Grab your glitter, your sequins, your best continental snacks and your funniest mates and plop yourself in front of the TV this weekend. That’s right, the Eurovision final is on this Saturday night and by all accounts, it’s set to be as absurd as usual.

But as well as doing vocal warm-ups and assembling the cheese buffet, here’s everything else we’ve been reading, love and watching this week!

Judgement day for Harry Styles

Finally, after weeks of waiting, the full Harry Styles album has dropped. Harry has been everywhere in the last few weeks promoting it – he’s been wearing a pink suit on The Today Show in the States, he tried (and failed) to crowd surf in an underground bar in Brooklyn and who can forget his profile in Rolling Stone Magazine, which made everyone who read it weak at the knees? He’s also reportedly got a new lady love, Insta-celeb, chef and healthy food blogger Tess Ward, which has suddenly piqued our interest in salad.

We don’t know about you, but we’re gonna have this on repeat all. day. long.

Bang bang, there goes your heart

Nicki Minaj tweeted this week about a competition where she would pay international airfares for winners to spend time with her at the Billboard Music Awards, when one of her fans tweeted at her: “Well you wanna pay for my tuition?” AND GUYS, SHE DID! Not only that, she offered up cash to other fans too if they could prove that they had a 4.0 GPA (which apparently are really good grades – IDK, I’m not American).

She helped a grand total of THIRTY current and former students with their tuition, student loans or other education-related expenses before promising to do the same thing all over again in a couple of months. She really is about that super bass(line of equality), guys.

Simone Biles deserves a gold medal in sass

Our fave athlete from the 2016 Olympic games (sorry Team GB) is making headlines again, but not for her gymnastics this time. She’s currently competing on Dancing With the Stars (the US version of Strictly) and after the judges gave her feedback on her performance, the host, Tom Bergeron commented, “I was waiting for you to smile at some of the compliments… you didn’t.” To which our babe Simone shrugged and replied, “Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals.” Fierce af.

Brb, I’m starting a campaign to officially name the sassy girl emoji ‘Simone’ in her honour.

Tom Daley somersaults into marriage

Speaking of the Olympics, diving dreamboat Tom Daley married his boyfriend Dustin Black this week in the *most* beautiful ceremony…

So… what did you do this weekend?

A post shared by Dustin Lance Black (@dlanceblack) on

And then, as if they weren’t being adorable enough, Dustin posted a photo of himself crouching beside a small tree with the caption: “Married life: Plant trees to mark the beginning of our new adventures together? [tick] Paint the living room? [tick] Wipe that grin off my face? NO.” Congratulations you two!

Sims is back!

If Pokemon Go is lying abandoned on your iPhone, collecting (metaphorical) dust, fear not – we have the solution. Sims is coming to iPhones and Androids, “soon” which is an annoyingly unspecific timeline but we don’t care, we’re getting excited anyway.

PPL Recap

Guys, this episode was insane. Tbh, there hasn’t been nearly enough weirdness going on in the last few episodes for my liking, but woah. Woah. It was Ali’s turn to play End Game and A taunted her by sending her to a baby store and making her pick out things for it before revealing that the baby was actually made with EMILY’S EGG. GUYS! GUYS! I’m trying not to be smug and all like, I picked this – but I totally picked this. So now what happens to the baby? Ali cancelled her abortion and tbf, I’m not sure what the etiquette is when you find out you’ve been impregnated against your will with your bff/love interest’s baby. Emily and Paige sort of got back together, but let’s be real, that’s not gonna last once she finds out about the whole baby mumma situation. Spencer had a confrontation with her dad before going searching for Mary Drake with Hanna. And then we found out that Pastor Ted (I love Pastor Ted, he reminds me of a human teddy bear) is Charles/Charlotte’s dad, which let’s be honest, was a real curve ball. Aria and Ezra’s relationship is getting super weird and the whole thing with Nicole feels so twisted and wrong, especially since she found the book they wrote ABOUT HER. Then Aria started receiving anonymous phone calls from A.D. which were so freaking creepy, and agreed to meet A.D. in a stretch limo (obvs) but it was Sydney, who I’ll be honest, is still a confusing character to me – why is she involved in this? I don’t understand! But it looks like Aria might strike a deal with A.D. to get her out of playing End Game because Hanna’s up again and she is pissed. Will the game tear the Liars apart? Only five more sleeps until we can find out more!

Happy Friday!


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Oh, 2016. You’ve been quite a year. The year of Brexit. The year of Trump. The year of Planet Earth II and Pokemon Go. The year Giant Pandas stopped being endangered. The year of Lemonade and Blac Chyna. Amidst all the highs and lows, there’s one group of people who have consistently been incredible: girls.

Here are some of our faves from 2016.

Millie Bobby Brown burst onto our screens 

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown was one of our fave girls this year. With her totally cringe first kiss story, her ability to rock pretty much any haircut and, of course, her rapping, she’s our current pick for dream celeb BFF. 

Kiara Nirghin found a way to fight drought

This year’s winner of Google’s Science Fair prize is 16-year-old Kiara Nirghin. The South African teen scientist found a way to turn orange peels and avocados into water store units, making them a cheap and environmentally-friendly method drought. We feel a bit sorry for anyone who has to sit next to her in chemistry.

Bana al-Abed opened our hearts

Brave seven-year-old Bana gave a face to the awful conflict in Syria, after she set up a Twitter account with her mother’s help to tell people about the situation that was transpiring in Aleppo. Thankfully, Bana and many other children have now been evacuated out of Aleppo to safety.

This girl took the best shower photo of all time

When a guy in Reese Herbet’s class asked her for a shower selfie, she happily obliged. But it wasn’t exactly the photo he bargained for.


Simone Biles took home a lot of gold

No list would be complete without Simone Biles. At the Rio Olympics this year she took home four gold medals and one bronze for Team USA to add to her FOURTEEN World Championship medals. Since coming back from Rio, she’s appeared in music videos, made a few appearances on Ellen and had Channing Tatum fan girl all over her. Tbf, can you blame him?




This girl taught us the secrets to studying

This university student in Texas became every student’s hero when she bought a mattress into the library so she could take a nap. Someone give that girl an A to go with her zzzzs.

Maisie Williams opened up about bullying 

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has continued being awesome in 2016. She talked frankly about being bullied for being cast in GOT and is now backing an NSPCC campaign to raise awareness of both bullying and child abuse. Her advice for young people being bullied? Speak out about it and don’t bottle everything up inside. Which is easier than learning Arya’s sword skills, to be fair.

Jazz Jennings taught us about being trans

Trans teenager Jazz Jennings has been documenting her experiences for 10 years now. She has a YouTube channel, a television series and this summer, she released her book Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen (and you thought your were busy)Her message for the next President-elect Trump? “Equality is what unites our society, and everyone needs to understand that not only do we all deserve to be loved, but we deserve to love ourselves for who we are.” We couldn’t have said it better, Jazz.

This girl rocked her ID photo 

June Kyra Dela Chica didn’t want a regular high school ID photo. Instead this genius 17-year-old decided to channel the matchmaker from Mulan, because why the hell not? We think she nailed it. Next year: Lumiere.










Girls of 2016: you are awesome. We can’t wait to see what you get up to in 2017.




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First things first, this is a weird Friday. Half the country is mourning the end of half-term while the other half is celebrating the beginning of theirs. But wherever you are in this half-term limbo, you deserve distractions – so here’s a round-up of all the things we’ve been reading, watching and doing this week…

Simone Biles continues to be awesome

It’s been a pretty awesome year for Simone Biles. She won four gold medals and one bronze medal in the Olympics and became everyone’s imaginary BFF. She met the cast of Pretty Little Liars. She met Zac Efron. And now, she can add ‘star of a music video’ to her CV with this cameo in Jake Miller’s Overnight. We’ve got it on repeat.

Covergirl announces its first ever male spokesmodel

James Charles made history this week when the 17-year-old was announced as the face of Covergirl’s latest mascara, ‘So Lashy!’ The brand’s first ever male spokesmodel, James found viral fame earlier this year when he defied the laws of the universe by looking spectacular in his school photo. Not fair.

Psst… Cover Girl, if you’re looking to find a male model in the UK, can we suggest Bake Off’s latest bootee? “Selasi in So Lashy!” has such a great ring to it.

Zoella’s New Book Club Picks 

Zoella announced her second round of bookclub picks this week, and there are some pretty awesome choices on there. Our favourites are ‘Finding Audrey,’ by Sophie Kinsella and ‘I Was Here’ by Gayle Forman. You can buy the books here (or make a beeline for your local library), and let us know which is your favourite on Twitter at @bettycollective.

LGBT students face discrimination and bullying in high school 

new report from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has been released that reveals that students in middle and high school in the US still experience more bullying and are more likely to skip school or drop out than their straight, cisgender peers.  There have been huge advancements made in the LGBT community in the last decade, but it seems there is still a lot of work left to do. Let’s look out for each other, shall we?

The tampon tax is seriously sketchy

The tampon tax is based on the ridiculous premise that tampons are a ‘luxury item,’ like they’re designed by Gucci or diamond encrusted. Why Hide It released this illustration explaining which countries still have tampon taxes. The premise is pretty simple; the bloodier the tampon, the bigger the tax. South Africans fare the worst, with over a 50% tax while the UK is the towards the end of the list with a 5% tax. But no matter what the tax rate, we say it’s bloody ridiculous.


Hijabs for all skintones

A 22-year-old designer and blogger from Birmingham, Habiba Da Silva, has launched a hijab fashion line, ‘Skin,’ that aims to provide ‘nude’ scarves for women and men of all races. Da Silva says she wanted to break the norm of companies catering to Muslim women but only using light-skin models. The hijabs are £20 online – but the idea has been so popular that they’re currently out of stock.


Nintendo Switch is coming!

