You… yes you! You can keep your BIG NIGHTS OUT and trips to the cinema, because as far as I’m concerned you absolutely can’t beat a sleepover. Seriously, from my cat’s birthday to Halloween, New Year’s Eve to the Strictly Come Dancing final – give me a half-baked ‘occasion’ and I’ll grab a mate, some snacks and a sleeping bag.

But isn’t having your friends round for dinner practically the same thing, you ask? Well no. No it isn’t. Yes, having your friends over for a homemade feast is fantastic, but having them stay the night is a whole different – and far superior – ball game.

Here’s why…

Blossom sleepover

Quality friendship time

We’re all so busy that under normal circumstances it’s hard to spend more than a couple of hours with a mate (usually sandwiched between boring commitments you’d sell a kidney to avoid). Sleepovers however guarantee a good 12 – 16 hours of solid gold quality friendship time. Keeerching!

You always have THE BEST conversations just before you drop off to sleep

Whether it’s a drunk-on-tiredness confessional or something nonsensical but pee-your-pants funny, some of my most memorable convos with friends have happened just before we’ve departed for snoozeville.

The munch

Everyone knows a good sleepover should involve food. LOTS OF FOOD. Basically, it’s the perfect excuse to totally overindulge – if you don’t wake up with a Haribo-induced tummy ache you’re doing it wrong.

The morning after the night before

Although you’ll probably wake up with a stiff neck and Doritos crumbs on your face in a room that reeks of ‘body’, the morning after a sleepover is still THE BEST. Because if there’s a better way to start the day than eating tea and toast in your pjs, in front of Princess Diaries, surrounded by your besties, we wanna hear about it.

Bff bonding

Sleeping next to someone is obviously a pretty intimate act, which is why a sleepover is a great way to bond. Nothing says friends4eva like a bit of occasional spooning.

Cheaper than chips

Broke (or just trying to save your pennies for a rainy day), but also in need of some serious friend time? Then a sleepover is your saviour, as they literally don’t have to cost you a penny. We know… genius!

Totes on trend

You’ve heard of ‘hygge’ – the hot-right-now Danish lifestyle trend which is basically all about being cosy – right? Well what could be more hygge than midnight hot chocolates under the duvet with your soul sisters? We think we’ve made our case.

And because I’m such a sleepover connoisseur, here are my top tips for the perfect slumber party:

1. Friends. You will need some. Ideally no more than five. Sleepovers should be intimate (not like THAT) and chill, and if the group’s too big it’ll splinter off into sub-groups and probably end in tears – or at least tension. Also – who has room to sleep more than five extra people in their house? Exactly.

Sleepover gif

2. Food. You will need some. In fact, the more the better. Sleepovers are all about homely indulgence – no one should ever feel peckish. Main meal wise, you really can’t beat pizza or, if you’re feeling fancy, fajitas. But don’t stop there. You’ll also need snacks, lots of snacks.


Little Mix eating pizza

3. Entertainment. If you’re planning to watch a movie, please learn from my past mistakes and make it one you’ve all watched a million times before. There’s absolutely no way you’re all going to stay quiet the whole way through (or be able to pause every time someone needs a loo break), so watching something that will require your full concentration is a recipe for sleepover disaster.

Sleepover girls

Now, go forth and slumber! Or at least lie in the dark and try to, until one of you starts laughing.


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Image: Hailey Hamilton

Friendships are built on love. Friendships are built on trust. Friendships are built on a shared and unshakeable love for Beyoncé. But those friendships can also be broken, and you know how? With a pair of tweezers. Yup. Plucking your bestie’s eyebrows when you’re 13-years-old and totally inexperienced in the realm of beauty can totally destroy a friendship. And for me, it did.

Ok, I’m being dramatic. It didn’t ‘destroy’ mine and Hannah’s friendship, but it did cause my bff to cry for a few hours, hate me for a few more and result in at least five years of careful eyebrow pencil application. Not the best outcome for what was meant to be an impulsive re-shape in her parent’s front room one Saturday night.

The year it happened (2000 aka The Millennium. I know, I’m ancient) wasn’t the best year for fashion – or beauty for that matter. The hot trends ranged from dreadlocks and cargo pants to platforms and purple shimmer lipstick. Anyways, the idea was to have a girls’ night in, watch X Factor and carry out the beauty treatment of the moment: tadpole brows.

I can’t quite remember where I got the inspo from. Maybe it was Christina Aguilera’s barely-there brows, or Posh Spice’s slug-shaped style that began halfway across her face – either way, the look I was going for was crystal clear: super-thin and super-short with a bulge at the start of eyebrow. (Unfortunately we didn’t have Cara Delevingne and her beautiful, bushy face-framers to aspire to.)

So there I was, tools in hand as I made Hannah lay back on a pillow and close her eyes. I put some ice in a tea towel and placed it on each eyebrow to numb them before the plucking commenced. I then stretched out her forehead to avoid accidentally plucking the skin and began softly working away at the wiry hairs that had sprouted on her face since hitting puberty.

After plucking for about 10 minutes, I plucked some more. And then some more. And then, of course, you have the famous ‘evening-out’ process, which took another 10 minutes. And then another 10. Fast forward an hour later and poor Han’s eyebrows were not only red raw, but virtually invisible. To say I had gone a little OTT would be an understatement.

The mistake? Apart from the fact that the eyebrow trend of the 00s was truly hideous, I hadn’t been showing Han my work in progress. In fact, I hadn’t even confirmed that she definitely even wanted the tadpole. I also hadn’t been looking at her eyebrows as actual things that were meant to live on her face forever more. I was too focused on the hairy strips being exactly the same size and shape (it’s a tricky business, y’know). At no point had we checked in the mirror, and at no point had she demanded to see what they looked like either, she just trusted me. And I had failed. Horribly.

It was clear I didn’t have maximum customer satisfaction afterwards as when Hannah finally looked in the mirror she gasped loudly at her own reflection, then laugh-cried (you know that horrible hybrid emotion that happens when you get a bit hysterical?) She tried to pretend it was fine but we were already planning our trip to town the next morning to buy an eyebrow pencil. Her brows were officially ruined.

“It’ll be fine,” I kept reassuring her. “They’ll grow back!” But a month later and, annoyingly, they had held their shape. It was like I had plucked out the root and the hair had just given up on life right there. The months continued to pass and the eyebrows continued to stay stubby and thin. The months then turned into years and although we repaired our friendship, nothing could bring back her bushy brows. (You might think I’m over-exaggerating but she’s still using the same brand of eyebrow pencil to fill out the gaps today. She’s 30.)

So, the lesson to you all? Remember that trends change. Quick. And also remember that a mirror is your best friend (as well as your actual best friend, obvs) when you’re removing really important facial hair.

My advice? Unless you have a genuine qualification in beauty therapy or are as nifty with tweezers as Kim Kardashian’s make up artist, steer clear of your bff’s brows. And your own for that matter. The fuzzy little things will thank you in the end.


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If there’s one thing we love (apart from chatting about periods and girl power, obvs) it’s a girls’ night with our favourite crew. This month, YouTuber @Sophdoesnails hosted our mega-sleepover, inviting along her vlogging squad for manis, movies and popcorn. Here, the beauty star talks to betty about puberty, fashion and growing up – plus, you get a sneaky look at all the BTS fun!

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome.