-limbed lioness either. Tennis champion Serena Williams is 6ft 1 and Game of Thrones Brienne of Tarth (IRL name, Gwendoline Christie) is a tremendous 6ft 3.

But the reality of being a tall girl at school or college is a different story to commanding Wembley stage, Wimbledon centre court or the battlefields of Westeros.

I felt clumsy and clunky walking through the corridors, like a discombobulated giraffe wobbling down the catwalk behind a squad of cute, nimble meerkats. It was even worse with my friendship group at home, I swear none of them grew over 5ft 5 while I continued to shoot up like Jack’s troublesome beanstalk.

If you’re in the Tall Club, you might recognise some of the same experiences that I had:

Shoe shopping is an absolute nightmare

Chances are, you have some big old feet at the end of those powerful, endless limbs. The problem is, ballet pumps and strappy sandals don’t look so dainty in size 8 or 9. Rather than asking ‘do I like these shoes?’ when out shopping, the real question is ‘do they look like Sideshow Bob’s clodhoppers?’. Oh well, androgynous styles are much cooler anyway.

All jeans are ‘ankle grazers’

I used to be too scared to wander into the Tall section with the older giraffe herd. Up until the point when I realised that this was absolutely ridiculous of me, I was relegated to regular leg lengths. Flared, skinny, bootcut, straight – none of them ever made it past my cold ankles. It’s quite lucky then, that Kate Moss is a total advocate for the ankle grazer (and she’s only 5ft 7!).

Shorter friends complain about being petite

My much shorter best friend once demanded we leave a party early because she felt too small. Did she not realise how often I feel like a telephone pole standing out like an eyesore in a field of pretty poppies, or a dog-bitten Barbie in a toy box of Polly Pockets? But at least I learnt that short girls have their problems too.

‘You’re the same height as a top model!’ is not a compliment

Oh, really? Does Gigi Hadid also have this warm layer of puppy fat, relentlessly shiny forehead and man hands? Does Gigi feel the need to hunch over like Quasimodo when she’s around her friends just to fit in? I might be tall but I’m not blind. Anyway, I’d much rather be compared to a rocket scientist or a sports champion thank you very much.

Borrowing and sharing clothes is out of the question

Your friends swap clothes more times than Kanye and Kim swap saliva (eww, sorry!). But there’s no way that you’re going to fit into that cute floral jumpsuit that your BFF bought in the Topshop Petite section. It’s just the same old wardrobe for tall gals, while everyone else has the lolz and bantz of clothes swapping fun. Oh well, at least there won’t be any arguments about unexplained stains or rips.

Group photos are a painful experience

Usually, I use every trick in the tall girl’s book to try not to stick out like a sore thumb in photos: bending the knee, tilting the head, sitting down, wishing to be invisible. At least by pulling a silly pose, it can actually make you look like the most fun person in the photo.

Other tall girls make the best allies

Luckily, I ended up befriending two equally tall girls during my time at school. We borrowed each other’s clothes, walked around in a group without bending our knees or heads and shared tips on where to buy skirts that actually reached the knee. It was a blessing, and the first wide-stride step towards accepting my tall girl credentials.

Now in my twenties, I love being tall. I admit, I still have my off-days where I just want to blend it – but don’t we all? Even Taylor probably has body hang-ups but that’s not enough to stop her from being one of the biggest (and tallest) popstars on the planet.

It’s all about just owning it: having a snazzy sock collection to decorate ostentatious ankles with; not being scared to wear the highest of heels that will intimidate any badly-behaved guy; and strutting like a proud flamingo.

Those size 8 boots were made for walking, so do it with your head held high and everyone looking up at you.


Image: Getty

Thanks to the Baywatch movie and the Kardashian klan’s Instagram feeds, the swimsuit is back in a big way this summer, and for the most part we’re overjoyed. However, cute statement one-pieces aren’t without their issues – especially if you’re blessed with a long bod.

Yep, sticking to bikinis when you’re tall is probably waaaay more functional, but who thinks about function when they’re packing for a week on the beach?!

Perseverance might be the key to finding the perfect swimsuit, but sometimes that’s easier said than done, especially when you’re wrestling yourself into a cossie that looks like it was made for a five-year-old. Here are a few things you’ll only know if you’re a tall girl shopping for swimsuits…

Online shopping is not an option

Buying a one-piece without trying it on first? You’ve got to be joking. Swimsuit shopping would not be swimsuit shopping without approximately 35 ‘WAS THIS MADE FOR A SMALL CHILD?!’ moments in various high street changing rooms. Even watching the ASOS catwalk videos with an apparently 5’9” model isn’t enough to persuade you to place an order.

Speaking of models, you’re convinced they wear specially made costumes in the ads

How else do you explain all those super tall Victoria’s Secret Angels fitting in to the same swimsuits that make you look like Borat in his mankini?

95% of suits will either cover your boobs or your bum – but not both

Good luck finding a long enough strip of fabric to conceal your nipples AND your vagina at the same time. Not that you have to if you don’t want to; we’re not the Instagram police. #FreeTheNipple

When you try to buy a fancy cut-out style, the cut-outs are never in the right place

Again with all the flashing…

Swimsuits made especially for tall girls come with their own set of problems

So little selection and so much extra fabric at the butt. WHY?!

Wedgies don’t just happen to your bum

Camel toe is real, people – Khloe Kardashian knows. She even named hers Camille! Yet, standing at 5’8” (way taller than her sisters Kim and Kourtney), she still manages to rock a suit. TELL US YOUR SECRETS, KOKO!

A lot of the time you feel like giving up

Maybe you just weren’t cut out for that swimsuit life.

But finding the one is better than anything – even the Harry Styles’ album

Please never shrink or go bobbly, you perfect specimen.

Is it a bird? Is it a …disco fish? No, it’s a sequin mesh capelet, which to be honest, I didn’t know was even a word until I saw this and decided that it was glorious.

We all know that glitter is officially the new flower crown of the summer. And while you’ll most definitely see us lining up for the best part of an hour for someone to cover our cheeks in sequins, we’ll also be taking things one step further with this bad boy. Whether it’s Wilderness, Bestival or just Party In The Park Middlesborough, slip it on, shimmy hard and bring your sparkle A-game.

Sequin mesh capelet, £32, Topshop

Because finding a swimsuit that loves your bazoomas can be a bit of a costume drama…

You will put it off for as long as humanly possible

And then you will put it off some more

When you finally decide to go, there are actually loads of things you like!

“Hey,” you think to yourself, “Maybe this won’t be so bad.”

You try the first one on. Oh, no wait, that must be backwards. You turn it around. Oh, wait, that’s worse.

You try and wrestle your boobs into place, but they put up a good fight.

They. Are. Everywhere.

Who even invented string bikinis? They are so weak a tiny dog could overpower them.

And my boobs are the size and weight of a tiny dog. Each.

You keep thinking about that film where Kate Upton ran along the beach with, like, *NO* support…

So that must have hurt like a b***h.

Remember five minutes ago, when you were all excited and optimistic? Ha.

Now, here you are trying to keep control of your boobs as they spill out over this piece of dental floss in every direction known to man.

You decide to try on a plunging neckline. You are almost certain it will look awful, but there’s that thought in the back of your head:

“What if I actually look smoking hot?”

Where is… where is all the material?


Wait, maybe this is ‘the look’? Maybe everyone is meant to be able to see your nipples?

Maybe it’s a feminist statement!

This is not the look. You are not meant to be able to see your nipples. This is not a feminist statement.

The shop assistant yells, “How’s it going in there?”

It’s probably best not to tell her you’re having an existential crisis in the change rooms.

You start giving yourself a pep talk. You will not be defeated by a swimming costume.

You try on another one and look at yourself in the mirror.

Why don’t people understand that your boobs need support?

They need to be taken care of. They need a buddy to lift them up and help them out.

Right, this one has underwire. Underwire is key. Underwire is your friend. Underwire is life.

Ok it literally looks like I’m just wearing a bra.

Why can’t I just wear one of those cute triangle bikinis like other girls? Why must every bikini that fits me be designed to look like a 1950s pin up girl? I do. Not. Want. Polka. Dots.

And it is so uncomfortable. I want to be able to relax, I don’t want bits of wire sticking into my ribcage while I’m lying by the pool!

You wiggle out of the cozzies and heap them into a pile to give back to the shop assistant.

You are Julia Roberts, except you have nothing but anxiety and mild neck strain to show for your efforts.

Screw this. Go and take your knockers out for cake.

This is what ASOS was invented for.


Image: Amber Griffin

The spring weather is a fickle beast. One minute it’s all sunshine and smiles, the next minute it’s thrown a level-three tantrum and decided to freeze all the trusting folks who left the house with bare shoulders to death.

This is where the denim jacket comes in. It’s not a coat, so you don’t have that February feeling. But you can also wear it over a jumper if you need to do some good ol’ fashioned layering – and if you go for a jazzed-up embellished one, it looks like a style statement rather than just the jacket your mum made you bring ‘in case’.

This patched denim jacket from Pull & Bear fits the bill perfectly, plus, it’s so freaking cool. Meanwhile, you’ll be warm.

Denim jacket, £59.99, Pull & Bear


While most of us were busy stuffing our faces with chocolate this weekend, the rich and the famous descended on Coachella for the first of two weekend festivals. If you’re wondering what they hell Coachella is and why everyone is suddenly talking about it – don’t worry, we got ya back – here’s our need-to-know cheat sheet.

But if you’re just wondering how to look as bangin’ as Kendall in her sequins or Emma Roberts in her prairie lace, we can also help with that. We’ve found some of our fave celebrity Coachella looks and scoured the internet so that you can have them too – but on a non-celebrity budget, obviously.

Kendall Jenner

This isn’t exactly an ‘every day, going down to the shops to grab tampons and salt and vinegar crisps’ sort of outfit. But how can we ever say no to sequins?

having so much fun at the @bumble #WinterBumbleland party, hosting with my sister #ad ❄🌴🐝

A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

The top:

Sequin top, £28, ASOS

The trousers:

Life in Progress Flared Jeans, £13.99, Forever 21 

The hat: 

Lavand fedora, £16, ASOS

Shay Mitchell

Shay obviously wasn’t at home this weekend trying to re-watch off of PLL before #EndGame kicks off. Instead, she was looking like a festival goddess at Coachella with a crochet bikini top and a studded belt.

Coachella Bonnie & Clyde

A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on

The top:

Knitted crochet bralet, £22, Topshop

The jeans:

Relaxed skinny ankle jeans, £34.99, H&M

The belt: 

Sacred hawk flat studded belt, £20, ASOS

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is pure class. We’ve found how to copy her outfit, now all we need to work out is how to get our hands on that rug for our camping trip.

Bye Coachella. Until next year 🌴 @TributePortfolio #MarriottxCoachella #IndependentMoments #BrandPartner

A post shared by Emma Roberts (@emmaroberts) on

The dress:

Structured high neck lace mini, £60, Missguided

The shoes:

ANCROS leather lace ups, £31.50, ASOS

The sunglasses:

Matrix rimless visor sunglasses, £20, Topshop

Selena Gomez

Ok, sure so you can’t really see her outfit in this Insta, but you get the drift. Its 6.8 million likes makes that little flash of floral fabric one of the most popular Instagram outfits of all time. #goals.

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The dress:

Criss cross floral dress, £12.99, Forever 21 

The sunglasses: 

Ally aviator sunglasses, £10, Topshop


Rihanna took her glitter game to the next level at Coachella, seemingly wearing a surgeon’s mask that’s covered in gems. So… there’s that.

when you came dressed to be team turtle at the @kendricklamar show! #Chella17 #had2bethere #🐢

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Lol. Like we could possibly match this. Riri is in her own league and we’ll let her stay there.

It’s basically never been a better time to be an ear. Once mainly ignored, shoved behind our hair and forgotten about, our lovely lugholes are suddenly in the spotlight – and man, are they working it.

The new rules of piercing: 1) why have one hole when you could have five? 2) cartilage rules – why should lobes get all the love? And most importantly, 3) matching earrings are a thing of the past. Which is excellent news for everyone out there who can’t keep a pair for longer than a day without losing one (fingers crossed socks will soon go the same way).

Tell us about it, studs…

Ok so first, swot up on all the different types of hole with our guide to every type of ear piercing. Then get shopping with our pick of the best delightfully delicate studs, hoops and pull-through styles, all of which look amazing layered up and mismatched…

Oh, and if you’re still working on parental permission or your pain threshold? Try the glitter ear trend. Nobody gets left behind.  

1. These simple pull-throughs

Sterling silver ball pull-through earrings, £4.45, Jewellery Box

2. All three of these dainty charm hoops

3-pack of charm hoop earrings, £8, ASOS

3. These pretty leaves

Delicate leaf stud earrings, £12, Little Nell via Not On The High Street

4. These chic hexagons

Sterling silver hexagon studs, £5.15, Jewellery Box

5. This set of magical misfits

Assorted earrings, £5, Monki

6. This starry set

Metallic stars stud set, £8, Accessorize

7. These minimalist bars

Thin bar studs, £7, & Other Stories

8. These turquoise beauties

Sterling silver turquoise stud earrings, £15, Jewellery Box

9. These modern art-esque hoopy things

Geometric pearl hoop earrings, £7.50, Topshop

10. This mismatched set of twinkly rose gold

Asymmetric earrings multipack, £10, Topshop

11. These lush leaves

Leaf thread-through hoops, £6, Orelia

12. These super-chic silver bars

Sterling silver plated bar studs, £4, Orelia

13. And finally, these star studs. For a star-studded night.

Star studs, £7, & Other Stories