This week, Nintendo announced their new console. It’s called Nintendo Switch, and it puts the best bits of the Nintendo DS (being able to take it with you wherever you go) with the best bits of the Wii (being able to take up the whole living room in order to play on a beautiful big screen, and being able to play with your friends).

The trailer showed people playing Mario Kart, a new Zelda game, Splatoon, a basketball game and what looks like an entirely new Super Mario game! It’s set to launch in March 2017, so there’s only four months to go before the entire betty team spends a solid fortnight playing Mario Kart rather than writing.

The Rory Gilmore reading challenge 

Everyone at betty is obsessively binge-watching the Gilmore Girls in preparation for the release of the four NEW episodes on November 25th (yes, it’s engraved in our diaries) – so we raced through this awesome quiz that compiles all the books Rory reads over the course of the series and lets you tick off the ones you’ve read too. Out of the betty team Lauren had read the most, with a whopping 54 of the books! Maybe we should be closing our Netflix and opening up some Dickens…

Happy weekend – enjoy the start/end of your half term!

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The Olympics has left a five-ringed void in everyone’s hearts and TV schedules. There are no more medal tallies to discuss or heptathlons to obsess over. No more gymnastic routines to attempt to copy in our bedrooms. No more humble speeches to weep at or national anthems to sing. Or at least, not until the Paralympics start next month and all the cheering begins again.

But hey, we have the legacy! And while we will probably never again see Usain Bolt or Jess Ennis-Hill compete for Olympic gold again, there are some new Olympians that wormed their way into our hearts in Rio. Presenting: our Olympic Sheroes.

Britain's Amy Tinkler celebrates after the women's floor event final of the Artistic Gymnastics at the Olympic Arena during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on August 16, 2016. / AFP / Ben STANSALL (Photo credit should read BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)
Image: Getty

 Amy Tinkler

Amy is the ultimate overachiever. As well as being team GB’s youngest athlete (she’s 16), taking her GCSEs and spending 30 hours a week training, she went ahead and brought home a bronze medal in gymnastics for her floor routine #likeaboss. Now, she’s back from the Olympics and waiting to hear how she did in her exams. Amy, as far as we’re concerned, you’ve scored straight A*s.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - AUGUST 16: Abbey D'Agostino of the United States (R) hugs Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand after the Women's 5000m Round 1 - Heat 2 on Day 11 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium on August 16, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Image: Getty

Abbey D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin

She didn’t take home a gold. Or a silver. Or a bronze. But she most definitely takes home the Miss Congeniality award. Halfway through the 5,000 metres, Abbey clipped fellow runner Nikki Hamblin and both girls tripped and fell. Abbey quickly recovered, and jumped back up, but instead of running off to try and make up for those lost few seconds, she noticed Nikki was lying on the floor in the fetal position, crying. Nikki remembers feeling a hand on her shoulder, helping her up and Abbey’s voice in her ear: “Get up. We have to finish this.”

And so, despite their injuries, they did. *Sob*

Image: Getty

Fu Yuanhui

If you can watch this video of Fu and not want to hug her senseless, we can only assume you’re playing Pokemon Go at the same time and not giving it your full attention.

In addition to being adorable and winning the bronze medal for the 100m backstroke final, Fu also got real about her uterus. After competing in the final of the women’s 4 x 100m medley relay, in which her team came fourth, she sat down and clutched her tummy. When a reported came over to ask her about the race, Fu responded, “I feel I didn’t swim well today. I let my teammates down. Because my period came yesterday, I’m feeling a bit weak, but this is not an excuse.” Round of applause for Fu for letting the world know that even kickass sportswomen have to deal with periods too.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - AUGUST 16: Gold medalist Laura Trott of Great Britain celebrates during the medal ceremony after the women's Omnium Points race on Day 11 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Rio Olympic Velodrome on August 16, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)
Image: Getty

Laura Trott

Laura Trott is the most successful female British athlete in history. In history. Can you imagine? She has won seven World Championships. Ten European Championships. Two Commonwealth Games titles. She is un-freaking-defeated in the Olympics. As a side note, she’s engaged to fellow Olympian Jason Kenny. The pair took home five gold medals between them, meaning if their home in Cheshire was a country, it would have finished 19th on the table – above Canada and New Zealand. Couple goals: redefined.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - AUGUST 17: Simone Biles of the United States performs on the beam during the Gymnastics Rio Gala on Day 12 of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games on August 17, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)
Image: Getty

Simone Biles

You know it, we know it, the whole internet knows it – Simone Biles is bae.

But while she might look like the most together teenager in the world, her life wasn’t always paved with gold medals. When Simone was three, her mother became unable to care for her and her three other siblings. Simone went to live with the grandparents on the other side of the country, who formally adopted her and her younger sister a few years later. She has won five medals in Rio, four of which were gold, and they’ll look damned good hanging next to the 14 World Championship medals she already has.

To think, some people collect Beanie Babies.

(Right now, there is no one else in the world that can perform this manoeuvre. They call it The Biles, obvs.)

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Image: Getty/Katie Edmunds