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bettybox: June’s unboxing video is giving us serious summer feels

Hurray! Your June bettybox is finally here. And, you know what else is? SUMMER! We’re feeling good right now. Sure, it’s festival season, but we’re also finding the time to chill out with some summer tunes, soak in a bath with our Bomb Cosmetics mallow, burn our Scent Circus melt and eat our yummy Divine chocolate bar. Because when our period strikes, we all need a little TLC. We’re also obsessed with wings this month. No, not the ones on our pads! We’re all over eyeliner flicks thanks to Eyeko. Enjoy!


divine chocolate bar (white)

patisserie de bain hand cream in caramel whip

bomb cosmetics, ‘fields of joy’ bath mallow

eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner

tink a link charm

MUA eyeshadow palette in romantic efflorescence or armour

scent circus mermaid scent melt

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