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Guess how much these ludicrous things cost! Seriously, guess.

It’s cute and it’s simple. But is it Claire’s-simple or expensive-designer-simple? Take your pick.

How much will some sage, a ‘smudge bowl’, a pretty feather and something called a shungite stone set you back?

How much for this regular white, v-neck t-shirt?

How these shoes even exist boggles the mind. Someone came up with the idea. Someone else said yes. Someone else decided to stock them. And here we are, surgical gloves for your legs. But how much will they set you back?

It’s not just us, right – the pattern on this dress does resemble certain parts of the female anatomy? But how much damage will a vagina dress do to your wallet?

What about this lovely jug? How much would you need to splash out?

It doesn’t matter how much you try and keep your headphones neat – the moment you put them in your bag, they come to life and tangle themselves together. But Apple’s trying to solve all that! So how much for their new tangle-free earpods?

You’ve heard of tutus for ballerinas... but what’s the price point(e) on tutus for light bulbs?

Daffodils are going for £1 a bunch, but these flowers will last forever (or at least a season or two). Place your bets!

Didn’t know you needed a Mr Potato Head ring in your life until you saw it, did you? But how many crisp £20 notes will he set you back?

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