Can you remember a time before the internet was obsessed with unicorns? Us neither. Barely. Somewhere around the time pugs got boring and owls were officially over, the magical mythical* flying pony took over as everyone’s animal crush of choice.

And after the crush, comes the food! Technicolour cakes. Swirly rainbow bagels. Glitter-spiked lattes and pastel pancakes. Barely a week goes by without some other courageous cafe owner going to town with the food colouring. This is the year that your food gets more beautiful than your wardrobe.

We’ve rounded up Instagram’s most psychedelic snacks to satisfy your unicorn cravings…


These technicolour lattes

Unicorn food for breakfast. 🍭🦄🍭#indahood #arvo #unicornlatte #kakaako

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Mornings: 3000% more bearable with one of these bad boys next to your Coco Pops.

This vibrant veg fest

Because look, even unicorns need their fibre.

This pastel-perfect toast 

What’s on it? No idea. But shh, don’t ruin the magic.

These fantastical pancakes

It would be literally impossible to have a bad day after a stack of these. A slow day, maybe… but a great one.

This… actually we’re not sure. But it’s pretty.

💁🏼tested 🦄approved • 📸 @kenziedevlin

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Is it bread? Is it cake? Is it a… hat? Does it even matter? We’ll take five.

This total dream of a cheese toastie

Remember the days Red Leicester felt exciting?

This beautiful bagel

19JAN2017 🌈 You are what you eat #studiomuccisugarrush

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Although Marmite would basically ruin it, which is a shame.

This confetti-esque croissant

What’s the French for Homer Simpson’s drool noise?

This unicorn hamburger mini cake

Because unicorn hamburger mini cakes are a thing, apparently. Keep up!

These delightful doughnuts

Unicorn donuts 😍💖🦄 #unicorndonuts #donuts #unicorns #bakedbyemmielou

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No, not bath sponges – doughnuts.

This cup of marshmallows and sprinkles

Sorry, ‘unicorn hot chocolate’! Of course it is. And just imagine the dreams you’d have after.

These next-level unicorn macarons

In the future, all biscuits will have eyelashes and a horn.

This ridiculous cake

Shall we all just look at it for a while?

…and let’s not forget these

Are these real? I don't eat Doritos So idk lol.

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Sadly they were just a limited edition in 2015, making a packet about as easy to track down as an actual unicorn. Mmm, elusive. Mmm.

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Remember when we were crushing on all the amazing unicorn food on Instagram?Well, now we’re crushing on some more. What can we say? We’re floozies when it comes to food.

These unicorn poop iced gem cookies are not only so cute we want to draw faces on them and keep them as pets, but their baking level is officially “easy”. Pretty much our favourite word when it comes to anything involving icing (apart from maybe chocolate).

So, scrap your muesli, it’s Sunday, and treat yourself to these rainbow biscuits for breakfast. Maybe lunch and dinner, too. Because why the heck not.


1 batch ready-baked vanilla sugar cookies (we’re not baking whizzes, okay guys)
400 g (14 oz) stiff-peak royal icing, divided into 4 batches of mint green, pink, yellow and blue
4 small, thin piping bags and 1 large piping bag that will contain them
large open star nozzle
bag clip


1. To make the rainbow poop topping, fill the 4 piping bags (without nozzles) with each colour of icing.

2. Fit the large piping bag with the star nozzle. Snip the end of each small bag so that you have a 1cm hole and carefully place each bag in the larger bag so that the tips reach evenly into the star nozzle. It helps to put a clip at the end of the large bag to stop the icing from spilling out of the top.

3. Squeeze the icing onto the cookies by holding the bag in a vertical position, and moving in circles around each cookie, starting from the outside edge, winding inwards and building height to create a peak.

4. Leave to dry overnight. To speed up the drying process you can place the cookies in a low oven at about 70°C (140°F/Gas low) for 30 minutes, then turn off the heat and leave for 2 hours.


From Kawaii Cakes by Juliet Sear (Hardie Grant, £10) Photography © Jacqui Melville

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Image: Jacqui Melville/Katie Edmunds

Oh hey there, welcome to Friday, where the good times roll and everyone should be listening to Kate Nash because it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you hear her voice. How are things your end? Got a couple of post-Easter spots and a disconcerting amount of chocolate wrappers strewn around your room? Me too. #noregrets.

But in non-chocolatey news, here’s everything we’ve been reading, watching and loving this week. Enjoy!

What the hell is a snap election?

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, called a snap election this week, which means on June 8, people over the age of 18 (aka your big sis, big bro and your ‘rents) will be heading to the polls. If you want to know more about what all this means so you’re not totally bemused at the dinner table, the BBC have put together a handy cheat sheet, which you can find here.

Serena Williams wins another title: mum

Serena Williams is pregnant! Like, the best female tennis player in the world is growing a human inside her. In fact, she was busy growing this tiny human when she also won the Australian Open (her 23rd Grand Slam title, NBD) in January. She announced her pregnancy with her fiancé Alexis Ohanian, a co-founder of Reddit, earlier this week on Snapchat and we couldn’t be happier for their growing family!

Unicorns: officially the most successful animal never to have existed

There are so many unicorn food trends going on right now that I’m starting to think that unicorns *do* actually exist – and that they have a really freaking brilliant Unicorn PR team who are awake all hours of the night, tapping their hooves on their keyboards and creating Instagram hype. Starbucks is the latest brand to fall prey to unicorn mania with their ‘Unicorn Frappuccino’ and we’re not gonna lie, it is kinda gorgeous. But while a snap of it guarantees you some solid likes on Instagram, your tastebuds might not agree.

What’s My Snack?

You’ve probably seen Chris Pratt’s hilarious mini series he’s been doing on his Instagram account, What’s My Snack. If you haven’t, it’s really hard to explain exactly *why* it’s funny to watch Chris Pratt eat snacks, so you’re just gonna have to trust me on this one. Or you could watch it. Either way, E! News decided to take it one step further in their interview and blindfold Chris Pratt and have him guess what foods they’d put in front of him.

It’s less funny than his Insta stories, but it’s weirdly impressive. He’s like one of those dogs they have in airports sniffing for explosives or drugs – except, you know, he’s a human and he’s sniffing for pop tarts. Other than that, it’s *exactly* the same.

Let’s finish with a PLL episode recap, shall we?

*Warning: what follows is pretty much just a paragraph of Pretty Little Liars spoilers*

Our fave liars have returned to our screens and the first episode of #EndGame did not disappoint. Unless you’re a Emison fan, in which case yeah, ok, it was a little disappointing.

Alison went into full on high school bitch mode, lashing out at Emily and Paige, which is totally uncool considering they all now work at Rosewood High (WHY DO SO MANY OF THEM WANT TO GO BACK THERE?) and Emily put her foot down, telling Ali not to kiss her again until she’d worked out what she wanted. Also, did you notice that Ali yelled, “I’m pregnant with a stranger’s baby”? Guys, this is 100% Emily’s baby! Aria and Ezra *seem* to be back on track, but Aria doesn’t seem that into the whole wedding thing and when Ezra ran off at the end of the episode so he could go to New York to see Nicole, did anyone else catch that he only kissed Aria on the cheek? Hanna and Caleb are back to being adorable and Hanna’s fashion line might finally be getting off the ground thanks to Mona’s connections. Spencer found out that Mary Drake is her birth mother (apparently during his affair with Mrs D, Spencer’s dad walked into a restaurant and saw her identical twin, Mary Drake, didn’t know they weren’t the same person so sexed her and voila: Spencer exists).

And maybe most importantly, we finally know what End Game is. It’s a literal game. Which, let’s be honest, if AD wasn’t so evil, means they should be working for Google or something because their tech abilities are driverless car level. Even Jenna thinks so.

*Pretty Little Liars chat ends here*

Happy weekend! x


It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome.